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Vacation Schools

3. The Work of the High School in the Miss Chase's“ Buds, Stems and Roots" 18 an

Light of Recent Studies upon Adoles. excellent little book for nature study full of
cence, Dr. Albert Leonard, Syracuse

valuable information and of suggestions.

Yours very truly,
4. A Year's Study of the Entering Pupils

of the Springfield, Mass., High Scbool.

South Aadley Falls, Mass. The Executive Committee desire to an.

Fred W. Atkinson, Principal of High nounce the completion of arrangements re

I received by express this morning a copy

School, Springfield, Mass. garding railroad rates with all passenger 2980

each of “ Robinson Crusoe,'

"" Aunt Martha's 8. Some Cautions to be Observed in Child clations excepting the Western Passenger

Corner Cupboard," Kingsley's “Water-Babies,"

Study. Ossian H. Lang, New York City. and “Story of the Buds," Association, Early action by that Association

These stories have is assured. The rates obtained provide for

6. Child Study in the Training of Teachers. been charmingly prepared by you for the little ono fare for the round trip, plus $2.00 member.

John G. Thompson, Principal of Normal ones and are a credit to your house. We are ship fee, excepting that in Now England terri

School, Fitchburg, Mass.

using “Robinson Crusoe" and the “Watertory the rate for the round trip will be 3 cents Tuesday, July 12.

Babies" for more advanced pupils, while your

“Stories of Colonial Children" per milo between the initial point and the 1. The Infuence of the Weather upon the

and “ Aunt

Martha's Corner Cupboard" delight our gateways of the Trunk Line Association.

Activities of Children. Edwin G. Dex. The local organization at Washington has

primary classes. We use this class of reading

ter, Normal School, Greeley, Colo. already issued a valuable oircular of Informa

matter to the exclusion of the old time read.

2. The Rearing of Children from an Ex- erg and find it tar mjre interesting and profit. tion which has been extensively distributed

perlmental Standpoint. Elmer Gates, able. Your house is entitled to great credit and will be sent upon application to all inter,

Laboratory of Psychology and Psy. ested. Correspondence regarding local mat

for preparing such excellent reading matter in

chargy, Chevy Chase, Md. ters should be addressed to President B. L.

such excellent style and at such reasonable Whitman, D.D., Columbian University, Chair.

3. Some Lines of Progress in Child Study rates. man of Executive Committee, Washington. During the Year. G. Stanley Hall, Presi.

B. B. SNOW, D.C.

dent Clark University, Worcester, Mass.

Superintendent of Schools, Auburn, N. Y.
4. Recent Investigations of Fatigue in
Preliminary Program.

Children. Edward W. Scripture, Yale

- Those who know of the work which the GENERAL SESSIONS.

University, New Haven, Conn.

Eastern Teachers' Agency, 50 Bro nfield Street, ELEMENTARY EDUCATION.

E. F Foster, Manager, is doing, take pleasure

5. The Development of Social Conscious. Monday, July 11.

in recommending it to their friends, and are

ness in Children. Will. S. Monroe, Nor. 1. Value of the Hand in the Acquisition of

ever ready to give a word of strong common.

mal School, Westfield, Mass. Knowledge and Expression of Thought.

dation in its behall. Its business-like methods PHYSICAL EDUCATION.

- the close attention and consideration to the Miss Mary F. Hall, Supervisor of Pri. mary Work, Milwaukee, Wis. Friday, July 8, and Monday, July 11.

needs, qualifications and desires of each can. Discussion led by Supt. George Grif. 1. The Effect of Exercise on the Vital Or

didate. The constant endeavor to at the right fith, Utica, N. Y.

gans. Dr. W. T. Harris, U. S. Commis.

candidate into just the most desirable and 2. Play as a Means of Idealizing and Ex.

sioner of Education, Washington, D. C.

satisfactory place-all this advertises its work tending the Child's Experiences. Miss 2. Influence of School Life on Curvature of among patrons, both teachers and those who Alice M. Felker, Critio Teacher, Stato the Spine. Dr. R. Tait McKenzie, Mcgm employ their services. Normal School, San Jose, Cal.

University, Montreal, Can. Tuesday, July 12.

3. Play in Physical Education. G. E. John. 1. Necessity of Stimulating and Utilizing

son, Supt. of Public Schools, Andover, Spontaneous Individual Purpose on the

Magg. Part of the Pupil. Supt. W. H. Elson,

4. Mental Training through Physical Edu. Superior, Wis. cation. Jakob Bolin, New York City.

in the Woods 2. Desirability of Fostering Social Effort on the Part of the Pupils. Inspector

The above programs are subject to addition

and change. A revised edition of the Bulletin James L. Hughes, Toronto, Ont.

and Fields. Discussion led by Supervisor B. F.

will be issued as soon as complete data are at

hand. Gregory, Trenton, N.J.


