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arms ai tije JEniteB States.

Corrected to Oct. 20. 1907.


Ma].-Gen. J. Franklin Bell, chief of staff.
Ma].-Gen. Thomas H. Barry.
Brig.-Gen. Arthur Murray.
■Brig.-Gen. William W. Wotherspoon.


Stephen C. Mills, insp.-gen.
George S. Anderson, 1st cavalry.
Kamsey D. Potts, artillery corps.
Joseph W. Duncan, 6th infantry.


G. A. Dodd. 10th cavalry.
Thaddeus W. Jones, 3d cavalry.
Albert Todd, coast artillery.
Millard F. Waltz, 27th Infantry.


Carroll A. Devol, q. m. dept.
Eben Swift, 12th cavalry.
Henry L. Ripley, 8th cavalry.
Francis J. Kernan. 25th infantry.
Robert L. Herst, 29th infantry.
Charles Lynch, medical department.
Henry C. Cabell. 14th infantry.
William P. Burnham. 7th infantry.
Samuel D. Sturgis, 1st field artillery.
Cornells DeW. Wilcox, coast artillery.


Stephen L'H. Slocum, 8th cavalry.
William M. Wright, 2d infantry.
James H. McRae, 3d infantry.
George W. Read. 9th cavalry.
Julius A. Penn, 7th infantry.
Michael J. Lenihan, 25th infantry.
Peter C. Harris. 9th infantry.
Grote Hutchinson, 6th cavalry.
Fred W. Sladen, 14th infantry.
Milton F. Davis, 10th cavalry.
John W. Furlong, 6th cavalry.
R. H. Van Deman. 21st infantry.
George H. Shelton. 11th infantry.
William Chamberlaine, artillery corps.
Frank S. Cocheu, 12th Infantry.
Joseph P. Tracy, coast artillery.
Samuel C. Vestal, coast artillery.
Fox Connor, 1st field artillery.
S. A. Cheney, corps of engineers.


Department Of The East—New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Delaware. Maryland, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virginia, the island of Porto Rico and the islands and keys adjacent thereto; headquarters. Governors island, New York; commander, MaJ.-Gen. Frederick D. Grant.

Department Of The Gulf—Embraces the states of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi; headquarters at Atlanta, Ga.; commander (temporarily), Brig.-Gen. J. M. K. Davis.

Department Of The Lakes—States of Wisconsin, Michigan. Illinois. Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky; headquarters, Chicago, 111.; commander, Brig.Gen. W. H. Carter.

Department Of The Missouri—States of Iowa. Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota and Wyoming (except Yellowstone national park); headquarters, Omaha. Neb.; commander (ternporarlly). Brig.-Gen. C. B. Hall.

Department Of Dakota—States of Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and so much of Wyoming and Idaho as is embraced in the Yellowstone national park; headquarters, St. Paul, Minn.; commander, .

Department Of Texas—Embraces states of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma; headquarters, San Antonio, Tex.; commander, Brig.-Gen. A. L. Myer.

Department Of The Colorado—States of Colorado and Utah and the territories of Arizona and

New Mexico; headquarters, Denver, Col.; commander, Brig.-Gen. Earl D. Thomas.

Department Of California—States of California and Nevada, the Hawaiian islands and their dependencies; headquarters. San Francisco, Cal.; commander, Brig.-Gen. Frederick Funston.

Department Of The Columbia—States of Washington. Oregon. Idaho (except so much of the latter as is embraced in the Yellowstone national park) and the territory of Alaska; headquarters, Vancouver barracks, Washington; commander, Ma].-Gen. A. W. Greely.

Division Of The Philippines—Consisting of the departments of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; commander, Maj.-Gen. Leonard Wood.

Department Of Luzon—Includes all that portion of the Philippine archipelago lying north of a line passing southeastwardly through the west pass of Apo. or Mindoro strait, to the 12th parallel of north latitude, thence east along said parallel to the 124th degree 10 minutes east of Greenwich, but including the entire island of Miisbate, thence north to San Bernardino straits; headquarters, Manila, P. I.; commander, Maj.Gen. J. F. Weston.

Department Of The Visayas—Includes all islands south of the southern line of the department of Luzon east of longitude 121 degrees 45 minutes east of Greenwich and north of the 9th parallel of latitude, excepting the islands of Mindanao and Paragua and all islands east of the straits of Surigao; headquarters, Iloilo, P. I.; commander, Brig.-Gen. A. L. Mills.

Department Of Mindanao—Includes all the remaining islands of the Philippine archipelago; headquarters, Zamboanga, P. I.; commander, Brig.-Gen. Tasker H. Bliss.

Army Of Cuban Pacification—Headquarters, Havana, Cuba; commander, Brig.-Gen. T. H. Barry.


Lieutenant-general—Arthur Mac Arthur.

Major-generals—Leonard Wood. John F. Weston. Frederick D. Grant, A. W. Greely, J. Franklin Bell. William P. Duvall.

Brigadier-generals—F. Funston, W. H. Carter, T. H. Bliss. Thomas H. Barry, Albert L. Mills, William S. Edgerlv. John J. Pershing. Albert L. Mver, Charles B. Hall. Earl D. Thomas, Charles Morton. Charles L. Hodges, John M. K. Davis, William W. Wotherspoon. Charles S. Smith.

