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PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, The constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of Ar was adopted in 1788, and the first General Assembly met in 1789. The G Assembly embraces the 37 synods and 291 presbyteries of the Church, which total membership of 1,321,386, total contributions last year for missionary and cational work and congregational expenses, $21,664,756. The next meeting v on the third Thursday of May, 1910, at Atlantic City. N. J. Its officers are: erator, James M. Barkley, D. D., Detroit, Mich; vice-moderator, Charles S. Chicago; stated clerk and treasurer, William H. Roberts, D. D. LL. D.; M. Hubbert, D. D., No. 1319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia; permanent William B. Noble, D. D., No. 1323 Linwood avenue, Los Angeles, Cal. Trus Pres., John H. Converse, LL. D., Philadelphia; sec., B. L. Agnew, LL. D. No 1319 Walnut street, Philadelphia.

Board of Home Missions.-Pres., Dr. D. Stuart Dodge, New York; sed Charles L. Thompson, LL. D.; associate secs., Dr. John Dixon and Joseph ) McAfee; treas., Harvey C. Olin; supt. of school work, the Rev. David R. Ph.D.; supt. church and labor dept. and of the immigration dept., the Charles Stelzle; asst. Supt., Warren H. Wilson, Ph. D. Woman's BoardMrs. F. S. Bennett; sec., Miss Julia Frazer; treas., Miss V. May White; people's sec., Miss M. Josephine Petrie. Office, No. 156 Fifth avenue, New Yo

Board of Foreign Missions.-Pres., the Rev. Dr. George Alexander, New cor. secs., Robert E. Speer, Dr. Arthur J. Brown, Dr. A. Woodruff Halsey ai Stanley White; asst. secs., home dept., Central Section, the Rev. Charles E. Ph. D.; Eastern Section, David McConaughy; Western Section, the Rev. 1 F. Hall; Southern Section, J. M. Paterson; educational sec., T. H. P. Sailer, P Sunday school sec., the Rev. George H. Trull; treas., Dwight H. Day. Ofic 156 Fifth avenue, New York. Women's Foreign Board-Pres., Mrs. W. I Prentice; treas., Miss Henrietta W. Hubbard.

Board of Education.-Pres., Dr. Charles Wadsworth, jr., Philadelphia sec., Dr. Joseph W. Cochran; treas., Jacob Wilson. Office, No. 1319 Walnut Philadelphia.

Educational Society.-Pres., W. H. Halbert, Nashville, Tenn.; cor sec W. J. Darby, Evansville, Ind.

Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work.-Pres., the Hon. Rob Willson, Philadelphia; sec., Dr. Alexander Henry; supt. young people's dep Rev. Willis L. Gelston; business supt. and treas., Frank M. Braselmann; su Sabbath school training, Dr. James A. Worden; editorial supt., Dr. Jam Miller; supt. of depositories, John H. Scribner. Office, No. 1319 Walnut 1 Philadelphia.

Cumberland Board of Publication.-Pres., Hamilton Parks; sec., John Witt; bus. mgr., J. W. Axtell. Office, No. 150 N. Fourth avenue, Nashville,

Board of Church Erection.-Pres.. Dr. David Magie; cor. sec., Dr. E N. White; treas., Adam Campbell. office, No. 156 Fifth avenue, New Yor

Board of Missions and Church Erection.-Pres., T, H. Perrin; sec., Patterson. Office, 1318 Wright Building, St. Louis, Mo.

Board of Ministerial Relief.-Pres., A. Charles Barclay, Philadelphia; cor Dr. Benjamin L. Agnew, LL. D.; treas, and rec, sec., Dr. W. W. Heberton. No. 1319 Walnut street, Philadelphia

Cumberland Board of Relief.-Pres., J. E. Williamson; cor, sec., L. D. Sa Evansville, Ind.

