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whom the appeal was made were unanimous in their Treasurer to keep separate account of funds of each judgment, and that it was delivered in a manner and charity; 29. under circumstances calculated to encourage confidence

Record of proceedings; 30.

By whom applications may be made; 31. in the administration of justice. An opinion has for

Costs; 32. some time prevailed in the public mind, that any con- Lord Chancellor may make orders for regulating pro. viction in a criminal case, which could be carried to ceedings of courts under this act; 33. the House of Lords, might be nullified. The case of Accounts of trustees of charities to be delivered to

The Queen will operate favourably in chang. I clerk of county court; 34. ing this opinion.

Act not to extend to religious or charitable institutions supported by voluntary contributions; 35.

Legal estate of hereditaments now vested in municiTHE CHARITABLE TRUSTS BILL.

pal corporations on charitable trusts to be vested in trustees, 5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 76; 36.

Interpretation clause ; 37. We have before us a bill which is proceeding in the Act may be amended or repealed; 38. right direction with respect to the simplification of The scope of this bill is to transfer the jurisdiction of Chancery proceedings, and in particular with respect the Court of Chancery over charities, where the clear to the conferring of an equity jurisdiction upon County years Courts. It is intituled, “A Bill for facilitating and County Court within whose district the objects or parbetter securing the due Administration of Charitable poses of the charity shall be, (clause 8); and wherever Trusts;" and the following is the printed summary of

the income of a charity shall exceed 301., but not exthe clauses:

ceed 1001., then to work the jurisdiction of the Court Petition may be presented to Lord Chancellor or

of Chancery entirely in the Master's office, upon a Master of the Rolls where the income of the charity

petition, supported by affidavit, not requiring any exceeds 301., and does not exceed 1001.; sect. l. order of reference, nor any order confirming the MasMaster to proceed on petition; 2. .

ter's report: in fact, substituting the Master (with Orders of Master to be valid without confirmation, certain qualifications) for the Court. and to be enforced like orders of Court; 3. Master may make special reports or orders, subject

The process under this act would be, for the larger

subject class of charities within it, to present a petition to the to confirmation; 4. Master may order advertisements, &c.; 5.

Court of Chancery or to the Master of the Rolls, setState of facts may be dispensed with, and Master may ting forth the facts of the case constituting the ground regulate proceedings; 6.

of application, and praying the desired relief. ThereMaster to have usual powers; 7.

upon, without special order, but by force of the act, Judges of county courts to have jurisdiction in cases of charities the incomes of which do not exceed 301.; 8.

the matter stands referred to the Master, who will Judge not to settle scheme without previous notice by

therefore proceed, and make such orders upon the advertisement, and may direct notices in other cases; 9. petition as the Court might now make in

Judge not to proceed on application after notice given larly constituted, (sect. 2); and this he may do upon in certain cases; 10.

the petition, without any state of facts or proposal, Order of judge not to be appealed from, except as

unless he shall think it necessary to have such state herein otherwise provided, and to be enforced as under 9 & 10 Vict. c. 95; 11.

of facts or proposal, (sect. 6). We are glad to see here Appeal and proceedings on appeal; 12, 13.

proposed to the consideration of the Legislature a plan, Bond to prosecute appeal may be put in suit; 14. which we, some time ago, advocated in Tue JTRIST,

Power to Court of Chancery in certain cases to order viz. the abandonment, at least in certain cases in the what judge shall have jurisdiction; 15.

Master's office, of the “state of facts;" a document In cases of charities the incomes of which do not ex- | ceed 301., not subject to jurisdiction of a judge of a

| which is generally, as we conceive, surplusage if well county court, petition may be presented to Lord Chan- | drawn, and an impediment if ill drawn. cellor, &c.; 16.

The 6th section of this act is so important, as cote Court of Chancery may refer to a judge of the county taining the germs of an improvement on the proceeding court any matters which may be referred to a Master; 17. | in the Master's office, that we will cite it verbatim,

Judge not to try titles, &c., but may direct suits, &c. is as follows: for that purpose; 18. Contents of affidavits as to amount of income; 19.

