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now therefore more apprehensive than heretofore, of the necessity of well grounding

[Whitefield to Count Zinzendorff.] men in their religion, and especially of the “ Pray, my Lord,” said WHITEFIELD in witness of the indwelling Spirit: for I more a letter to Count Zinzendorff, “what insensibly perceive that the Spirit is the great stances have we of the first Christians walkwitness of Christ and Christianity to the ing round the graves of their deceased world. And though the folly of fanatics friends on Easter day, attended with hauttempted me long to overlook the strength boys, trumpets, French horns, violins, and of this testimony of the Spirit, while they other kinds of musical instruments ? Or placed it in a certain internal affection, or where have we the least mention made of enthusiastic inspiration, yet now I see that pictures of particular persons being brought the Holy Ghost in another manner is the into the Christian assemblies, and of canwitness of Christ and his agent in the world. dles being placed behind them in order to The Spirit in the prophets was his first wit- give a transparent view of the figures ? ness, and the Spirit by miracles was the where was it ever known that the picture second; and the Spirit by renovation, sanc- of the apostle Paul, representing him handtification, illumination, and consolation, as- ing a gentleman and lady up to the side of similating the soul to Christ and heaven, is Jesus Christ, was ever introduced into the the continued witness to all true believers, primitive love-feasts? Or do we ever hear, and if any man have not the Spirit of my Lord, of incense, or something like it, Christ, the same is none of his (Rom. viii. being burnt for him, in order to perfume 9). Even as the rational soul in the child the room before he made his entrance is the inherent witness of evidence, that he among the brethren? Or can it be supis the child of rational parents. And there- posed that he, who, together with Barnafore ungodly persons have a great disad- bas, so eagerly repelled the Lycaonians, vantage in their resisting temptations to when they brought oxen and garlands in unbelief, and it is no wonder if Christ be a order to sacrifice unto them, would ever stumbling block to the Jews, and to the have suffered such things to be done for Gentiles foolishness. There is many a one him, without expressing his abhorrence and that hideth his temptations to infidelity, be- detestation of them ? and yet your Lordcause he thinketh it a shame to open them, ship knows both those have been done for and because it may generate doubts in you, without your having shown, as far as others; but I doubt the imperfections of I can hear, the least dislike. most men's care of their salvation, and of “ Again my Lord, I beg leave to inquire their diligence and resolution in a holy life, whether we hear any thing in Scripture of doth come from the imperfection of their eldresses or deaconesses of the apostolical belief of Christianity and the life to come. churches seating themselves before a table For my part I must profess, that when my covered with artificial flowers, and against belief of things eternal and of the Scripture, that a little altar surrounded with wax tais most clear and firm, all goeth accordingly pers, on which stood a cross, composed in my soul, and all temptations to sinful either of mock or real diamonds, or other compliances, worldliness, or flesh-pleasing, glittering stones ? And yet your Lordship do signify worse to me, than an invitation must be sensible this was done in Fetterto the stocks or Bedlam. And no petition lane chapel, for Mrs. Hannah Nitschman, seemeth more necessary to me than Lord, the present general eldress of your congreincrease our faith : I believe, help my un- gation, with this addition, that all the sisbelief."

ters were seated, clothed in white, and with German caps ; the organ also illuminated with three pyramids of wax tapers, each of

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which was tied with a red ribbon ; and | devotions, and regaled themselves with over the head of the general eldress, was sweet-meats, coffee, tea, and wine. After placed her own picture, and over that (hor- this, the labourers departed, and the single resco referens !) the picture of the Son of brethren were admitted. I am told, that God. A goodly sight this, my Lord, for a most, if not all of these leading persons company of English protestants to behold!

