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bringing them to justice, in the event of their removing

To Correspondents. to other localities. We were then shewn an earnest of that gentleman's intentions in a very authentic likeness of an old Welsh beggar, who had been picked up for We have received several letters from esteemed sor. somning. Since that period, however, the subject has respondents upon the subject of the alterations vivien been in abeyance. From the first we saw it was beset we have adopted with regard to the form of The JUUST. with difficulties, but we hesitated not to say that these while in the main approving of them, they advine 19 would disappear before the progress of the art, and that stare super antiquas vias” with reference to the Tible photography would eventually be turned to good ac- of Cases at the commencement of each number. We count in detecting and repressing crime. A short time should be happy to comply with this suggestion, but ago an Edinburgh contemporary very clearly pointed the space required for advertisements precludes the out the change which crime had assumed since the in- possibility of our doing so; we have, however, made troduction of railroads and steamers. It had become the Index, as will be seen, more distinctive than in Ir much more migratory and peripatetic in its character. last number. New classes of thieves had sprung up, designed to suit In future the outer pages, containing the advertise the changed habits of the people, on the plunder of ments, will not be paged, and the number of Tas whom tliey existed. One class continuously travelled Jurist will be placed at the foot of the first page of by steamer, while another was closely attached to rail- the Reports. way stations. These never confined their operations We are much obliged to those gentlemen who live to one part of the country for any length of time, but favoured us with their suggestions, which we shall at were continually changing their habitats to avoid de- all times be happy to receive. tection. Our contemporary proposed to meet this growing and dangerous evil by establishing a national police, to be composed of men who, without assuming

REGULE GENERALES. any distinctive uniform by which they could be recognised as police detectives, might travel anywhere and

ORDERS IN LUNACY.-Jan. 12, 1833. everywhere over the great channels of conveyance throughout the country, and who would make it their Chancellor of Great Britain, intrustedi, by virtue of dier

I, ROBERT MONSEY Baron CRAYWORTH, Lord !lizi, study to dodge, liunt down, and bring to justice those Majesty the Queen's sign-manual

, withi the care and migratory professional thieves. The scheme is plausible, commitment of the custody of the persons and estres and well fitted to root out the evil; but it is nevertheless of persons found idiot, lunatic, or of unsound mini, !o, yet far distant, for it could only be introduced by a considerable change in the present police machinery of the with the advice and assistance of the Right Hon si country, which we see no early prospect of obtaining. GEORGE JAMES TURNER, the Lords Justices of the touro

JAMES LEWIS KxIGHT Burce and the Right Hon. 112 As an approximation to this system, however, the phor of Appeal in Chancery', also being intrusted as a retographie plan offers great advantages, in illustration of which we might give a case which occurred last week, said, and by virtue and in exercise of the powers or where a young man and woman were convicted before authorities in this behalf rested in me by the lansey one of our police courts of shoplifting, and sent for Regulation Act, 1853, and of every other power or sixty days to prison. The offence was a grave one, authority in anywise enabling me in this behals, rier and the award was the extreme limit the magistrate

as follows:could give. The prisoners were total strangers to the

I. That the Masters in Lunacy do from time to timna police. One gentleman, however, connected with the furnish the visitors of lunaties ivith abstracts of their detective force, perhaps from motives of curiosity, com- reports as to the fortune, income, and maintenance of municated a minute description of them to the Dublin each lunatic, and of the orders confirming such reports, police, suspecting from the accent of the prisoners that and inform the said visitors of any increase which is they came from that city. The result proved that the have accrued in the fortune ot, and of any changes man had been no less than eighteen times in prison in which may have been made in the allowance or scheme Dublin, twelve of these for thefis, and the woman six for the maintenance of, in lunatic, so that at all times times in prison for the same offence ; in short, that they the said visitors may be fully acquainted with 10 were professional thieves, who had just changed the amount of the fortune and income of every lunati, ind scene of their predations from Dublin to Glasgow. With the scheme approved and the allowance mat" Had this been known before their case was disposed of,

his maintenance. they could have been dealt with as habit and repute

II. That the medical visitors of lunatics do, on fich thieves; but under the present system they may pass occasion of visiting any lunatic, inquire and crimine on from one locality to another, running the course of whether such lunatic is maintained in a suitable and the petty courts, and being treated as persons brought proper manner, having regard to the then existing up for the first time, instead of being transferred to amount of the allowance ordered to be paid, and the the highest criminal court in the country, and disposed then existing scheme approved of, for the maintenuto of in terms of their deserts. Now, the aid photography of such lunatic; and also whether, having regari to would give in discovering the real character of such the then fortune and income of such lunatie, it appears offenders will be at once apparent. A mutual inter-. expedient that any and what addition should be sa le change of portraits of noted thieves would forin a most to his comforts, or any and what alterations shouli hes valuable and interesting pertinent of the police esta- made in the scheme for or manner of his maintenance. blishment of a great city.”