“ Be it enacted, that, subject to any orders made by In cases of charities for religious purposes, trustees to the Lord Chancellor, as herein provided, the Nadal be of same religion; 20.

may, in proceeding under this act, proceed on a copy Incorporation of treasurers of county courts; 21. of the petition, without any state of facts or propose

Land holden upon trust for a charity subject to juris- in writing, unless, for supplying any deficiency in me diction of Court of Chancery and of judge, may be statoma

may be statement or prayer of the petition, or otherwise, he se vested in treasurer; 22. Treasurer to be a bare trustee; 23.

fit and direct that any statement or proposal be made Memorandum of vesting order may be indorsed on by any party; and the Master may, as he may see the title-deeds; 24.

| dispense with any warrants in the course of the pro Judge may order trustees, &c., holding stock, &c. be- | ceedings, and also, from time to time, direct any .. longing to a charity subject to his jurisdiction, to transfer same to treasurer; 25.

rants to be taken out by any parties attending Judge may, upon application of persons holding cha- proceedings, and fix the times at which any wall rity monies, order payment thereof to treasurer; 26. shall be returnable before him, or at which any po

Judge may direct investment of charity monies; 27. ceedings necessary to be taken shall be taken, and many Transfers of stock to and by treasurer, how made; 28. / proceed de die in diem, and generally may, with


reference to any rule or course of practice of the Court, the explicit declarations of the County Courts Act as to regulate the course of such proceedings in such manner costs. as may appear to him expedient for rendering the same There is also an omission which appears to us iminexpensive and speedy, so far as justice will admit.” portant. There is now in the Court of Chancery, at

Now, it is impossible not to see, that under this sec- various stages of progress, a considerable number of tion the Master may regulate, nay, is probably intended suits founded on information or petition relating to to make the experiment of regulating, the proceedings, charities, which would be within the proposed act; and 80 as to dispense with the time-destroying system of many of such suits, particularly those founded on inforshort and separate attendances, and to have the case mations where the income is under 301., stagnate simply brought before him and disposed of in the manner most because of the smallness of the fund, and will, if ever. calculated to save time and expense. Under this act, they come to a conclusion, absorb nearly the fee simple therefore, an experiment may be made, in reference to of the charity. The proposed act should, it seems to one class of subjects of equitable adjudication, which, if us, provide for the transfer to the new jurisdiction, of successful in that, may, and must be, applied further. all existing suits which would, if not existing, be pro

The 8th section broadly transfers to the County perly instituted under it. Courts the jurisdiction now exercised by the Court of With these exceptions, the bill is, in our opinion, Chancery, over charities whose income does not exceed excellent in its objects and explicit in its language; 301., subject, however, by the 9th, to a stay of proceed and we wish it success, as the first step towards an ings in the matter of appointing a new trustee, if any equity county court jurisdiction. existing trustee shall give notice of his wish to have the matter heard by a Master of the Court of Chancery; subject also, by the 12th, to an appeal to the Court of

Court Papers. Chancery, if the judge of the County Court shall think the case a fit one for appeal.

EQUITY SITTINGS, TRINITY TERM, 12 VICT. The bill contains a considerable number of clauses

1849. for carrying out its general purposes, and they appear

Court of Chancery. to us to be generally well constructed for the purpose.

Before the LORD CHANCELLOR, at Westminster. There is one clause, however, which, having regard

Tuesday .... May 22 Appeal Motions and Appeals. to the peculiar enactments of the County Courts Act Wednesday ..... 23 (Petition-day).-Petitions & Appeals. with respect to costs, does not seem to us sufficiently Thursday....... explicit. We allude to the 32nd, by which it is Friday ........

