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for a remodelling of the whole army, a stricter discipline, and a measure aiming at the dismissal of the Earls of Essex, Manchester, and Denbigh. This was the famous Self-denying Ordinance, by which all members of the Senate were incapacitated for serving in the army. The Lords protested against this, because it would effectually cut off all their body from being perpetually peers; but this was its very object. Sir Thomas Fairfax, not a member, was for that reason elected to supreme command; and thus, it appeared, that some obstacles were removed. Could it be imagined that the power and place of Cromwell were also suspended ? The Parliament, at any rate in his instance, suspended the Self-denying Ordinance; was not this a proof that it was perceived that he was the most capable man in the kingdom ?

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PRINCE RUPERT has often been called the

evil genius of Charles, but it would perhaps be quite as true, if not more so, to designate Charles as the evil genius of Rupert. There is, no doubt, a not unnatural prejudice against the prince, as a foreigner, commanding the royal army against the arms of the Parliament and the people; and his name has something of a mythical character attaching to it; he springs suddenly upon us and upon our nation as something even like a wild hunter. Our readers ought to make themselves distinctly acquainted with this singular person, who seems to hold much the same place-however inferior in capacity and command-in the royal armies which Cromwell held in that of the Parliament. Who was this Prince Rupert ? Our readers will perhaps remember the magnificent festivities which gladdened the Court and the nation when, in 1613, the marriage of Elizabeth of England, the daughter of James I., was solemnized, in her sixteenth year, with the Prince Palatine, the Elector of Bohemia. If we may judge from contemporaneous chronicles, the beauty of this only

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