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Insurance against accident, form and contents of policies for, 165.

agent, defined, 289.
bureau, to amend act establishing, 60.
commissioner, salary of, 60.
companies, commissioner to examine during organization, 143.
companies, contracts of may not cut off determination by competent court,

companies, incorporation of mutual shoe dealers, 310.
companies in course of organization, 143.
companies, liquidation of delinquent, 303.
companies, regulation of rate making by, 288.
companies, to amend act for organization of, 161.
companies, to amend act relative to re-insurance reserve, 359.
companies, to amend law relative to fire and marine, 440.
companies to pay fee for deposits of securities in State treasury, 192.
companies, to permit them to insure automobiles, 142.
corporations, liquidation of delinquent, 303.
proceedings against, 303.
in Michigan to be placed only through agents, duly licensed for this State, 337.
of automobiles, organization of companies for, 161.

policies, to amend act to prevent forfeiture of, 322.
Inter-urban cars, for the enforcement of good order on, 404.
Inventory and collection of effects of deceased persons, 168.
Ionia county drain law, to amend, 252.


Joint tort feasors in libel cases, liability of, 328.
Judge for Ingham circuit court, to amend act for additional, 339.
Judges of probate, to amend act providing for registers of, 365.
Judicial circuit in Ingham county, to repeal act for two judges in, 97.

Saginaw county, to repeal act for two judges in, 98.
circuits, to amend act defining, 32, 96.

circuits, to rearrange, 130.
Juries in civil cases, to amend constitution relative to, 294.
Jurisdiction of justices of the peace, 26.
Jurors in justice courts, to amend law regulating fees of, 186.
Justices of the peace, fees of in civil cases, 413.

of the peace, jurisdiction of, 26.
of the supreme court, nomination of by direct vote, 134.
of supreme court, place of residence of, 419.


Kaiser lake, to repeal act relative to fishing in, 321.
Kent county, to amend act for board of auditors for, 257.
Kerosene, to repeal act for inspection of, 164.


Labor department, to amend act creating, 196, 207, 281, 291, 296.
Ladders for fish, to amend act providing for, 56.
Lake St. Clair, to permit catching of carp, etc., in, 448.
Lakes, fishing in inland, 103.
Lands, to amend law relative to partition of, 101.

trustees Michigan school for the deaf authorized to sell, 121.
Lawful business, reports of corporations engaged in any, 415.
Law library, to establish State, 295.
Laws and documents, to amend act for publication and distribution of, 111, 384,

to secure information necessary to enforcement of, 297.

revision and consolidation of certain general, 370.
Lawyers, admission to practice, 169.
Lead arsenites, to prevent sale of adulterated or misbranded, 329.
Legislative employees, to fix number and pay of, 118.
reference dep't in State library, to amend act for, 224,

Legislature, certification of candidates for U. S. senator to, 215.
Liabilities of employers in dangerous occupations, 44, 45.
Liability of employers for injuries to employees, 362.

relief of common carriers from, in certain cases, 145.
Libel cases, liability of joint tort feasors in, 328.
Librarian, to fix salary of assistant State, 80.
Libraries, to amend act for public in cities, etc., 225.
Library, appropriation for State, 48.
License of dentists, to amend act for, 211.

of deer hunters, to amend act for, 277.
of embalmers, to amend act relative to, 383.
of hunting and trapping, 226.
of private institutions caring for homeless men, 350.
of transient merchants, 248.
for the taking of certain kinds of fish, 433.

to marry, to amend law for, 7.
Lien law, to amend general, 16, 394.
Liens on grains for threshing, 22.
Life insurance companies, prevention of misrepresentation by, 284.

to enable minors to contract for, 351.
Limitations of actions, to amend Revised Statutes, 331.
Limitations of real actions, to amend, 251.
Liquidation of delinquent insurance companies, 303.
Liquor dealers, surety bonds for, 204.
form and manner of service of notice forbidding the sale or giving of, to

certain persons, 355.
law, to amend county option, 79.
to amend relative to location of saloons, 445.

of 1909, to amend, 212.
Liquor traffic, to amend local option law, 437.
Liquors of any kind forbidden to be furnished to any person on fair grounds, 55.
Loaded shells, cartridges and ammunition, to regulate sale of, 319.
Local option law, duties of druggists under, 412.

law, to amend relative to breweries, 223.
law, to amend title and section of, 437.

law, to amend, 79, 212.
Locality where personal property to be assessed, 247.
Lots in private cemeteries, proceeds of sales of to be used in maintenance of, 390.