Saturday enacted, “that any judge of the Court of Chancery,


28 Appeals. where there is any proceeding before such judge under Truesday...... 29 this act, and the Master in the case of a petition which Wednesday .... 30

31 Appeal Motions and Appeals. stands referred to him under this act, and the judge of Thursday ......

S (Petition-day).--Petitions (unopposed) the county court upon application to him under this act, Friday .. .. .. June 1

l and Appeals. shall have full power to make such order as to costs in Saturday .... the matter of the charity as they respectively may think Monday....

Appeals. fit.” Now, recollecting the stringent enactments of the

Wednesday County Courts Act with regard to costs, and observing Thursday ..

7 Appeal Motions and Appeals. that, in the present bill, there is nothing specifically and

Friday ........

& f (Petition-day).-Petitions (unopposed) pointedly repealing those enactments, it appears to us

il and Appeals.

Saturday ....... that the 32nd section of this bill does not sufficiently

i Appeals. point out whether the power given, is, to adjudicate Tuesday........ 12° Appeal Motions and Appeals. between the parties and the estate as to costs, or to de- N.B.--Such days as his Lordship sits on Appeals in the termine what costs are to be allowed. If it is meant House of Lords excepted. that costs should be allowed according to the Chancery scale, subject to any variation the judge may think

Vice-Chancellors' Courts. fit to introduce, the clause does not express that with

Before the VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND, at sufficient clearness. If it be meant that the judge is

Westminster, to have a sort of original power of awarding or disal- Tuesday .... May 22 Motions. lowing costs at his pleasure pro hâc vice, neither is that Wednesday ..... 23 Petition-day. intention, supposing it to be politic, expressed with Thursday..

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

2*1 and Further Directions. sufficient clearness. As the County Courts Act is pre

Friday ....... 25 Short Causes and Ditto. cise about costs, so should this, which brings before Saturday ...... 26 those courts new matter of a very different kind from Monday........ 28 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Tuesday........ 29 s that which is the present subject of their jurisdiction,

and Further Directions.

Wednesday ..... 30 be precise on the point, whether it adopts the present | Thursday ....... 31° Motions. county court system of costs or any other. The 33rd

Der S (Petition-day).- Petitions, (unopposed

Friday...... June 1 (P clause, giving power to the Lord Chancellor, with the

first), Short Causes, and Causes.

Saturday ....... assistance of the Master of the Rolls or of a Vice-Chan

Monday......... 4 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, cellor, to make rules and orders of practice, does not Tuesday........ 57 and Further Directions. construe the 32nd, because it leaves unexplained the Wednesday ..... 6 question, whether the 32nd does or does not override | Thursday ....... 7 Motions.




Friday ..


S (Petition-day).-Petitions, (unopposed Friday ...

Court of Common Pleas. first), Short Causes, and Causes. Saturday ....... 9 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

In Term. Monday........ 11 ) and Further Directions.


LONDON. Tuesday ....... 12 Motions.

Friday ............ May 25 Wednesday ........ May 30

Friday ............ June 1 Wednesday ........ June 6 Before VICE-CHANCELLOR KNIGHT BRuce, at Westminster.

After Term. Tuesday .... May 22 Motions.

Wednesday ........ June 13 | Thursday.......... June 14 Wednesday ..... 23 Bankrupt Petitions and Causes.

The Court will sit at ten o'clock in the forenoon on each of Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

the days in term, and at half-past nine precisely on each of the Thursday ...... 24 and Further Directions.

days after term. ... 25 Petitions and Causes.

The causes in the list for each of the above sitting days in Saturday ....... 26 Short Causes and Causes.

term, if not disposed of on those days, will be tried by adjourn. Monday........ 28 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, I ment on the days following each of such sitting days. Tuesday........ 29 ) and Further Directions.

On Thursday, the 14th June, in London, no causes will be Wednesday .. 30 Bankrupt Petitions.

tried, but the Court will adjourn to a future day. Thursday .....:

31 Motions.
Friday...... June 1 (Petition-day).-Petitions and Causes.

Grchequer of Pleas.
Saturday .... 2 Short Causes and Causes.
4] Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

In Term.
55 and Further Directions.