III. That if the said visitors shall on such inquiry I am, Sir, yours &c., and examination consider that thie lunatic is not in. Jan. 15, 1855.

A. 1. tained in such suitable and proper manner as is atore

said; or that the allowance provided for his mainteThe Right Hon. Sir John Jervis, Knt., Lord Chief nance is not duly applied; or that any provision in cho Justice of her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at scheme for his maintenance, either for his personal OBWestminster, has appointed Edward Brown Fiske, of fort or enjoyment or otherwise, is not duly obsır'rl, Beccles, Suffolk, Gent., to be one of the Perpetual or that any addition to the comforts, or any alteration Commissioners for taking the acknowledgments of in the manner of the maintenance, of the lunatie sind deeds to be executed by married women, in and for be macie, which his then fortune or income is capire ile the county of Suffolk.

of providing, they shall forth with make a specialit, stating such their opinion, and the grounds thereof, to the evidence to be adduced in a cause shall be taken the board of visitors.

orally; but when issue shall have been joined in any ® IV. That the board of visitors shall proceed to con- cause the plaintiff and defendant respectively shall be sider such report of the medical visitors at their next at liberty to verify their respective cases, either wholly meeting, and shall, if they think fit, refer the same to or partially by afidavit, or wholly or partially by the

, the Masters in Lunacy, or take such other steps thereon oral examination of witnesses, before one of the exas may appear to them to be expedient.

aminers of the Court, or before an examiner to be V. That the Masters in Lunacy shall, on any such specially appointed by the Court. report as aforesaid being referred to them by the board V. The evidence on both sides in any cause, to be of visitors, proceed to investigate the matters thereby used at the hearing thereof, whether taken upon affidareported upon, and may, if they deem it expedient, vit or orally, (and including the cross-examination and summon the committee of the person or estate to attend re-examination of any witness or witnesses), is to be before then to give explanations thereon; and the said closed within eight weeks after issue joined therein, Masters shall then make such report, if any, on the except that any witness, who has made an affidavit said matters to the Lord Chancellor, as the said Masters intended to be used by any party to such cause at the may deem proper.

hearing thereof, shall be subject to cross-examination VI. That the medical visitors do, in the annual re

within one month after the expiration of such period port made by them to the Lord Chancellor in the case

of eight weeks. of each lunatic, pursuant to the Lunacy Regulation VI. No affidavit or deposition filed or made before Aci, state the result of the examination and inquiry as issue joined in any cause shall, without special leave of to the maintenance of each lunatic to be made by them the Court, be received at the hearing thereof, unless pursuant to the foregoing order; and do also, in any case within one month after issue joined, or within such in which they shali have made any special report to longer time as may be allowed by special leave of the the board of visitors pursuant to the above order, state, Court, notice in writing shall have been given by the so far as they may be able, what steps have been taken party intending to use the same, to the opposite party, in consequence of such special report.

of his intention in that behalf. CRANWORTH, C.

VII. In suits in which issue shall have been joined J. L. Knight BRUCE, L. J.

when these Orders take effect, the evidence to be used G. J. TURNER, L. J.

at the hearing of the cause shall be taken according to the present practice of the Court, unless the parties

shall consent, or the Court shall order, that the same ORDER OF COURT.-Jan. 13, 1855.

shall be taken in the altered mode prescribed by these

The Right Hon. Robert Monsey Lord CRANWORTHY
Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, by and with

Affidarits. the advice and assistance of the Right Hon. Sir John VIII, All affidavits, whether to be used at the hearRomilly, Master of the Rolls, the Right Hon. the ing of a cause, or on any other proceeding before the Lord Justice Sir James LEWIS Knight Bruce, the Court, are to state distinctly what facts or circumRight Hon. the Lord Justice Sir George JAMES stances deposed to are within the deponent's own knowTURNER, the Hon. the Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD ledge, and his means of knowledge, and what parts or TORIN KINDERSLEY, the Hon. the Vice-Chancellor Sir circumstances deposed to are known to or believed John Stuart, and the Hon. the Vice-Chancellor Sir by him by reason of information derived from other William Page Wood, doth hereby, in pursuance and sources than his own knowledge, and what such sources execution of the powers of an act of Parliament passed are. in the fifteenth and sixteenth years of the reign of her IX. The costs of affidavits not in conformity with the present Majesty, intituled “ An Act to amend the Prac- preceding Order are to be disallowed on taxation, untice and Course of Proceeding in the High Court of less the Court should otherwise direct. Chancery,” and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, order and direct that all and every the

