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11. “Of what is lumber made?
12. “It is made of trees.”
13. “And who made the trees?”
14. " They grew out of the ground.”

15. “Who made the ground for them to grow in ? Was it your father? Was it any man?”

16. “No, mother, it was not father; no man could make it,” said Anna, thoughtfully.

17. “You are right, my child. Your father did not make it, nor could any man make it: it was God. He gives every thing that we have.”

18. As Anna's mind began to take in the idea, her eye brightened, and she asked, “Does God really give us every thing, mamma?”

19. “Yes,” said her mother; “God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. All our happiness comes from Him. And has


little girl nothing to thank Him for?”

20. Anna's eyes filled with tears, and she said,

“O mother! I did not know it was God who was so good to me. I can not make a prayer long enough to thank Him for all He gives me !

21. “My little child, God does not hear us for our much speaking. He looks into the heart. A grateful heart is more pleasing to Him than long prayers.”

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1. “I feel so vexed and out of temper with Ben for breaking my cart, that I really must

2. “Do something in revenge?" inquired his cousin Julia.

3. “No, cousin; but I must look over my Book of Thanks."

4. “ * Your Book of Thanks! What is that ? ” inquired Julia, as Mark turned over the leaves of a little book which was nearly full of writing.

5. “O, here it is !” and he read aloud : • March 8. Ben lent me

Ben lent me his new knife.' • March 10. Ben showed me his new book.'

6. “And here, again, only the other day: June 19. Ben gave me a new string for my kite.'

7. I think I will turn down a leaf there. Ben is a pretty good boy, after all. Don't think so, couşin ? "

Don't you 8. “What do you write down in that book ? ” said Julia, who had been watching Mark with much curiosity.

9. “Our teacher told us, last winter, that every body has some good about him, and that if we would look for it we should find more of it than we expected, and that this would make us happier than to be looking for the bad.

10. “She also told us that, if we would mark the different acts of kindness shown to us, we should very soon be surprised at the number of them.

11. “I write them down in this book so as not to forget them, as I might if I trusted to my memory alone.

12. “When I am cross, or out of temper with any one, I look over this book, and it nearly always makes me feel good-natured and on pretty good terms with him again.”

13. “I wonder what sort of things you put down. Will you please let me look at your book?” said Julia.

14. Mark handed it to her; and as Julia looked it over she read

15. “February 4. Mrs. Wade asked me to spend the day at her house, and she made it very pleasant for me.


16. February 9. I broke my sled while sliding down hill. John Jones came along and said he was sorry : he would stop and help me fix it, but was going on an errand, and could not

17. March 1. I have been sick two weeks. Mrs. Page came several times to see me.”

18. “Why do you put father and mother at the head of every page ?

19. “O, they show me so much kindness. that I can not write it down, and so I just write their names.”

20. “And what is this at the beginning of the book? Every good gift is from above.

21. “That I put there as a sort of title-page, to remind me that the Lord gives me all my kind friends, and all the good things that I have.

22. “And now, while I am grateful to my friends for their kindness, I am thankful to Him for them and for all good.”

23. My little reader, if you, like Mark, should keep a Book of Thanks, do you not think it would make you more cheerful, contented, and happy?

QUESTIONS ON LESSON II.—What is this Lesson about? Who kept a Book of Thanks ? Who induced him to keep it? Why did the teacher advise the keeping of such a book ? Did Mark find it as the

teacher had said ? Do you think the keeping of this book was a benefit to Mark ? What benefit did he derive from it? If it produced in Mark a more charitable and forgiving spirit, what effect do you think the keeping of such a book would have on others? on yourself? Is it not best to cultivate such a spirit? Call to mind something you would write in a Book of Thanks.

Where did this conversation between Julia and Mark take place ? Was it in Mark's house or in Julia's house ? Were they standing or sitting? How old do you think Mark was ? How large? How do you think he looked ? Tell the color of his hair, eyes, &c. Describe his cousin Julia. Tell her age, size, looks, appearance, &c.; how she happened to be there, and how she was Mark's cousin. [The pupil's imagination will here be brought into exercise, as well as his descriptive powers.

It is very desirable so to bring out Mark and Cousin Julia, as to make their existence and presence seem real to the child. The same effort should be inade to invest every object and fact mentioned in the Lesson with life and presence. See Introduction, for principles of analyzing the Lessons.]

FIRST FOUR PARAGRAPHS. -How many persons are mentioned in these four paragraphs ? What are their names ? How many are represented as speaking? Does not Ben say any thing? Why not? Where do you suppose Ben is? Why is Ben's name mentioned ? Who mentions it? How do you know it was Mark? For whom then does the word “I” in the first paragraph stand ? How did Mark feel toward Ben ? Why did he feel so? What did this feeling lead Mark to do? Why must be look over his Book of Thanks ? What is the meaning of " look over ” ?

What does " vexed mean? What does “temper” mean? What does “out of temper" mean? Give an illustration of a boy out of temper. Do “ vexed” and “out of temper” mean the same thing ? Tell the difference in their meaning. What does “feel” mean? Does it ever have any other meaning ? What? Give an example. What is a “cart"? Describe a cart-its use. What does revenge mean? How does its meaning differ from “ vexed”? What is it to “ do something in revenge"? Is it right to do any thing simply to revenge? To whom does vengeance belong? Have we any right to allow it to govern our actions toward others ?

Pronounce vexed.” How many syllables has it? What is a syllable? Can you spell syllable? What is a word of one syllable

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