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lished, and which has none of these objections: viz.,


aa 49%.
Sodium Carbonate.

2%. Read This Before You Write.

This prescription will do the trick and is free from Contributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the

the objections you name, that is corrosion; also it is sheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use free from the objections so common to the use of dilute abbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous com- Wood Alcohol. munications.

The trouble with this latter solution is that the soluUses An Auto to Deliver Goods.-I am a user of

tion used for cooling the cylinders of the machine frethe auto medicine delivery and am glad to say it gets quently reaches a point where it will boil which may 'em there in a hurry. One lady said it got there by be 212 degrees or more; as the boiling point of Wood the time she walked down stairs from the phone and

Alcohol is far below this point you will have little of

it left in the solution after a run, and what you do had to hurry then to open the door. It's the most

have, is simply water which freezes when the machine convenient thing I ever had and am seriously think

cools. ing of using them on our laundry delivery, as one

In addition to this you have the disagreeable efauto can do the work of three horses and wagons in a

fects of the alcohol on the eyes and lungs and the day's run. My experience is it gives prestige and danger of explosion if a match should be lighted while attracts attention at all times and is a good advertise

out on a trip. ment, not saying a word about the pleasure I have

For the physician wbo is compelled to use his out of it after working hours. Hope others will fall

machine in cold weather I would say follow me in line and use them. A good one is model R. Ford

and use an air cooled machine only. During the winrunabout.—[WILL F. GERMANN, Fort Smith, Ark.

ter of 1906 and 1907 I used the Glycerine solution and A Convenient Bottle Washer.

kept a small tin can of it outside the garage all the time and examined it every day for freezing which I at no time found, and every week or two I would dump the can into the tank and draw a fresh sample for test.

With the glycerine solution the water only evaporates and may be replaced as required; the use of a hydrometer is recommended. Distilled water is best as it deposits no lime and absorbs part of the existing coat. The alcohol solution is best to use in the aectylene generator for lamps.-[A. G. Servoss, M. D., Havana, Ill.

Specializing in a Wholesale Drug House.-As the years roll by we find that there is an ever increasing tendency to specialize in all lines of trade and that the thoughts and energies of men in their various occupations are more concentrated, and defined along certain lines and channels than formerly. This not only holds true in the manufacturing of most everything under the sun where the many parts composing the finished product are perhaps made by a dozen differ

ent firms and then assembled and combined to produce The above rough drawing represents a very conven

the finished article, but likewise is it becoming more ient arrangement for washing bottles. Solder on the

so in other lives, regardless of whether it be a strictly water pipe a short, pointed metal tube No. 1 (the end manufacturing plant or a mercantile institution. off a metal syringe being a good one if nothing else is

Referring now to commercial houses with regard to at hand), have the tap for turning on the water between

the extent to which specializing of work is carried on, this tube and the main pipe No. 2. To use invert the it necessarily depends upon the magnitude of the inbottle and stand it over the tube as in No. 3 and turn

stitution, for it can be clearly secn that a house having on the water. The smaller the opening in the tube,

a limited trade is not justified in specializing to the the greater the force.-[L. W. MARSHALL, Lexington, extent of a competitive house which does a far larger Mo.

business. In these days of keen competition, condiNon Freezing Mixture for Autos.- Noting your tions are therefore favorable to the larger houses, inquiry as to a proper antifreezing mixture for which, owing to the greater volume of business done automobiles, page 72 of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUG- are in a position to carry out the policy of specializing, Gist, I will call to your mind that last year I sent you without great fear that the buyers and clerks are not a formula for this purpose which you at that time pub- | kept sufficiently occupied, but instead by looking after

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their assigned work they are better able to give the specialty, and in this the results attained are superior
same their entire time and undivided attention than if to those under former methods.-[A. C. M.
it were expected of them in addition to have "fill in"
jobs far at variance from their regular duties in which

they take pride, and in which they are making constant
strenuous efforts to accomplish a meritorious showing. Arkansas Getting Ready for the A. Ph. A.–The
By way of illustration we have in mind a large

Little Rock druggists recently held a meeting to make western wholesale drug bouse which, in the great

arrangements for the state association convention variety and number of its departments operates along

which will be held in that city during May. The state the lines of having its employes confine their work as

association will take an active part in preparing for much as possible to such duties for which their ser

the A. Ph. A. convention, at Hot Springs, September 7. vices have been engaged, thus becoming more and The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.more expert in their particular branch of work. When this was established, the A. Ph. A. made a

The firm referred to draws very close lines in this special effort to have pharmacy recognized, but the respect in their order department, for we are informed directors felt that the scope was sufficiently large that instead of, as in former years, having a clerk fill without special mention of pharmacy. During the an order complete, he is placed in charge of a certain present year, scholarships will be awarded in pharmaline, for instance one is given charge of

cology, under which heading pharmaceutical work Pharmaceuticals.

can be given attention. We hope that pharmacists One of chemicals.

interested have made proper application, as awards One of leather goods.

will be made before May 15. The secretary is L. One of bristle goods. One of rubber goods.