X. These Orders shall be deemed to apply as nearly rules, orders, and directions hereinafter set forth shall as may be to evidence taken after the hearing of a cause, henceforth be, and for all purposes be deemed and taken as well as to evidence taken previously, and with a view

to such hearing. to be, General Rules and Orders of the High Court of Chancery, viz.:

XI. These Orders shall take effect on and after the Introductory.

21st day of January, 1855. 1. The course of proceeding prescribed by the 15

CRANWORTH, C. & 16 Vict. c. 86, and the General Order of the 7th

Joun ROMILLY, M. R. day of August, 1852, with respect to the mode of

J. L. Knight BRUCE, L. J. examining witnesses, and the practice of the Court in

G. J. TURNER, L. J. relation thereto, are altered in the manner and to the

Richard T. KINDERSLEY, V. Č. extent prescribed by these Orders, but not further or

JOHN STUART, V.C. otherwise.

William Page WOOD, V.C. II. The Orders numbered respectively 31, 32, and 33, comprised in the General Order of the 7th day of PUBLIC EXAMINATION OF STUDENTS. August, 1852, and all other Orders and parts of Orders, so far as such other Orders and parts of Orders are inconsistent with these Orders, but not further or other - Inns of Court, held at Lincoln's Inn Hall, on the 8th,

At the public examination of the Students of the wise, are hereby abrogated and discharged.

111. All former Orders and parts of Orders, not 9th, and 10th January, 1855, the Council of Legal specified in Order 2, so far as the same are now in force, and consistent with these Orders, are to remain in full Inn, a studentship of 50 guineas per annum, to continue

Thomas Dunbar Ingram, Esq., student of Lincoln's force and effect.

for a period of three years. Evidence.

John Simmonds, Esq., student of the Inner Temple, IV. It shall not be competent for the plaintiff or a certificate of honour of the first class. any defendant to require, by notice or otherwise, that J. W. Branson, Esq., student of the Middle Temple; Boyd Kinnear, Esq., student of the Inner Temple; JOHN MARKE, Duke-street, Manchester-square, MiddleR. A. Pritchard, Esq., student of the Inner Temple; sex, butcher and horse dealer, Jan. 20 at 12, and Feb. 20 Robert Mackenzie, Esq., student of the Middle Temple; at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Adolphus J. D'Allain, Esq., student of Gray's Inn;

Stansfeld ; Sol. Page, 71, Mark-lane, London.-Petition

filed Jan. 6. Edward Henry Lovell, Esq., student of the Middle Temple; and Joseph Park, Esq., student of the Middle JAMES TILLING, Hyde, Edgeware-road, and Earl-street, Temple, certificates that they have satisfactorily passed

Lisson-grove, Middlesex, farmer and dairyman, Jan. 22 at

12, and Feb. 23 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. a public examination.

Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Hall, 28, Moorgate-street, London. By order of the Council,

- Petition filed Jan. 9. (Signed) RICHARD BETHELL, Chairman. FREDERICK NOAKE BAKER, Southampton, timber Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn,

merchant, dealer and chapman, Jan. 22 at 1, and Feb. 23 Jan. 15, 1855.

at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Cannan ; Sols. Coxwell & Bassett, Southampton: Westall, 3, South

square, Gray's-inn, London.—Petition filed Jan. 11. COMMISSIONERS TO ADMINISTER OATHS


John N. Dathan, Manchester, ironmonger, Feb. 3 at 12, The Lord Chancellor, under the powers of the 16 & Winchester, Southampton, carpenter, Jan. 24 at 2, Court of

District Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield, pr. d.-J. Brown, 17 Vict. c. 78, intituled “ An Act relating to the Ap- Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-William Henry Bousfield, pointment of Persons to administer Oaths in Chancery: Roughway, near Tunbridge, Kent, paper manufacturer, Jan. and to Affidavits made for Purposes connected with 25 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.Registration,” has appointed the following gentlemen Charles Lord, Fleet-street, London, tailor, Jan. 25 at 11, to be Commissioners for administering Oaths in Chan- Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-John J. Whiting, cery:

Cambridge, apothecary, Jan. 25 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, To be Commissioners in England.