Adjutant-general—With rank of major-general: Fred C. Ainsworth.

Assistant Adjutant-generals—With rank of brigadier-general; William P. Hall.

With rank of colonel: Henry O. S. Helstand. George Andrews. William A. Simpson, Henry T. McCain, James T. Kerr.

With rank of lieutenant-colonel: Henry E. Robinson, James B. Hickey, A. O. Brodie, Benjamin Alvord, Charles McClure, Eugene F. Ladd, Frederick S. Strong.

With rank of major: William Lassiter. George. IT. Morgan. Charles M. Truitt. Charles R. Noyes, William II. Sage, Harry C. Hale, Ira A. Haynes, Ernest Hinds. Sidney S. Jordan.

Inspector-general—With rank of brigadier-general: Eruest A. Garlington.

Inspectors-general—With rank of colonel: Stephen C. Mills. John L. Chamberlain, George F. Chase.

With rank of lieutenant-colonel: W. T. Wood, Francis H. French, W. E. Wilder, George L. Anderson.

With rank of malor: Zerah W. Torrey. Charles G. Morton. Samuel W. Miller. A. P. Blocksom. Jacob G. Galbraith, Lloyd S. McCormick, James B. Erwin, George Bell. Jr., Charles G. Treat.

Judoe-advocate General—With rank of brigadier-general: George B. Davis.

Judge Advocates—With rank of colonel: Enoch H. Crowder, Edgar S. Dudley.

With rank of lieutenant-colonel: H C. Carbaugh. John A. Hull, George M. Dunn.

With rank of major: Frank L. Dodds, John Riddle Porter, Lewis E. Goodler. Henry M. Morrow, Walter A. Bethel. B. Winship.

Quartermaster-general—With rank of brigadiergeneral: James B. Aleshire.

Assistant Quartermasters-general—With rank of colonel: James M. Marshall. C. A. H McCauley, John L. Clem, W. S. Patten, J. W. Pullman. James W. Pone.

With rank of lieutenant-colonel: George Ruhlen, W. H. Miller, S. R. Jones, W. W. Robinson, Jr., F. C. Van Sehrade'r, J. E. Sawver. R. R. Stevens, F. G. Hodgson, John B. Bellinger.

Commissary-general—With rank of brigadier-general: Henry G. Sharpe.

Assistant Commissaries-general—With rank of colonel: Edward E. Dravo, Abiel L. Smith. James N. Allison,

Deputy Commissaries-general—With rank of lieutenant-colonel>• David L. Brainard, George D. Davis. Albert D. Kniskern, Frank F. Eastman.

Surgeon-general—With rank of brigadier-general: Robert M. O'Reilly.

Assistant Surgeons-general — With rank of colonel: Charles L. Heizmann, Joseph B. Girard, W. C Gorges. Philip F. Harvey, Charles B. Byrne, Valery Havard, John Van R. Hoff, George W. Adair. Louis M. Maus.

Deputy Surgeons-general—With rank of lieutenant-colonel: Blair D. Taylor. G. H. Tornev Louis W. Cranipton. William H. Corbusler Daniel M. Appel. William B. Davis, H. O. Perley W. W. Gray. Louis Brechemin, Louis A La Garde, John M. Banister. Aaron H. Appel.

Paysiaster-generai—With rank of brigadier-general: Culver C. Sniff en.

Assistant Paymasters-general — With rank of colonel: Charles H. Whipple, William H. Comegys, William F. Tucker.

Deputy Paymasters-general—With rank of lientennnt-colonel: John C. Muhlenberg. George It Smith, Harry L. Rogers, Webster Vinson.

Paymasters—With rank of major: Hamilton S Wallace, Francis L. Payson, George F. Downey, Thomas C. Goodman, James B. Houston. Beechi'r B. Ray, Herbert M. Lord, William B. Rochester, Jr., Robert S. Smith, Seymour Howell, George T. Holloway, WUliam G. Gamhrlll. Timothy D. Keleiier, George E. Pickett, M. W. Curry, James W. Dawes, James Canby, John R. Lynch, Charles

E. Stanton, Pierre C. Stevens, Bradner D. Slaughter.

Chief Of Engineers—With rank of brigadier-general: Alexander Mackenzie.

Colonels:- Garret J. Lydecker, Milton B. Adams. Henry M. Adams. Charles E. L. B. Davis I). W. Lockwond, E. H. RufTner, Clinton B. ^V.':1'?' John G. D. Knight, Richard L. Iloxie, William L. Marshall.

Lieutenant-colonels: Joseph H. Willard. William II. Bixby. William T. Rossell. Thomas W. Symons, Smith S. Leach. Dan C. Kingman, Wil. liam M. Black, Walter L. Fisk. S. W. Roessler

F. V. Abbott, Thomas L. Casey. Curtis McD. Townsend G. W Goethals. John Millis. John Blddle, Harry F. Hodges.

Chief Of Ordnance—With rank of brigadier-general: William Crozier.

Colonels: S. E Blunt, Frank Heath. David A. Lyle. James Rockwell, Andrew II. Russell Rogers Birnie.