LONDON. Wednesday 6 Bankrupt Petitions.

1st sitting, Wednesd., May 23 1st sitting, Tuesday.. May 29 Thursday 7 Motions.

2nd sitting, Wednesday .. 30 2nd sitting, Tuesday.. June 5 Friday ...

8 (Petition-day).-Petitions and Causes. 3rd sitting, Wednesd., June 6 Saturday ....... 9 Short Causes and Causes.

After Term. u s Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Monday........ 113 and Further Directions.

Wednesday ........ June 13 | Thursday.......... June 14 Tuesday........ 12 Motions.

1 (To adjourn only).

The Court will sit in Middlesex, at Nisi Prius, in term, by Before VICE-CHANCELLOR WIGRAM, at Westminster.

adjournment, from day to day, until the causes entered for the

respective Middlesex Sittings are disposed of. Tuesday .... May 22 Motions and Causes.

The Court will sit, during and after term, at ten o'clock. Wednesday ..... 23 Wednesday ..."

(Petition-day).-Petitions and Causes. Thursday ...... 24

Pleas. Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Pleas, Friday ... 25 and Further Directions.

COMMON-LAW CAUSE LISTS, TRINITY Saturday ....... 2 26' Short Causes and Ditto.

TERM. Monday....

20 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday....

Court of Queen's Bench. . Wednesday ....

30 [ and Further Directions, Thursday ...... 31° Motions and Ditto.

NEW TRIALS Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, REMAINING UNDETERMINED AT THE END OF THE SIT. Friday ...... June 1{" 1 and Further Directions.

TINGS AFTER EASTER TERM, 1849. Saturday ......

Short Causes, Petitions, (unopposed STANDING FOR JUDGMENT. | Essex-Doe d. Carter 2. Bar. "1 first), and Causes. Doe d. Campbell v. Hamilton

nett Monday ...... Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Doe d. Clay v. Jones

Devon-Doe d. Moore & an. Tuesday......

ar Wednesday

v. Dunning & an. and Further Directions.


Bristol-Scott v. Perris Thursday 7 Motions and Ditto.

EASTER TERM, 1848. Cardigan-Reg. o. Bowen Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Kent-Doe d. Warren Friday ......

o. | York-Reg. o. Inhabitants of and Further Directions.

Brydges (S. O.)

Brightside Bierlor Saturday ......

s Short Causes, Petitions, (unopposed Sussex-Forth v. Simpson » Same v. Inhabs. of At. first), and Causes. .

(part heard).

tercliffe cum Darnall Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Leicester- Bailey v. Ma. Monday ........ 11

Same v. Inhabitants of and Further Directions.


Tinsley Tuesday........ 12 Motions and Ditto.

Warw.-Same v. Pearson | Durham-Jenkyns o. Hutch[To come on for argument

inson COMMON-LAW SITTINGS. IN AND AFTER with Bailey v. Haines, of Lancaster-Robinson o. Wad.

Mich. Term, 1848.7

dington & an.

Liv'pool-Hassall v. Cole Liv'p.-Walley v. Stone & ors. Court of Queen's Bench.

Mich. TERM, 1848. e Company of Proprie. MIDDLESEX.-In Term.

tors of Rochdale | Midd.-Gardner v. Slade

Canal d. King Ist sitting .. Thursday, May 24, and following days, at 11.

(part heard). 2nd sitting.. Monday...... 28, and subsequent days, at 11.

, James & ors. v. Lynn

Hulse v. Esdaile 3rd sitting.. Saturday.. June 9, at half-past 9 precisely (for | Lond.-Baum v. Ricketts

, Jenkyns o. Brown undefended causes only).

Camb.-Hammond v. Ben. ,, Baily v. Haines

dyshe After Term.-Wednesday, June 13, at half-past 9.