were present also at the celebration of Mrs. Alas! to what a long series of childish and Hannah Nitschman's birthday. superstitious devotions, and unscriptural “Since my writing this, I have been told impositions, must they have been habituated, of a very singular expedient made use of before they could sit silent and tame spec- by Mr. Peter Boeblen, one of the brethren's tators of such an antichristian scene. Surely bishops, in order to strengthen the faith, had Gideon, though but an Old Testament and to raise the drooping spirits of Mr. saint, been present, he would have risen William Bell, (who hath been unhappily and pulled down this, as he formerly did drawn in with several others) to be one of his father's altar. Or had even that meek their agents. It was this: it being Mr. man Moses been there, I cannot help think- Bell's birthday, he was sent for from his ing, but he would have addressed your

house in Nevil's-alley, Fetter-lane ; but for Lordship, partly at least, in the words with a while, having had some words with Mr. which he addressed his brother Aaron, Boeblen, he refused to come ; at length he What did this people unto thee, that thou complied, and was introduced into a hall, hast introduced such superstitious customs in the same alley, where was placed an aramong them ?

tificial mountain, which, upon singing a “A like scene to this was exhibited by particular verse, was made to fall down, the single brethren in a room of their house and then behind it was discovered an illuat Hatton Garden. One of them who helped mination, representing Jesus Christ and to furnish it, gave me the following account.

Mr. Bell, sitting very near, or embracing The floor was covered with sand and moss,

each other; and out of the clouds was also and in the middle of it was paved a star of represented plenty of money falling round different coloured pebbles ; upon that was

Mr. Bell and the Saviour. This story applaced a gilded dove, which spouted water peared to me so incredible at the first hearout of its mouth into a vessel prepared for ing, that, though I could not doubt the its reception, which was curiously decked veracity of the relator, yet fearing he might with artificial leaves and flags; the room be misinformed, I sent for him again, and was hung with moss and shells; the Count, he assured me that Mr. Bell told this story his son, and son in law, in honour of whom himself some time ago in company, and a all this was done, with Mrs. Hannah Nitsch- person of good reputation of that company man, and Mr. Peter Boeblen and some related it to an acquaintance of mine." other labourers, were present. These were seated under an alcove, supported by columns made of pasteboard, and over their heads was painted an oval, in imitation of

[The entailed Curse cut off.] marble, containing cyphers of Count Zin- I

PREACHED at Crowle, and afterwards zendorff's family. Upon a side table was searched the church-yard, to find the tomb a little altar covered with shells, and on

of Mr. Ashbourn. We could find nothing each side of the altar was a bloody heart, of it there. At length we found a large out of, or near which, proceeded flames. stone in the church. But the inscription The room was illuminated with wax tapers, s utterly illegible, the letters being and musicians placed in an adjacent apart

up with dust. However we made a ment, while the company performed their pick it out, and then read as

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* Here lieth the body of Mr. Solomon shake exceedingly: that they were greatly Ashbourn. He died in 1711, and solemnly surprised, and carefully searched every bequeathed the following verses to his pa- room: but to no purpose: that not long rishioners.

after, there was a second shaking as violent • Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart as the former. That a while after; the and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost house shook a third time; and just then As your fathers did, so do ye. Acts vii. 54. Mrs. M— died.'

I have laboured in vain. I have spent " My companions and I were greatly my strength for nought, and in vain. Yet strengthened by an uncommon trial that surely my judgement is with the Lord; and befel us soon after. We frequently went my work with my God.' Isaiah xlix. 4. out at night, to pray by the side of the

“But that generation which was abandon- mountain. One night, as we were walking ed to all wickedness, is gone : so are most together, and talking of the things of God, of their children. And there is reason to I heard a noise, and saw something in the hope, that the curse intailed on them and form of a large bear pursuing me closely. their children is gone also. For there is My hair stood on end, and as we were now a more lively work of God here, than walking arm in arm, I suddenly pulled both in any of the neighbouring places."—Wes- my companions round with me. They both LEY's Journal, vol. XVIII, p. 118.

saw him, and one of them fainted away. It then reared itself upon its hind legs into the air. I said, Satan we are come hither

to serve God: and we will do it, in spite of [Steps in advance.]

thee, and all the devils in hell. Instantly “Tal era como plata, mozo casto gradero, it sunk into the earth: we then prayed La plata torno oro quando fue epistolero, upon

very spot;

and soon found ourEl oro margarita quando fue evangelistero, selves strong in the Lord, and in the power Quando subio a preste semeyo al lucero.”—

of his might.”—THOMAS PAYNE.
DE Silos, p. 44.