Lieutenant-colonels: Ira MacXiitt, Frank Baker. Orin B MItcham. L. L. Bruff, Charles II. Sar£'-,FrankT,E- Hohl». J- Walker Benet, William W. Gibson. Edwin B. Babbitt.

Chief Signal OFFicER-WIth rank of brigadiergeneral: James Allen. «5*uici

Signal Officers—With rank of colonel: R E Thompson.

Lieutenant-colonels: G. P. Scriven, William A. Glassford. J


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. Colonel, George S. Anderson: lieutenant-colonel,
Edward J. McClernaud: majors. Joseph A. Gas-
ton. L. M. Brett, J. H. Gardner.
Colonel. Frank West; lieutenant-colonel, Levi
P. Hunt: majors, F. W. Sibley. F. O. Johnson
H. J. Slocum.

Colonel, Joseph H. Dorst: lieutenant-colonel,
T. W. Jones; majors, Edwin P. Andrus, Wil-
liam C. Brown, Percy E. Trippe.
Colonel, Edgar Z. Steever; lieutenant-colonel.
Charles A. Varnum; majors. James Lockett
Guy Carleton, Tyree R. Rivers.
Colonel. Walter S. Schuyler; lieutenant-colonel,
George K. Hunter: majors, Hoel S. Bishop,
Fred W. Foster. Charles J. Stevens.
Colonel. Alexander Rodgers; lieutenant-colonel,
Matthias W. Day; majors. George H. G. Gale
B. H. Cheever, J. F. K. Cheever.
Colonel, Frederick K. Ward; lieutenant-colonel,
John I. Guilfoyle; majors, John Pitcher. W.
J. Mcholson, E. P. Brewer.
Colonel. Henry P. Kingsbury; Heutenant-
colonel. ( harles M. O'Connor; majors, William
A. Shunk, Henry L. Ripley, Henry T. Allen.
Colonel, Peter S. Bomus; lieutenant-colonel,
Charles H. Watts; majors, Eben Swift, Augus-
tus C. Macomb, Samuel D. Freeman.
Colonel. Jacob A. Augur; lieutenant-colonel,
George A. Dodd; majors, Robert D. Read,
Charles II. Grierson. George H. Sands.
Colonel. James Parker: lieutenant-colonel C
H. Murray; majors. H. W. Wheeler, D.- H.
Boughton, William A. Mercer.
Colonel, John B. Kerr; lieutenant-colonel, Frank
A. Edwards; majors, H. G. Sickel, Henry J
Goldman, Thomas B. Dugan.
Colonel, Charles A P. Hatfield; lieutenant-
colonel. Walter L. Flnley; majors, Charles W.
Taylor Thomas J. Lewis. J. T. Dlckman.
Colonel. Edward A. Godwin; lieutenant-colonel,
John C. Gresham; majors, Hugh L. Scott.
Harry C. Benson. Parker W. West.
Colonel. Joseph Garrard; lieutenant-colonel F
H. Hardie; majors. William D. Beach. F S
Foltz. John B. McDonald.


Colonel, G. K. McGunnegle; lieutenant-colonel,
James S. Rogers; majors. R. N. Getty. William
A. Nichols. Henry C. Hodges, Jr.
Colonel, Francis W. Mansfield; lieutenant-
colonel. Charles St. J. Chubb; majors. Nat P.
Phister, EH. Browne, Harry L. Bailev
Colonel, Thomas C. Woodbury; lieutenant-
colonel, Lea Feblger; majors. E. H. Plummer,
W ilson Y. Stamper, Maury Nichols.
Colonel. Edwin B. Bolton; lieutenant-colonel
Leonard A. Lovering; majors, John C F Tlll-
son. David C. Shanks, B. W. Atkinson.'
Colonel, Calvin D. Cowles; lieutenant-colonel.
Robert K. Evans; majors. Wallls O. Clark.
Francis P. Fremont, Zebulon B. Vance *"*"•

wm?e1, \oat?h W- Donean; lieutenant-colonel.
William A.Mann; majors, J. H. Beacom, R R
Steedman. John H. Beacom.
Colonel, Daniel Cornman; lieutenant-colonel,
Charles A. Booth; majors, Arthur C. Ducat
James A. Goodin, William P. Burnham.
Colonel Frederick A. Smith; lieutenant-colonel.
Robert L. Bullard; majors. Colville P. Terrett
W K. Wright, R. B. Turner.
S?imvc1- ?,dE-Sr B- Robertson: lieutenant-colopel
William C. Butler; majors. Frank J. Jones. W
I'. Richardson. John Cotter.
Colonel, Henry A. Greene; lieutenant-colonel
George R Cecil; majors. L. W. V. Kennon. R
C. Van Vliet. William L. Buck.
Colonel. Richard T. Yeatman; lieutenant-
colonel, William P. Evans; majors. James B
Jackson, P. M. Travis. R. M. Blatchford.'
Colonel. Levin C. Allen; lieutenant-colonel
Robert F. Ames; majors. John S. Mallorr
Cliarles H. Barth. Frank B. Andrus.'

