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ut each as far as possible. What nahia e

Trace the great grain sections. Tell what grains raised? Hemp? In what region is mahogany a valare raised. Locate each as far as possible. What uable forest product? What plant products do you milling industries are an outgrowth of these grain find in the West Indies? Locate the great mining products? (Pages 28, 115.)

regions and tell what minerals are found in them. Sections of the Great Central Plain

Review pages 37 to 43, inclusive. What animals

belong especially to North America? In what of North America are subject to drouth,

America are subject to arouth, section are the fur-bearing animals? Name these and cannot be depended upon for the animals, and tell to what family group they


successful raising of agricultural prod. belong? What animals are used as beasts of ucts. Grass grows abundantly, however, burden and for work in the northern part

of North America? What in the mountainous and grazing is the most important occu

regions? What in the southern sections? What pation of this great agricultural section. fish or sea animals are mentioned in the map?

What is done with the great herds of cattle Review pages 44 to 49, inclusive. What people and swine which feed on the plains? (Page 52.) live in North America? To what races do they

Locate the tropical fruit sections. Tell what belong? Describe the homes of the White people; fruits are raised. More fruits are grown than can of the Eskimos; of the Indians. Tell what you be used in the regions where they are raised. They can of the Negroes in North America. (Page 57.) are shipped away to supply the Northern markets. From the map on this page tell in what occupations What other important products do you find in the the people are engaged in the different sections. Eastern fruit region? What can you tell us of Tell what you can about each of these occupations. cotton? (See page 26.) What can you tell of the In what ways is the manufacturer dependent upon production of sugar from sugar-cane? (Page 148.) what the farmer raises? In what ways is the

In which part of North America is tobacco farmer dependent upon the miner and the manu

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facturer? Think of other occupations, and tell nected by water with the Atlantic. how each depends upon or contributes to one or Trace the route. It is connected by rail. more other occupations.

road with all other cities of North The cities and towns are outgrowths of America, and is the greatest railroad the great production sections. The largest center in the world. trade-centers of North America are on San Francisco, from its position, is the rivers, the lakes, and the sea-coast. now one of the most important seaports Locate New York,

of North Amerthe largest city;

ica. Most of the Chicago, the second largest city; and

merchandise Philadelphia, the

and people pass third largest city of

through this North America. Also locate St.

port in going to Louis, San Fran

or coming from cisco, New Orleans, Sitka, Montreal,

our Pacific isHavana, Vera Cruz,

lands. This Mexico.

will soon cause New York is

San Francisco to the second

rival in size and largest com

importance mercial center

many of the sea. in the world,

ports of the and has one of

world. the finest har

North Amerbors. It is the

ica comprises largest manu NORTH AMERICA

the countries of facturing and BELTS & SECTIONS OF PRINCIPAL PRODUCTS.

United States the largest

(including Alasbook-printing

ka), Canada, city in North America.

Mexico, and Central America. Chicago is the sixth largest city in the Point out each on the map and tell which part of world. It is located at the head of Lake North America it occupies. Tell which country is Michigan, in the heart of the great largest; which smallest. Tell the capital of each. northern agricultural section. It can be Neither Canada, Mexico, nor Central easily reached from both the lumber America is as thickly settled as United and grazing sections. Hence it is the States. The northern part of Canada is greatest grain and meat market in the too cold, and the larger portions of Mexico world, and one of the leading lumber and Central America are too warm and un. markets in North America. It is con. healthful, to admit of a large population.

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Note.—In connection with the study of the United States islands in the Pacific. The island of you should read about the early colonies ; how they gained their freedom from English rule ; of the thirteen original Cuba, the largest of the West Indies, is States ; of the growth in States and territory to the present.

now a protectorate of the United States. You should make a political, a surface and climate, and a product map.

Take your political map of North America and Bring in pictures of mountain, river, lake, and coast

cut Canada from the northern boundary and scenery; also of different industries, and of the buildings

Mexico from the south

ern boundand prominent features of any city about which you study. Arrange them all neatly and in order.

ary of the

United Bring in specimens of products and manufactures, thus

States. From

the making collections for yourself and school.

map The United States is so called


of North

America ferent

on the States

black-board a n d

erase Can

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Mexico. tories

From the a re

sand model all

also take these countries.


what riv

ers, lakes, and celebrated falls does the northern boundary pass ? Through what river does the southern boundary pass ? Point out and name other

water boundaries. Trace the shape of the United THE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY

States in the air. Sketch it. In what direction united

un is the United States from Canada ? From Mexico ?

From the Atlantic Ocean? From the Pacific ? der one government, the seat of which

From the Gulf of Mexico? Trace the coast line. is at Washington.

Name and locate the peninsulas and capes on the The country of the United States com eastern coast; on the southeastern coast; on the prises forty-five States; five Territo western coast. Name and locate the indentations in

each coast; also the islands which lie near the coast. ries, including Alaska; the District of

What part of the Pacific or Primary Highland Columbia, in which Washington, the of North America is in the United States? capital, is located: Porto Rico, one of the What great plain? What coastal plains? What

large river basin lies wholly in the United States? West Indies; the Hawaiian Islands; the What river basins lie partially in the United States? Philippine Islands, and several smaller On the physical map trace the Rocky Mountain

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