Art Hand-Books Friday, July 8. 1. The Influence of Literature in the


for Self-Instruction. School. 3. English the Core of a Secondary Course. Take the new Tourist Sleeping car now in Edited by Susan N. CARTER, Cooper Union, N. Y. John C. Handa, High School, Columbus, operation over the Missouri Pacific Railway

7. Sketching from Nature. Obio. between St. Louis and Portland, Oregon. This

By THOMAS ROW BOTHAM. 3. The Presentation and Defense of Three car service is especially well adapted to ac

8. Printed Syllabi for Literature and Com. commodate those going to the Klondike.

Landscape Painting in Oil Colors. position-Rhetoric in Secondary Schools.

By W. Williams. Monday, July 11.



Flower Painting.
Tuesday, July 12.

Round Tables.

10. Figure Drawing.
The Little Classics, Nos. 87 and 91, were re.

By C H. Weigall. Friday, July 8.

ceived by me in due time, for which please 1. The Supervisor of Drawing in the Pub. accopt my thanks. Our pupils are buying The

II. Water-Color Painting. lic Schools. Fred H. Daniels, Super. Little Classics constantly. They sell papers to

By AARON PAULEY. visor of Drawing, Buffalo, N. Y. get money for them, and in some rooms are

12. The Human Figure. 2. The Province of Art in the High School. saving the money formerly devoted to candy

By H. WARREN, Pres. of London Inst. of Miss Rhoda E. Selleck, High School, In. or gum, and forming & fund for the purchase

Painters. dianapolis, Ind.

of books for the room. 3. Report of the Committee on the Relation


13. Sketching in Water-Colors. of the Library to Art Education. Chair.

Principal Walsh School, Chicago.

By THOMAS HATTON. man, W.M. R. French, Director Art In.

14. Drawing in Black and White, Charstitute, Chicago, Ill.

coal, Crayon, Pencil, Pen and Ink. Monday July 11. Gentlemen :- I have received the Nos. 87 and

By S. M. CARTER. 1. The Function of Art in the Education of

91 of the Little Classic Series. I like the little the American Citizen. Mr. William books very much.

Price, 15 cents each. Ordway Partridge.

A.J. WOOD, Complete set of 8 to One address for $1 00. 2. Some Pedagogical Principles which

Principal John Emerson School, Chicago. “ The volumes are brought out with great neatness should govern the Teaching of Drawing.

of typographical execution, and cannot fail to comM. V. O'Shea, University of Wisconsin.

mand the attention of students."-N. Y. Tribune. CHILD STUDY.

Dear Sir :- It gives me pleasure to acknowl.

“We can, from personal knowledge, recommend M. V. O'Shea, President, Madison, Wis. edge receipt of copies of “Water Babies,"

them as excellent hand-books for amateurs,"-Chris. Miss Sarab A. Stewart, Vice-President, Mil- “ Adventures of a Brownie,” and “Robinson

tian Union. waukee, Wis.

Crusoe for Younger Readers." I have already G. W. A. Luckey, Secretary, Lincoln, Neb. placed these books in the hands of my chil.

“ The rules and principles they lay down are saie Monday, July 11. dren, and I find that they take to them very

and practical guides to the student."-N. E. Journal 1. The Reading of Children in the Adoles. kindly indeed. I have read the books myself,

of Education, cent Period. C. H. Thurber, University and find them very excellent for the purposes EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., of Chicago, Chicago, Ni.

for which they are intended. 2. Heredity and Environment– A Study in

Very truly yours,

50 Bromfield St., Boston. Adolescence. Edgar James Swift, Nor,

Chag. L. HARPER, 63 Fifth Av., N. Y. 878 Wabash Av., Chicago. mal School, Stevens Point, Wis. Asst. State Superintendent, Madison, Wis.

809 Market St., San Francisco.

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Books Adapted for Teachers' Institutes.

For Study and Self-Instruction.

Applied Psychology.


6. Lays of Ancient Rome.-1. (Macaulay.)

Enoch Arden. (Tennyson.) 39. We are Seven, etc. (Wordsworth.) 15. Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (Irving.) 16. Rip Van Winkle, etc. (Irving.) 17. Philip of Pokanoket. (Irving.) 18. The Voyage, etc. (Irving.) 50. Christmas Eve, etc. (Irving.) 67. Thanatopsis and Other Poems. (Bryant.) 49. L'Allegro and Other Poems. (Milton.) 51. As You Like It. (Shakespeare.) 52. Merchant of Venice. (Shakespeare.) 53. Henry the Eighth. (Shakespeare.) 65. Sir Roger De Coverley. 80. Cotter's Saturday Night. (Burns.) 88. Sir Launíal. (Lowell.) 57. Lady of the Lake. Canto 1. (Scott.) 58. Lady of the Lake. Canto II. (Scott.) 59. Lady of the Lake. Canto III. (Scott.)