Emmett Holt, M. D., 44 West Fifty-fifth Street, New
One of stationery goods.

York City.
One of each section of patent medicines.
One of pharmaceuticals manufactured by the firm.

Alabama Has a New Pharmacy Law, and every
One of perfumes manufactured by the firm, etc.

one who desires to register is required to stand an exThe advantages derived through specializing is amination. The only exception is an interchange of probably most significant in the purchasing depart- certificates with other state boards. This provision is ment in having the purchasing of the great variety of

a wise one and reads as follows: products that are handled in the drug business at

Sec. 4. That said Board of Pharmacy shall have the right to

issue to a pharmacist who holds a certificate of qualification as a tended to by limiting the buying of each man to as

pharmacist from the Board of Pharmacy of another state a small a variety as possible. This affords him the op- license without requiring him to undergo an examination, proportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the vided, that the standard of qualification maintained by said line he has to look after, enabling him to purchase at

Board of Pharmacy of another state is at least equal to that

maintained by the Board of Pharmacy in this state, and provided, the lowest figures and in the best markets, wbereas if

further, that the applicant is a person of good moral character he were given a greater variety of departments to buy and temperate habits. for he would be handicapped through lack of time to The poison law is a stringent one. A prescription is do full justice to any branch.

required for narcotics. The large number of buyers connected with the

Sodium Benzoate in Foods.-Food Inspection Dehouse referred to appear to be kept exceedingly busy cision 89. Amendment to Food Inspection Decision although there are not less than a dozen looking after 76, Relating to the Use in Foods of Benzoate of Soda this end of the business under the supervision of a

and Sulphur Dioxid. head buyer aside from this number. The division of

The question of the addition to food of minute quantities of this work is about as follows:

benzoate of soda and of sulphur dioxid will be certified imme

diately by the Secretary of Agriculture to the Referee Board of 2.-Liquors and bottles.

consulting scientific experts. 3.--Crude drugs.

Pending determination by the Referee Board of the whole4.--Chemicals

someness or unwholesomeness of these substances, their use 5.-Pharmaceuticals.

will be allowed under the following restrictions: 6.-Paints and paint brushes.

Benzoate of soda, in quantities not exceeding one-tenth of one 7.-Fixtures and outfit goods.

per cent, may be added to those foods in which generally here8.-Sponges and chamois.

tofore it has been so used. The addition of bepzoate of soda 9.---Bristle and rubber goods.

shall be plainly stated upon the label of each package of such 1:-Stationery supplies, leather goods.

food. 11.-Toilet preparations.

No objection will be made to foods which contain the ordinary 12.--Cigars.

quantities of sulphur dioxid, if the fact that such foods have been It appears to be the natural trend of the times that so prepared is plainly stated upon the label of each package.

An abnormal quantity of sulphur dioxid placed in food for the specializing in all lines is rapidly growing to be more

purpose of marketing an excessive moisture content will be re. and niore the rule and there is no doubt but that as a

garded as fraudulent adulteration, under the Food and Drugs consequence, while the general knowledge of the Act of June 30, 1906, and will be proceeded against accordingly. average person in matters referred to in this article is Food Inspection Decision No. 76, issued July 13, 1907, is hereby

amended accordingly. likely to narrow down, each one on the other hand becomes more proficient through making his line a Bind the MEYER BROTHERS Druggist for 1907.

1.- Pateots.

any direct government authorizaton. Since the enact EDITORIAL COMMENT.

ment of the Pure Food and Drugs Law specifically makes the Pharmacopoeia a legal standard, some

have suggested the propriety of placing the PharWhen is an Alcoholic Beverage Alcoholic?—AC

macopæia entirely in the hands of the governcording to the government, a beverage must contain

ment. The suggestion has not met with very genone half of one per cent of alcohol in order to come

eral approval, nor does the government seem to be under the internal revenue clause covering the manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages. The probibi- subject comes up for consideration in a new form at the

particularly anxious to undertake this work. The tion people are not likely to draw the same mathe

present time on account of a bill introduced in the matical line. With them, alcohol is alcohol, no mat