Same v. Macauley

, Fuller v. Brown A list of causes will be printed immediately; but on the un

Same v. Pearson
[Of Easter Term

Preston v. Titchmarch contradicted statement of either side that a cause is too long to

Suffolk-Doe d. Marriott f. be tried in term, it will be withdrawn from such list, and a

last; to come on

Marquis of Hert. small number of completed and new causes will be put into the

for argument list day by day in their usual order.

with the above.]

,, Rudland +. Mills LONDON.-In Term.

Same o. Bracebridge

Oxford-Allen v. Gilkes Sitting at 10, on Monday, June 11, for undefended causes,

[Of Hilary Term,

» Same v. Same and such causes as are tried in Middlesex after term, with

1849; to come

Worcester-Doe d. Mence t'. judgment of the term.

on for argument

· Hadley

with same.] After Term.—Thursday, June 14, to adjourn.

Stafford Bate v. Pane

, Small v. Nairn N. B.-The hours of attendance at the Marshal's Office of Essex-Sturges v. Cooper | Tried during Mich. Term, this Court will in future be from 11 till 5 during term and

(Stands for arrange

1848. sittings, instead of from 11 to 2, and 6 to 8.


| Midd. --Gidley v. Austin



HILARY TERM, 1849. Devon-Brown v. Coleridge *Wray v. Chapman

| *Knight & ors. v. Faith & Midd.—Hankinson o. Alcock Drew v. Same Koeber v. Gomersall

*Toller v. Attwood Gadsby v. Estall

, Mayne v. Same *Bittlestone & ors. v. Eastern Sims & an. o. Donovan Morrell v. Wootten , Hannaford v. Gill Counties Railway Co. Meyer & an. v. Cockburn Daubney v. Phipps Cornw.-Williams v. Teague | Phene v. Bowles

Morris v. Walker
Reg. 0. Smith & ors.
Doe d. Stevens v. | Adams v. Andrews

Bennett and others v. Ba
Same v. Same

Dairs v. Dixon & an.

and others
Neeves o. Burrage
Somerset-Barwell v. Inhabs. Franks v. Edwards

Barnes & an. v. Howard
Osterman o. Bateman
of Hundred Stronghill v. Buck

*West Cornwall Railway Lond.-Dawson & ors. v. Hay Winterstoke Cook 0. Field

v. Mowatt Job v. Hudson

» Doe d. Welsh o.
Baily v. Bracebridge

[To come on for ar-
Northam.-Powell ó. Hibbert

gument with Bai. |
Doe d. Hubbard

ly 0. Haines, of

0. Hubbard Mich.

Those marked thus * are to be heard in the Bail Court. Lincoln-Allison v. Draper

Term, 1848.]

, Reg. o. Betts Allen & ors. v. Goodchild | *In re Haddon v. Shearma , Wilson v. Holden

Same v. Same Freeman (a pauper) o. Rosher | *Noyes v. Smith
Tried during Hilary Term,
Warw.-Edwards o. Knowles

(part heard)

*Halket v. Merchant Trac | Camb.-Morton o. Tibbutt *Universal Salvage Comp. o. Ship, Loan, and Insura 1849. Midd,-Arden o. Sullivan Durham-Hnmphries v. Brog-1 Winthrop

*Same o. Norcott

Dyke v. Brewer & an. » Doe d. Howe 0. York-Livingstone o.Whiting 1 *Foster v. Dawson

*Ferris o. Curzon
| Liv'pool-Manchester, Shef / *Same v. Loftus

*Jordan o. Binckes
field, and Lincoln. *Swindall o. Loftus

*In re Triston Midd.-Keene v. Ward shire Railway Co. Day o. Paupierre

Reg. v. South Wales Rails
Colombine v. Pennall

v. Blinkhorn Reg. o. London and North. Co.
Gaskill o. Skene Essex-Doe d. Davenish u. western Railway Co. Same v. Same
Margetson v. Wright


Same o. Surveyors of Wood. *Same v. Justices of Suffol Doe d. Morrison o. I Leary v. Patrick


Stevens o. Lumley

Sussex-Hurst v. Hurst *Same v. Justices of Oxford *In re Jenner
1 Robins o. Tripp
10 Gates o. Gosden


*Falkner & an. v. Dow & a » Bass & ors. v. Wells Surrey-Robinson v. Banwen Same v. Great Western Rail. *Reg. v. Mayor of Bath » Chapman o. Speller Iron Company way Co.