Board of Missions for Freedmen.-Pres., Dr. Samuel J. Fisher, Pitts cor. sec. and treas., Dr. Edward P. Cowan, Pittsburg. Office, 513 Bessemer Bui

College Board.-Pres. emeritus, Herrick Johnson, LL. D., St. Louis, Mo.: John H. MacCracken, Ph. D., New York; office sec. and asst. treas., Edwa Ray, D. D., New York. Office, No. 156 Fifth avenue, New York.

“Assembly Herald” Managing Committee.-Chairman, Dr. A. Woodruf sey, New York; manager, Horace P. Camden. Office of publication, No. 1328 ( nut street, Philadelphia.

Presbyterian Historical Society.-Pres., Henry_C. McCook, D. D.; cor, Charles R. Watson, D. D.; rec. sec., Walter A. Brooks, D. D.; hon. libr Louis F. Benson, D. D.; treas., Dr. Benneville K. Ludwig, Ph. D.; Withei Building, Philadelphia,

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (SOUTH). The general officers of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 1 United States (South) are: Acting stated clerk, treas. and permanent clerk, Thomas H. Law, D.D., Spartanburg, S. C.; secs. of Foreign Missions, Rev. Chester, D. D., Rev. James O. Reavis, D. D., Nashville, Tenn.; secs,

or Missions. Rev. 8. L. Morris, D. D., Rev. Homer McMillan, Atlanta, Ministerial Education and Reliet, Rev. H. H. Sweets, D. D., Louisville, Ky.; i Publication and Sunday School Work, R. E. Magill, Esq., Richmond, Va.; Colored Evangelization, Rev. J. G. Snedecor, LL. D., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Schools and Young Peoples' Societies and Colleges, Rev. W. E. Bogg8, D. D., A Ga.; gen. supt. of Sunday schools, Rev. A. L. Phillips, D. D., Richmond, Va sec. of Evangelistic Work, Rev. Dr. J. E. Thacker, Norfolk, Va.; moderator eral Assembly, Rev. W. E. Boggs, D. D., LL.D., Atlanta, Ga.; pres. Bc Trustees, General Assembly, George E. Wilson, Esq., Charlotte, NC.

The next General Assembly meets in Lewisburg, W. Va., May 19, 1910.


CONGREGATIONAL OFFICERS. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.--Headquarters, Con. regational House, Boston. New York Office, Charities Building, Fourth ave. and wenty-second st. Pres., Samuel B._ Capen, LL D.; secs., Dr. Cornelius H. Patton id Dr. James L. Barton; treas., Frank H. Wiggin; editorial sec., Dr. Wm. E. rong; asst. secs., Rev. Enoch F. Bell, Rev. Brewer Eddy: district secs., Rev. Willa d L. Beard, Charities Building, New York; Dr. A. X. Hitchcock, No. 153 La Salle

Chicago, and Rev. H. Melville Tenney, Barker Block, Berkeley, Cal.

Congregational Home Missionary Society. Fourth avenue and 22d street, ew York, Pres., Dr. Charles S. Mills; treas., Dr. Washington Choate; gen sec., 1. Hubert C. Herring; asso. sec., Willis E Lougee.

American Missionary Association.-Charities Building, New York. Pres., Dr yrus Northrop; treas., H. W. Hubbard; hon. sec. and ed., Dr. A. F. Beard; cor. cs., Dr. James W. Cooper and Dr. C. J. Ryder; rec. sec., Dr. Asher Anderson, pston; sec. Woman's Bureau, M188 D. E. Emerson; district secs., Dr. Geo. E. Hall, hicago, and Rev. George H. Gutteison, Boston.

Congregational Church Building Society.-Charities Building. New York. res., Dr. L. C. Warner; treas., Charles E. Hope; sec., Dr. C. H. Richards; field Cs., Rev. Roy B. Guild, Boston; Rev. W. w. Newell, Chicago, and Rev. H. H. Ikoff, San Francisco.