1. Prisoner of Chillon.

An introduction to the Principles and Practice of Education. By J. A. MCLELLAN, L. A., LL.D., Director of Normal Schools, etc., and Prof. Dewey, Mich.

This work will be found to justify its title; it is a work written for teachers by a teacher.

It contains “Outline Methods” – grounded on explicitly derived principles — on Geography, Arithmetic, Primary Reading, the Training of Language Power and Grammar. These Outlines, in the light of the established principles, will prove of more worth to the teacher than volumes of mechanical ways and devices and detailed “ methods.” Extra Cloth. Illus. 350 pages. Price, $1.25.

Spencer's Education.

Intellectual, Moral and Physical. By HERBERT SPENCER. Cloth. Price, 75 cents; Paper, 25 cents.

No teacher can afford to be without this standard work. Ten thousand copies have been sold in the last few years. This is one of the most elegant editions of this famous work.

T Order by number. Each number contains about 32 pages of Choice Illustrated Literature bound in strong manilla covers. Price, 5 cents a copy, 60 conts a dozen postpaid.

Payne's Lectures on the Science and Art of


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63 Fifth Avenue,

378 Wabash Avenue,

80g Market Street,

50 Bromfield Street,





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No. 1st Grade. (Large Type.)

2. Esop's Fables.-1. 3. Esop's Fables.-2.

Selections from Esop.-1. 12. Selections from Æsop.—2. 73. Story of the Buds. 74. What Annie Saw. (Nature Stories.) 75. Roots and Stems.

82. Story of Holmes. 89. Story of Longfellow. 95. Stories of Revolution. I.

(Lexington and Concord.) 96. Stories of Revolution.

(British Driven from Boston.)

Stories of Revolution. III. (Battle of Long Island.)

No. 3rd Grade. (Continued.) 68. Story of the Norsemen. 69. Puss in Boots. 70. Story of Stephenson. 71. Story of Irving. 47.



1st and 2nd Grades, 76. Some Bird Friends. 77. Flower Friends. 1. 78. Flower Friends. II. 79. Flower Friends. III. 87. Legends of the Springtime.

2nd Grade. 9. Story of Bryant. 25. Story of Columbus. 26. Story of Israel Putnam. 27. Story of William Penn. 28. Story of Washington. 30. Story of Webster. 29. Story of Franklin. 31. Story of Lincoln. 35. Story of Lowell. 42. Story of Whittier. 43. Story of Cooper. 44. Story of Fulton. 45. Story of the Pilgrims. 46. Story of the Boston Tea Party. 48. Story of Eli Whitney. 60. Story of Edison. 61. Story of Hawthorne. 63. Story of Louisa M. Alcott. 72. Story of Pocahontas. 81. Story of Cyrus W. Field.



3rd Grade. Grimm's Fairy Tales.- 1. 4. Grimm's Fairy Tales.—2. 7. Little Red Riding Hood. 8. Jack and the Beanstalk. 13. Selections from Grimm. -1. 14. Selections from Grimm.-2.

Order by number. Each number contains about 32 pages of choice Illustrated Literature, bound in strong manilla covers. Price, 5 cents a copy, 60 cents a dozen, postpaid.


50 Bromfield Street,


378 Wabash Avenue,


Rab and His Friends.
98. Story of Boone.
99. Pioneers of the West.
100, Fremont and Kit Carson.


4th Grade.
Hawthorne's Golden Touch.
23. Hawthorne's Three Golden Apples.
24. Hawthorne's Miraculous Pitcher.
32. King of the Golden River. (Ruskin.)
33. The Chimæra. (Hawthorne.)
34. Paradise of Children. (Hawthorne )
41. Evangeline. (Longfellow.)
83. Story of La Salle.
84. The Minotaur. (Hawthorne.)
85. The Pygmies. (Hawthorne.)
86. The Dragon's Teeth. (Hawthorne.)
90. De Soto.
91. Marquette.
92. Audubon.

Great Stone Face.
94. Snow Image.
97. Jefferson.
102. Nathan Hale.

Stories from Garden and Field.-1.

Stories from Garden and Field.—2. 36. Story of Tennyson. 62. Story of S. F. B. Morse. 64. Story of James Watt.




Gulliver's Travels. (Voyage to Lilliput.)
Black Beauty
Cricket on the Hearth.