House of Representatives March 6, "to further protect ter how little or how much is present. Thus, it be

the public health, and imposing additional duties upon hooves pharmacists in prohibition or local option sections to be extremely careful what kind of, if any, alco- bill, among other things, refers to the Secretary of

the public health and marine hospital service.” This holic drinks they handle.

the Treasury by saying: “He shall also cooperate No More Medicines or Prescriptions by Mail if a

with the trustees of the United States Pharmacopoeia bill which has passed the Senate and at this writing and prepare and publish, with the approval of the is in the House of Representatives, becomes a law. It | Secretary of the Treasury, digests embodying the is intended to prevent the use of the mails from fur

results of investigations for use in revision of said ther traffic in medicines sold for criminal purposes. Pharmacopoeia.” If this bill (H. R. 18792) becomes As so often happens, the framers of the bill have been

a law, it will render the work of revision valuable over-zealous and defeated their own object. As the assistance and at the same time bring the Pharmacobill reads it applies practically to all medicines and paia into closer relation with the government offiprescriptions. It should be amended and, no doubt, cials. If we mistake not, the department has already will be. This is one of the cases where the late Albert considered the subject of publishing a digest of the E. Ehert would have been glad to defend the position comments on the Pharmacopoeia now in use, but of the drug trade. The bill should exempt prescrip

seems to have been hampered by the lack of specific tions and goods mailed by the legitimate trade.

authority. Pure Food and Drugs Law Upheld.-A jury in

STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. the Police Court has decided in favor of the government in the suit against Robert N. Harper, of Wash- All Lines Will be Represented in Little Rock, ington, D. C., for violation of the Pure Food and Ark., during the May meeting of the State PharmaDrugs Law as interpreted by the government. Mr. ceutical Association. The same week you will find Harper manufactures Curforhedake. The govern-conventions of bankers, politicians, physicians and ment contends that no one remedy can be a cure for undertakers. It will, indeed, be a general conference headache in all cases and that it is a false label which

if they all get together under one roof. announces a cure. Of course, the defendant has ap. pealed and is likely to take the case to tbe highest

Philadelphia Medical Schools and the U. S. Pharcourt, provided he does not receive a reversal of the

macopoeia.–At an informal conference, called by jury decision before reaching the bench of last resort.

Prof. Joseph P. Remington of the teachers named beThe court proceedings have been watched with intense

low in the medical schools of Philadelphia, the followinterest by proprietary medicine manufacturers, many

ing resolution was passed:

“Resolved, that it is of the utmost importance for of whom have in the past laid great stress upon the word "cure.” The medical profession does not rec

accuracy in prescribing, and in the treatment of ognize specfiic remedies. It is, however,

disease, that students of medicine be instructed fully

too early for general comment on the legal position of

as to those portions of the United States Pharmacomanufacturers in this respect, for, from the stand-paia which are of value to the practitioner, ard

tbat members of the medical profession be urged to point of the lawyer, the case in the Police Court is only the beginning, no matter how decided. The prescribe the preparations of that publication, and

further, that this resolution be forwarded to the medi. lawyers for the defendants argued that Cursodhedake is a wonderful discovery to be associated in his

cal and pharmaceutical journals, and to the teachers tory with the discovery of anæsthesia. They called

of medicine and therapeutics in the United States.

James Tyson, M. 1)., John H. Musser, M. D., John Marshall, the attention of the jury to the manner in which

M. D., Horatio C. Wood Jr., M. D., H. A. Hare, M. D.. J. W. Holpractitioners were persecuted, if not prosecuted, land, M. D., Alfred Stengel, M. D., David L. Edsall, M. D., Seneca when in the early days of anæsthetics they dared to

Egbert, M, D., M. C. Thrush, M. D., James Wilson M. D., E Q. use such remedies to avoid pain.

Thornton, M. D., John V. Shoemaker, M. D., I. Newton Cuively.

M. D., J. M. Anders, M. D., S. Solis Cohen, M. D. The Pharmacpocia and Government Cooperation in Revision.--The Pharmacopoeia of the United States Saying it Quick is no Use; the Recording Angel is is published by an incorporated body and without probably a stenographer.--[POOR RICHARD, JUNIOR.

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18 minutes....

.... To Western City Line.... 6 minutes "PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS."

6 minutes.... To Southern City Line..., 2 minutes 16 minutes. ... To Northern City Line... 6 minutes

60 minutes.. ...J. B. Johnson's....... 20 minutes BY GEORGE W. HAGUR, PH. G., HEMPSTEAD, N. Y.

