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Pursuant to the requirements of the Constitution, the representatives-elect to the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, for the years 1925 and 1926, assembled in Representative Hall in the Capitol at Lansing on the first Wednesday in January, the seventh day of January, 1925, and, in accordance with law, were called to order by Charles S. Pierce, Clerk of the preceding House.

The following invocation was offered by Dr. Edwin W. Bishop of the Plymouth Congregational Church of Lansing:

"God of our Fathers, on this occasion we are met here humbly and wistfully, seeking Thy divine guidance. Thou art the supreme Ruler of the Universe. For untold ages Thou hast been carving this habitable world by Thy ministering spirits of wind and water and fire and ice. For untold ages men have been dimly thinking Thy thoughts after Thee and gradually organizing themselves in civilization and government.

We stand before Thee this noon in the midst of the years. Back of us is the long stretch of mighty achievements from our humble colonial beginnings to the present pregnant hours. Before us stretches the vista of uncounted years the conquests of which no man dare foretell. Somehow or other we believe that Thy Providence has been brooding and moving over our history and we humbly pray that it may brood and move among us still.

Almighty God, begin to meet with these servants of Thine from this very hour. If any of these representatives have come to this moment lightly or frivolously, or with undue personal ambitions, show to them at once the true significance of their position as representatives of the citizenry of a sovereign commonwealth. Throughout all the coming weeks may they act worthily of the trust that has been imposed upon them. In personal character, in decorum of manner, in strict obedience to the laws of the land, in faithfulness to duty, and in the despatch of the state's business without fear or favor and without prejudice or sectionalism, may these chosen servants of ours be also chosen servants of Thi in upholding the dignity of this honored body, in serving the true interests of this great commonwealth, and in measuring up to the highest ideals of an intelligent and consecrated American citizenship. And when the novelty of these first few weeks wears off, and the treadmill grind of the middle weeks ensues, grant to these men the heartening horizons of vision and a sip of water from Christ's eternal well by the roadside.

May everyone of these men be true to himself, true to his constituency, true to his state, true to American institutions, true to the American flag, and true, Almighty God, to Thee, and grant us all Thine aid, Thy presence, and Thy benediction. Amen."

The following communication from the Secretary of State was read:



January 6, 1925. Hon. Charles S. Pierce, Clerk, House of Representatives, State Capitol.

Dear Sir:-I enclose herewith a certified list of the members-elect of the State Senate and House of Representatives for the years 1925-1926, as shown by the returns from the clerks of the several counties in this state, now on file in this office.

Very respectfully,

Secretary of State.

The following is the list of Senators-elect and Representatives-elect:

Members-elect of the State Senate.

First District-Roy Herald.
Second District-Joseph Bahorski.
Third District-Arthur E. Wood.
Fourth District-George M. Condon.
Fifth District-Ari H. Woodruff.
Sixth District-Frank S. Cummings.
Seventh District-Harry H. Whiteley.
Eighth District-George Leland
Ninth District-James Henry.
Tenth District--Burney E. Brower.
Eleventh District-Charles E. Greene.
Twelfth District-Elijah B. Howarth, Jr.
Thirteenth District-Warren J. Hinkley.
Fourteenth District-Frank L. Young.
Fifteenth District-George G. Hunter.
Sixteenth District Howard F. Baxter.
Seventeenth District-James C. Quinlan.
Eighteenth District-Charles R. Herrick.
Nineteenth District-Norman B. Horton.
Twentieth District-Godfried Gettel.
Twenty-first District-David H. Butler.
Twenty-second District-Harvey A. Penney.
Twenty-third District-Vincent A. Martin.
Twenty-fourth District-Augustus H. Gansser.
Twenty-fifth District-Bernie L. Case.
Twenty-sixth District-Orville E. Atwood.
Twenty-seventh District-William L. Case.
Twenty-eighth District-Horatio S. Karcher.
Twenty-ninth District-William J. Pearson.
Thirtieth District-Frank P. Bohn.
Thirty-first District-Walter F. Truettner.
Thirty-second District, James M. Wilcox.

Members.elect of the House of Representatives.


Allegan, First District-Arthur U. Odell.
Allegan, Second. District-Fred Wade.
Alpena-Alonzo B. Green,
Antrim-Warren B. Beam.
Barry-Joseph L. Campbell.
Bay, First District-Arthur C. MacKinnon.
Bay, Second District-William J. Deshano.
Berrien, First District-Loomis K. Preston.
Berrien, Second District-Clarence D. Birkholm.

Branch-Richard W. McLain.
Calhoun, First District--Miles S. Curtis.
Calhoun, Second District-John R. Clement.
Cass-Fred B. Wells.
Charlevoix-John M. Harris.
Cheboygan-Fred R. Ming.
Chippewa-Henry A. Osborn.
Clare District-Roy B. McKibbin.
Clinton-John P. Espie.
Delta--Edward R. Carter.
Dickinson-Fred Langsford.
Eaton-Hayes E. Wells.
Emmet-Albert E. Van Every.
Genesee, First District-Charles H. Reed.
Genesee, Second District-William B. Ormsbee.
Gogebic-John Holland.
Grand Traverse- -Milton D. Bryant.
Gratiot-Jesse E. Fuller.
Hillsdale-Denis G. Clancy.
Houghton, First District-Robert B. MacDonald.
Houghton, Second District-James F. Jewell.
Houghton, Third District-Gus T. Hartman.
Huron-Gus A. Braun.
Ingham, First District-Charles F. Haight.
Ingham, Second District-William B. Hartzog.
Ionia-Nelson M. O'Beirne.
Iosco District-Douglas Black.
Iron District-Cora Reynolds Anderson.
Isabella-Ernest R. Dexter.
Jackson, First District-Jay Binning.
Jackson, Second District-Frank W. McKenzie.
Kalamazoo, First District-James T. Upjohn.
Kalamazoo, Second District--Wilber B. Snow.
Kent, First District-Ate Dykstra.

William De Boer.

Harold H. Smedley. Kent, Second District-Dexter G. Look. Kent, Third District-William J. Thomas. Lapeer-Edward C. Morrison. Leelanau District-Marcus Hoyt. Lenawee, First District-Charles Evans. Lenawee, Second District-John P. Rorick. Livingston-Lynn C. Gardner. Macomb—Orvy Hulett. Manistee J. Herbert Read. Marquette, First District-Charles W. Richardson. Marquette, Second District-John Hosking. Mason_Virgil A. Fitch. Mecosta-William F. Turner. Menominee-William J. Oberdorffer. Midland-Leslie D. Madill. Missaukee District-John E. Gillett. Monroe Walter C. Peters. Montcalm-Thomas W. Musson. Muskegon-Edward D. Skeels. Newaygo-David H. Brake. Oakland, First District-James E. Lawson. Oakland, Second District-Philemon J. Miller. Oceana-Charles F. Lewis. Osceola-George F. Roxburgh. Ottawa, First District-Gerrit W. Kooyers. Ottawa, Second District-Fred F. McEachron. Presque Isle District-Nelson G. Farrier. Saginaw, First District-Chester M. Howell.

John Crutchfield.

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