*Same v. Same Wakeman v. Lindsey

Dimes o. Pettey Same v. Inhabs. of Moreton / *Same v. Riley Lond.Huntley o. Donovan Worcest.-Phillpotts & ors.o. „. Charman o. Steere...

Evers & an. 13 Fussell v. Lewis Stafford-Banks v. Baldwin

CROWN PAPER, TRINITY TERM, 1849. Hants.-Doe d. Commission

Doe d. Sayer 0. .. .ers of Woods and


Derbyshire.... Reg. v. Inhabitants of All Saints. . Forests o. Bone Salop-Griffiths o. Marcy

Somersetshire .. Inhabitants of Winsford. Wilts.-Doe d. Arundell v. Monmouth-Williams & ors.

Middlesex ....

Inhabs. of Aston, near Birminghai

0. James
Wiltshire ....

Inhabitants of Bradford. , Reg. 0. Inhabitants Chester-Doe d. Reade v.)

Yorkshire .... Mayor and Aldermen of Hull. of Cricklade


Cornwall ..... Inhabitants of Crowan.

Lincolnshire .. J. Perkins.


Inhabitants of Wigan.

Cambridgeshire Newmarket Railway Company. FOR TRINITY TERM, 1849.


Inhabitants of Bodmin. Those marked thus * are Special cases the rest are demurrers. Surrey ........

Inh. of St. Pancras (with Lambeth STANDING FOR JUDGMENT. | Ryan v. Giles


Inhabitants of Wolverhampton. *Russell 0. Phillips Smith v. Bennet


Commissioners of Woods and Forest *Green & ors. v. St. Katherine Ricketts v. Loftus


Inbabitants of Spotland. *Evelyn v. Worsfold

St. Alban's ... Dock Co.

W. Thomas. *Steele v. Hoe

Lincolnshire ..
Ryan v. Clark & an.

Inhabitants of Holywell.

F. W. Dyer.
*Ayrton & an. v. Abbott & an. | Russell & an. v. Barnard
*Sherlock v. Spiers

Dewar & an. v. Hallett & ors. Surrey........ - London, Brighton, and South Coa
Duke of Rutland v. Bagshaw
Same v. Whittam & ors. .

Railway Company. .
Same v. Hatfield & ors.

Lancashire.... - Inhabitants of Preston (with Roeburi FOR ARGUMENT. Pye o. Plant & ors.

dale) Morris v. Duke of Beaufort Palmer v. Welch

Same ........

Same (with Elswick).

Kent ......
Cannon v. Wetherill

Inhabitants of Chatham.
(stands over by consent)
Woolley & an. v. Vernon

Hants ..... Everest & ors. v. Humphery

Inhabitants of Basing.

Norfolk .... (stands over by arrangement) Rossetti o. Watling

Inhabitants of Chedgrave. *Doe d. Payne o. Plyer Hudson v. Elkins

Kent ......

Rigby & ors.
(part heard)
*Huntley & ors. v. Pinto & an.

Lichfield .....
Smith & an. v. Alexander *Houlden v. Smith


Guardians of Carnarvon Union. Small & ors, v. Gibson *Bunter & an. v. Cresswell

| Surrey .......

Inbabitants of Camberwell.
Howley v. Knight
Whitmore & ors. v. Hale & an.


Inhabitants of St. Mary, Bungay Armitage v. Insole & an.

