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make them like horses that get the bit in “ Whoever has sealed his heart with thy their teeth, and throw their riders,

love, has found that his heart is become a “ And causes them with the force of their mine of precious stones. spurs to prick an artery, at what time the " The most powerful Creator of all things Angel of Death comes like a fatal physician admired upon the sixth day of the creation to take them by the arm of the soul.) that superiority of excellency which thou

“ Thou shalt escape this rude career as the hast above all his other creatures. Sun passes on from the east. They shall "Upon the memorable day of thy victory, carry before thee the honourable standard the sweat of thy hands was to thy enemies of the supreme majesty, and behind thee the a profound deluge that swallowed 'em up spoils as marks of the victory.

like the sea. “ And in this race, were all the inhabi- “Thou, Vulture of the heavenly consteltants of the world as brave as Hercules, the lation, didst fly upon the blood as a dog upon most undaunted of them would not have the the water. courage to stand a moment before thee.

Insipid Poet, who comparest to the Sea “God shall create a Body of Air that the sweat of the hand of thy Hero! Thou shall cry with a loud voice on his behalf, art astonished at the thought that comes into Victory! victory! there is none so stout as thy head, that the sea which resembles that Aly! there is no sword like to Sulfagar," sweat is the blue Sea (Heaven). that Hero's sword with two points."

“Whoever has lifted up the hand of NeThe Third Song

cessity toward the Portal of thy beneficence,

he has it always returned back full of what “ Thou from whose purity the Heaven of he desired. Unsinfulness draws its lustre, the Sun is

“O divine and sacred Host, who givest made a crown of Glory of the shadow of thy the Saints to drink out of the bason of PaUmbrello.

radise, to speak something in thy praise, we Jesus, the great Chymist, made use of

must needs say that Nature is only adorned the earth of the portal of thy prudence, for and enriched by thee. red sulphur, of which he composed the Tak- " A thousand and a thousand years togesir and the stone Phale, by means whereof ther the Heavens, considering the high price he understood all things, and healed all men.

of thy pure essence, beheld the water of the “ The eternal Painter painted a great fountain of Paradise muddy in comparison many images, and brought to light a great of that. many ideas, with a design to form thy lovely

“ As well God as Mahomet has always countenance, but he found none that came

found thy opinion the most just: the one near thy beauty.

gave thee a sword with two points, the other “ The Faulcon of thy Umbrello having

a most incomparable virgin. extended his wings, has found the birds of

“ Had not thy perfect being been in the the seventh Heaven nestling under the large idea of the Creator, Eve had been eternally feather of thy left wing.

a virgin, and Adam a batchelor." | Renown or fame.

The Fourth Song. ?“ Sulphagar is the name of Haly's sword, which, the Mahomedans say, divides itself at the

“Great Saint, who art the true mansion end with two points." 3 Stones of divination. The Mahometans say

of God, as the Prophet teaches in the Book that when Jesus Christ was living, physic flou.

of his sentences, thou art also the Kebleh rished in its highest degree of excellency, and that God gave him so many secrets of that art, 5 “A figure taken from the custom of the Per. that he raised the dead, and penetrated the very

sians to seal their mines with the king's seal and thoughts of men.

of his officers, because all mines belong to the * That is to say, the greatest Prophet.” king."

of the world and of religion, the soul of the devoted slave of thy house and of the family world of Mahomet.

of Mahomet. " Thy mouth is the treasure of sublimest “ My soul desires to fly to thee, pressed sense, thou hast placed thy mouth upon the by the obligations which I have to men ; do fountain of understanding and knowledge, me some favour that may deliver me from which is the mouth' of Mahomet.

my obligations to men, I conjure thee by “Thou art the Pontiff who art only found the soul of Mahomet. worthy to enter into the sanctuary of the “ Turn not away thy compassionate and great Prophet, and only capable to stand favourable looks from my countenance. o upon the foot-pace of Mahomet.

love of my heart, cast a tender glance upon “ The hearts which thy victorious sword me, O heart of the heart of Mahomet. continually leads to the true Religion, are the flowers with which the vapours of the

The fifth Song. ocean of thy puissance cover the garden of “ Minister especial elected of God for the Mahomet.

