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No member of said board of trustees shall participate in any proceedings in which he or she has personal or pe. cuniary interest. Every vote and official act of said board of trustees shall be entered on record.

Said board of trustees shall have an official seal, which shall be judicially noticed. Said board of trustees may sue and be sued, and may take in name of the State, and hold in trust for the school, any and all money, real estate or personal property that may be bequeathed said school.

SEC. 4. At their first meeting and biennially thereafter, the said board of trustees shall elect a president and secretary. The State Treasurer shall be an ex officio treasurer of said board of trustees. It shall be the duty of the secretary of said board to keep an exact and detailed account of the doings of said board, an itemized account of all expenditures authorized by said board.

SEC. 5. The said board of trustees are hereby authorized and it is made their duty to take and at all times to have general supervision and control of all buildings and property appertaining to said school; and to have general charge and control of all buildings to be constructed. They shall have power to let contracts for the erection of all buildings, and also the entire supervision of their construction.

All buildings for housing the pupils shall be on "cottage plan:" for the better grading of inmates, each cottage shall accommodate not more than twenty-five persons.

SEC. 6. Said board of trustees shall hold two meetings at said school, annually, but special meetings may be called by the president of the board, sending written notices of at least ten days to each member. The actual and necessary personal expenses for mileage and board incured by the members of said board of trustees in carrying out the provisions of this act shall be paid on proper certificates out of any funds belonging to said school in the hands of the treasurer.

SEC. 7. All funds appropriated for the use and benefit of said school from every source, including the available interest arising from investment of the proceeds of the sale of lands set apart as hereinafter provided for, shall be under the control and direction of said board of trustees, subject to the provisions herein contained.

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The treasurer of the board of trustees shall pay out of such funds all orders or drafts for money to be expended under provisions of this act.

Such orders or drafts shall be drawn by the State Auditor upon certificates of the secretary, countersigned by the president of the board of trustees, and shall be approved by the State Board of Examiners.

No such certificates shall be given except on accounts audited and allowed by said board of trustees.

SEC. 8. The board of trustees shall appoint a superintendent, who shall be especially fitted for the position, one experienced in such work as intended to be carried on in this school, who shall be retained as long as his work is bringing good results, irrespective of political affiliations.

SEC. 9. The superipntendent shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, give a good and sufficient bond, to be approved by the board of trustees, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties. The superintendent may be removed by the board of trustees for neglect of duty, improper conduct, malfeasance in office, incompe

, tency, or whatever the interests of the school shall be best subserved thereby. The board of trustees shall on recommendation of the superintendent, appoint an assistant superintendent, who may be removed by the superintendent.

All officers, teachers and employees shall be appointed by the superintendent by and with the advice and consent of the board of trustees; and such officers, teachers and employees may be removed by the superintendent whenever the interest of the school will be best subserved thereby.

SEC. 10. All teachers, except specialists, shall hold first-class certificates from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Specialists shall hold diplomas from some accredited school in their specialty.

SEC. 11. The superintendent shall conduct the said school under rules and regulations prescribed by the board of trustees, and said board of trustees shall fix the salarie's of all officers, teachers and the wages of all employees.

SEC. 12. The superintendent shall at the close of each month present to the board of trustees a written report showing the general condition of the school, the number of inmates in attendance, the number of tickets of leave

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granted and such other information, together with such suggestions and recommendations as may be to the best interests of the school. He shall have charge of all property belonging to the school, and shall keep an account of all monthly expenditures, and the receipts shall be certified to the president of the board with the social condition of each inmate at the time of commital.

SEC. 13. The superintendent shall provide for the holding of religious services on the Sabbath day for the inmates of said school, but no sectarian views shall control the services.

SEC. 14. That the State Superintendent of Public Instruction shall prepare courses of study for all grades in the school.

SEC. 15. That the said school with all appurtenances thereto shall be and it is hereby declared to be an independent school district, and shall not be taxed for other school purposes.

SEC. 16. It shall be the duty of the Governor to fill by appointment all vacancies that may from any cause occur in the board of trustees: Provided, That he shall appoint the new member from the same political party of the retiring member.