• Milner v. Janes

Suffolk, *Wilson v. Eden, Bart. Sharp v. Fuller

Middlesex.... - C. Blanc.

Wiltshire .... *Doe d. Reg. v. Archbishop Thompson v. Ingham & an.

T. Holborow. of York Meyrick & an. v. Anderson

Lancashire.... Inhabitants of Over. (appointed to be taken first Ghislin v. Deen


B. Parham. case on 1st June, 1849). | Sayles v. Blane


Marson & an. o. Lund
Tull o. Tull

Glamorganshire - Aberdare Canal Company.
Flockton & ors. o. Hall & ors. Freer v. Salmon

London ......

G. Stacy. Dowdall 0. Hallett & ors. Chrisp v. Atwell


Inhabitants of Basingstoke. Same o. Same

Birkenhead, Lancashire, and Middlesex .... - Inhabitants of St. Giles-in-the-Fields Same o. Same

Cheshire Junction Railway Same v, Same

Co. v. Chadwick


- Mott.

| Glamorga


Court of Common Pleas.

Fitzgerald o. Fitzgerald Duke of Brunswick v. Sloman
Hopwood o. Thorn

Same v. Same

Russell u. Briant

Same o. Same EASTER TERM, 1848. Surrey-Coryo. Norfolk Rail.

Beard u. Egerton

Sands o. Clarke way Co.

Croll o. Edge Midd.-Franklin v. M‘Leod

Barnes v. Ward

Thompson o. Wesleyan News. Cond.---Lewis v. Campbell

1 Kempson o. Gravfere Wright v. Colls

Kinning o. Buchanan

Hamilton o. Cochran
Walker v. Giles

paper Association
Sofolk-Doe d. Archer 0.
Munroe v. Bordier

| Same o. Same
Bayley v. Wilkins Suffolk-Doe d. Archer 0.
Somerville v. Haw.


Same v. Same

Jones v. Broadhurst | Norfolk-Heyhoe v. Burge

No. County.
Morse o. Same

Appellant. Respondent. Surrey-Pennell v. Stephens

York-Duncan v. Topham

17... Worcestershire................. Palmer.. Allen Somerset-Lee v. Lester

Hants-Pilgrim v. SouthampTRINITY TERM, 1848.

ton and Dorchester Midd.-Sawyer 0. Langford

Railway Co.

Court of Grchequer.
Thorogood v. Bryan Bristol-Acraman . Morris
Lond.-French v. Candy

Lewis v. Lloyd

Maxey v. Thomas
Glamorgan-Doe d. Rogers o.


Nisi Prius. Rathbone v. Clarke

Tuesday.. May 22 Pc

ongs Motions and 2
Oxon-Hicks v. Gregory
Green v. Slack

2 Peremptory Paper
Groom v. Watson HILARY TERM, 1849. Wednesday.... 23

Peremptory Paper Midd. Ist Sitting Smith v. Thompson

W and Motions | Midd.-Cattlin 4. Hills

Thursday ..... MICHAELMAS TERM, 1848.

West . Baxendale

Lond.-Barnes ø. Troup
Hidd.-Morgan v. Field


Lindsey u. Barron
Newton v. Chaplin

Monday.... 28 Special Cases

Warren v. Peabody Hidd.-Russell v. Tubb

Tuesday ...... 29 Errors

London Ist Sitting
Vines 0. Arnold
Smith o, Pritchard

Wednesday.... 30 Demurrers

Midd. 2nd Sitting ond.-Monaghan v. Walker EASTER TERM, 1849. Thursday ..... 31 Circuits Chosen Fitch 0. Martyr Midd.-Graham v. Gould

Friday... June 1 Special Cases
Howard v. Mull Lond.-Gillingham v. Stuart

Saturday ..... 2 Crown Cases
Smith v. Hull Glass I

Stansfieldu, Gladstane

Monday ...... 4 Demurrers

Kincaid v. Willis
Tuesday ...... 5

London 2nd Sitting
Moss v. Smith

Same v. Same

Wednesday.... 6 Special Cases Midd. 3rd Sitting Stebbing v. Spicer Berks.- Newbury Gas & Coke

Thursday ..... Denbigh-Doe d. Williams v.

