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unto St Edmund Andros, And do Accept of the Said

Invitation and will give our Assistance therein







May 1st

On the same day (May 1)
Council invited to
on public

There being some agitation in Council of the Necessity business

of Settling some forms of Government, and Several Gentlemen appearing, out of the Countrey moveing the Same thing, the farther debate there abouts is deferred until the Morrow; and Signification was dispatched to some other Gentlemen of the Council at Salem &c: to

desire their Company ? On May 2, “At the Council for Safety of the People and Conservation of the Peace:"


Inhabitants of the several towns directed



Agreed unto a paper representing the necessity of a Deputies to advise farther consultation and Advice of the People for the on the present occa

directing to the exercise of that Power and Authority which is necessary in the present exigence. Signifying the expedience of the Several Towns of this Colony respectively to meet, and Choose one or more able, discreet persons (not exceeding two for one town) to convene at Boston upon Thursday the Ninth instant at two a Clock afternoon, (such as then can reach it, the other Towns as soon as they can) fully impow'red then and there to consult, advise, Join and give their Assistance with the Council now Sitting

Ordered to be directed to the Captain and Select Men of the Several Towns, printed and dispersed

Boston to send four 3

1 Court Records, vi. 2-3.

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8 vi. 12.

At the same time a fast was appointed for May 7. But on May 3,

At the Council for Safety of the People and Conservation of

the Peace . Upon farther Consideration, Ordered, that the Signification agreed upon Yesterday, to be sent out to the Several Towns for sending down their Representatives, Also the Recommendation referring to a Fast, be Stopt from any more of them going out

Afterwards the Sending out of the Signification of Representatives was Reinforced, & Ordered, that they should go out 1

On May 8 “The President and Council met at the Council Chamber, where were present most of those who met Yesterday, and divers Others, waiting if any Thing might be presented by the people.” ? On May 9 “Representatives appeared from the Severall Towns and Villages hereafter Named.”3 On May 10 the Representatives drew up a declaration to the effect that the Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Assistants chosen in May, 1686, were to constitute the government. To this the Council replied that the returns from the towns and villages had been inadequate, and that it was necessary for the people to signify their minds more fully and expressly.. Whereupon May 22 was appointed the day for the meeting of the Representatives, and the Representatives declared that the present Council was continued until that date. The proceedings on May 10 were as follows:

Boston May 10th 1689 At the Council for Safety of the People, and Conservation of the Peace

Sixty Six persons as Representatives of Forty four Towns and Villages in the Massachusets Colony before Named were also present, and presented the following petition


Boston May 10th 1689 The Declaration of the Represen!

We the Representatives of the Severall Towns of that the Govt Dep the Massachusets Colony in New England Gov?, and ants chosen in May *1686 be the Gov

Do hereby declare in behalf of our Selves, and the

Several Towns, which we appear for, Vize That for the Declaration of the House of Represente ensuing part of this Year, The Governour deputy Gov

ernour and Assistants chosen and Sworn in May one 1 Court Records, vi. 12.

2 vi. 15.

3 vi. 15.



Thousand Six hundred Eighty Six according to our Charter Rights, And the deputies then sent by the Freemen of the Several Town's to be the Government now Setled in our abovesaid Colony. And that Major Wait Winthrop is Major General of our Forces in New England until the Freemen renew their Choice And that if the present Government do desire more Assistants; having enlarged the Freemen, there shall be a Supply imediately made according to Charter for the Remaining part of the Year, upon the Day that the General Court shall appoint; Hoping that all people will rest Satisfied till we have Confirmation from the Crown of England which we daily hope for

Voted at the Chamber of the Countrey Representatives, as attest, Clerk of sd Company


The Representatives applying themselves particularly to the President, and the former Magistrates; After a Considerable Debate they Returned them an Answer in Writing as followth Vizt