London, aud. ac.- - Caleb Pizzie, Noble-street, London, and John Houchen the younger, of Thetford, Norfolk.

Haverhill, Suffolk, carpet manufacturer, Jan. 25 at 11, Court

of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-E. Staples the younger, George Nieholls Simmons, of Truro, Cornwall.

Soham, Cambridgeshire, miller, Jan. 25 at 11, Court of

Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-James Rogers, Orchard-st., London Gazettes.

Harrow-road, Paddington, Middlesex, mason, Jan. 25 at halfpast 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. — - James

Nesbitt, Albion-place, Blackfriars-bridge, Surrey, manufac. FRIDAY, JANUARY 12.

turer of mantles, Jan. 25 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London,

aud. ac.-John D. Neill and Henry Sanderson, Liverpool, BANKRUPTS.

ship brokers, Jan. 22 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, ISAAC UNWIN, Poland-street, Oxford-street, Middlesex, Liverpool, aud. ac. sep. est. of Henry Sanderson.-Samuel

builder, Jan. 23 at half-past 1, and Feb. 22 at 2, Court of J. Bird, Weston, near Bath, Somersetshire, brewer, Feb. 1 at Bankraptcy, London : Of. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Chidley, 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.; Feb. 15 Gresham-street, London.-Fiat dated Jan. il.

at 11, div.-Wm. Hooper, Bristol, cabinet maker, Feb. 15 at HENRY ELGAR, Ashford, Kent, grocer, tea dealer, dealer 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.- - George

in provisions and British wines, and coal merchant, dealer Kyrke, Bryn Malley, Wrexham, Denbighshire, lime burner, and chapman, Jan. 23 at half-past 12, and Feb. 22 at 1, Jan. 22 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sols.

ac.—John Dumble, Sunderland, Durham, commission agent, Nichols & Clarke, Cooke’s-court, Carey-street, Lincoln's- Jan. 23 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon. inn.-Petition filed Jan. 10.

Tyne, aud. ac.-Edward Cragg, Kendal, Westmoreland, inn. JEREMIAH Cox, St. George's-square, Pimlico, Middle- keeper, Jan. 23 at half-past 11, District Court of Bankruptcy,

sex, builder, Jan. 19 and Feb. 20 at 11, Court of Bank- Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-Robert C. Wilson, Seaham ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Bell ; Sols. Mayhew & Sal. Harbour, Durham, earthenware manufacturer, Jan. 24 at 12, mon, 30, Great George-street, Westminster.- Petition filed District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. Jan. 6.

- Ralph Hutchinson, Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, ship JAMES WHITING FISHER and JAMES BASEY, Nor- builder, Jan. 23 at 11. District Court of Bankruptcy, New

wich, cabinet makers and upholsterers, dealers and chap- castle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-Joseph Skaife, Keighley, Yorkmen, Jan. 17 at 12, and March 3 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, shire, corn miller, Jan. 25 at 11, District Court of Bank. London: Off. Ass. Nicholson, (and not Pennell, as before ruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.-James T. Wigney, Huddersfield and advertised); Sols. Miller & Co., Norwich ; Sole & Co., 68, Wakefield, Yorkshire, wine merchant, Jan. 25 at 11, District Aldermanbury, London.- Petition dated Dec. 19.

Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac.- :- Benjamin Lamplough, JOSIAH TILLETT, Colchester, Essex, plumber, Jan. 24 Doncaster, Yorkshire, woollendraper, Feb. 3 at 12, District

and March 7 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield, aud. ac. and div. - John Pennell; Sols. Abell & Jones, Colchester, and 8, Rodney. Summarsell, Little York-place, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, terrace, Horseferry-road, Westminster, Middlesex.—Peti- carpenter, Feb. 3 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.tion dated Jan. 9.

John T. Jenkins, Lewisham-road, Deptford, Kent, builder, JOHN MACKNESS, Stratford, West Ham, Essex, baker, Jan. 25 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-J.

Jan. 25 and Feb. 27 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Kyrke, Glascoed, Denbighshire, lime burner, Jan. 22 at 11, Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sol. Hilleary, 5, Fenchurch-buildings, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.

Pencharch-street, London.-Petition filed Jan. 9. WILLIAM BOND, Drury-lane, Middlesex, licensed vic

CERTIFICATES tualler, dealer and chapman, Jan. 24 at 1, and March 7 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Nicholson;

To be allowed, unless Cause be sheron to the contrary on or Sol. Wilson, 16, Gresham-street, London.--Petition dated

before the Day of Meeting. Jan. 9.

