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around the earth where there is the least land. This line divides the earth into

the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. POLITICAL DIVISIONS OF OUR EARTH.

Trace the line on the globe. Tell at

what points the continents approach THE HEMISPHERES.

nearest each other. What bodies of A TE USPIIERE is half at sphere or water separate them at these points ? globe.

Which hemisphere has more land? Which has For convenience the line dividing

:.:.:..more water? Commencing at the northern ex

mig tremity of North America, trace the coast-line of the globe into hemispheres is drawn the Western Continent. Name the most northeru,

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eastern, southern, and western points of this con- eastern, southern, and western capes. By what tinent. Trace, name, and locate three indentations seas is Africa separated from Asia? By what sea in the coast of North America; one in South and strait from Europe? How is Africa connected America; one between North America and Asia with Asia? Compare the two grand divisions of this continent Which of the two continents has the gieater by telling how they are alike; how unlike in number of indentations? Which has the greater shape and coast-line.

number of islands near its coast? Which division What island group southeast of North America? of the Eastern Continent has the most regular What one incloses Bering Sea? What island is coast-line? Name and locate four indentations on northeast of North America? What one at the the coast of Asia; one on the coast of Europe. mouth of the St. Lawrence River? In what direc- Name an island group east of Eurasia; southeast tion are the Hawaiian Islands from North America ? of Eurasia.

"race the coast-line of the Eastern Continent. Trace around the Australian Continent. DeTeil what oceans bound it. Tell the most northern, scribe its coast.

Trace the highlands of the Western Continent. ferent parts of this continent ? Compare the Tell what mountain system of North America and northern and the southern parts of North America what one of South America comprise these high- with the same parts of South America as to seasons. lands. From the direction of the rivers tell in (Page 22.) In what belts does the Eastern Contiwhat two general directions the land slopes in nent lie? Which belt contains the most land? North America. Which slope contains the large The greater part of Eurasia lies in which belt? rivers ? Trace the Mississippi, the Mackenzie, the The greater part of Africa? In which belt is the St. Lawrence. Tell in what direction and into northern part of Eurasia? The southern part? In what body of water each flows. Trace around a which belt is the northern part of Africa? The group of lakes in North America, and tell to what southern part? How is the Australian Continent river system they belong. Trace three rivers which divided in regard to belts of climate? find their way to the Pacific. Compare their length Draw two circles; divide them into belts of with the length of the other rivers on the slope. climate according to illustration, page 20. Name

Trace the Amazon, the Parana, and the Orinoco one circle the Western and the other the Eastern Rivers. Tell which is

Continent. largest; in which di

Beginning rection and into what

with your each flows. What

home disocean receives them all?

trict in the In what gen

Western eral di

Continent, rec

name, locate, and print the principal plants and

trees of the MANNA GROVE:

North Tem


Also print IN CUBA.

the princition does the pal ones of the Eastern Continent in the North FAN PALM greater part of Temperate belt as you learned them in the study

the land surface of Part I. Name, locate, and print those of of South America slope? What name is given the the South Temperate belt in each continent. Parana at its mouth? Trace the Primary High Name, locate, and print those of the cold belts, lands of Eurasia and of Africa. From the courses and then those of the hot belt, first those in the of the rivers tell the direction of the long slope and Western and then those in the Eastern Continent. of the short slope in these divisions.

Name as many plant products as you can. (See Trace the Yenisei, the Hoang, and the Ganges “Plants,” Part I.) Rivers of Asia; tell the general direction of each Draw two more circles and print the names of and into what body of water each flows. What the animals in the belts to which they belong, oceanic basins receive most of the rivers of beginning with the North Temperate belt of the Asia?

Western Hemisphere. (See “Animals,” Part I.) Trace the Volga and Danube Rivers of Europe; Name as many animal products as you can. tell into what each flows. Trace the Nile and Draw two circles and print the names of races Kongo Rivers of Africa; tell into what each flows. and nations, industries and religions, where they What great oceanic basin finally receives most of belong. (See “People,” “Occupations," Part I.) the rivers of Europe and Africa? Which conti- Make a list of the cities you find on the maps of nent has no rivers of importance?

the hemispheres. Locate five in North America, In what belts does the Western Continent lie? three in South America, four in Europe, four in What is the prevailing weather or climate of dif- Asia, and two in Australia.


NOTE.- In the study of North America from the map, you should the Gulf of St. Lawrence? Through what strait trace with a pencil or small pointer all coast-lines, lund-forms, would a vessel pass from this gulf into the Atlanwater-routes, mountain ranges and sysieme, rivers, and lakes. In connection with this study you should read of the discoveries

tic? Trace the southern and western coasts. By and explorations of North America by different Europeans. You what island and two peninsulas is the Gulf of should also locate the first settlements as far as possible.

Mexico nearly inclosed? Through what strait You should either sketch maps, or have outline maps to fill in as you study them. You should mold North America would a vessel pass from this Gulf to the Atlanin sand, either on the sand-board or table, or in the school tic? What group of islands and grand division yard.

nearly inclose the Caribbean Sea? Through what! Collect pictures of as many subjects as possible in connection with the study of North America. Arrange them neatly on card

channel would a vessel pass from the Gulf to the board for schoolroom, or on manilla paper for your own collection. Caribbean Sea ?

What three arms of From the globe and

the Pacific Ocean indent maps tell the direction

the western coast? of North America from

Through what strait each of the other grand

would a vessel sail from divisions. Point to each

the Pacific Ocean to grand division and tell

Puget Sound? By what its direction from North

group of islands is BerAmerica. Which grand

ing Sea nearly inclosed divisions lie nearest to

on the south? What North America? Which

land nearly incloses it are farthest away?

on the north? Through What is the general

what strait would a vesshape of North America?

sel pass from Bering Which sides are nearly

Sea to the Arctic Ocean? equal in length? Which side is longest? Trace the During the long winter this sea and strait are shape of North America in the air. Draw it quickly frozen over, and no vessels can pass through. Take on the blackboard with the fewest possible lines. an imaginary cruise around North America, and What large bodies

tell what bodies of of water lie around

water you would North America?

visit. What proPoint to each.

jections of landTell the direction

peninsulas or of North America

capes—would you from the Atlantic,

have to avoid ? the Pacific, the

What are some of Arctic oceans.

the different ways Trace the north

by which you ern coast; what

would be warned large body of wa

of these points ? ter indents it?

(Page 97.) Through what

Describe each of strait would a CAPE PRINCE OF WALES (BERING STARS) ALASKA

the following pen vessel sail to

insulas by telling reach the Atlan

A northern coastal plain, consisting of frozen swamps called tundras. No trees and few plants grow here. The lumber for the buildings was brought here by

from what part of tic Ocean from steamers from the great forests south of this region.

North America it this bay? Through

projects and what what bay and strait would a vessel sail from the waters nearly surround it: Labrador, Nova Scotia, Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean? Trace the Florida, Yucatan, California, Alaska. Which eastern coast. What three arms of the Atlantic of these peninsulas do you think the most imporindent this coast? What island nearly incloses tant to mankind ? Why?

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