Macadam road, the protection of, 366.
Maintenance of poor persons, to amend law for, 185.
Managers of soldiers' home to return moneys collected from inmates, 13.
Manual training, etc., to amend act for county schools of, 72.
Manufacture and sale of vinegar, to amend act relative to, 311.
Manufactories, time allowance for noonday meal in, 207.
Manufacturing and mercantile companies, to amend act for incorporation of, 346.
Marine insurance companies, to amend act relative to, 440.
Marriage license law, to amend, 7.
Measures, fruits to be sold in receptacles of legal, 217.

to amend act for uniform weights and, 314.
Meats and poultry, sale of in Grand Rapids, 23.
Mechanics lien law, to amend general, 16, 394.
Mediation in industrial disputes, to provide for, 378.
Medical inspection of schools, 363.

milk commissioners, incorporation of, 272.
Mercantile companies, to amend law for incorporation of, 346.
Merchants, license of transient, 248.
Michigan agricultural college, appropriation for buildings at, 123.

college of mines, appropriation for, 76.
employment institution for the blind, appropriation for, 78.
transfer of funds of, 77.
National Guard, permanent camp grounds for, 99.
railroad commission, to amend act creating, 276.

Michigan reformatory, appropriation for, 20.

reformatory, tax to meet payments for, 46.
school for the blind, appropriation for, 54.

deaf, appropriation for, 122.

deaf, deficiency appropriation for, 61. State library, appropriation for, 48.

normal college, appropriation for, 105.

prison, tax to meet payments for, 46.
Milk bottles, to prohibit the tampering with the contents of, 434.

commissions, incorporation of medical, 272.
to amend act providing for pure, 369.

to regulate production and sale of certified, 154. Military establishment, to promote efficiency of, 158.

museum, care of the old battle flags in, 407.

records, publication of alphabetical index of, 341. Militia, to repeal section of act for organization of, 330. Mineral statistics, to abolish office of commissioner of, 31.

statistics to be gathered by board of geological survey, 31. Mines, appropriation for Michigan college of, 76.

to provide for election of inspectors of, 11, 125. Mining properties, tax commissioners to make inventory of, 184.

reserved rights, assessment and taxation of, 53. Minors, to amend law for adoption of, 167.

to enable them to contract for life, health and accident insurance, 551.
Misrepresentation by life insurance companies, 284.
Moneys retained from inmates of soldiers' home, return of, 13.
Monopolies, to amend act to prevent, 15.
Montcalm county fish law, to repeal, 9.
Mortgages, etc., to amend act relative to record of, 193.

cancelling of, 194.

specific tax on record and discharge of, 157. Mortgage taxation, 149. Motor engines, to prohibit testing on the highways, 396.

vehicles, to amend act for registration of, 151, 174. Municipal corporations, condemnation of water power sites by, 374.

lighting plants, bonds of legalized, 249. Mutual fire insurance companies, to amend corporation act, 416.

insurance companies, incorporation of shoe dealers, 310. Music teachers, registration of, 63. Muskrats, to protect in Tamarack lake, 19.


National party conventions, election of delegates to, 343.
Naval militia, to amend act for organization of, 330.
Nets, where may be used for fishing, 137.
Nomination by direct vote, of candidates for supreme court, 134.

of party candidates, to amend law for, 214, 286. Normal college, appropriation for, 106.

school at Alpena, appropriation for, 357.

school, appropriation for Northern State, 74.
Non-partisan fish and game commission, to provide for, 228.
Noonday meal, time to be allowed for, in stores and shops, 207.
Northern Michigan asylum for the insane, appropriation for, 36, 115, 170.

State normal school, appropriation for, 74.
Notice forbidding the sale or giving of liquor to certain persons, form and man-

ner of service, etc., 355.


Occupational diseases, report of by physicians, 109.
Offenses affecting railroads, to define, etc., 402.

against order on inter-urban cars, to define, 404. Office of governor, term of, 1.

Officers of townships, to fix salaries of, 307.

to provide for the appointment of, by county auditors, 446.

to provide for deputies for county, 33.
Offices for which primary nominations must be made, 250.
Official notices in townships, manner of posting, 309.
Oils, inspection of illuminating, 229, 230.

to repeal act for inspection of illuminating, 104, 164.
Osborn, to form new township of, 175.
Overtime of convicts, to amend act providing for pay for, 305.
Overseer of highways, anticipation of repair tax, 380.
Owners of private cemeteries to keep them fenced, 208.