Robert Doak, Hanover-place, Kew, Surrey, draper, Feb. 1 HENRY QUARTERMAN, Oxford, carpenter and builder, at half past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-W. Paxon,

Jan. 23 at half.past 11, and Feb. 21 at 1, Court of Bank- Queen's-road, Bayswater, Middlesex, corn dealer, Feb. 2 at ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Graham; Sol. Holmes, Oxford, balf-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.John Fell and and 25, Great James-street, Bedford-row, London.- Peti- John Learoyd, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, woollen manufaction filed Jan. 8.

turers, Feb. 23 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-JOHN CASEY, Blackburn, Lancashire, builder, dealer and Joseph Ellis, Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire, farmer, Feb. 5 at 11, chapman, Jan. 25 and Feb. 15 at 12, District Court of District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-James Bach, Ludlow, Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hernaman ; Sol. Etty, Shropshire, auctioneer, Feb. 5 at 10, District Court of BankLiverpool. - Petition filed Jan. 2.

ruptcy, Birmingham.

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To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. dlesex, sergeant in the First Royal Dragoons. - George Isaac Wm. Tyson, High-street, Marylebone, Middlesex, butcher. Cooke, Maud's-place, Jubilee-street, Stepney, Middlesex, -A. W. Pocock, Old Jewry, London, coffee-house keeper. - shopman to a grocer.- Simonni Victoire Kirton, widow, Stephen Harris, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, ironmonger. | Princess-street, Hanover-square, Middlesex, lodging-house

Wm. Millon, Southborough, Tunbridge, Kent, miller.-7. keeper.-Jefrey Creathorne Clayion, Acton-street, Gray's. Lightfoot, Stockport, Cheshire, grocer.-Wm. Clark, Brad. inn-road, Middleses, wood engraver. ford, Yorkshire, tailor.—James Taylor, Ovenden, near Hali- The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before fax, Yorkshire, worsted spinner.-R. Gay, Leeds, Yorkshire,

a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt ware grinder. - James Ratcliff, Nottingham, hosier.- Oliver

with according to the Statute:-Appleton, Leicester, trimmer.-Charles Leake, Crowland, Lincolnshire, grocer.

At the County Court of Yorkshire, at YORK, Jan. 29. Fiat ANNULLED.

Paul Greenwood, Castle Clough, near Todmorden, out of Geo. Simcox Yates Bricknell, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, business. ---Joseph Laister, Sheffield, out of business. - Henry

Baines, Newmarket, Huddersfield, commission agent.-B. coach proprietor.

Smith, Dewsbury, tailor.-James Cordingley, Wakefield, out PartxERSHIPS DISSOLVED.

of business. - Thomas Collinson, Leeds, commission agent. Edward Augustus Hilder and Geo. Matheros Arnold, Mil- John Gothard, Huddersfield, drysalter.- George Scarlett, ton-next-Gravesend, Kent, attornies and solicitors. John Longwood Edge, Longwood, near Huddersfield, stone mer. Glyde the younger and William Glyde, Yeovil, Somersetshire, chant. – W’m. Palmer, York, out of business.-Frederick W. attornies and solicitors.

Nicholson, Bradford, organ manufacturer.- John Hargraves, Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS.

Burley Lawn, Headingley, near Leeds, bricklayer.-George

Balmforth, Rigton, near Otley, out of business. -Jos. ThornAlexander Wark Murphy, Glasgow, lithographer.-John ton, Wakefield, tailor.- Jas. Pickard, York, out of business. Anderson, Edinburgh, grocer.

- Samuel Womersley, Southoram Bank, near Halifax, INSOLVENT DEBTORS

dealer in malt.-Wm. Middlebrooke, Hollis Croft, Sheffield, Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, joiner.-kos. Walton, York, out of business.John Longley,

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Beeston hill, Hunslet, near Leeds, cloth manufacturer. -T. Process.

Morrist, Halifax, joiner.- Robert Myers, Leeds, beer-house Richard Darley, Claverly, Shropshire, in no business, Jan. I keeper. ---John Mills, Hunslet Hall, near Leeds, out of busi

ness.--- John Womerslcy, Clayton, near Bradford, quarryman. 18 at 10, County Court of Shropshire, at Bridgnorth.-John --James Lofthouse, Leeds, beer-house keeper.- G. Webster, Barge, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, farmer, Jan. 16 Leeds, out of business.- Frederick Stephenson, Bradford, at 11, County Court of Buckinghamshire, at High Wycombe. out of business.- George Tyas, Sheffield, out of business.- Joseph Parslow, Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire, grocer, Frederick Collier Rushworth, Bradford, out of business. Jan. 16 at 11, County Court of Buckinghamshire, at High Joshua Clayton, Little Horton, Bradford, warehouseman.Wycombe. — James Robinson, Stockport, Cheshire, cotton

