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as they will, their vague common-places about that human nature which they have never carnestly studied ; it remains a truth, that there is no true light for the guidance of a man save that which is evolved from his own conscience. This light was darkened in the mind of Benlow. He had been taught to consider his own true character as a mist and had been told that, to make himself a man, he must submit his mind and his affections to the sway of a dominant cant. IIc tried the experiment: the result may be guessed. For some little time he appeared devoted to uncongenial studies; but, as his dislike of the course chosen for him increased, he became less and less careful in his conduct, until he found himself associated with the most reckless and dissipated men of the university. IIe soon became one of the latest sitters at the convivial table ; he knew the way to Bicester well ; he gave parties ; followed the hounds; accumulated debts, and, after two years, returned to Copseley with some proof that education had had some effect upon him ; for he was altogether an altered man.

IIe had not been at Copseley many weeks before lie quarrelled with the old Squire. There had been some mention of again requiring tlie services of lír. Holmes to prepare Tom for ordination.

You 'll never make me a parson,—mind you that, I'm fixed ! said Tom,

" Why? Why? Why not?" stammered the old Squire.

6. Because I was never intended to be a parson,—I am not fit for the office,” said Tom.

“ And if you are not fit, whosc fault is it ? ” asked the father, in anger ; “I have laid out money enough upon you to make you fit!

“ Then you might have spent it in a better way,” said Tom. “ You 'll disappoint all my best hopes,” said the Squire.

· For that I care not a straw, said Tom, leaving the room,

To make the story brief,—Tom engaged a house a few miles from Copseley, and undertook the management of one of the old Squire's farms. IIe was never seen druik; but was known to be one of the hardest drinkers in the neighbourhood, and, in other respects, a dissipated character. IIc died, a bachelor, at the carly age of thirty-two.

As he drank, talked, and laughed, like other country gentlemen, it might appear ludicrous if it were said that Tom dieil, at last, of a broken heart ; but this may be said, without fear of contradic


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tion, that his life was made unhappy, and, probably, shortened by a mode of clucation without regaril to liis natural character, by the perversion instead of the development of his good faculties.

A tree is cultivated as a free: a flower is treated with a regard to its innate constitution; when shall we learn to respect man, and to cilucate him according to the nature of the faculties with which he is enduweil !

J. G.

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Mais ile licilo haul, panny ann weak,
Ours all the thamilan arms, m:trains in leak;
Mine is the aion of car for the prve,
Ours is the earth, with Lill, valley, and ware:
Mine will evanish like corp0.40 in ile soil,
Ours will arise to ihr liezven of Girl!

Mine is the secret prayer, breath I low and lone,
Ours is the anthem of coliquering ivne ;
Mine is the little flower nurturii in ceart,
Ours are the blossoming Edens of carth:
Mine will evanish like corpse in ihe soul,
(urs will arise to the heaven of (iul!
Mine is the brain that but gleams like a spark,
Ours are the thouglis like stars lighting the dark;
Mine is the heart ihat beats fearfully hurlil,
Ours are the heart-throbs that gladden the world:
Mine will evanisl like corpse in the sol,
Ours will arise to the heaven of God!
Mine is the hermit-lise, lone in it: hours,
Ours are humanity's loves; thoughts, aral powers
Mine, scarcely mine, is this frame, civom'd to fall,
Ours is our God, common Parent of all !
Mine will evanish like corpse in the soul,
Ours will arise to the heaven of God !






7th, 1846. WELL, DEAREST Mrs. RUSTLER,—

Over the sea

Maiden we flee ! As Anacreon Moore's Zeluco so sweetly sung to his Haidee. Bounding in my birth on the briny and bottomless billows,—a helpless worm,-my playmates the Behemoth and the Shark, whose tooth, “ sharper than a thankless child,” has cut short so many a dauntless mariner's thread-you will be solicitous to hear whether elevation or depression ruled the hour, as I quitted the white cliffs of free-born Britain, to make acquaintance with the stranger's heart

O wound it well ! —and to study in foreign lands the manners denied us at home! Shall I own that I vibrated betwixt tearfulness and triumphancy? between the willows of Jeremiah and Deborah's exultant harp ? 0, believe me, not unfelt was the relief of being delivered from a companion whose perpetual thoughtlessness quashed my animation in the bud, and whose ever-springing audacities called for the assumption of a prematurity of matronliness ! Destructive as were my attempts to direct Mrs. Niblett—of all that frankness in myself which I ever cherished as a young woman's sweetest appanage; when her folly was at my side, it was

needful for your friend to garb herself in a frigidity of observance, in spite of her own too warm heart's pleading protests—fluttering against its barricades, like the caged halcyon, who “ fain would sing, yet cannot.” Her observations, how futile !--the tone of her mind how insipid to the car ! "No," said I, as our barque (the Heir Apparent, Captain Crumpleton) rushed over the eddying whirls” of which Dean Swift's hymn gives us so lively a portraiture, “ No ! 'tis over! Self-effacement, adicu! IIenceforth, Diana! walk on thy path of Pilgrimage unencumbered—and light be the thorns beneath !" Continent, I hail thee! False centre of

untoward sophistication ! England !-nurse of delusions, and enfeebled by the luxury of Mammon's children, (who wring from the labourer the sweat of his brow to clothe their limbs in Corinthian purple !), I shake thy dust from my fect!”