Colonel, R H. R Loughborough; lieutenant-
colonel. William H. C. Bowen; majors \ il
Paxtnn, Hunter Liggett. Frederick'Perkins
Colonel, John C, Dent; lieutenant-colonel, James

A. Irons: majors, John S. Parke, Jr.. A. Hasbrouck. H. C. Cabell.

15. Colonel, Walter S. Scott; lieutenant-colonel, Arthur Williams; majors, W. T. May, A. S. Rowan, James M. Arrasmith.

16. Colonel. Cornelius Gardener; lieutenant-colonel, R. H. Wilson; majors, William P. Blauvelt, W. J. Johnston, James K. Thompson.

17. Colonel, John T. Van Orsdale; lieutenantcolonel, Charles J. Crane; majors, James A. Maney. E. Chynoweth. F. B. McCoy.

18. Colonel. Thomas F. Davis; lieutenant-colonel, William Paulding; majors, Henry Kirby, D. L. Howell. B. M. Purssell.

19. Colonel, Joseph T. Huston; lieutenant-colonel,

; majors, James B. Goe, E. A.

Root. W. L. Simpson.

20. Colonel. Marlon P. Maus; lieutenant-colonel, Henry B. Moon; majors. S. W. Dunning, George W. Mclver. John F. Morrison.

21. Colonel. Charles A. Williams; lieutenantcolonel, George S. Young; majors, George Palmer, L. J. Hearn, H. A. Leonhauser.

22. Colonel, Alfred Reynolds; lieutenant-colonel, George F. Cooke; majors, Abner Pickering,

D. A. Frederick. Jacob F. Kreps.

23. Colonel. Philip Reade: lieutenant-colonel. Edwin F. Glenn: majors'. H. H. Benham, William H. Allaire, C. E. Dentler.

24. Colonel. Daniel H. Brush; lieutenant-colonel, Ammon A. Augur; majors. Henry W. Hovey,

E. F. Taggart, S. L. Faison.

25. Colonel. Ralph W. Hoyt; lieutenant-colonel. Hobart K. Bailey: majors, J. M. T. Partello, Charles W. Penrose, Francis J. Kernan.

26. Colonel. :lieutenant-colonel, Edward E. Hardin; majors. Charles J. T. Clarke. E. E. Hatch. II. L. Roberts.

27. Colonel. William L. Pitcher; lieutenant-colonel, Millard F. Waltz: majors, J. A. Emery, E. W. Howe. Walter H. Chatfleld.

28. Colonel, Owen J. Sweet; lieutenant-colonel. Silas A. Wolf; majors, I.. H. Strother, T. W. Griffith, Fielder M. M. Beall.

29. Colonel, B. C. Lockwood; lieutenant-colonel. Charles W. Mason: majors, E. P. Pendleton, Robert L. Hirst. Henry D. Styer.

30. Colonel. Edward B. Pratt: lieutenant-colonel. Alfred C. Sharpe: majors. Charles Bryne, W. R. Abercrombie. Joseph O Nell.

Porto Rico Provisional Regiment — Lieutenantcolonel. Hobart K. Bailey; major, T. W. Griffith.

Philippine Scouts—Major, Robert W, Mearns,


ABOVE THE RANK OF MAJOR—ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED. Annual pay—Lieutenant-general* $8,250; majorgeneral, $5,625; brigadier-general, $4,125; colonel, $2,650; Ueutenant-colonel, $2,250.

Corrected to Oct. 20. 1907. Abbott. Henry L.. Brig.-Gen., Cambridge, Mass Alexander. Chas. T.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C. Alexander. William L.. Brig.-Gen., Pasadena, Cal. Allen. Charles J., Brig.-Gen., Silver City, N. M.' Anderson, H. R.. Col.. Baltimore. Md. Anderson, Thos. M., Brig.-Gen.. Vancouver, Wash. Andrews. George L.. Col.. Washington. D. C. Andruss. E. V. A.. Col., Brooklvn. N. Y. Atwood, E. B.. Brig.-Gen.. Chicago, 111. Auman, William. Brig.-Gen., Buffalo, N. Y. Avery. Robert. Col., Brooklyn. N. Y. Ayres. C. G.. Lieut.-Col.. New York. N. Y. Babeock. John B.. Brig.-Gen.. Ballston Spa, N. Y. Bacon. John M., Col., Portland, Ore. Bailey. Clarence M.. Col.. Chicago. HI. Bally. Elisha I.. Col.. East Oakland. Cal. Balnbrldge. Augustus H.. Lieut.-Col., Portland, Ore. Baldwin. Frank D.. Brig.-Gen.. Denver, Col. Baldwin, T. A.. Brig.-Gen., Catoosa Springs, Ga. Ballance. John G.. Lieut-Col., Denver, Col. Barlow. John W.t Brig.-Gen., New London, Conn. Earr. Thomas F.. Brig.-Gen.. Boston, Mass. Kartholf. John H.. Llent.-Col.. Plattsburg, N. Y. Bates. Alfred E.. Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C. Bates. John C. Lieut.-Gen.. Washington. D. C. Beaumont. Eugene B., Lieut.-Col., Wilkesbarre. Pa.