Wm. Pashley, Leeds, out of business.-Wm. Rose, Thirsk, manufacturer, Jan. 19 at 12, County Court of Cheshire, at Stockport.Thomas G. Southall, West Bromwich, Stafíord- of business.- Samuel Boys, Fartown, Pudsey, near Bradford,

bricklayer's labourer.- Samuel Plant the younger, York, out shire, out of business, Jan. 27 at 10, County Court of Staf- labourer. - John Brook, Leeds, out of business.-Wm. Harfordshire, at Oldbury.-W. Mason, Harborne, Staffordshire, blacksmith, Jan. 27 at 10, County Court of Staffordshire, at greaves, Manningham, Bradford, mechanic.-John Jackson

the Oldbury.- George Comley, Madeley, Shropshire, assistant to

younger, York, bricklayer. a draper, Jan. 27 at 10, County Court of Staffordshire, at

At the County Court of Suffolk, at BURY ST. EDMUNDS, Oldbury.-Wm. Price the elder, West Bromwich, Stafford.

Jan. 29 at 10. shire, butty miner, Jan. 27 at 10, County Court of Stafford. James Lay Hart, Vewton, out of business. shire, at Oldbury.- Jas. Williams, Swansea, Glamorganshire, At the County Court of Durham, at DURHAM, Jan. 29. licensed victualler, Jan. 16 at 10, County Court of Glamor- Isaac Oates, Gateshead, out of business.-Thos. Hatherly, ganshire, at Swansea.- Abel Redrup, Towersey, Buckingham- Monkwearmouth, mariner. shire, out of business, Jan. 24 at 2, County Court of Oxford. shire, at Thame.— Ralph Harris Wild, Halifax, Yorkshire,

TUESDAY, JANUARY 10. butcher, Jan. 26 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Hali. fax.- Henry Clay, Halifax, Yorkshire, out of business, Jan.

BANKRUPTS. 26 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax.-Jonathan JOIX GARDINER HODGES, Bull's Head.court, NewTurner Hanson, Halifax, Yorkshire, commission agent, Jan. gate-street, London, warehouseman, dealer and chapman, 26 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax.

Jan. 23 at 1, and March 2 at il, Court of Bankruptcy, The followiny Persons, who, on their sereral Petitions filled in

London: Off. Ass. Cannan; Sols. Ashurst & Co., 6, Old the Court, have obtained Interim Ortlers for Protection from THOMAS STURGES, Stockwell, Surrey, licensed victualler,

Jewry, London.-Petition tiled Jan. 6. Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lin.

dealer and chapman, Jan. 23 at 12, and March 2 at 1, coln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. according to the Statute :

Robinson, 29, Ironmonger-lane, London.—Petition filed

Jan. 12. Jan. 26 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER. MATTHIAS EDWARD BOWRA, Old Ford, Middlesex, Charles Wm. Beran, Twickenham, Middleses, manager of India rubber manufacturer, Jan. 26 and March 2 at 1, an assurance company.-Henry IVindett, Claremont-place, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Hornsey-road, Middlesex, tailor.

Lefroy, 217, Piccadilly.- Petition filed Jan. 12. The following Prisoners are ordered to be bronght up before ROBERT NORMAN, Histon, Cambridgeshire, grocer and

baker, Jan. 30 at half past ll, and Feb. 27 at half-past 12, the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt with according to the Statute:

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Graham ; Sols.

Christmas, Cambridge ; J. & C. Cole, 36, Essex-street, Jan. 26 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER.

Strand, Middlesex.- Petition filed Jan. 15. Thomas Clarke, Mure-street, Hackney, Middlesex, foreman ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Croom's.hill, Greenwich, Kent, to an engineer.

licensed victualler, Jan. 29 at half-past 2, and March 5 Jan. 26 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. at 12. Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sols.

Martineau & Reid, 2, Raymond's-buildings, Gray's-inn, Win. Gardner, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, Middle

London.--Petition filed Jan. 1]. sex, shirt cutter.- Wm. Freeman Bliss, Tedciugton, Middlesex, out of business.—Richard Stanley, Cowley-place, Peck. RICHARD ALLCOCK, Nottingham, wine and spirit merham, Surrey, smith.

chant, dealer and chapman, Jan. 30 and Feb. 20 at 10,

District Court of Bankruptcy, Nottingham: Off. Ass. Jan. 27 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner Phillips. Harris; Sols. Bowley, Nottingham; Hodgson, BirmingGeorye Ross Caldwell, Charles-street, Westminster, Mid- ham.- Petition dated Jan. 12.


