Women's Writing in Stuart England: The Mother's Legacies of Dorothy Leigh, Elizabeth Joscelin, and Elizabeth Richardson

Sylvia Monica Brown
Sutton, 1999 - 260 páginas
It may peradventure ... appear strange to thee to recyve theas lines from a mother that dyed when thou weart born. So writes Elizabeth Joscelin to her unborn daughter, shortly before dying in childbirth on 12 October, 1622. As a godly woman, Joscelin was aware of her duty to instruct her child in religion. Prophetically fearing her death, she chose to embody her instruction in a text, a mother's legacy, through which she could (as it were) speak to her child from the dead. In 1624, a Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Goad, published Joscelin's legacy for a wider audience - but with significant changes.

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Not to neglect priuate prayer 21 Men become worse for want of using good meanes
To lay hold on CHRIST is the best thing in the world
What neede is there to speake much of Christ
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