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Doct" Craik went away immediately after breakfast, I rid to the Plantations at Muddy hole and Dogue run perceived the Pease at the former had come up very indifferently and looked badly which some of my Negros ascribed to their being planted too early whilst the earth was too cold for this crop.

The Peas which were planted somewhat later at Morses, (Dogue run) were also coming up, as his corn was, and much pulled up by the Birds.

The Timothy seed sowed (on the Clover) first woh had failed from the badness of the seed and which after harrowing had been laid down in it, at Dogue run, appeared to be coming up thick.

Began to plant corn at this Plantation yesterday in the common method.

When I returned home I fd Moses Ball, his son John Ball, & Wm Carter here, the first having his effects under execution wanted to borrow Money to redeem them, lent him ten pounds for this purpose.

In the afternoon a John Halley (of Maryland) applied to rent a fishing shore of me at Sheridens point. Requested him to make his proposals in writing and I would consider of them, and as he was the first who had applied wd give him the preference upon equal ground.

Wednesday Iyer

Thermometer at 62 in the Morning 63 at noon - and 56 at night.

Morning calm, warm and pleasant, between 10 and 12 clouds arose, and showers fell around us, but none here between one & 2 O clock the wind came out hard at N° West and turned cold. After which it moderated, and shifted to the Eastward; but still continued cold.

At home all day, writing the best part of it.

Began where oats had been sowed in the neck, and the grd had got hard bound, and the clover seed unable to penetrate the earth and to vegitate, to harrow and roll it, to see if the clover & oats both would not be benefitted thereby.

Thursday 18th

Thermometer at 58 in the morning 65 at noon - and 60 at night.

Wind at So West, with Showery Clouds around us all day; about 7 O clock it began to rain, and continued to do so powerfully, for 20 or 30 Minits when it cleared again.

Rid to all the Plantations between breakfast & dinner - at the Ferry I found my people had finished planting corn in the common way yesterday and were preparing the small piece near the Fish House to plant with ye drill (or Barrel) in which they were also beginning to plant Irish Potatoes, this piece contains a few rod over two acres. At Dogue run, finding they would be late planting & replanting corn (for that which was first planted with the drill plow had either come up very badly or had been destroyed by Birds) I directed after the Cut (round Barry's houses) in which they were planting, was finished to run a single furrow in the remainder of the other each way, and to plant it in that manner, hoeing the ground well when the corn was dropped, perceived the Irish Potatoes to be coming up at this Plantation — at Muddy hole they finished planting corn about 10 O'clock, at this place I tried a 3 hoed harrow which I had just made with a single horse, upon the whole it answered very well, the draft seemed rather hard for one horse but the late rains had made the ground heavier than usual. Ordered my overseer at this place to take into the Barn & thrash out, the only stack of wheat remaining at the Plantation and to carry the grain to the mill.

In the Neck every other Pea row had been planted with the barrel dropping the Peas at 18 inches a part in the rows, and five other rows (intermediate) on the South were planted at 6 inches asunder in the rows but finding this would take more seed than I cd spare I discontinued sowing more in this manner and returned to the 18 inch distance


A M* Thoo Moody came here in the afternoon and paid me some money in discharge of his father's Bond to Colo Thos Colvels Estate to which I am an Ex"

John Knoules came here to work at £5 p' month, and a pint of rum p' day.

Friday 1941 Thermometer at 55 in the Morning 65 at noon - and 60 at night.

Wind at N° West in the Morning and indeed through the day, the forepart of which was cool, the middle and latter part moderate the whole pleasant.

Rid to Muddy hole - Dogue run, & Neck Plantations; the harrow plow was stopped at the first by the rain which fell yesterday and which had made the grd too wet & too heavy to use it in. at the latter they would have finished drilling the corn, and planting the Potatoes (the doing of which began yesterday) but for the rain which had fallen in the afternoon — It was done however early this morning and the other spot, in which the Siberian wht had been sowed was set out to get it in order for corn. To Dogue run I sent the remains of the Barley about half a peck to be pricked in where missing in the rows (beginning next the wheat) at the distance of eight inches.

Mr. Porter & Doct" Craik Just came down the River in a ship bd to France landed & dined here & returned to Alexandria in the afternoon.

Saturday 2011
Thermometer at 56 in the Morning 60 at noon and 59 at night.

Morning clear with the wind at South West – about 8 o clock it began to thicken to the westward which encreased with distant thunder. by ten O'Clock it was quite overcast and began to rain moderately & continued to do so without wind for more than two hours when it ceased the sun came out but was more less cloudy all the Afternoon and cool, the wind having shifted to the South-East and got fresher.

Rid to Muddy hole and the Neck — the ground at the first having got drier, the harrow plow was again set to work in the drilled ground. Finished planting (yesterday evening) Corn in the Neck with the Barrel plow and set about sowing pease there again.

Finished planting with corn the cut at Dogue run which includes the Houses that were Barrys — and began 'in that nearest the overseers House.

