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Go-grind your bonés to make our bread,

“From Earth more harvests ravish;

"Study Liebig, ye clodpole elves!

“Buy Guano-Soda--stint yourselves,

“That we may still be lavish :"

Farmers! ye ought to patronise
Whate'er improvements may arise

To lessen your expenses,

So hear my tale—there's little in 't,

'Tis merely meant to give a hint

For making cheap field fences.

Queen Bess—I mean Elizabeth,

Favour'd, as the historian saith,

The handsome Earl of Leicester,

To whom she made large grants of land, For which he doubtless kiss'd her hand,

And duly thank'd and bless’d her.

These lands were commons, on whose turf

Many a cottager and serf

Had fed his goose or donkey;

And being dispossess'd, the crowd

Began to murmur in a loud,

I needn't add a wrong key.

What cared his lordship! down he came,

With carpenters to fence the same,

And shut out clowns and cattle;

Riding each morn the men to watch,

So that no moment they might snatch

For drink or tittle-tattle.

One day, a peasant by his side
Bow'd his grey-head and humbly cried,

“I ax your lordship’s pardon,

“ I've got a notion in my nob,

“Whereby this here expensive job

“Need hardly cost a farden.”

“Not cost a farthing, doting clown!"

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“Yes," quoth the rustic-"yes, my lord,

, “ You needn't buy another board,

“ Or oaken plank or paling,

“Think not my words are brags and boasts,

“For if your lordship finds the posts,

“The public will find railing !"


Joy! joy! my lover's bark returns,

I know her by her bearing brave: How gallantly the foam she spurns,

And bounds in triumph o'er the wave!

Why dost thou veil the glorious sight,

In lurid rain, thou summer cloud ?

See! see! the lightning flashes bright!

Hark! to the thunder long and loud!

The storm is past-the skies are fair,

But where's the bark?—there was but one:

Ha! she is yonder, shatter'd-bare,

She reels-she-sinks-0 Heaven! she's gone!


Animula vagula, blandula,
Hospes comesque corporis,
Quæ nunc abibis in loca?


O THOU wondrous arch of azure,

Sun, and starry plains immense!

Glories that astound the gazer,

By their dread magnificence!

O thou ocean, whose commotion

Awes the proudest to devotion !

Must I must I from ye fly,

Bid ye all adieu-and die?


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