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and by the faid Indenture more fully and
at large doth

Shers Recital Whereas the above-named A. B. holdeth
of Leafe and by Lease, a Messuage or Tenement, with

che Appurtenances, situate, dc. for a cer-
tain Term of Years, and under a certain
Rent mention'd in one Pair of Indentures,
bearing Date, &c. made between, &c. as
by the fame. Indențures may more fully
appear. And whereas the above-bound
C. D. for good and valuable Considerations,
hath afligned and transferred unto the
above-named A. B. all his Right, Title, and
Intereft, of in and to a certain Messu-
age, situate, &c. in the Poffeflion of, c.
held by the said C. D. by Lease from W. B.

of, &c. Esg;
Short Recital Whereas the above-bound A. B. by his
of an Indenture Indenture of Release, bearing Date, Oc.
of Release or for the Confiderations therein mentior'd,

hath granted, bargained, fold, released,
and confirmed unto the above-named C. D.
his Heirs and Affigns for ever, one Mef-
suage or Tenement, with the Appurtenances,
in, O'c. as the same in the said Indenture is
particularly mention'd and express'd; as in
and by the same Indenture, Relation being

thereunto had, may more fully appear. Recital of a

Whereas A. B. of, &-c. Esg; by Indenture, Gront of an bearing Date, &c. for the Considerations amaity. therein mention'd, did give, and grant,

unto the said C. D. one Annuity, or yearly
Rent of 20 l. to be issuing and going out of
all the Manor of, &c. of him the said A.B.
situate, &c. To hold, receive and enjoy the
said Annuity, or yearly Rent of 201. to


the said C. D. his Executors and Alligns, for and during the natural Life of the said 4. B. payable at two of the moft usual Feafts, &c. as in and by the said Indenture, may more fully appear.

Whereas the said A. B. is now lawfully Recital of Tith pofleffed of, and intitled unto one Annuicy Annuities of 20 l. per Ann, by virtue of an Order, bear-iming out of ing Date, &*c. the Number of which Or-te

of in 48 der is, &c. and made in Pursuance of an of Parliament. AA of Parliament made in the Year of the Reign, Hoc entitled, &c. which faid Annuity is payable, and to be paid by four equal quarterly Payments, for and dummie ring the Term of 99 Years, commencing from, c.

Whereas A. B. of, &c. being poffefs’d of, Alignment of and entitled unto two several Annuities of Amuities en sol. per Ann. each, by virtue of two several ruft, &s, Orders, bearing Date, doc. the Numbers whereof are, buc. and made in Pursuance ofan Act of Parliament pass’d, &c. entitled, &c. and to be paid, &-c. for the Term of 99 Years, &c. He the faid A. B. being so possessed, in and by one Indenture, bearing Dare, co made between the said A. B. of the one Part; and c. D. of, Oʻc. and E. F. of, &c. of the other Part; hath assigned and transferred the said two several Annuities, and the Talleys and Orders made out thereupon, and all his Eftate and Interest therein, unto the said C. D. and E. F. To hold to them their Executors, Administrators and Alfigns, to, for and upon the several Trusts therein mention'd, and herein after express’d, (viz.) in Truft to permit and suffer the

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said A. B, and his Aligns, to receive and
take one of the said Annuities of sol. per
Ann. for and during the Term of his na-
tural Life, Oc. And as to the other An-
nuity, dc. in Trust for, doc. as in and by the

said Indenture may more fully appear,
Recital of Whereas the said. A. B. in and by his Laft
Gift of Rent- Will and Testament in writing, bearing

Date, ore. did give unto the said C. D. one was Annuity or yearly Rent-Charge of soli per

Ann. issuing and payable out of one Mer
suage, c. fituate, &c. for and during the

Term of his natural Life.
Recital of an Whereas by. Indenture, bearing Date, daca
Alignment of made between the said A.B. of the one
Lands, for Part; and one C. D. the said E. F. &c. of the
Charge, with other Part; reciting therein, that whereas
Claule of Di. the said A. B. as Administrator of T. B. then
frefs, &c. ftood lawfully poffeffed and interested for

the remainder of several Terms, then to
come and unexpired, of and in all that
Messuage, &c. He the said A. B. for che,
Considerations therein mention'd, did Grant,
Bargain and Sell, Affiga and Set over
onto the said C. D. and E. F. all and singular
the said Mesfuage, Tenement, and Pre-
misses above recited, and every part and
Parcel thereof, with the Appurtenances;
together with the Leases thereof, and all
Writings concerning the same; and all his
Estate, Term, and Interest therein, to hold
to them the said C. D. and E. F. their Exe-
cutors, Administrators and Afligns, for
and during all the rest and residue of the
said several Terms and Estates, which he
the faid A. B. then had of, in and to the


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fame. In which said recited Indenture,
there is a Clause to the Effect following:
(that is to say. That he the said A. B. fhould
and might, during the remainder of the
said several Terms, which were then to
come, receive, have and take out af the
said Premiffes above mencion'd, one An-
nity, or yearly Rent-Charge of 20 l. of,&c.
payable and to be paid, in and upon che
25th Day of March, the 24th Day of June,
the 29th Day of September, and the 21st
Day of December, by even and equal Por-
tions. And that if the said Annuity, or The Clause of
yearly Rent-Charge, should be unpaid in Difress.
part or in all, by the space of 21 Days,
next after any or either of the said Days,
and times of Payment thereof; That then
and so often it should and might be lawful
to and for the said 4. B. or his. Affigns,
into the said Premisses, or into any part
thereof, to enter and diftrain, and the Di-
ftress and Distresses then and there found,
to take, lead, drive, carry away, and im-
pound, and to detain and keep, 'till the
said Annuity, and the Arrears thereof, (if
any should be) should be fully paid and

Whereas the Mannor, Messuages, Lands, Resisel of
Tenements and Hereditaments herein after Lands, being
mention'd, are in Mortgage to the faid Mortgaged.
4. B. for securing the Payment of sool.
with Interest by the said C. D. to the said
A. B.

Whereas by Indenture, bearing Date, &c. Recital of a made between the said A. B. of the one Part; Mortgage of and the said C. D. of the ocher Part; he Lands for som

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the Tours

the faid A. B. for the Considerations therein mention'd, did Demise, Grant, Bargain and Sell, unto the faid c. D. all that Mersuage, c. fituate, doc., to hold unto the said C. D. his Executors'; Administrators and Afligns, from the Date of the said Indenture, for the Term of 500 Years, thence next ensuing; at and under the yearly Rent of One Pepper-Corn; if demanded; Defesible on Payment of the Sum of, &c. on, &c. as in and by the same

Indenture may more fully appear. Another Recital Whereas by Indenture, bearing Date, &c. of Mortgage made between A. B. of,c. of the one for soo Tears. Part; and G. D. of, dc. of the other Part.

He the said' A, B. in Consideration of the Sum of, buc. therein mention'd to be paid by the said C. D. and which was accordingly paid, did Grant, Bargain, Sell and Demise unto the said G. D. all that Messuage or Tenement, ce fituate, doc. and the Reversion and Reversions, Remainder and Remainders of all and singular the said Premisses, and of every Part' and Parcel thereof: To be had and holden unto the faid C. D. his Executors,' Adminiftrators and Assigns, from the Day next before the Day of the Date of the said recited Inden

ture, unto the full End and Term of soo 3. 3** *** Years, from thence next ensuing, and fully

to be compleat and ended, without Impeachment of or for any manner of Wafte;

at and under the yearly Rent of One la in Pepper-Corn, payable upon the Feast of ****** the Nativity of St. Jobn Baptift; (only if i the fame should be demanded) which said


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