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Here with a smile will she recall

The walk, the concert, or the ball,

Shared with the young and merry-hearted ;

And here, perchance, while brooding o'er

The song of one who sings no more,

A tear may drop for the departed.

Yet-daughter dear! my heart foretells

That thou wilt quit all other spells,

Of friends, however loved, and rather

Hang o'er the page that thus records,

With feelings ill express'd by words,

The fervent blessing of a Father!


Written for the Bazaar of the National Anti-Corn-Law League,

Covent Garden Theatre, 1845.

Why with its ring has the connecting sea

Married the Hemispheres and join'd their hands,

Why has the Magnet's guiding ministry

Made paths athwart the deep to distant lands?

Why are the winds to our controul resign'd,

Why does resistless steam our will obey,

Why are all arts, all elements, combined

To speed us o'er the ocean-world's highway?

That from wide earth, and from the watery waste,

[blocks in formation]

Let no man part whom God would thus unite !

They who would speed this high and holy aim,

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Leagued in the cause of universal right,

All factious ends, all party views disclaim.

Their weapons, Faith, and Charity, and Hope,

Justice and Truth the champions of their cause,

Firmly but peacefully they seek to cope

With selfish interests and mistaken laws.

Ye who love man's advancement,-peace,-free trade,

Ye who would blessings win from every land,

Oh! give the liberating League your aid,

And speed its course with zealous heart and hand!


FARMERS, whose income, day by day,

Slides on the Sliding Scale away,

Whatever its direction;

When favour'd most still most forlorn,

Starved by monopoly of Corn,

And ruin’d by protection;

Farmers! who dying, seldom see

One penny left for Charon's fee,

When o'er the Styx ye’re ferried,

But in your landlord's pocket trace

(Like Mecca to the Turks) the place

Wherein your profit 's buried

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