Co. o. Benny

Friday .......
Camb.-Crisp o. White

Saturday.... bester-Worthingtonv. War- Bucks-Tindal v. Deering

Monday ....
Surrey-Vander Donckt v.

Tuesday.... ssex-Wilby v. Elston

ussex-Doe d. Eversfield v. Sussex-Turner v. Kenworthy


Yorksh. Doe d. Strickland 4. urrey-Alcock v. Butt


Moved after the 4th Day
Moved Mich. Term, 1848. 1

Mich. Term, 1848. Stafford-Sharrod v. London

Midd.-Bull o. Rankin ENLARGED RULES.

and North-western


Elderton v. Lack First Day.

Railway Ca

Moved Hil. Term, 1849. Hennie ». Cook | Collman v. Beadman

York-Reedie o. Same

Midd.-Homersham 0. Wol.

, Hobbitt v. Same DEMURRER PAPER.

Moved Easter Term, 1848.

Wheeler v. Stiles Wednesday, May 30. Porcher v. Gardner

Midd.-Glen v. Dungay

Manning o. Willis Ingstrom v. Brightman Bell 0. Bidgood

Moved Mich. Term, 1848.

nd. --Thompson s. Bailey Hill v. Kempshall Johns o. Dickinson

Nicholson . Rayne Vood v. Governors and Co. Doe d. Camon o. Rucastle

Midd.-Boosey v. Purday

Richardson o. Barnes

Same v. Same of Copper-Miners of Eng. | Bell v. Cory

Wakley v. Healer

Lond.-Mackintosh v. Mit. land Cuthbert v. Walker


Moved Raster Tern, 1849. 'ate v. Hitchings Jones u. How York-Brooke v. Baviell

Midd.- Ford v. Elliott Lobinson v. Marquis of Bristol Sterry o. Clifton

Newcastle Ness u. Angas

Same v. Same Devaux v. Conolly Reid c. Simpson

Same #. Gouth

Wakley v. Cooke Lobinson v. Marquis of Bristol Dakin o. Brown

waite 'aterson v. Davis Gooch o. Johnson

Nessy. Armstrong

Scarisbrook t. Kad innersley v. Knott Phillips v. Pickford

Master Pilots &c. Doe d. Brammall o. Collings Catterall o. Lees

of Newcastle v.

Lond. Trewheela . Thomas Vestrop v. Solomon Masters v. Ibberson

Hammond agan v. Harrison Navone o. Hadden

Gann v. Hunter aniven Iron Co. v. Barnett Temple v. Sleigh


Gull v. Lindsay dwards v. Jevons Storie v. Bishop of Winchester Moved Easter Term, 1847.

Walker v. Collick ohnson v. Few

Christmas v. Beecham sibbons v. Vouillon

Same v. Same
Lond.-Ralli v. Denistown
Williams v. Samuel

Barker v. Richards
freene v. Reece
Cunliffe v. Ley
Moved Mich. Term, 1848.

Cobbett v. Grey Vood v. Governor & Co. of Kilkenny and Valencia Rail. Bristol-Cross v. Dando

Grapes o. Bunner Copper-mines in England way v. Haggard

Newcastle Ness 9. Gouth Camb.-Fryer o. Gathercole waite

Norwich-Long v. Bignoid Same v. Richard Maidstone-Midland




son sorgan v. Earl of Aberga- | Nickels v. Ross

Same v. Glaholm
Same v. Same

Carlisle-Aglionby v. Williams
hillips v. Lewis
Garrard v. Tuck
Lirpool-Clarke v. Holford


verhampton Water works Co.


Broadwood o. Ashton


Woolfe v. Cobbold

Western Rails.

Co. v. Farquhar Same r. Master

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