Congregational Education Society.-Congregational House, Boston. Pres., Willm R, Campbell, D. D.; treas., S. F. Wilkins; sec., Rev. Edward S. Tead; Western Id sec., Theodore Clifton, D. D., Chicag?, No. 153 La Salle street.

Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society.-Congregational House, iston.

Pres., Dr. Henry C. King, Oberlin, Ohio; missionary sec., Dr. Wm. Ewing; Itor, Rev. B. S. Winchester; bus, manager, Luther H. Cary; dist. sec., Dr. William McMillen, Chicago.

National Council of Congregational Churches –Congregational House, Boston. oderator, Hon. T. C. Macmillan; sec., Dr. Asher Anderson; treas., Rev. Joel S. Ivos, anford, Conn.

National Council's Ministerial Relief Fund.-Fourth avenue and 220 street, w York City. Trustees—Pres., Dr. Henry A. Stimson; sec., Dr. William A. Rice; lag., Rev. B. H. Fancher, 287 Fourth avenue, New York City.

American Congregational Association. —Congregational House, Boston. Pres. miam O. Blaney; cor. sec., Rev. Dr. A. E. Dunning; treas., Augustus 8. Lovett; rarian, Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Cobb.

Congregational Board of Pastoral Supply.—No. 610 Congregational House, Bog1. Chairman of directors, Rev. Arthur J. Corell; sec., Dr. Chas. B. Rice.

PRINCIPAL BAPTIST OFFICERS. American Baptist Missionary Union.-Rooms. Ford Memorial Building, Bos

Pres.. S. W. Woodward; rec. sec., H. A. Wilbur; home sec., F. P. Haggard, D.; foreign sec., Thomas E. Barbour, D. D.; treas., Charles W. Perkins.

American Baptist Publication Society.-Chestnut and Seventeenth streets, iladelphia. Pres., Samuel A. Crozer: gen'l sec., A iram J. Rowland, D.D., 88. and Bible sec., R. G. Seymour. D. D.; rec. sec., J. G. Walker, D. D.: treas.. rry S. Hopper. Branch houses— Boston, No. 16 Ashburton Place; Chicago, Nos. -170 Wabash ave.; St. Louis, No. 514 N. Grand ave.; Atlanta, Ga., No. 37 South vor st.

American Baptist Home Mission Society.-No. 312 Fourth ave., New York. es., Col. E. H. Haskell: treas., Frank T. Moulton: cor. sec., Henry L. Moreuse, D. D.; associate sec., Charles L. White, D. D.; field sec.. L. C. Barnes, D. D.

Sonthern Baptist Convention.-Pres., Joshua Levering. Baltimore, Md.; secs.. nsing Burrows. D. D., Nashville, Tenn., and Oliver Fuller Gregory, D. D.. tunton, Va.; treas., George W. Norton, Louisville, Foreign Mission Board ssion rooms, Richmond, Va. Pres., J. B. Hutson; cor. sec., R. J. Willingham,

D.; treas., J. C. Williams. Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Ga.-Pres., W. W. ndrum, D. D.; cor, rec., B. D. Gray, D. D.; treas., W. Dunson. Sunday School arj-Offices. Nashville, Tenn. Pres., E. E. Folk, D. D., Nashville; cor. sec. and as., J. M. Frost, D. D.

American Baptist Edncation Society.—No. 111 Filth avenue, New York. es..

cor. sec.. H. L. Morehouse, D. D., New York. Baptist Young People's Union of America.-Pres., E. Y. Mullins, D. D., Louisle, Ky.; rec. sec., H. W. Reed, Ph. D., Rock Island, Ill.; treas., H. B. Osgood, Icago, III.

Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society.-Rooms, Tremont Temple, Bos1. Pres.. Miss Sarah C. Durfee; clerk, Mrs. Ida Hunneman; cor. sec., Mrs. H. G. fford, foreign dept.; treas., Miss Alice E. Stedman.

