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Prince GEORGE.



Beg Leave to approach Your
First Principles of Knowledge

and Polite Learning. And I humbly trust, the Importance of the Precepts which I presume at the fame Time to lay before your Highness, will atone for the Impropriety of their coming from me.



born to move in the highest and most extensive Sphere of Action, so your acquiring early the noblest Principles of Virtue, together with the cleareft and most comprehensive Views of Men and Things, is of much more Importance, than if you were placed in any less exalted Rank of Life. The Happiness and Prosperity of a great, a free, and a powerful Nation, may hereafter depend in some measure on Your Virtues, Your Temper, Your personal Abilities and Dispositions : How important therefore is your Obligation to acquire and cultivate all useful Knowledge, all generous Sentiments, and benevolent Inclinations, in order to maintain your high Station with Dignity and Honour ? By these Means you will command the Hearts of a whole People, promote the Happiness of a mighty Kingdom, and at the fame Time establish your own Glory, in


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your Life

the highest Character a Mortal can fuftain, the Character of a Patriot KING.

The Language of Truth, tho' most worthy the Ear of Princes, is that to which they are least accustom’d. In the future Progress of


will be approach'd by few but such as have either some immediate Dependence on, or Expectations from you ; and a Prince will hear from. These, nothing but the Voice of Praise. It is therefore highly important, that the Voice of your own Heart do not contradict their Encomiums. For this Purpose may your Royal Highness employ this early and most proper Season of your Life, in adorning your Mind with useful Knowledge, in warming your Heart with the Love of Virtue, and in cultivating in your Breast that truly Royal Disposition of encouraging and rewarding Merit. May you never suffer the false Charms of



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Ease and Pleasure, to divert


from this glorious Pursuit, nor consider your exalted Birth as exempting you from the Necessity of these noble Attainments. For it is these alone, that can render your Dignity truly graceful, and place . you as the just Object of public Esteem and Admiration.

If this Introduction to Polite Learning, which I here beg Leave to lay at your Royal Highness's Feet, and which sues for the Honour of


Patronage, shall have the good Fortune to be thought in any Degree worthy the high Distinction to which it aspires; the Pleasure of having afforded the least Assistance to your Royal Highness in the Acquisition of Knowledge, and of having been in any Degree serviceable to the Public in so important a Point as the EDUCATION of Youth, will give me the highest Satisfaction, as I shall think


I have not been altogether an useless
Member of Society.

May your Royal Highness, as you grow in Years, advance and improve in every Princely Endowment! And as you are, next to your Royal Father, the Hope and Expectation of these united Kingdoms ; so may you live to be, after Him, their Guardian and their Glory. I am, with great Respect,


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