[Curse of Duelling.]

Last summer I received a letter from [Delusions of Satan.]

a friend wherein he writes these words. “My seriousness was increased by an “I think it would be worth your while to extraordinary occurrence, which I simply take a view of those wonderful marks of relate just as


‘One night, as I was the Lord's hatred to duelling, called The standing sentinel at Mr M—'s door, I heard Brothers' Steps. a dreadful rattling, as if the house was all They are in the fields, about a third of shaken to pieces, and tumbling down about mile northward from Montague House. my ears. Looking towards it, I saw an And the awful tradition concerning them appearance, about the size of a six-weeks' is, That two brothers quarrelled about a calf, lying at the door. It rose, came to


and according to the wards me, looked me in the face, passed by, fashion of those days fought with sword returned again, and went to the door. The and pistol.

The prints of their feet are house shook as before and it disappeared. about the depth of three inches, and nothing A few days after, our head Inn-keeper, Mr. | will vegetate, so much as to disfigure them.

told the officer of the guard, that the The number is only eighty-three: but pronight Mrs. M— died, he, with eight bably some are at present up: For I think,

sitting up, observed the house there were formerly more in the centre







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filled up.

where each unhappy combatant wounded work, directed us to the next ground, adthe other to death. And a bank on which joining to a pond. There we found what the first who fell, died, retains the form of we sought for, about three quarters of a his agonizing couch, by the curse of barren- mile of Montague House, and about five ness, while grass flourishes all about it. hundred yards east of Tottenham Court Mr. George Hall, who was the Librarian of Road. The steps answer Mr. Walsh's deLincoln's-Inn, first shewed me these steps, scription. They are of the size of a large twenty-eight years ago, when, I think, they human foot, about three inches deep, and were not quite so deep as now.

He re

lie nearly from north-east to south-west. membered them about thirty years, and We counted only seventy-six: but we were the man who first showed them him, about not exact in counting. The place where thirty more; which goes back to the year one or both the brothers are supposed to 1692: but I suppose they originated in have fallen, is still bare of grass.

The laking Charles II.'s reign. My mother well bourer showed us also the bank, where (the remembered their being ploughed up, and tradition is) the wretched woman sat to see corn sown to deface them about fifty years

the combat. ago. But all was labour in vain ; for the What shall we say to these things? Why prints returned in a while to their pristine to Atheists or Infidels of any kind, I would form ; as probably will those that are now not say one word about them. For if they

Indeed I think an account of hear not Moses and the Prophets, they will them in your magazine, would be a pious not regard any thing of this kind. But to memorial of their lasting reality.

men of candour, who believe the Bible to “ These hints are only offered as a small be of God, I would say, is not this an token of my goodwill to yourself, and the astonishing instance, held forth to all the work by your Son and Brother in the Gos- inhabitants of London, of the justice and pel, John Walsh."

power of God? Does not the curse he has

denounced upon this ground bear some reThis account appeared to me so very semblance to that of our Lord on the barren extraordinary, that I knew not what to fig tree, Henceforth let no fruit grow upon think of it. I knew Mr. Walsh to be a thee for ever! I see no reason or pretence person of good understanding and real for any rational man to doubt of the truth piety; and he testified what he had seen of the story; since it has been confirmed with his own eyes: but still I wanted more by these tokens for more than an hundred witnesses; till awhile ago, being at Mr. years successively. Cary's, in Copthall Buildings, I occasionally mentioned The Brothers' Footsteps, and asked the company if they had heard anything of them? “ Sir," said Mr. Cary,