The National Baptist Convention of the United States (Colored).-Pres., E. C.
rris, D. D., Helena, Ark.; rec. sec., W. L. Cansler, Nashville, Tenn.; treas.,
V. J. H. A. Cyrus, Port Royal, Va.
American Baptist Historical Society.-office and library, No. 1,630 Chestnut
Philadelphia. Pres., B. MarMackin, D. D.; sec., Rev. G. H. Charles; cor.
Rev. A. L. Vail; treas., Arthur Malcolm.
Baptist Congress.- Pres. Professor A. H, Bickmore, New York City; sec., T.
K. Gessler, D. D., Landing, N. J.; treas., W. B. Mattison, D. D., Red Bank,
The German Baptist Publication Society.Nos. 957-959 Payne ave., Cleveland,

Editor of "Sendbote," Rev. Gottlob Fetzer, Cleveland, Ohio; manager, Carl kel, Cleveland, Ohio.


The bishops of the Reformed Episcopal Church are:

Address. Samuel Fallows.... Missionary, Northwest and West No. 967 West Monroe Str and Synod of Canada.

Chicago, Ill. William T. Sabine. Synod of New York and Phila- No. 960 Madison avenue, N delphia

York City. Robert L. Rudolph.. Assistant-Synod of New York No. 231_West Fifty-first str ard Philadelphia..

New York City. C. E. Cheney....... Synod of Chicago......

No. 2409 Michigan avenue,

cago, Ill. P. F. Stevens. Missionary, the South.... No. 10 Judith street, Charles

S. C. Edward Cridge. Missionary, the Pacific.

No. 9 Carr street, Victoria, B H. S. Hoffman.. Retired

No. 1317 North Broad sta

Philadelphia, Penn. The officers of the General Council of the Reformed Church are: Bis Samuel Fallows, president ang presiding bishop, No. 967 West Monroe str Chicago, Ill. ; secretary, the Rev. C. F. Hendricks, No. 2,630 North Twelfth str Philadelphia, Penn.; treasurer, T. L. Berry, Fidelity and Deposit Company, Ba more, Md. Next general council meets in May, 1912.

THE LUTHERAN CHURCH. The General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America sists of the following officers: Pres., the Rev. Theodore E. Schmauk, D. D., Lebar Penn.; English rec. sec., the Rev. William K. Frick, D. D., Milwaukee, Wis.; Ger rec. sec., the Rev. Gottlieb C. Berkemeier, D. D., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Swedish sec., Rev. Lawrence A. Johnston, D. D., Moline, Ill.; English cor. sec., Rev. F. Kaehler, D.D., Buffalo, N. Y.; German cor. sec., the Rev. John Nicum, D. Rochester, N. Y.; Swedish cor. sec., the Rev. Alfred Appell, Rockford, Ill.; tre Hon. Charles A. Smith, Minneapolis, Minn.

Board of English Home Missions.-Rev. John E. Whitteker, D. D., P Lancaster, Pa.; Rev. Jacob C. Kunzmann, D. D., sec., Philadelphia; E. Aug. Mi treas., Twelfth and Chastnut sts., Philadelphia,

Board of German Home Missions.-Rev. C. Reinhold Tappert, pres., Merid Conn.; Rev. Gustave A. Benze, sec., Erie, Penn.; Rev. H. D. E. Siebott, treas., 2826 W. Lehigh ave., Philadelphia.