Beck, William H.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Becker. Otto. Lieut.-Col.. St. Louis. Mo.
Berl. James M., Brig.-Gen., Berlin. Germany.
Bentley. Edwin, Lieut.-Col., Little Rock, Ark.
Biddle, James, Brig.-Gen., Santa Barbara. Cal.
Billings. John S.. Lieut.-Col., New York, N. Y.
Bingham, Judson D.. Col., Cobourg. Ont.
Bingham, T. A., Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Bird. Charles. Brig.-Gen., Wilmington, Del.
Blrkhlmer. W. E.. Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Bisbee, William H., Brig.-Gen., New York. N. Y.
Borden. George P., Brig.-Gen.. New York, N. Y.
Bowman, A. H., Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Boyle, William H.. Lieut.-Col.. Rowayton, Conn.
Bradford, James II., Lieut.-Col., Columbus, O.
Bradley. Luther P., Col.. Tacoma, Wash.
Brayton, George M., Col., Wernervllle. Pa.
Breck. Samuel, Brig.-Gen., Brookline. Mass.
Breckinridge. J. C, Maj.-Gen., London. England.
Bridgeman, Frank, Lieut.-Col.. San Francisco, Cal.
BrinkerhoIT. H. R., Lieut.-Col.. Oak Park. III.
Brooke, John R.. Maj.-Gen.. New York, N. Y.
Brown, George LeR., Col., San Antonio, Tex.
Brown, J. M.. Brig.-Gen., Hackensack, N. J.
Bubh, John W., Brig.-Gen.. Galesburg, 111. *
Buchanan. J. M., Brig.-Gen.. Ilchester, Md.
Buffington. A. R.. Brig.-Gen.. Madison, N. J.
Bullis, John L., Brig.-Gen., San Antonio, Tex.
Burbank. Jacob E., Lieut.-Col., Maiden, Mass.
Burbank. James B.. Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Burke. D. W.. Brig.-Gen., Portland. Ore.
Burt. Andrew S.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Burton, O. H.. Brig.-Gen.. Redlands. Cal.
Butler. John G., Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C. -
Byrne. Charles C, Col., Washington. D. C.
Caldwell, D. G., Lieut.-Col., New York, N. Y.
Calef. John H.. Lieut.-Col.. Gloucester. Mass.
Califf, J. M., Brig.-Gen.. East SmilhBeld, Pa.
Card, Benjamin C Lieut.-Col.. Cobourg. Ont.
Carey, Asa B., Brig.-Gen., Vineyard Haven, Mass.
Carlton. Caleb H.. Brig.-Gen., Rye. N. Y.
Carpenter, Louis II., Brig.-Gen., Intervale. N. H.
Carr, Camillo C. C, Brig.-Gen.. London. England.
Carr. Eugene A., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Carrington, Henry B., Col., Hyde Park, Mass.
Carroll, Henry, Col., Colorado Springs, Col.
ratlin, Isaac. Col., St. George, N. Y.
Cavanaugh. H. G.. Lieut.-Col.. Newcastle. Del.
Chaffee. Adna R-, Lieut.-Gen.. I.os Angeles, Cal.
Chance, J. C, Brig.-Gen.. Fremont. O.
Chandler, John G.. Col.. Los Angeles, Cal.
Chipman, Henry L., Lieut.-Col., Detroit.
Clague. J. J.. Col., Minneapolis, Minn.
Cleary, Peter J. A., Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Closson. Henry W., Col., Washington, D. C.
Clous. J. W., Brig.-Gen., Bronxville. N. Y.
Coates, Edwin M.. Col.. Washington. D. C.
Compton, Charles E.. Col.. New Ymrk, N. Y.
Comstock, Cyrus B.. Col., New York, N. Y.
Cook, Henry C. Col.. Fall River, Mass.
Cooke, L. W., Brig.-Gen., Lemon Grove, Cal.
Coolidge, Charles A.. Brig.-Gen.. Detroit. Mich.
Cooney, Michael. Col.. Washington, D. C.
Cooper, Charles L.. Brig.-Gen., Denver, Col.
Coppinger, John J., Brig.-Gen., Washington. D. C.
Corhln, H. C. Lieut.-Gen.. Chevy Chase. Md.
Corliss, Augustus W., Col., Denver, Col.
Cornish, George A.. Col.. Demoiiolls, Ala.
Coxe, Frank M., Brig.-Gen.. San Francisco, Cal.
Craig, Robert. Lieut.-Col., Nantucket. Mass.
Craighlll. Wm. P., Brig.-Gen., Charlestown, W. Va.
Craigie. David J.. Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Crandall. F. M.. Lieut.-Col.. Aberdeen. Wash.
Cronkhite, H. M., Lieut.-Col., New York, N. Y.
Daggett, A. S., Brig.-Gen., Stamford, Conn.
Damrell, A. N.. Lieut.-Col.. Mobile. Ala.
Dandy, George B.. Col.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Darling. J. A.. Lieut.-Col.. Bucksport, Me.
Davis, C. L., Brig.-Gen.. Schenectady, N. Y.
Davis, Edward. Brig.-Gen.. Honolulu. H. I.
Davis, George W.. Maj.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Davis, Wirt, Col.. Washington. D. C.
Day. Selden A.. Lieut.-Col., Montclair, N. J.
Dempsey, Charles A., Col., Richmond, Va.
Derby. G. McC. Lieut.-Col., New Orleans, La.
De Russy, Isaac D.. Brig.-Gen.. New York, N. Y.
De Witt. Calvin. Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Dimmick. E. D.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Dodge, F. A.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Dougherty, William E.. Brig.-Geu., Frultvale, Cal.