Having received from Holt of Williamsburg through the hands of MDandridge about 6 gills of the eastern shore Peas (or as he calls them beans) so celebrated for fertilizing land I began, & before the rain fell, planted 3 rows in the inclosure below the stables adjoining the row of yellow clover, & in a line with the Cape Wheat, being a continuation of those rows (2 feet a part,) the seeds were placed a foot asunder in the rows.

· Sunday 21
Thermometer at 60 in the morn's 70 at noon, and 66 at Night.

A good deal, and heavy rain fell in the night, with thunder & lightning; day warm, with sun shine & clouds alternately. Calm in the forenoon, & wind at East in the Afternoon with thunder and great appearances of rain a little only of which fell.

Monday 224
Thermometer at 64 in the Morning 60 at noon — and 60 at night
Wind Easterly, and very cloudy with drops of Rain now and then

Rid to Muddy hole, Dogue run & Ferry Plantations, replanting corn at the first, begun today, and not on Saturday as I have noted, to plant

of Siberian Wherster they had begun, and at Dogue run, where hvem.

to replanting the mid them before I got they in the rows

corn in the cut next the overseers house at Dogue run, where by a mistake of the Overseer they had begun, and had planted Barley in the rows of Siberian Wheat, and had done — of them before I got there — stopped and set them to replanting the missing parts of the Barley rows. — Finished drilling the corn at the Ferry Plantation.

Planted 10 more rows of the eastern shore Peas, alongside of those which were put in on Saturday last. — And all that section with them in My Botanical garden which had the guinea grass last year, except the two rows which had been before planted on the 3d instt with everlasting Peas. · I seperated my rams from the ewes at the home house. — and ordered the same to be done at the plantations.

Began to take up the pavement of the Piaza.

Tuesday 230 Thermometer at 60 in the Morn's 60 at noon and 58 at night. Misting in the morning and very cloudy & cold all day with the wind at No Et

Rid to Muddy hole and Neck Plantations. — ordered the grd allotted for Cabbages, to be prepared at both places; and plants to be taken from my garden to set it with. This preparation consisted of another listing (or plowing with three furrows) of the ground which had been before listed, leaving an intermediate row at each place for Turnips, to try which would yield most & be most profitable.

Replanting the common corn which had been drilled at Muddy hole. – finished planting Peas with the Barrel in the neck on Saturday last. - and listing the corn ground at the same place this day for planting in the common way.

Began yesterday with the Ferry people, to list the new ground in front of the House for corn with Hoes. And this day began to lay the Flags in my Piaza - Cornelius and Tom Davis assisting.

Wednesday 24
Thermometer at 56 in the morn'8 56 at noon and 58 at night.
Still drizling and cloudy all day, with the wind at N° East.

At home all day — about 11 O'Clock Doct' Stuart and M: Lund Washington came in dined & returned afterwards, and in the afternoon Colo Robt Stith arrived (from Alexandria) and stayed all night.

1 Dr. David Stuart.

Planted yesterday evening at Muddy hole about 1300 Cabbage plants and this morning finished the ground allotted for them at that place. to do which took in all abt - Plants. Also planted this day in the neck two compleat rows of the Cabbages and the other two rows from the river-fence up to the bushy pond by the other fence running westerly and sent plants over this evening to compleat them in the morning.

Thursday 250 Thermometer at 59 in the Morning 58 at Noon - and 58 at Night.

Drizling in the Morning, after which, about 9 o'clock, it began to rain, and continued to do so moderately all day. — At night and in the night, it rained a good deal. Wind at No Et

At home all day, Colo Stith set off after breakfast, but turned back when it began to rain and stayed all day & night.

Finished planting cabbages in the neck; — and transplanted carrots from my garden, to two of the rows at Muddy hole, which had been sowed, or rather planted, with seed which was either put in too deep, or never vegitated one of these was had dung in the furrow, and the other not. — Put a Collar on a large Bull in order to break him to the draft. At first he was sulky & restive but came to by Degrees.

Friday 2611 Thermometer at 58 in the Morning 60 at Noon — and 60 at night.

Raining with little or no intermission through the day — a great deal having fallen in the night — wind still at N° East.

Sent 50 Barrels of super fine flour by the sloop Tryal Peter Kirwin to Thos Newton Jun" Esq' to be disposed of on my account.

Saturday - eyes Thermometer at 62 in the Morn's 66 at noon — and 68 at night. Wind Easterly all day — raining in the Morning, clear about noon with Clouds, mists, and sunshine afterwards alternately.

Rid about 11 O'clock to visit the Plantations at Muddy hole and Dogue run. At the latter & in the Neck, the rain which had fallen in such quantities since Wednesday last had stopped their planting of corn and left a little ground at each of those places unfinished.

Colo Stith crossed the river after dinner on his return home.

Finished laying 28 courses of the pavement in the Piaza, weather very unfavourable for it.

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