This shedule is posted in a conspicuous place behind

the prescription counter, and while we do not time Making Change.-In giving out change to customers each boy, this shedule gives him a good idea that we always count it into their hands, and never give it to know how long he should take to run an errand; he them in a bunch.

also knows that he can not fool us much. Keeping Gold Pieces. It is still an old occurrence

There are many pharmacists who do not care to have to hear of juniors or boys, handing out $5.00 and $10.00 their own boy learn this business, but it is a grand thing gold pieces through erra, for twenty-five and fifty cent to break in your own son, even if he does not expect to pieces. To prevent this unnecessary loss, never place follow pharmacy as a vocation, as when you are short gold pieces in the money drawer with quarters and half of a junior or boy your own son will come in handy for

a few days. dollars, but put all gold pieces in a separate compartment. If you have no compartment which you can use for this purpose, put the gold pieces in with the

Why Homeopathic Medicines are so Powerful.five and ten dollar bills and wrap and mark them.

An interesting explanation of the manner in which medicines become more powerful as they are divided and sub-divided is shown in the new Homeopathic Pharmacopæia and Posology by G. H. Jahr, pub. lished in Philadelphia and New York, in 1842. The author says:

“There are, however, certain substances, whose energy really augments in a sensible manner, as the attenuations advance, and which, often altogether inert in their natural condition, become by this method of preparation, not less active than the most energetic medicines. Such are those substances which, even in

the state of the finest powder, have probably their BE

truly active molecules still shut up in a species of envelope, which prevents them from being put into immediate contact with the organs, and which the ordinary means of pulverization and of solution are incapable of destroying. For in rubbing, as ordi

narily done, the substances by themselves, the moleHanging-Shelves.-Are indispensable in the crowd cules of a powder, already very fine, escape the force ed drug store; they are about seven feet above the floor which tends to render them finer yet, and it is only in and out of the way, are easily reached, look very triturating them with another substance, against the good from a distance; in a word they are, utilitarian. corpuscules of which they can be rubbed, that we can These shelves should be suspended from the ceiling by succeed in accomplishing an infinite division. But means of small chains and hang a few feet above the

still we shall only arrive at it in a very incomplete show-cases. Hanging-shelves are adapted for such

way, if, at the same time, we do not take care to goods as water bags, syringes, bandages, lint, plasters, spread out as much as possible the newly obtained and in fact anything that is of light weight. See shelf particles, in proportion as the trituration increases holding packages of cotton in the illustration.

the number, since the more the molecules remain ag

glomerated one with the other, so much the less will The Errand Boy Tarrying is a frequent occurrence

it be easy to divide the whole. This is the reason about the retail store, when running errands. We why many substances frequently do not seem to have had so many boys spend half the morning running develop all their virtue till after three successive on errands, that I decided to run a few myself, both by triturations, made so that each new trituration shall bicycle and foot, and then note the time required. Our

contain the one-thousandth part of the preceding." store was the starting and finishing point. But the reader may prepare a schedule by taking points in his

Do Not Fail to keep the old lessons bright, else you own town as follows:

will be like the housekeeper who has but one clean To the following points and back.

room—the one she swept last. Go over the old work By Foot.

By Bicycle. 30 minutes........Smith's corner........30 minutes

constantly, for reviewing makes perfect, perfection en11 minutes.. ...City Hall..... 4 minutes courages and encouragement leads to success.

5 minutes.. Grand Central....... 2 minutes 35 minutes. Mansion House........10 minutes

How Easy it is to forgive an enemy when he is in 15 minutes....... Mrs. Hunter's......... 6 minutes 50 minutes..... To Eastern City Line.... 15 minutes a position to do you a favor.



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before a standard formula had a place in the National QUIZ DEPARTMENT.

Formulary. We suggest that you now follow that

authority. The N. F. formula is as follows: Read This Before You Ask a Question.

ELIXIR TERPINI HYDRATIS. Many questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on

Elixir of Terpin Hydrate. account of the correspondents failing to give name and address.

Metric Apothecaries' The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques- Terpin Hydrate in fine powder.

17.5 Gm. 256 grains. tions on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No Tincture of Sweet Orange Peel(U.S. P.). 10. Cc. 150 mipims. questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every Solution of Saccharin (N. F.)

). Cc. 15 minims. word; never abbreviate the names of medicines.


400. Cc. 13 fluidounces. Glycerin..

.400. Cc. 13 fluidoupces.