ISAAC MAY, Ipswich, Suffolk, linendraper, Jan. 26 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Robert Tripp, St. Michael's

and Feb. 27 at half.past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: chambers, St. Michael's-alley, Cornhill, London, and HereOf. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sols. Reed & Co., 59, Friday-street, ford-road, Bayswater, Middlesex, dealer in railway shares, Cheapside. — Petition filed Jan. 13.

Feb. 6 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.—John Robert GEORGE BUMPSTEAD, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, grocer, Hobern and Stephen Froud, Orchard-street, Alfred-road,

Jan. 23 at 2, and Feb. 20 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon- Harrow-road, Paddington, Middlesex, builders, Feb. 6 at 1, don : Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Blake, Fleet-street, London. Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Richard Clark, West Strand, - Petition filed Jan. 8.

Middlesex, lamp merchant, Feb. 9 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, ROBERT SMITH, Newcastle-street, Strand, Middleses, London.-Wm. Henry Woodhouse, Woolwich, Kent, brewer,

licensed victualler, Jan. 29 at 2, and Feb. 27 at 1, Court of Feb. 9 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-George Edward Bankruptcy, London: Off

. Ass. Edwards ; Sols. Pagden & Fordyce, Astey’s-row, Islington, Middlesex, plumber, Feb. 5 Hodgkinson, 71, Mark-lane, London.—Petition filed Jan. 15. at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Esther Blenkhorn, SAMUEL DENNIS, Rayleigh, Essex, carpenter and builder, Liverpool, lodging-house keeper, Feb. 8 at 12, District Court

Jan. 24 and March 3 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, of Bankruptcy, Liverpool. - John Midgley, Nottingham, London: Off. Ass. Pennell ; Sol. Chidley, 19, Gresham. soda-water manufacturer, Feb. 13 at 10, District Court of street, City.-Petition dated Jan. 12.

Bankruptcy, Nottingham.-Wm. Rollason the younger, BirSAMUEL RYDER, Plymouth, Devonshire, flour factor, mingham, tin-plate worker, Feb. 15 at half.past 10, District

Jan. 22 and March 5 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.-Joseph Partridge, WedPlymouth: Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sols. Edmonds & Sons, nesbury Oak, Tipton, Staffordshire, corn factor, Feb. 15 at Plymouth; Stogdon, Exeter.- Petition filed Jan. 6. half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.JOSEPH NORTH, Northowram, near Halifax, Yorkshire, Thomas Palmer, Birmingham, licensed victualler, Feb. 15 at

grocer and shopkeeper, dealer and chapman, Jan. 30 and half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham. Feb. 27 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. To be granteil, unless an oppeal be duly entered. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Holroyde & Co., Halifax; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.- Petition dated Jan. 4.

Henry Hadlow, Jewry-street, Aldgate, London, apotheJAMES ALDRED, Manchester, innkeeper, dealer and chap- dlesex, brewer.- Wm. Wright, Thetford, Norfolk, butcher.

cary.--Sidney Milnes Haukes, Britten-street, Chelsea, Midman, Jan. 31 and Feb. 21 at 12, District Court of Bank- James Dungey, Rochester, Kent, grocer.-Simeon Pitman, ruptcy, Manchester : Of. Ass. Hernaman ; Sol. Chew, Bath, Somersetshire, carpenter.-John Barber, Manchester, Manchester. -Petition filed Jan. 12.

engraver to calico printers.Daniel Longdin, Manchester, MEETINGS.

ironfounder.-Thomas Tebbutt, Manchester, merchant.-J. Caleb Wm. Elliott, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, grocer, Fulwood, Birmingham, brass candlestick manufacturer.-J. Jan. 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.-Maz | Harrey the elder and Godfrey Gregory Pike, Birmingham, Essinger, Old Change, London, straw-hat manufacturer, Jan. grocers. 30 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.-Ebenezer

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Kempster, Mackenzie Griffiths, Cornelius Prout Newcombe,

Herbert Sturmy, Henry Simpson, and Walter Stanton and Francis T. Griffiths, Gracechurch-street, London, and Bousfield,, London-bridye, Southwark, SurLiverpool, shipowners, Jan. 30 at half-past 2, Court of Bank. rey, and Philpot-iane, London, solicitors and attornies-at-law. ruptcy, London, last ex.---Geo. Haworth, J. Walsh, and T.

