Second Contribution to the Studies on the Cambrian Faunas of North America

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1886 - 369 páginas

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Página 68 - York system, or the lower division o!' the Silurian system of Mr. Murchison. The fossils found in the Black slate, it should be mentioned, were Trilobites — Atoj»t trilineatun, a form allied to Triiirthru* beckii and EllipFlo.
Página 213 - ... rounded and presenting a strong convex elevation, neck furrow extending all across, three pairs of glabella furrows represented by small but distinct and obtuse indentations in the sides. Fixed cheeks rather strongly convex. Eyes of moderate size, semicircular ; a line drawn across the head at about one-third the length of the glabella from behind would pass through them, and they are distant from the side of the glabella about the width of the neck segment. The front of the...

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