master of the faithful, thou art the soul of "Since the Sphere of the Law has been the Prophet of God. We ought not to give illuminated by several stars, the Moon never thee any other name, 0 Master of the appeared so clear and bright, till when thou faithful! tookest upon thee the Empire of the Hea- “ Thy always victorious arm has brought ven of Mahomet.

under the yoke the heads of the most “The Angel Gabriel, messenger of truth, haughty heroes of the age, 0 Master of the every day kisses the groundsil of thy gate, faithful! as being the only way that leads to the 6. The treasures which Nature hides and throne of Mahomet.

those with which it covers the universe, are “Thy grandeur above all human possibi- without lustre and price, to what thou lity is an impossible comparison; but if any liberally bestowest upon us, O Master of thing may compare with it, it must be the the faithful! power and authority of Mahomet.

“ The sparkling rubies cover themselves “O sovereign King, if in the celebrating with earth in the hollow of the mine, thy praises, I should study upon what once ashamed of their not being bright enough the wise Hassan did in the time of Maho

to be put into thy treasures, O Master of met,

the faithful! I should not dare to presume to praise " I will not say what was the difference thy majesty, since God himself has spoken between the gentle Zephirus and the breath thy eulogy by the mouth of Mahomet.

of thy mouth, which refreshes the soul and “ The explication of thy being cannot the heart, () Master of the faithful! proceed from the tongue of mortal men, “ All that Jesus did with his breath was unless we except what has been spoken of an emblem, but afterwards this is all. That thee by Mahomet.

was an emblem which signified what mira“ But it is not the same thing with the cles were to be wrought by the words of unfolding ofvur own wants, for that is need- thy mouth, O Master of the faithful ! less with thee. Thou knowest what they ' How can an understanding so short and are, and thou knowest also that I am the confused as mine represent the excellency

and price of thy majesty, O Master of the

faithful! I “ An allusion to the kiss which the Malıu. “ The Universal Spirit, with its sublime metans say that Mahomet gave Haly, when he knowledge, cannot arrive at the portal of parblicly appointed him his beir and successor, and is a prophane imitation of the manner of thy wondrous essence, ( Master of the Christ's giving his Holy Spirit to his Apostles.” | faithful!

“ Were there a place more exalted than “ 'Tis too small a praise of thy ineffable the most high throne of God, I would affirm power to call it the zenith of power, since it to be thy place, O Master of the faith- the zenith is no more than the nadir of the ful!

power of thy porter. " That we may give thee praises worthy " These two stars, which are the eyes of of thyself, it behoves us to depaint thy the world, are two globes, which not having wonderful essence; but for that reason been thought beautiful enough to make a alone it is impossible to praise thee ac- part of the structure of thy mansion were cording to thy merit, O Father of the placed at the avenues. faithful!

“ The famous bird which is placed over “ Thou art all that thou deservedst to the roof of thy palace raises from the earth be; but who can comprehend thy merit, the nine vaults of heaven like a grain of unless it be thy God? 0 Master of the wheat. faithful !

“ Whatever the gulph of predestination “ We beg all as poor beggars at the gate encloses, its wonders and its prodigies came of thy Beneficence, and the kings of the not to light, nor were made manifest but world are in the number of those beggars, by thy commandment. O Master of the faithful !

“ The humble slave of thy grandeur, poor “ The price of thy favours surpasses the Hassan, employs himself day and night every capacity of human understanding. The

The year, every month in the country of Amul weight of thy majesty and thy glory is too to sing thy praises. heavy for the shoulders of human under- Devoutly he prostrates his face to the standing."

earth at the gate of thy glorious palace; he The sixth Song.

exposes to thy eyes a sick heart, of which he

implores from thee the cure. Being of an unconceivable puissance,

“ Can a man conceal his distemper from the coinmands of Providence are executed

a wholesome remedy ? Certainly it is no by thy orders.

Thou canst turn with thy piece of wisdom for a man to conceal his hand alone the vast celestial sphere.

distemper from an infallible and sovereign “ The Sun, under whose shadow and auspicious omens Nature rolls, is but a glittering bcam of the clasp of thy girdle.