63 Fifth Avenue,


80g Market Street,


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OUR COUNTRY IN WAR" By MURAT HALSTEAD. All about the War with Spain, the “ Maine,” all battleships, coast defenses, cruisers, gunboats, torpedo destroyers; portraits and biographies, of Dewey, Sampson and all prominent officers - 600 pages, profusely illustrated — splendid colortype lithographs. Agents wanted. No experience necessary; anybody can sell it. Just out.

Order outfit to-day and be first in the field. Agents making $7.00 to $28.00 every day; credit given; freight paid; outfit free. Send nine 2c stamps for postage. MONROE BOOK COMPANY, Dept. H 68, 324 Dearborn St., Chicago.

Is the title of the summer book issued by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway, describing numerous leading summer resorts throughout the east and west. It is profusely illustrated and printed on the finest enamel book paper. It will be of help in selecting a place for the summer vacation. Sent on receipt of six cents in postage by applying to

G. P. & T. A., Cleveland, O.

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To insert a pointed instrument and eject the pen from the holder, to prevent the ink from flowing back into the holder and soiling the fingers.

Samples on receipt of return postage. Ask for Vertical Pens No. 37.

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Manufactory Established 1761. Lead Pencils, Colored Pencils, Slate Pencils, Writing Slates, Steel Pens,

Gold Pens, Inks,

Pencil Cases Stationers' Rubber (In Slver and In Gold.) Goods,

Rulers, Colors, and Artists' Materials. Send stamp for samples; mentioning this paper.

78 Reade St., New York, N. Y.

Manufactory Established 1761.

The Smallest Made that takes Large Pictures on a Daylight Film.

THE ONE YOU CAN TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. YOU CAN'T TELL whether a camera will exactly suit you, or not, until you try

Slips Into it; but you needn't be in doubt as to the Kozy. We know it has no equal at its price, and for that reason are entirely willing to send you

the Pocket

like a Test it thoroughly indoors and out-snap-shots or time exposures. Prove our claims by your own experience. You will find that the

Book Kozy is the neatest, strongest, lightest pocket camera in the market1 in. thick, weighs 16 oz.; takes 12 large pictures on each cartridge film; loads and unloads with perfect safety in broad sunlight;

is mechanically simple - a child can operate it; does work equal in quality to cameras twice its size and many times its cost. It has every convenience other cameras have. Demonstrate these facts by your own experience. Then you can make

Easy Monthly Payments to balance your account, or save a liberal percentage by paying cash in full. If the Kozy isn't what you need, you can send it back, and no harm done. That's fair enough. Just the thing for Bicyclists, Tourists, Canoeists, and all Camerists who must economize


THIS IS OUR LIBERAL OFFER Good Until Sept. 1. You will find Kozys in the stores as soon as we Read Carefully..... can get them there; mail orders are pusiting

us just now. Ask your dealer for the Kozy: if he hasn't it, send us your name and address, with $1.00 as

a deposit, mentioning this magazine, and stating occupation and references. The Kozy will be forwarder, charges prepaid for ten days after its receipt, test the camera to your satisfaction. If at the expiration of that time, you decide to keep it, send us $9.00 more, making a total payment of $10.00, in full; or send $2.00, and thereafter $2.00 a month for 5 months inaking a total payment of $13.00. Understand, if you are not entirely satisfied after ten days' trial, you may return the camera to us, charges prepaid, and we will immediately refund your deposit of $1.00. This offer is good until Sept. 1. Illustrated catalogues and full particulars free on application. We refer to Mechanics' National Bank, Boston, as to our responsibility. Address, today, KOZY CAMERA CO. Dept. M, No. 44 Bedford St., BOSTON, MASS.


Mail a ell
Letter Unless your re-

turn address is printed on the corner of_the envelope. This is a request of the U.S. Postal Authorities. For 10 cents silver I will rrint your return address neatly on the corner of 25 nice plain white envelopes and send them to you postpaid. 100 for 25 cents. Just try 10 cents worth; you will be well pleased. Sample for 2c stamp. Holbrook, Printer, 141 Milk St., Boston, Mass.

The best way is to study carefully the questions and answers used in previous examinations. For 35 cents we send you, prepaid a book containing the questions and

How to Pass An


answers of the Uniform Examinations in New York state from Aug. '95 to Aug. 96, the questions ard answers in Drawing also being given.

We also send with the book a suplement containing the questions and answers from August 1896 to and including March 1897, thus making. practically, two books for the price of one,

Price 35 cents postpaid. Questions and answers from August 1896 to the present time, 35 cents.

Address THE EDUCATOR, 35 Exchange St.,

Buffalo, N. Y.







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