Answer to the above declaration by the members present

Boston May 10th 1689 In Answer to a declaration drawn up and Signed by Ebenezer Prout as Clerk to the Company of Representatives of the Several Towns of the Massachusets Colony dated at Boston the day, and Year abovenamed, Declaring that the Governour, Deputy Governour, and Assistants chosen and Sworn in May One thousand Six Hundred Eighty Six according to Charter Rights and the deputies then sent by the Freemen of the Several Town, to be the Government now Setled in the Abovesaid Colony

There Appearing onely Sixty Six persons, as the Representatives of Forty four Towns and Villages within the said Colony, And the Returns of some of the Said Towns and places being defective, and incertain in a full Representation of the Mind of the People thereabouts We think it Necessary that the People of the Said Several Towns, and Villages do more fully and expresly Signify their Minds in that Matter, And that the

Other Towns, and Places, within the Said Colony (hav-
ing no knowledge of the Said Declaration), be Notified
to Convene their Respective Inhabitants to manifest
their minds relating to the Same; And three of the Late
Assistants resident in the Colony, being absent, that
there be Oppertunity to Consult them; And the whole
Number (if together) being but Thirteen, That the
People by themselves or Ripresentatives, chuse such
and so many as they shall think Convenient to Join,
with them for the Common Safety and Conservation of
the Peace, And the Exercise of Such farther Acts of
Authority as shall be Necessary according to any Emer-
gency until there can be a more Orderly Settlement of




Day of Humiliation and prayer 16 May

ued for the present

Major Pyke was present at the agreeing of this Answer, but gone Home before Signing

Agreed that Thursday next the Sixteenth of May Instant be Set apart for a Day of Fasting and Prayer throughout this whole Colony

And Wednesday the twenty Second of May Instant to be the Day for the Meeting of the Representatives of the Several Towns and Villages of the Colony, at

Boston at two a Clock Rulers to be contin

The Representatives declared they Continued the present Council for Safety of the People, and Conservation of the Peace in the same Station until Wednesday the Twenty Second of May Instant At which time they

Have Agreed to Convene at Boston On May 20 “The Humble Address of the President and Council for Safety of the People, and Conservation of the Peace" to the King and Queen was drawn up, "read and unanimously agreed to.” 2 On May 22 “The Representatives of the Several Town's and Villages to the Number of fifty four Places, appeared with the Returns from

1 Court Records, vi. 16–18.

vi. 22-24.

their Several Towns and Villages.” 1 On May 23 and 24 the following proceedings took place:

230 May Upon perusal of the Returns from the Several Towns and Villages and Divers debates, and Conferences between the President, and Council, and the Representatives of the Tenth of May Instant, for the Settlement of Civil Government, as well this Day as the Day foregoing Vizt the 22d Instant and Several Proposals offered to them

Upon the 24th of the Same May 1689. The following paper was presented unto them Vizt

Proceedings of the present Rulers approved of

Boston May 24th 1689 Upon the Occasion of the Revolution of the Late Government under St Edmund Andros; And at the Instance and Repeated desires or Demand of most of the Towns, and Villages, within the Massachusets Colony, manifested in their Respective Places, and Sent to us by their Representatives. We who are of the Persons chosen Sworn Governour, Deputy Governour, and Assistants (according to Charter) in the Year One thousand Six Hundred Eighty Six. From the present Necessity, and for Satisfaction of the people do Consent and Accept the Care and Government of the People of this Colony, according to the Rules of the Charter; For the Conservation of the Peace and Safety of the People, and putting forth such farther Acts of Authority Civil, and Military as shall be necessary according to any Emergency until by Direction from England there be an Orderly Settlement of Government.

Provided such Addition be made of Fit Persons to Assist us as hath been desired; And farther consent that the Respective Town's and their Representatives for our Assistance so farr as they may be Concerned therein; and as need shall require Expecting that all Encouragement be given by the due and Ready Obedience of the People, And that what hath been Acted by the Council for the Safety of the People, and Conservation of the Peace respecting the Management of the

1 Court Records, vi. 25.

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