Board of Swedish Home Missions.--Rev. E. Norelius, D. D., pres.. Minn.; Professor C. W. Foss, Ph. D., sec.; Rev. Elof K. Jonson, treas., Chicago

Board of Foreign Missions.-Rev. Dr. E. T. Horn, pres., Reading, Penn : George Drach, English sec., Philadelphia; Conrad Itter, German sec., Philadelp Rev. George Drach, gen, sec., Philadelphia; Jas. M. Snyder, treas., 4th and Ches sts., Philadelphia. Board of Porto Rico Missions. Rev. Dr. Edmund Belfour,

pres., Pittsby Penn.; Rev. Dr. J. L. Smith, sec., Pittsburg, Penn.; Charles W. Fuhr, treas., Diamond National Bank, Pittsburg, Penn,

Board of Publication.-Prof. S. P. Sadtler, Ph. D., LL. D., pres., PH delphia; Rev. S. A. Ziegenfuss, D. D., sec., Philadelphia; Geo. E. Schlegelm treas., 12th and Chestnut sts., Philadelphia; Charles B. Opp, manager, No. 1522 st., Philadelphia.

Board of Immigrant Missions.-Pres., Rev. Geo. C. F. Haas, D. D., No. W. 136th st., New York; sec., Martin Wulff, No. 301 E. 78th st., New York; tre Frederick Kracke, New York; immigrant missionary, Rev. G. Doering, Advle Member and Missionary, Emigrant House, No. 4 State st., New York.

Board of Slav Missions.—Pres., Rev. J. O. Schlenker, No. 30 N. Church Hazleton, Penn.; vice-pres., Rev. Ernest A. Trabert, No. 331 Collins ave., Pittsby Penn.; rec. sec., Rev. J. C. Rausch, No. 17 N. 3d st., Allentown, Penn.; cor. Rev. Gustave A. Benze, No. 118 W. 230 st., Erie, Penn.; treas., Rev. H. E. YOU No. 576 N. Church st., Hazleton, Penn.

The bishops of the United Brethren in Christ Church are:


Elect Bishop N. Castle, D. D. (Emeritus)

Philomath, Ore. Bishop G. M. Mathews, D. D..

Chicago, Ill.. Bishop W. M. Weekley, D. D.

Kansas City, Mo. Bishop W. M. Bell, D.D.

Los Angeles, Cal. Bishop T. C. Carter, D. D

Chattanooga, Tenn..

UNITARIAN OFFICERS. The American Unitarian Association, at its annual meeting in 1908, elected following officers: President, the Rev. 'Samuel A. Eliot, Cambridge, Mass.; Y presidents, Charles W. Ames, St. Paul; Horace Davis, San Francisco; Governor S. Draper, Hopedale, Mass.; 'Duncan U. Fletcher, Jacksonville, Fla.; Wallace Hack Portsmouth, N. H., and Miss Emma C. Low, Brooklyn; secretary, the Rev. Lewis Wilson, Boston; assistant secretary, George W. Fox, Boston; treasurer, Francis Lincoln, Hingham, Mass.; directors, Percy A. Atherton, Boston; Clarence E. Andover, N. H.; George Hutchinson, Newton, Mass.; the Rev. Augustus P. Reco Springfield, Mass.; Mrs. S. M. Loud, Montreal, Canada, and Wm. P. Olds, Portland,


194 19

190 190




Apostolic Delegation. s Excellency the Most Rev. Diomede Falconio (Archbishop of_ Larissa), Apostolic

Delegate, No. 1811 Baltimore street, Washington, D. C. Auditor of the Delegation, the Very Rev. Mgr. Bonaventure Cerretti, D. D., J. V. ; Secretary of the Delegation, Rev. Leo P. McGinley, D. D. Archbishops.



Green Bay, Wis... Joseph J. Fox......1904 see.


Harrisburg. John W. Shanahan.1899 Itimore.

J. Gibbons, Card....1868 Hartford, Conn.. ston.... .W. H. O'Connell...1901

Helena, Mont.i. John P Carroll.....1904 icago.

J. Edward Quigley..1897 Indianapolis.. F. S. Chatard......1878 acinnati.. Henry Moeller......1904

D. O'Donaghue, aux.1900 buque.

John J. Keane.. 1878 Kansas City, Mo.. John J. Hogan.....1868 Iwaukee.