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Ingalls. James M., Lieut.-Col.. Topeka. Kas.
Irvine. R. J. C, Lieut.-Col.. Lansing. Mich.
Irwin. Bernard J. D., Col., Cobourg, Out.
Jackson, Henry, Brig.-Gen., Leavenworth, Kas.
Jackson, James. Lieut.-Col., Portland, Ore.
James. William H., Col.. White Bluff. Tenn.
.Taneway. John H., Lieut.-Col.. Chicago, 111.
Jocelyn. S. P., Brig.-Gen., Burlington, Vt.
Jones, Francis B.. Lieut.-Col., New York, N. Y.
Jones, William A., Col.. Nassawadox, Va.
Jordan. William H.. Col.. Portland. Ore.
Judd. Edwin D., Lieut.-Col., Hartford, Conn.
Kauffman, A. B.. Lieut.-Col.. Webster Groves, Mo.
Kellogg, Edgar R., Brig.-Gen.. Toledo, O.
Kent, Jacob F.. Brig.-Gen., Watervliet, N. Y.
Keyes, A. S. B., Lieut.-Col., San Diego, Cal.
Kilbourne, H. S., Lieut.-Col.. Nashville, Tenn.
Kimball, A. S., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Kirkman, J. T., Lieut.-Col.. Washington, D. C.
Kline, Jacob, Brig.-Gen., Newport News, Va.
Knox, Thomas T.. Col.. Elizabeth Citv, Va.
Kobbe, William A.. Maj.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Koerper. Egon A., Lieut.-Col., Washington, D. C.
Kress. J. A.. Brig.-Gen., St. Louis, Mo.
Langdon, Loomis L., Col., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Lamed, D. R.. Lieut.-Col.. Washington. D. C.
Lazelle. Henry M.. Col.. Georgeville, Que.
Leary, Peter, Jr., Brig.-Gen., Baltimore. Md.
Lee, James G. C, Col., Fort Sam Houston, Tex.
Liber, G. Norman. Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Lincoln, S. II., Brig.-Gen.. Fern Bank, O.
Lippincott, H., Col., Brooklyn. N. Y.
Lodor, Richard, Col., New York, N. Y.
Lomia, L.. Col.. New Rociielle. N. Y.
Long, Oscar F., Brig.-Gen., Piedmont. Cal.
Loud. John S.. Lieut.-Col., Washington. D. C.
Ludlngton, M. I., Maj.-Gen., Skaneateles. N. Y.
McCaskey, W. S.. Maj.-Gen., Monterey, Cal.
McClellan. John, Brig.-Gen., San Diego. Cal.
McCrea. Tully, Brig.-Gen., Dover, N. Y.
McGinniss. J. R.. Brig.-Gen., Norfolk, Va.
McGregor, Thomas. Col., Benicia, Cal.
McKibbin, C, Brig.-Gen., Chambersburg. Pn.
McLaughlin, Wm. H.. Lieut.-Col., Favetteville, O.
McNally, V., Lieut.-Col., Washington, D. C.
Magruder, David L.. Col.. Richfield Springs, N. Y.
Mansfield. S. M.. Brig.-Gen., Boston, Mass.
Markley. Alfred C, Brig.-Gen., Laredo, Tex.
Martin, M. C, Lieut.-Col., Manila. P. I.
Matile, L. A.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Merriam. Henry C, Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Merrell, Abner H., Brig.-Gen.. Montclair, N. J.
Merritt. Wesley, Maj.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Miles, Evan C, Col., San Francisco. Cal.
Miles, Nelson A., Lieut.-Gen., Boston, Mass.
Miller. Crosby C. P., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Miller, James, Brig.-Gen., Temple. N. H.
Mills, Anson, Brig.-Gen.. Washington. D. C.
Mills, S. M., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Miner, Charles W.. Brig.-Gen.. Columbus, O.
Mizner, Henry R., Col.. Detroit,-Mich.
Moale, Edward, Col., San Francisco, Cal.
Moore, Francis, Brig.-Gen.. Paris. France.
Moore, John, Brig.-Gen.. North Hatley. Que.
Moniecai, Alfred. Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Morgan, M. R., Brig.-Gen.. St. Paul, Minn.
Morrow, Albert P.. Col., Gainesville, Fla.
Moseley, E. B.. Col., abroad.
Murphy, John. Lieut.-Col.. Portland, Ore.
Murray, Robert. Brig.-Gen.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Myrick, John R., Brig.-Gen., New York. N. Y.
Newbold, Charles, Lieut.-Col., Florence. Italy.
Noble, Charles H.. Brig.-Gen., Indianapolis, Ind.
Norvell. Stephen T., Lieut.-Col., Washington, D. ('.
Noyes. H. E., Col., San Diego, Cal.
Oakes, James, Col., Washington, D. C.
O'Brien. Lyster M„ Lieut.-Col., Detroit, Mich.
O'Connell. John J., Brigv-Gen., abroad.
O'llara, James, Col.. San'Francisco, Cal.
Osgood, Henry B., Brig.-Gen.. Stephentown. N. Y.
Osterhaus, Peter J., Brig.-Gen.. abroad.
Otis. Elwell S.. Maj.-Gen.. Rochester, N. Y.
Ovenshine. Samuel, Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Page, John H.. Brig.-Gen., West Point, N. Y.
Parker, Daingerfield. Col., abroad.
Parker, Leoiwld O., Lieut.-Col., Washington. D. C.
Patterson, John II., Brig.-Gen., Albany, N. Y.
ratzki, J. II.. Lieut.-Col., Washington, D. C.