The seventh Song. · The eternal fountain of which the visible “ Glorious city of Nedgef, since thou art ocean is not so much as a single drop, is become the mansion of the son of the faith, itself but a drop to the sea of thy bounty. thy territory is become more honourable

“ Iluman wit, that divided the world into than the country of Zemzem and Mecca the four parts, is no more with thee than an holy. atom of dust. He divides his knowledge Nedgef is the true Kabeh? for people into ten degrees, but how many degrees are that seek the truth, because the adamant of required to be a canton of thy knowledge. religion has there his habitation.

“ The Superiour of the College of the “ Which is also the son of pure belief, Creation, Gabriel, with all his art and the Master of the faithful, the Governor of knowledge, is but a meer scholar to thee. the kingdom of the love of God, the chief

“ The verses of the Alcoran, which assure of the citizens of the heavenly Babylon. men of the favour and mercy of God, were “ () destroyer of heresy, thou art the sent from heaven for thy sake.

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secretary of the commandments of divine

1 “ The Mahometans say that God created the world by the ministry of angels, which is drawn from the theology of the Jews."

2 « The house of Abraham, to which the Aleoran commands pilgrimage once in a man's life.”


inspiration, the judge of things commanded confreres le secourent sans en être priez. or forbidden.

Si son fusil se crève ou se casse, chacun 6* If the idea of thee the most noble in d'eux s'empresse à lui en offrir un autre. divine sense were not in the world, the Si ses enfans sont pris ou tuez par les enworld would be but an imperfect and sense- nemis, on lui donne autant d'esclaves qu'il less figure.

en a besoin pour le faire subsister. Il n'y " Supreme majesty, who hast augmented a que ceux qui sont Chretiens, et qui dethe lustre of the supreme throne, all crea- meurent aux portes de nos villes, chez qui tures incessantly praise thy name.

l'argent soit en usage. Les autres ne veu“ The sun is less than an atoin in the lent ni le manier, ni même le voir, ils l'apheaven of assemblies where thou art ho- | pellent le Serpent des François. Ils disent noured : and the atoms are greater than the qu'on se tuë, qu'on se pille, qu'on se diffame, sun, upon those places of the earth where qu'on se vend, et qu'on se trahit parmi nous thou hast wrought thy miracles.

pour de l'argent; que les maris vendent “ The crown of Gerashid' is cloudy and leurs femmes, et les meres leurs filles pour tarnished before the heron tuft of thy tur

ce metal.

Ils trouvent étrange que les uns ban. The throne of Fereydon is a wooden ayent plus de bien que les autres, et que bench in comparison of thy seat.

ceux qui en ont le plus, soient estimez da“ The glory of Solomon, who was the vantage que ceux qui en ont le moins. glory of the earth, was a small thing in com- Enfin, ils disent que le tître de Sauvages, parison of thee, because it was only borrow-dont nous les qualitions, nous conviendroit ed of the durable glory of thy servant Sel- mieux que celui d'hommes, puis qu'il n'y a

rien moins que de l'homme sage dans toutes “ The infallibility of Predestination de- nos actions. Ceux qui ont été en France pends only upon thy conduct: she is so ino- m'ont souvent tourmenté sur tous les maux dest as never to set her foot before thine.

qu'ils y ont vu faire, et sur les desordres “ 'Tis a sin to compare thee with man, qui se commettent dans nos villes, pour de for how can a lump of earth pretend to com- l'argent. On a beau leur donner des raisons pare with a diamond of the clearest water? pour leur faire connoitre que la proprieté

“ Human wit cannot find a man equal to des biens est utile au maintien de la Societé; thee, but by turning toward Mahomet. This ils se moquent de tout ce qu'on peut dire is our firm and clear faith, and I say no

sur cela.

Au reste, ils ne se querellent,

ni ne se battent, ni ne se volent, et ne méThey cry with a loud voice upon the disent jamais les uns des autres. gates of Paradise to those that come to visit moquent des Sciences et des Arts, ils se thy highness, you that have repented and raillent de la grande subordination qu'ils are become good people, receive your salary, remarquent parmi nous.