S. G. Messmer... .1892 La Crosse, Wis... Jacob Schwebach...1892 w Orleans..... .James H. Blenk....1899 Lead City, S. D... w York.

J. M. Farley ..1895 Leavenworth.. Thomas F. Lillis...1904 egon City..... Alexander Christie. .1898 Lincoln, Neb. Thos. Bonacum. 1887 lladelphia. Patrick J. Ryan....1872 Little Rock.. J. B. Morris.

. 1906 Louis.

J. N. Glennon......1896 Los Angeles. Thomas J. Conaty..1901 Paul.. John Ireland

.1875 Louisville. Francisco....P. W. Riordan......1883 Manchester, N. H. George A. Guertin..1907 ita Fe. John B. Pitaval.... 1902 Marquette, Mich. . Frederick Eis.......1899


. Edward P. Allen...1897 Bishops.

Nashville.. Thomas S. Byrne...1894

Thomas Heslin... ..1889 iany, N. Y... T. M. A. Burke....1892 Natchitoches. ..C. Van de Ven. on, Ill... James Ryan. .1888 Newark..

J. J. O'Connor. . 1901 ocna. E. A. Garvey. .1901 New York.

T. F. Cusack, aux..1904 ker City. C. J. O'Reilly. .1903 Ogdensburg, N. Y.H. Gabriels

.1892 Itimore. O. B. Corrigan. 1909 Oklahoma.

T. Meerschaert.

...1891 lleville, Ill. J. Janssen

1888 Omaha..

Richard Scannell...1887 Ise City. A. J. Glorieux. .1885 Peoria.

E. M. Dunne.

...1909 ston. John Brady, aux...1891

P. J. O'Reilly, aux.1900 J. G. Anderson, aux.1909 Pittsburg.

Regis Canevin.. ..1903 poklyn.. C. E. McDonnell....1892 Philadelphia. E. F. Prendergast, G. W. Mundelein,

1897 aux ..1909 Portland, Me... .L. S. Walsh.

.1906 ffalo.

..Charles H. Colton..1903 Providence, R. I.. M. J. Harkins. 1887 rlington, Vt....


A. Van de Vyver...1899 irleston, S. C.. H. P. Northrop.....1882 Rochester.

T. F. Hickey. 1905 eyenne. John J. Keane......1902 Rockford..

P. J. Muldoon. .1901 lcago..

A. J. McGavick, aux.1899 Sacramento. Thomas Grace.. . 1896
Paul C. Rhode, aux.1908 St. Augustine. ..W. J. Kenny

.1902 veland.........J. P. Farrelly......1909 St. Cloud, Minn... James Trobec.. .1897

Jos. M. Koudelka, St. Joseph, Mo.... M. F. Burke. ..1887 aux

..1909 Salt Lake City... Lawrence Scanlan...1887 umbus, Ohio...James J. Hartley..1903 San Antonio, Tex. J. A. Forest.

..1895 icordia. J. F. Cunningham..1898 | Savannah.

B. J. Keiley .1900 rington, Ky....C. P. Maes.

1885 | Seattle, Wash. .Edwin O'Dea. ..1896 las, Tex.. E. J. Dunne.. 1893 Scranton..

M. J. Hoban. .1896 rerport, Iowa. Jas. Davis

1904 Sioux City, Iowa..P. J. Garrigan. 1902 Iver.

Nicholas Matz. .1887 Sioux Falls. Thomas O'Gorman..1896 roit,

John S. Foley.... .1888 Springfield, Mass..T. D. Beaven.. .1892 luth.

James McGolrick...1889 Superior, Wis... A. F. Schinner. 1905
J. E. Fitzmaurice. . 1898 Syracuse..

P. A. Ludden... 1887 1 River, Mass. Daniel F. Feehan...1907 Trenton.

.J. A. McFaul.. 1894 go, N. D.. James O'Reilly.