So flowed my thoughts lyrically, while descending the associative Thames. Daylight had deceased on the storied shores of my ungrateful country, ere I vielded to fond entreaty, and meditation and anticipative delight were exchanged for the heavings of undignificd agony !

6. Tlie sea is a vrious business!” as dear Mr. Pecker said in his jocose mood, to cheer his failing partner, who saw Tinglebury in every cloud-and, in every white pinioned rambler of the expansitive waters, one of the well-known fowl of her leisure moments " who will cackle for her,” she touchingly observes “in vain." These traits were hardly required to authenticate that the leckers are the leckers still-abroad or at home, the same proudly-sterling pair ! --an is of Christian guardianship to a young and inexperienced pilgrim, proceeding forth, my dear, with * unexplained intents big with resistless meaning." You would have been touched to observe how Mr. l'ecker's active mind, which, like the Elephant's trunk, grasps the most minute details, was able to turn from the woes of his annihilated nation, to the preparations for a scene so new and unaccustomed. He was everywhere. Thanks to liis fore-sighted invention, our equipment has assumed a completeness befitting those whose hymn of praiso is order, and with whom brotherly kindness implies aids to failing nature, undemanded by those whose unawakened intellectual energies leave the scabbard at peace. Solicitous not to monopolize,—where other souls more selfish might have striven to elicit patents,-)Ir. Pecker las merely circumstantially substantiated his plea hy a correspondential account (with diagrammatic annexations) to the venerable Lindley Murray. One feature I may mention--a limber bell attached to the portmanteau's interior, which mores respondent to the slightest stranger's digit. We have each one. Ilow sweetly might this unconscious guardian of our possessions, my dear, be adopted to an example, by all who would watch over that most inestimable of treasures. O may we be each like that metallic monitor,—and our cars tingle whensoever the hand of the scoffor, or those given to abstract philosophisings, assail our inmost cell! Little less active in the device of alleviations for the sufferings of his sensitive partner, it was inspiriting to watch our relative's calm sense combatting in

anticipation the pangs which the watery element inflicts on her behalf. IIomeopathic medicaments were dismissed as futilesince, having tried them on land, no ostensible sea-sickness accrued, as we were acquainted would be the case, from the principles of contrary motion, which it is the tendency of Dr. Homo (the founder of the system) to encourage. The aquatic cure was next canvasscd :—and an ample sponge ready saturated kept for several days in readiness, but, for once, dear Mrs. Becker's gentle spirit asserted the unreasonableness of frail humanity. “To be sopped, she said, simply, “when on the water itself, was a contradiction in terins.” To meet her non-acquiescence, her guide and partner's inventive fertility proposed the expedient of a perpetual rocking motion maintained by way of initiation into the oscillation of the waves : and useful, likewise, as diverting apprehension from its anxieties. This was carried into effect with great success, so far as Greenwich, Mrs. Pecker having prepared herself by previous installation in her berth. A prostration thence, on the floor, caused by a too sudden gyration, was followed by such stiffness and dizziness, that the experiment could not be carried out. hysteric tears taking its place. But Mr. Pecker enjoins me to recommend it at Wailford. The Miss Blackadders, he thinks, used to profess distemperature on your sheet of ornamental water. IIave I been prolix? My desire to serve those I love in Old England is my excuse : for we are aware that a few are still waiting for our communications, who have not bowed the knee to the delusive crew of ('obilen and O'Connell !

Some of our Belgravian friends were on board Thc lleir Apparcnt : dear Lady Tallboys, her venerable Aunt-and the latter's Italian medical attendant.—These cyes, my dear, never beheld a more Hyperionic form, than that of the young physician. Thus looked David Rizzio when singing the madrigals of Beza to Mary of Arragon! The domestical elegance of this cortège imparted the flavour of aristocratic refinement to our society. Vor was Truth without its witness here upon the trackless waves. The Author of “ Lucifer," whose profound satires have made the Powers of Evil more than once quake, hallowed The lleir Apparent : with his wifc—the latter a woman of an unfcigned mediocrity of aspect. Though—in endeavouring to accost Lady Tallboys hy a multiplicity of Christian advances, to which her preoccupied mind precluded responses, his valuable time was anxiously engaged—your friend ventured, while she yet trod the deck, to

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