Ils nous trai entering there for ever.

d'esclaves, ils disent que nous sommes des miserables dont la vie ne tient à rien, que

nous nous degradons de notre condition, en [Indian Motion of European Faithlessness.]

nous reduisant à la servitude d'un seul

homme qui peut tout, et qui n'a d'autre " Les Sauvages ne connoissent ni le tien, loi que sa volonté; que nous nous battons ni le mien, car on peut dire que ce qui est

et nous querellons incessamment, que les à l'un est à l'autre. Lors qu'un Sauvage enfans se moquent de leurs peres, que nous n'a pas réussi à la chasse des castors, ses

ne sommes jamais d'accord; que nous nous

emprisonnons les uns les autres, et que I “The ancient kings of Persia of the first

même nous nous detruisons en public. Ils race and monarchs of the last.”

s'estiment au delà de tout ce qu'on peut


Ils se

s'imaginer, et alleguent pour toute raison, qu'ils sont aussi grands maitres les uns que

[Phantoms, or Estantiguas, about Munda.] les autres, parce que les hommes étant “ Ox dia, como tengo dicho, se ven impêtris d'un même limon, il ne doit point y pressas señales de despojos, de armas y caavoir de distinction, ni de subordination vallos; y ven los moradores encontrarse por entre eux. Ils pretendent que leur con- el aire esquadrones, oyense vozes, como de tentement d'esprit surpasse de beaucoup personas que acometem : estantiguas llama nos richesses; que toutes nos Sciences ne el vulgo Español a semejantes aparencias, o valent

pas celle de savoir passer la vie dans fantasmas, que el vaho de la tierra, quando une tranquillité parfaite ; qu'un homme el Sol sale, ò se pone forma en el aire baxo,

n'est homme chez nous qu'autant qu'il est como se ven en el alto las nubes formadas riche.' Mais que parmi eux, il faut pour en varias figuras, y semejanças.”—MENDOZA. être homme avoir le talent de bien courir, chasser, pêcher, tirer un coup de fleche et de fusil, conduire un canot, savoir faire la

Hawks of Noroega. guerre, connoitre les forets, vivre de peu,

“ The IIawks of Noroega keep alive the construire des cabanes, couper des arbres,

last bird which they catch in a winter day, et savoir faire cent lieuës dans les bois sans

that he may keep their feet warm at night, autre guide ni provision que son arc et ses fleches. Ils disent encore que nous sommes

and at morning they let him go, and obdes trompeurs qui leur vendons de tres

serve which way he flies, that they may not mauvaises marchandises quatre fois plus

hunt in that quarter, not wishing to hurt

him for the comfort he has given them.”— qu'elles ne valent, en echange de leurs cas

Arte de Furtar. tors; que nos fusils crèvent à tout moment et les estropient, apres les avoir bien payez. Je voudrois avoir le tems de vous raconter toutes les sottises qu'ils disent touchant nos

[Vision of the two Jesuits.] manieres, il y auroit de quoi m'occuper dix 1576. Two Jesuits were going from S. ou douze jours.”—LA Hontan.

Vicente, in Brazil, to N. Senhora da Conçeicam de Itanhae. “Fazendo seu caminho

estes Religiosos, fechouse a noite, & come[Circassian Gentlemen.]

caram a ver ao longe, como distancia de “ Ceux qui tiennent parmi eux (les Cir- tres, ou quatro legoas pella, mesma praia, cassiens) le rang de gentils-hommes, sont hum fogo grande, et afastados delles outros tout le jour sans rien faire, demeurent assis menores, que deziam ser outo, outros, doze, et parlent fort peu.”—TAVERNIER.

a modo de figuras humanas; cuja vista comecou a metellos em medo & espanto; mas

apagouse presto & desapareceo. Porem [Superstition relative to the Indian Crocodile.] | quanda menos cuidavam, tornarom a ver o

“ The Indian Crocodile is easily tamed. mesmo portento mais temeroso, & pello Some of the Malays at Batavia are so su- mesmo modo, & tam perto de si, que claraperstitious as to imagine that such a croco- mente enxergavam ser a maneira de hum dile is their brother or sister. They endea- corpo humano, o qual lançava da cabeça vour, therefore, to save some of their pro- grandes chamas de fogo, como se cada qual visions, that they may every day carry food

dos cabellos della fora a luz de huma grande to the crocodile, which approaches at their tocha, mas de diversa cor : ficaram atonitos call.”—Forster's Note to Fra Paolino da os Padres a vista de couza tam horrenda, San Bartolomeo's Voyage to the East In- mas com mais excesso, quando viram que dies.

abrindo as costas despedia de dentro das

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