Henry Granjon.. .1900 t Wayne. H. J. Alerding. . 1900 Wheeling, W. Va. P. J. Donahue.. veston. ...N. A. Gallagher....1882 Wichita, Kan.. J. J. Hennessy.....1888 nd Rapids. ....H. J. Richter.......1883 Wilmington, Del..J. J. Monaghan.....1897 at Falls, Mont. Matthias Lenihan...1904 Winona, Minn....

Vicariates-Apostolic-Peter Verdaguer. Brownsville, Tex.; Leo Haid, North Caro 1, 1888; Libert Hubert Boeynaema, 1903, Hawaiian Islands. Arch Abbots-Leander Schnerr, St. Vincent's Abbey, Beatty, Penn.; Andrew tenach, St. Benedict's Convent, Erie, Penn. Mitred Abbots-Frowenus Conrad, O. S. B. Benedictine, Conception, Mo.; Edmund Obrecht, 0. C. R., Gethsemane, Ky.; Peter Engel, 0. S. B., Collegeville, Minn.; ht Rev. Athanasius Schmitt, o. S.' B., St. Meinrad's Ind.; Hilary Pfraengle, S. B., Newark, N. J.; Innocent Wolf, 0. S. B., Atchison, Kan.; Leo Haid, O. S. B., mont, N. C.; Bernard Menges, O. S. B., Cullman, Ala.; Ingatius Conrad, 0. S. B., elerville, Ark.; N. Jaeger, o. S. B., Chicago, Ill. ; Paul Schauble, o. S. B., Coving

La.; Thomas Meinhofer, O. S. B., Mt. Angel, Ore.; Vincent Wehrle, S. B., hardton. N. D.: Alberic Dunlea, o. C. R., Dubuque, Iowa; Charles H. Mohr, 5. B., St. Leo, Fla.; M. Bernard Murphy, o. S. B., Sacred Heart, Oklahoma. Prefecture-Apostolic of Alaska-Joseph R Crimont, S. J. Bishop of Porto Rico-William A. Jones, 1907. Philippines-Manila, Archbishop Harty, 1903: Jaro, Denis J. Dougherty, 1903; Cebu,

; Nueva Segovia, 1. Carroll, 1908; Nueva Caceres,


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Note.- Where "U" appears it means “University"; "P, I". means "Polytechnic Institute''; no letter, "College."

Value of
Name of
Religious or


President or dean of faculty.



Brooklyn, N. Y

Non-sectarian . Charles H. Levermore, B. A., Ph. D. 30 500 12,000 $750,000
1866 *Albany
Albany, Ore.
Presbyterian Harry Meang Crooks.

14 195 3,000 71,000
1861 Albion

Albiol, Mich

Samuel Dickie, LL. D.

26 452) 21,000 505,000
Myerstown, Penn
Un. Evang John F. Dunlap.

19 200 6,500 200,000 1836 Alfred U Alfred, N. Y.. Non-sectarian Roothe Colwell Davis. Ph D. .

28 320 22,670 550,000 1815 Allegheny Meadville, Penn.


Rev. Wm. H. Crawford, D.D., LL. D. 19 329) 25,000 1,000,000
18801 Allen
Columbia, S. C.
African Meth. Rev. Wm. Decker Johnson, D. D...

15 516 900 100,000
1886 Alma
Alma, Mich...

Presbyterian Rev. August F. Bruske, M. S., D. D. 25 293 22,100 575,000
Washington, D. C. Methodist. Franklin Hamilton, Ph. D..

20,000 1,800,000
18851*An. International. Springfield, Mass. Non-sectarian. Rev. R. De Witt Mallory, D.D.

12 93 3,000 125,000 1893 *1 Am. U. of Harr'n Harriman, Tenn Christian...... James Alexander Tate..

11 285 3,000 50,000 1821 Amherst ... Amherst, Mass.. Non-sectarian, George Harris

48 531 90,000 3,000,000
1850 • Antioch
Yellow Springs, Ohio. Non-sectarian.. S. D. Foss, LL. D....

