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Being a Eecord of Important Political Action, National and State.

FROM JULY 15, 1870, TO JULY 15, 1872.

By Hon. EDWARD McPHERSOtf, lit. D.,
Cleric of United States House of Representatives.


A few extracts from numerous newspaper notices are given:

New York World: "The campaign speaker, to whichever party he may belong, will find McPherson 's Hand-Book of Politics for 1872 of infinite service to him."

New York Tribune: "All parties will find it a convenient and compendious collection of indispensable data for the discussions of the campaign. Nowhere else can so many of the political documents involved in the present contest be found so conveniently grouped."

New York Independent: "A valuable and convenient manual."

New York Christian Union: "Of great value to the politician, the statesman, the editor, and the student of cotemporary history."

Philadelphia North American: "An authentic presentation of those prime facts that are constantly referred to in political debate. * * Equally valuable to both parties for reference."

Philadelphia Ledger: "Compiled with the well-known pains-taking accuracy of Mr. McPherson, whose honesty and impartiality in recording political events have been abundantly proved by his previous publications. A full analytical index of names and subjects is given," &c.

Philadelphia Age: "A valuable and convenient record of public events. * * Accurate, and compiled without any political bias."

Philadelphia Post: " An invaluable political compendium of State and national politics.*'

Washington Chronicle: "Of immense value. * * Everything necessary to the full comprehension of the record of parties on the issues involved in the canvass."

Washington Capital: "Compiled by a judicious hand, and full of important and varied information which is otherwise not easily accessible."

Washington Patriot: 'A compilation made with care and judgment. * * Recognized as an authority. * * Of great value as a ready reference."

Washington Republican: "The best political text-book ever issued in this country."

Cincinnati Commercial: "The vade mecum of every political student. * * Full, complete, impartial, and admirably classified."

Richmond State Journal: "Necessary to politicians of every party. * * Surpasses all political fuide-books hitherto published."

Richmond Whig: "Campaigners will find this publication indispensable to them."

Cleveland Plaindealer: "Politicians of all parties will find this a valuable and indispensable work."

Cleveland Herald: "A work no oue interested in politics, on either side, can afford to do without; * * full, thorough, and exact in its information."

Knoxville Chronicle: "No stump speaker should venture on a campaign without a copy."

Knoxville Press and Herald: "An indispensability to politicians, * * fully and systematically indexed."

Detroit Tribune: "A very valuable and trustworthy record; * * of much value to public men, business men, and political students."

New Orleans Picayune: "A complete political history."

Springfield {Ohio) Advertiser: "Every man who takes an interest in politics should have a copy."

Neicariz(N. J.) Advertiser: "A campaign documant for both sides, giving a compact and accurate resume of legislation, and a host of statistics from official sources."

St. Paul Dispatch: " Will be found of great service to politicians."

Galveston .Bulletin: "Sweeps the whole circle of political data."

Lynchburg Press: " A very important work, prepared with great labor and care."

Minneapolis Tribune: "Every man, eager to know all his country's affairs, interests, ideas, and intentions will feel the need of this work."

Pittsburgh Chronicle: "Simply invaluable; * * should have an immense circulation."

Erie Dispatch: "An encyclopedia of political, commercial, and financial information."

Juniata Republican; "A mass of valuable statistics."

Chattanooga Herald: "Invaluable to politicians and public readers." 8vo., lsl%5 Ppm cloth—Price $3.50, postage paid.

Address, PH1L.P <fc SOLOMONS,


Washington City, D. G.

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