-- Arthur Richard Gabell and William Lewis, Crickhowell, Ainsvorth, Orer Darwen, Lancashire, power-loom cloth ma- Ereconshire, attornies and solicitors.-R. Roy and W. Gasnufacturers, Feb. 22 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, coigne Roy, Lothbury, London, and Great George-street, Manchester, last ex.-J. R. Hobern and S. Froud, Orcherd-st., ; Westminster, Middlesex, attornies and solicitors. Alfred-road, Harrow-road, Paddington, Middlesex, builders,

Feb. 6 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-F.
Chater, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, chemist, Feb. 2 at 12,

William Harvie, Auchingree, writer.
District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac. --Samuel

INSOLVENT DEBTORS Hammond, Leeds, Yorkshire, fiax spinner, Jan. 27 at 11, Who have filed their Petilions in the Court of Bankruptcy, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. üc.- 1Vm. Grim. and hare obtained an Interim Order for Protection from scood Still, Wellclose-square, St. George's-in-the-East, Mid- Process. dlesex, glass merchant, Feb. 9 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

John A. Banks, Liverpool, master mariner, Jan. 23 at 10, Lordon, div.-W'm. Brodrick Milcalfe, Taunton-place, Re. County Court of Lancashire, at Liverpool.-John Jones, Bury, gent's-park, Middlesex, dealer in mining shares, Feb. 9 at 11, Lancashire, news agent, Feb. 7 at 11, County Court of LanCourt of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Richard Clark, West cashire, at Bury. - Hiram Tattersall, Bury, Lancashire, Strand, Middlesex, lamp merchant, Feb. 9 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.--John Bates and Edward Bower, grocer, Feb. 7 at 11, County Court of Lancashire, at Bury.— Leicester, lamb’s-wool spinners, Feb. 13 at 10, District Court at 10, County Court of Leicestershire, at Loughborongh.-J.

George Pepper, Long Whaiton, Leicestershire, baker, Feb. 12 of Bankruptcy, Nottingham, aud. ac, and div. - Charles

T. Colley, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, smith, Jan. 27 at 10, Thomas, Gloucester, stationer, Feb. 22 at 11, District Court County Court of Staffordshire, at Oldbury.-Job Bates the of Bankruptcy, Bristol, div.- Esther Blenky, Liverpool, lodging house keeper, Feb. 8 at 11, District Court of Bank: Founger, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, baker, Jan. 27 at 10,

County Court of Staffordshire, at Oldbury.John Brakell, ruptey, Liverpool, div. - Isaac Fletcher, Liverpool, stock. Settle, Yorkshire, shoemaker, Jan. 25 at 12, County Court of broker, Feb. 8 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, Yorkshire, at Settle.- John Newton, Bath, Somersetshire, div. - Joseph Barnabas Hignett, Liverpool, commission agent, collar maker, Jan, 28 at 11, County Court of Somersetshire, Feb. 8 at il, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.


The following Persons, who, on their seroral Petitions filed To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

in the Court, hare obtained Interim Orders for Protection before the Day of Meeting.

from Process, are required to appear in Couri as hereinRichard Lewis, Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, after mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, cloth manufacturer, Feb. 9 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy. Lon- Lincoln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with don.- John Young and Jasper Young, Bread.street, Cheap- according to the Statute:side, London, warehousemen, Feb. 8 at 11, Court of Bank

Jan. 30 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER. ruptcy, London.-Thomas Nightingale, Broadchalke, Wiltshire, innkeeper, Feb. 6 at halt. past 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

John Ecans Holley, Charlotte-street, Whitechapel, MiddleLondon.-Edmund Short, Blandford Forum, Dorsetshire, sex, undertaker.— "'m. Cook, Fetter-lane, Holborn, London,

butcher. horse dealer, Feb. 7 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.Geo. Baseke, St. George's-place, Knightsbridge, Middlesex,

Jan. 31 at 10, before the Chier COMMISSIONER. tobacconist, Feb. 7 at half past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon

J. Oliver, Anerly-vale, Upper Vorwood, Surrey, mason. don.- Henry John Steuart, Jermyn-street, Middlesex, hotel Feb. 28 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. keeper, Feb. 7 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Henry Collett, Chepstow-mews,, West- George Stokes, Hereford Lodge, Gloucester-road, Old bourne-grove, Kensington, Middlesex, carter.-7. Cosher, Brompton, Middlesex, boarding house keeper, Feb. 9'at 11, Seymour-piace, Bryanstone-square, Hiddlesex, corn chandler.

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