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Pardoning board, to amend act establishing, 421.
Paris greens, to prevent sale of adulterated or misbranded, 329.
Parks, counties may accept donations of land, etc., for maintenance of, 435.
and resorts, townships may accept gifts of land for and raise money by tax
Products of convict labor, disposition of, 410.
Proof and record of conveyances, to amend act relative to, 194.
Property of railroads, to provide for protection of, 398.
Protection of quail, 258.
Protective order of Elks, to amend incorporation act of, 70.
Psychopathic hospital, appropriation for, 124.

to care for and improve, 423. Paroling of prisoners, to amend law for, 271. Partition of lands, to amend law relative to, 101. Partridge, to amend law for protection of, 234, 298. Party candidates, to amend law for nomination of, 214. Passenger fares, regulation of collection of by railroads, 150. Pay of township officers, to fix, 307. Payment of tuition, etc., for children to attend school in another district, to amend

act for, 82. Perch, the protection of, 279. Personal liability of defendants in suits to foreclose mortgages by original de

cree, 66.
property, to provide for better assessment of. 246, 247.
Pharmacy, to amend act to regulate practice of, 422.
Physicians, report of occupational diseases by, 109.
Pine barrens, reclamation board to make fertile, 376.
Pleadings and set-off, to amend revised statutes, 65.
Policies of accident insurance, what to and what not to contain, 165.
Pool rooms outside cities and villages, regulation of, 382.
Poor persons, to amend law for maintenance of, 185.
Population necessary to incorporation of a city, 301.
Posting of official notices in townships, manner of, 309.
Poultry and meats, sale of in Grand Rapids, 23.
Premiums or rebates on policies of all kinds prohibited, 289.
Preservation and perpetuation of legislative action, 409.
President and vice president, nomination of by popular vote, 343.
Prevention of fire waste, 189.
Primary election for candidates to be voted at spring election, 110.

election law, to amend, 214, 250, 286, 401.
school law, to amend relative to duties of school boards, 235.

school money, apportionment of, 163.
Printing of acts of the legislature, to amend law for, 409.
Prisoners, to regulate employment of in prisons, 410.
Prisons, to amend law governing, 278.

to regulate employment of convicts in, 410. Private cemeteries, owners to keep them fenced, 390.

forestry, encouragement of, 21.
property, condemnation of by cities and villages, 42.

property, condemnation of by State for public use, 342.
Prize fighting, to amend act relative to, 221.
Probate court, to amend law for appeals from, 353.

court, sales of real estate under license of, validated, 408.
judges, restrictions on, 352.

register, to amend act providing for, 365. Probation, uniform system of and officers for, 280. Proceedings against delinquent insurance companies, 303.

against garnishees, to amend law for, 260.

tax to meet disbursements for, 39.

to amend organic law of, 148.
Public accounts, to create office of, 3.
Publication of tax sales, to amend general tax law, 236.
Public domain commission, appropriation for, 50.

commission, to amend act relative to, 222.
health, powers of State board of, in regard to, 372.
library act, to amend for cities and villages, 225.
order, enforcement of on inter-urban cars, 404.

schools, holidays to be observed in, 51.
Pure food law, to amend, 312.
Purity of the ballot, to secure the, 242.


Quail, protection of, 258.


Railroad coaches, to amend act to provide for sanitary conditions in, 367.

commission act, to amend, 176, 276, 282, 318.
commission, relations of to common carriers, 389.
companies, to amend law of organization of, 153.
fare in upper peninsula, to amend act, 112.
incorporation act, to amend relative to rates of fare, 386.
law, to amend general, 112, 318.
property, the protection of, 398.

property, punishment of trespassers on, 395. Railroads as common carriers, regulation of, 176.

and highways, separate grades for, 156.
regulation of collection of passenger fares by, 150.
to amend act relative to issue of bills of lading by, 275.

to define offenses affecting, 402.
Rainbow trout, etc., to provide that persons fishing for must have a license, 433.
Rates, charges, etc., as fixed by railroad commission, validity of, 318.
Rate making associations, regulation of, 288.
Real actions, to amend chapter on limitations of, 251,
Rebates or premiums, prohibition of, 289.
“Recall," to provide for in constitution, 261.
Reclamation board, to provide for one, 376.
Recording of deeds, mortgages, etc., to amend, 193.
Referendum and initiative, to insert in constitution, 262.
Reformatory at Ionia, tax to meet payments for, 46.
Register of probate, to amend act providing for, 365.
Registration of music teachers, 63.
Re-insurance reserve, to amend act establishing, 359.
Religious organizations, reorganization of, 24.
Repeal of oil inspection law, 164.
Reputation and good name of certain persons, to protect, 243.
Residence for the governor, 140, 200, 356.

of justices of supreme court, 419. Retired school teachers, to fix salaries and define services of, 417. Retirement fund for teachers, establishment of, 381. Restriction of "child labor," 291. Restrictions on probate judges, 352. Rights of employees in dangerous occupations, 44, 45. Risks, insurance companies to report amount of in congested value districts, 285. River Rouge, special assessments in, 438. Roach, the protection of, 279.

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