Pearson, Daniel C, Lieut.-Col., Manchester, N. H.
Pearson, E. P., Col., Boston, Mass.
Penney, Charles G., Brig.-Gen., Nordhoff, Cal.
Pennington, A. C. M.( Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Pennypaeker, Galuslia, Col., Philadelphia, Pa.
Perry, Alexander, Col., Washington, D. C.
Perry, David. Col., Washington, D. C.
Phipps, Frank H., Brig.-Gen., Springfield, Mass.
Pitman, John, Brig.-Gen., Orange. N. J.
Pollock, O. W., Lleut.-Col., Alameda, Cal.
Pond, George E., Brig.-Gen., Winston-Salein, N. C.
Poole, DeW. C Lleut.-Col., Madison, Wis.
Powell, James W., Col., New Orleans, La.
Pratt, Richard H.. Brig.-Gen.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Pratt, S., Brig.-Gen., San Francisco, Cal.
Price, B. D„ Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Quinby. Ira. Lieut.-Col., Manila. P. I.
Quinton, William, Brig.-Gen., New York. N. Y.
Randall, George M., Brig.-Gen., Cheyenne. Wyo.
Randlett, J. P., Lieut.-Col.. San Diego, Cal.
Rawles, J. B., Brig.-Gen., San Francisco, Cal.
Raymond, C. W., Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Reed, Henry A., Brig.-Gen., abroad.
Reilly. J. W.. Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Rexford. W. II.. Lieut.-Col., abroad.
Richmond, E. T. C, Col., Toledo. O.
Roach, G. H., Col., Washington. D. C.
Robe, C. F.. Brig.-Gen.. San Diego, Cal.
Robert, H. M., Brig.-Gen.. Oswego. N. Y.
Roberts, Benj. H., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Roberts, C. S., Brig.-Gen., Lakeville. Conn.
Robinson, Frank U., Brig.-Gen., San Francisco, Cal.
Rochester, W. B., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Rodenbaugh. T. F.. Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Rodgers, John I., Brig.-Gen.. Savannah, Ga.
Rodman, J. B., Col., San Francisco, Cal.
Rodney, J. B., Brig.-Gen., Buffalo, N. Y.
Rogers, W. P., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Rose, T. E., Lieut.-Col.. Washington, D. C.
Rucker, Daniel II., Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Runkle, B. P., Lieut.-Col., Germantown, O.
Sanford, George B.. Col.. Litchfield, Conn.
Sanger. Joseph P., Ma.1.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Savage. E. B.. Lieut.-Col., Omaha, Neb.
Sawtelle, C. G., Brig.-Gen.. Washington, D. C.
Saxton, Rufus, Col., Washington, D. C.
Scantling. J. C, Lieut.-Col., Washington. D. C.
Schwan, Theodore. Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Scully, J. W., Col.. Atlanta, Ga.
Shaler, Charles, Brig.-Gen., Indianapolis, Ind.
Shea. Thomas. Lieut.-Col., Westport, Ky.
Sheridan, M. V., Brig.-Gen., Carlisle, Pa.
Sickles. Daniel E.. Maj.-Gen.. New tfork, N. Y.
Simpson, John, Brig.-Gen., Auburn, R. I.
Simpson, Marcus D. L., Col.. Riverside, III.
Smith, Allen. Brig.-Gen.. Fort Wright, Wash.
Smith, Frank G., Brig.-Gen., Washington. D. C.
Smith, Jacob H., Brig.-Gen., Ann Arbor, Mich.
Smith, Jared A., Brig.-Gen.. Cleveland. O.
Smith, Joseph R., Col.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Smith, Rodney. Col., St. Paul. Minn.
Smith, W„ Brig.-Gen.. Pelham Manor, N. Y.
Snyder, Simon. Brig.-Gen., Reading, Pa.
Stanton, William, Brig.-(Jon., abroad.
Stanton. W. S., Col., abroad.
Steedman, Clarence A.. Col., Washington, D. C.
Sternberg, G. M.. Brig.-Gen., Washington. D. C.
Stlckney, Amos, Brig.-Gen., New York. N. Y.
Story, John P.. Mnj.-Gen., Los Angeles, Cal.
Stretch, John F., Col., Marion. Ind.
Sullivan, Thomas C, Brig.-Gen., Berkeley Springs,

W. Va.
Summerhayes, J. W., Lieut.-Col.. New Bedford,

Summers, John E„ Col.. Atlantic City, N. J.
Sumner, E. V., Brig.-Gen.. Syracuse, N. Y.
Sumner, S. S., Maj-Gen.. Syracuse, N. Y.
Suter. C. R.. Brig.-Gen., Uoxbury, N. Y.
Swigert, S. M.. Col., San Francisco, Cal.