Syrup(U. S. P.), a sufficient quantity The Cost of Registration in Missouri (39) by ex

Ta make 1000, Cc. 32 fuidounces. amination is $3.00, or $1.00 when registration is made

Dissolve the Terpin Hydrate in the alcohol, add the by diploma.

tincture, the solution and the glycerin; then add Momea or Mimea (40) is claimed to be made of enough syrup to make 1000 Cc. (or 32 fuidounces). hemp or cannabis indica and human fat. It is manu

Mix well, and filter, if necessary. factured in Thibet.

4 Cc. (1 Auidrachm) contain 0.065 Gm. (1 grain) of

Terpin Hydrate. Early Issues of the Meyer Brothers Druggist (41).

Average dose: 4 Cc. (1 fluidrachm). - You can secure back numbers of the early volumes by applying at this office. A few numbers are out of The Jumping Bean (46) is nothing new, although print. Perhaps these can be supplied by the Lloyd it is exceedingly novel and interesting. It is the fruit Library, Cincinnati.

of a Mexican plant belonging to the natural order

euphorbiaceae. (See MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST U. S. P. Assays (12).–We do not feel justified in

sor 1895, page 483). The natives call the plant arrow republishing the list of one hundred and fifty-two

herb and it is found particularly plentiful in the states official substances which the Pharmacopoeia directs to

of Sonora and Michroacan (See MEYER BROTHERS be assayed. You will find the list beginning on page

DRUGGIST for 1895, page 325). The bean was an. 569 of the U. S. P. VIII. A copy of this work should

nounced as far back as 1858 by entomologist Westwood, be in each drug store.

who named the worm carpocapsa saltitans. This is The Sale of Alcohol and Intoxicating Liquors in not, however, the only dancing grub, for similar conMissouri (43).—You cannot sell alcohol nor intoxi- ditions exist in other fruits inhabited by allied grubs. cating liquors for any purpose whatever without pay- In fact, the ordinary apple grub is related to the one ing the government internal revenue. Druggists can found in the jumping bean. Enterprising firms "resell intoxicating liquors in quantities less than four discover” the jumping bean and place it on the market gallons on a written prescription dated and signed by as something new. Good specimens will continue to some regular registered and practicing physician, jump from September to May. when such physician states in such prescription the

Do Not Open a Red Cross Drug Store (47) for a name of the person for whom the same is prescribed federal law protects the Red Cross Association in the and that such intoxicating liquor is prescribed as a

exclusive use of that sign. The law on the snbject is necessary remedy. The first of each month the drug

as follows: gist must file with the county clerk of the county in

Section 4. That from and after the passage of this Act it shall which he is doing business a list of all prescriptions be unlawful for any person within the jurisdiction of the United containing intoxicating liquors.

States to falsely and fraudulently hold himself out as, or represent

or pretend to be, a member of, or an agent for, the A.nerican Red “Arbor Saturni" or Lead Tree (44).-Freeman

Cross, for the purpose of soliciting, collecting, or receiving P. Stroup gave the Pa. Ph. A. the following direc- money or material; or for any person to wear or display the sign tions:

of the Red Cross, or any insignia colored in imitation thereof for

the fraudulent purpose of inducing the belief that he is a member “Place in a tall jar or wide-mouthed bottle a solu

of, or an agent for, the American National Red Cross. Nor shall tion made by dissolving lead acetate (sugar of lead), it be lawful for any person or corporation, other than the Red 4 ozs. in 1 quart of water. This solution may be

Cross of America, not now lawfuily entitled to use the sign of the

Red Cross, hereafter to use such sign or any insignia colored in turbid from the presence of suspended lead carbonate

imitation thereof for the purpose of trade or as an advertisement or lead sulphate caused by the presence of impurities

to induce the sale of any article whatsoever, If any person vioin the water used, but it is not necessary to filter it or lates the provision of this section, he shall be guilty of a misdeadd any acetic acid to it, as it will clear on standing. meanor and shall be liable to a fine of not less than one uor more Place the vessel where it will not be subject to jars

than five hundred dollars, or imprisonment for a term not ex

ceeding one year, or both, for each and every offense. The fine and suspend in it a strip or cylinder of zinc (a battery

so collected shall be paid to the American National Red Cross. zige, such as is used in the ordinary sal ammoniac cell answers the purpose admirably). An abundant growth

The Missouri Cocaine Law (48).-Yes, such a Law of crystalline spangles of metallic lead will collect on

does exsist and it was signed by the Governor, March the zinc."

7, 1905.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri. Elixir Terpini Hydrate (45).-We published formulas for this preparation some years ago, but that was

It shall not be lawful for any druggist or other


as follows: Sectiox 1.

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