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A wee thing mak's us think, a sma' thing mak's us

stareThere are mair folk than him bigging castles in

the air. Sic a night in winter may weel mak' him cauld, His chin upon his buffy hand will soon nak' him


His brow is brent sae braid-O pray that daddy

Care Would let the bairn alane wi' his castles in the air ! He'll glower at the fire! and he'll keek at the light ! But mony sparkling stars are swallowed up by

Night; Aulder een than his are glamoured by a glare, Hearts are broken, heads are turned, wi' castles in The Piper's Cow.

the air.



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THERE was a piper had a cow,

And he'd no hay to give her ;
He took his pipes and played a tune,

“Consider, old cow, consider.” The cow considered very well,

For she gave the piper a penny, That he might play the tune again

Of “Corn riggs are bonnie."

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THERE was a little man,

And he had a little gun, And his bullets were made of lead, lead, lead.

He went to the brook,

And he saw a little duck, And he shot it through the head, head, head.

He carried it home

To his old wife Joan, And bid her a fire for to make, make, make,

To roast the little duck

He'd shot in the brook, And he'd go fetch her the drake, drake, drake. THE ALPHABET.


A was an apple-pie;
B bit it;
C cut it;
D dealt it;
E ate it ;
F fought for it;
G got it:
H had it;
J joined it;
K kept it;
L longed for it;
M mourned for it;
N nodded at it;
O opened it;
P peeped into it;
Q quartered it ;
R ran for it;
S stole it ;
T took it;
V viewed it;
W wanted it;
X, Y, Z, and &-all wished for a
piece in hand.





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THERE was a wife that had a bonnie bush o' berries, and she wanted to pull them, but she could not do that, unless she had somebody to keep her house. So she went away to the kid, and said: “Kid, kid, come and keep my house, till I pull my bonnie bush o' berries."

Indeed, no," said the Kid, “I'll not keep your house till you pull your bonnie bush o' berries.”

Then the wife went to the dog, and said: "Dog, dog, bite kid ; kid will not keep my house till I pull my bonnie bush o’ berries.”

“Indeed," said the Dog, "I will not bite the kid; for the kid never did me any ill.”

Then the wife went to the staff, and said: Staff, staff, strike dog; for dog will not bite kid,

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