* sixteen [Effects of Latimer's Preaching.] years ago, I saw and counted them myself.” “ Two entries made in the Council Books Another added, “And I saw them four show the good effects of Latimer's zealous years ago.” I could then no longer doubt preaching. On the 10th of March he but they had been. And a week or two brought in £104 recovered of one who had after, I went with Mr Cary and another concealed it from the king: and a person to seek them.

after £363 of the king's money." —BURNET, We sought for near half an hour in vain. vol. 3, p. 196. We could find no steps at all, within a To appreciate the power of his homely, quarter of a mile, no nor half a mile north but home preaching, the relative of Montague House. of hope, when an honest man who was at

We were almost out money at that time should be remembered.



-R. S.

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given up all besides. I was so engaged Charles Perronet in Communion with the

with Christ, that the thought how he had Father and the Son,

been despised while on earth, drowned my “ When I first sought the Lord, I found eyes with tears; and the thought, that now no intercourse open with him, though his he possessed all fulness, so satisfied my Spirit daily changed my heart, and drew largest desires, that I had no choice whether me from all outward things, to seek my all to exist or not: whatever was myself, was in Uncreated Good.

no more. It seemed to make no part of “ The first six months I was refreshed my happiness. All centered in Jesus and by various influences of grace, which drew him alone. me after heavenly things, but discovered “ Before I experienced this, I had never nothing of him from whom they came. I known that prayer was offered up to Christ, was all desire, all fervour, and, on the but only in his name. But now all my cry stretch for divine communications, as one was to him, as he was the only person of dead to all below, Outward things could Godhead I beheld. At first he discovered not allure me, because I had renounced himself as the Holy Lord and Ruler over them, and devoted myself to the love of his Redeemed: then as a Father of his Christ. But it was not till after much joy adopted Children, a Friend, an intimate and sorrow, that I knew the mighty All, and condescending Companion : last of all, for whose sake all was and is, the first as the Spouse of his Church, of all believers ; eternal spring of all things, in whom they which character exceeded every other. begin and end,

Every manifestation more abundantly knit “ After this, I was three months in deep my heart to himself, his word, and comdistress, through the loss of those meltings mandments. I could truly say, How dear of heart, of that light and joy, and power are thy counsels to me, O God! All my study to approach God in prayer. Then Christ is in thy commandments. restored the graces I had possessed with “ The Scripture displays th

relation double increase, and the revelation of him- God stands in to his people, in a multitude self. The


I received came now with of sacred characters. Some of these relate to Jesus Christ himself, in so clear a manifes- this world, some to the other : but all prove tation, that from what I daily experienced, diversity of experience; and that one star I could have preached him to all the world. differeth from another both in grace and If I had never heard the name of Christ, I | glory. could have declared him to be God and “Just after my uniting with the Methoman, and the Mediator between both. Now dists, the Father was revealed to me; and I sought grace; but Jesus above

soon after, the whole Trinity : I beheld the all that could be imparted. Whatever help distinct Persons of the Godhead; and woror strength I obtained, it seemed a small shipped one undivided Jehovah, and each thing if he came not with what he be- person separately. After this, I often had stowed. The Son of God was now my intercourse with Christ and with the Farefuge from every storm : my friend, my ther: afterward, with the Spirit also. But hiding-place on all occasions. I talked with after four years, my usual communion was him, he seemed to look upon me with pre- with Christ only: though at times with the cious smiles; became my delightful abode ; | Father likewise; and not wholly without gave me promises, and made all my exist-| the Spirit. Of late I have found the same ence glory in himself, fixing all my desires access to the Triune God. When I apupon his love and the glorious display of his proach Jesus, the Father and Spirit comown person. I could relish only Jesus : to mune with me, but not in the degree as have been a moment with him I would have before. Whatever I receive now, centers

grace, and

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