12 153 9,500 380.000
1892) *Ark. Cumberland. Clarksville, Ark.
Presbyterian.... Rev. G. D. Crawford, D. D.

9 221 2,000 100.000
1867 1 Atlanta Baptist... Atlanta, Ga..

Rev. John Hope.....

16 238 4.000 125,000
1869 Atlanta U.
Atlanta, Ga..
Non-sectarian. Rev. Edward Twichell Ware.

21 390 13,000 354,000 1869 'Augsburg Semin'y Minneapolis, Minn. Lutheran

Sven Oftedal

10 160 7.000 80,000
18601 Augustana C&TS Rock Island, III,

Gustav A. Anddreen, Ph. D.

40 503 24,000 383,000
Sherman, Tex.
Presbyterian Rev. Thomas Stone Clyce, D. D.

10 175 6.000 350,000
18581 Baker
Baldwin, Kan.

Lemuel Herbert Murlin.

30 724 29,400 463,000
1846 *Baldwin U
Berea, Ohio.

R. L. Waggoner......

18 3701 12,000 375,000
1863. Bates
Lewiston, Me.
Non-sectarian. Rev. George Colby Chase. D. D.

21 461) 35,000 1,050,000
1845 •Baylor U..
Waco, Tex....

Samuel Palmer Brooks, LL. D...

67/ 1,296 22,000 700,000
1853 •Beaver C. & M. I. Beaver, Penn.

Rev. Arthur Stanles. A. M.. D. D.

15 214 3.000 1R (WO
1880 •Bellevue

Bellevue, Neb.
Presbyterian Stephen Wharton Stookey, LL. D


5,700 150,000 1846 *Beloit Beloit, Wis..

Non-sectarian... Rev. Edward D. Eaton, D. D., LL. D. 38 436) 42,500 1,700.000 1855 Berea Berea, Ky

Non-sectarian... Rev. William G. Frost, Ph. D., D. D.. 65 1,221/ 25,5001 1,088,000 1840) *1 Bethany Bethany, W. Va. Christian

Rev. Thomas_E. Cramblet, LL. D.. 18 325 10,000 400,000 1881 (Bethany

Lindsborg, Kan.

Rev. Ernest F. Pihlblad, D. D...

40 896

8,500 239.000 1864 Bethel Russelville, Ky Baptist ...... Florian D. Perkins.

8 100 7,000

150,000 1867 1Biddle U. Charlotte, N. C. Presbyterian H. L. McCrorey

14 200 6,000 300.000 18591 Blackburn

Carlinville, Ill.

Presbyterian Rev. Walter H. Bradley, D. D., Ph. D. 11 204 4.000 190.000
1869] 1 Boston U.

Boston, Mass.
Methodiet William E. Huntington, LL. D.

154 1,500 25,0001 2.939,000
1794 Bowdoin
Brunswick, Me.

Non-sectarian... Rev. Wm. De Witt Hyde, D. D., LL. D. 63 420 95,000 2,973.000 1857 •Bowdon .......... Bowdon, Ga. Non-sectarian... Vachel D. Whatley, A. M...

8 800 4,000 30.000 1880 •Bridgewater Bridgewater, Va. German Baptist Walter Bowman Yount, Ph. D.

14 215 6,000 90,000 1887 1 Brigham Young. Logan, Utah. L. Day Saints.. James Henry Linford......

46 896 6,500

259,000 1008 Brooklyn Brooklyn, N. Y... Rom, Catholic.. Rev. John F. X O'Connor, S. J..

15 300 10.000 1764 Brown U........ Providence, R. I

Non-sectarian... Rev. Wm. Herbert Perry Faunce, D. D. 90 993) 160,000 5,000,000 1870 Buchtel Akron Oh Universitet

B. Church. D. Augustus D.. LL. D.

285,00 22


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