SEC. 17. The president and secretary of the board of trustees shall on the first day of January and July of each year, transmit to the Governor of the State a full written report of the doings of said board of trustees, the progress and condition of said school, together with a full report of the expenditures and receipts for the previous six months, setting forth each item in full, the date thereof, and such recommendations as they deem proper for the good of the school.

They shall submit on the first day of December of each biennial year a printed report of all proceedings for the last biennial period: Provided, Failure to file a printed report as required shall mean forfeiture of bond.

SEC. 18. The board of trustees in their regulations and the superintendent and assistants shall exercise a watchful guardianship over the morals of the pupils at all times during their attendance upon same, but no religious or sectarian test shall be applied in the selection of teachers and none adopted in the school.

SEC. 19. That the State Board of Land Commissioners are hereby directed and it is made their duty to set aside sixty thousand (60,000). acres of lands granted to the State of Idaho by the act of congress, entitled "An act to provide for the admission of the State of Idaho into the Union," approved July 3, 1890, for other State, charitable, educational or penal and reformatory purposes, for the exclusive use and benefit of said school.

Said lands to be held, disposed of, and the proceeds thereof used and applied for the benefit of said school, subject to the provisions of said admission act and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, and so far as may be practicable, in conformity with the established proceedure of holding, disposing of and applying the proceeds of lands granted to the common schools of the State of Idaho. The Board of Land Commissioners are directed to immediately set aside sixty thousand (60,000) acres of said lands, if selected, and if not selected, to use the utmost dispatch in selecting and setting aside the same.

The Board of State Land Commissioners are hereby directed to provide separate record books in proper form to be known as “Idaho Industrial Reform School Records," in which shall be kept all records of matters relating to said lands.

SEC. 20. That for the purpose of purchasing a farm, erecting the necessary buildings and equipping same, for said school, a loan of fifty thousand ($50,000) dollars is hereby authorized to be negotiated by a board consisting of the Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Attorney General of the State of Idaho and the State Treasurer is hereby authorized, directed and empowered to issue fifty bonds of the State of Idaho, in the sum of one thousand ($1,000) dollars each, payable in fifty years from the date of issuance, to bear interest at a rate not to exceed four per cent per annum, payable semi-annually on the first of April and October of each year at a bank in New York City; to be redeemable at the option of the State of Idaho at any time after the expiration of ten years from the date of issuance.

Said bonds shall be numbered from one to fifty consecu. tively.

SEC. 21. The State Treasurer is hereby authorized, em


powered, and directed to cause to be printed or lithographed suitable bonds in proper form with coupons attached, all such bonds shall be signed by the Secretary of State with his own proper name and shall affix his official character, and authenticated with the great seal of the State of Idaho, and shall be countersigned by the Governor with his own proper name and he shall affix his character, and shall then be delivered by the Secretary of State to the State Auditor, who shall make and keep a register of such bonds, showing the number and amount of each bond, and shall then be delivered to the State Treasurer, who shall be charged on the official books of the State Auditor's office with amount of such bonds.

SEC. 22. At the time of the issuance of such bonds under the provisions of this act, the State Treasurer shall sign them with his own proper name and affix his character and shall in like manner sign the coupons attached, and such signing shall bind the State.

The coupons for the payments of the interest, shall be taken off without injuring or mutilating the bonds, and shall be severally numbered from one (1) to fifty (50) inclusive each bearing the corresponding number of the bond to which it is attached.

The State Treasurer shall keep a register of all bonds issued by him, showing the date of issuance, and shall deliver said bonds with the coupons attached as aforesaid, to the purchaser or purchasers upon the receipt of the purchase money thereof; and the money received from the sale of the bonds herein provided for, shall be used for the purchase of a farm not less than 200 acres of land cap. able of irrigation, with a permanent water right, and for the construction thereon of the cottages and other buildings and equipping the same therein provided for: Provided, That none of said bonds shall be sold for less than their face value, the expense of printing said bonds shall be paid out of the proceeds of said bonds.

SEC. 23. For the purpose of creating a fund to pay interest and principal of said bonds, an annual ad valorem tax of four mills on each one hundred ($100.00) dollars of the assessed valuation of all property in the State not exempt from taxation, is hereby levied, and shall be collected as other taxes for State purposes.

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