Taylor. A. C, Brig.-Gen., Tacoma, Wash.
Taylor. Frank. Brig.-Gen., Seattle, Wash.
Thompson, J. M.. Brig.-Gen.. Salt Lake City, T'tah.
Thorp. Frank, Brig.-Gen., Washington. D. C.
Tlernon. J. L.. Brig.-Gen., Buffalo. N. Y.
Tilford. J*. G., Brig.-Gen.. Fisher's Island, N. Y.
Tompkins, C. H., Col.. Washington. D. C.
Towar, A. S., Col., Lincoln. Neb.
Town. F. L.. Col., Lancaster. N. H.
Townsend, Edwin F., Col., Washington, D. C.

True. Theodore E., Brig.-Gen., Los Angeles, Cal.
Tweedale, John, Lieut.-Col., Springfield, Mass.
Van Home, William M., Col., Austin, 111.
Van Valzah, David D., Col., Lewistown, Pa.
Van Voast, James, Col., Cincinnati, O.
Varney, A. L., Lieut.-Col., Washington, D. C.
Vlele, Charles D.. Col., Los Angeles, Cal.
Vincent, Thomas M., Col., Washington, D. C.
Vodges, A. W., Brig.-Gen., San Diego, Cal.
Vroom, Peter D., Brig.-Gen., New York, N. Y.
Wagner, Henry, Lieut.-Col., New York, N. Y.
Ward, II. C, Brig.-Gen., Louisville, Ky.
Ward, Thomas, Brig.-Gen., Rochester, N. Y.
Wells. A. B., Brig.-Gen., Geneva, N. Y.
Wessels, Henry W.. Col., Washington, D. C.
Wheaton, L., Maj.-Gen.. Chicago, III.
Wheelan, J. N., Brig.-Gen.. abroad.
Wheeler, D. D.t Brig.-Gen., Fredericksburg, Va.
Wheeler. W. B., Col., Gainesville, Fla.
Wherry, William M., Brig.-Gen., Norfolk, Va.
Whitall, S. R., Brig.-Gen., Gross Isle. Mich.
Whittemore, James M., Col., New Haven, Conn.
Wilcox, J. A., Col., Hammonton, N. J.
Wilcox. T. E., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Williston, Edward B., Col.. Portland, Ore.
Wilson, Charles I.. Col., New York, N. Y.
Wilson, David B.. Lieut.-Col.. Sioux City, Iowa.
Wilson, J. H., Brig.-Gen.. Wilmington, Del.
Wilson, John M.. Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Winne, C. K.. Lieut.-Col.. Albany, N. Y.
Wittich. W., Lleut.-Col., Plattsburg, N. Y.
Wolverton. W. D., Lieut.-Col., Vancouver.
Wood. Henry C. Col., New York, N. Y.
Woodhull, Alfred A.. Col.. Princeton, N. J.
Woodruff, Carle A., Brig.-Gen.. Raleigh, N. C.
Woodruff, Charles A., Brig.-Gen., Berkeley, Cal.
Woodruff, Edward C, Lieut.-Col.. Glen Ridge, N. J.
Woodruff. Ezra. Lieut.-Col.. Saratoga. N. Y.
Woodward, Geo. A., Brig.-Gen., Washington, D. C.
Woodward, S. L,, Brig.-Gen.. St. Louis, Mo.
Wygant, Henry, Col., Cranford, N. J.
Young, S. B. M., Lieut.-Gen., Yellowstone Park,


Annual salaries of officers in active service and on retired list:

Grade. Active. Retired.

Lieutenant-general $11,000 $8,250

Major-general 7,000 5,625

Brigadier-general 5,500 4,125

Colonel 3,500 2,650

Lieutenant-colonel 3.000 2,250

Major 2,500 1,875

Captain, mounted 2,000 1,500

Captain, unmounted 1,800 1,350

First lieutenant, mounted 1,600 1,200

First lieutenant, unmounted 1,500 1,125

Second lieutenant, mounted 1,500 1.125

Second lieutenant, unmounted 1,400 1,050

After five years* service 10 per cent is added to the salaries at intervals of five years until the Increase amounts to 40 per cent of the pay of the grade. Thus a colonel after twenty years' service gets $4,500 a year.

Noncommissioned officers get from $18 to $45 a month aud private soldiers get $13. Officers and enlisted men serving In the Philippines, Porto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska get 10 and 20 per cent additional, respectively.


Headquarters, 5th floor Federal building, Chicago.
Commander—Brig.-Gen. W. H. Carter.
Aid-de-Camp—Second Lieut. J. S. Jones.
Aid-de-Cami)—Second Lieut. W. V. Carter.
Chief of Staff—Lieut.-Col. G. A. Dodd.
Adjutant-General—Lieut.-Col. F. S. Strong.
Inspector-General—Col. G. F. Chase.
Judge Advocate—Lieut.-Col. Harvev C. Carbaugh.
Chief Quartermaster—Lieut.-Col. William W. Rob-
inson, Jr.
Chief 'Commissary—Lieut.-Col. F. F. Eastman.
Chief Surgeon—Col. P. F. Harvev.
Chief Pavmaster—Col. W. F. Tucker.
Chief Engineer Officer—Lieut.-Col. W. H. Bixby.

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