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Under the shadow of Thy throne

Thy saints have dwelt secure;
Sufficient is Thine arm alone,

And our defence is sure.

3 Before the hills in order stood,

Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting Thou art God,

To endless years the same.

4 A thousand ages in Thy sight

Are like an evening gone;
Short as the watch that ends the night

Before the rising sun.

5 The busy tribes of flesh and blood,

With all their lives and cares,
Are carried downwards by Thy flood,

And lost in following years.

6 Time, like an ever-rolling stream,

Bears all its sons away ;
They fly forgotten, as a dream

Dies at the opening day.

7 O God, our help in ages past;

Our hope for years to come ;
Be Thou our guard while troubles last,
And our eternal home! Amen.

1. Watts.


General Occasions of Worship.


1 GOD in His temple let us meet ;

Low on our knees before Him bend ;
Here hath He fixed His mercy-seat,

Here on His worship we attend.




ise into Thy resting-place,

Thou and Thine ark of strength, O Lord ! Shine through the veil, we seek Thy face ;

Speak, for we hearken to Thy word.


With righteousness Thy priests array ;

Joyful Thy chosen people be:
Let those who teach, and hear, and pray,
Let all-be holiness to Thee. Amen.

7. Montgomery.


To Thy temple we repair ;
Lord, we love to worship there;
When within the veil we meet
Christ before the mercy-seat.

2 While Thy glorious praise is sung,

Touch our lips, unloose our tongue,
That our joyful souls may bless
Thee, the Lord our Righteousness.

3 While the prayers of saints ascend,

God of love, to ours attend :
Hear us, for Thy Spirit pleads ;
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

4 While Thy ministers proclaim

Peace and pardon in Thy Name,
Through their voice, by faith, may we
Hear the word of power from Thee.

5 From Thy house when we return,

May our hearts within us burn;
And at evening let us say,
We have walked with God to-day! Amen.

7. Montgomery.*




FORTH from the dark and stormy sky,
Lord, to Thine altar's shade we fly ;
Forth from the world, its hope and fear,
Saviour, we seek Thy shelter here:
Weary and weak, Thy grace we pray ;
Turn not, O Lord, Thy guests away.

2 Long have we roamed in want and pain ;

Long have we sought Thy rest in vain ;
Wildered in doubt, in darkness lost,
Long have our souls been tempest-tost :
Low at Thy feet our sins we lay ;
Turn not, O Lord, Thy guests away. Amen.

Bp. R. Heber.




O quam juvat fratres, Deus.
O LORD, how joyful 'tis to see
The brethren join in love to Thee !
On Thee alone their heart relies,
Their only strength Thy grace supplies.
How sweet, within Thy holy place,
With one accord to sing Thy grace,
Besieging Thine attentive ear

With all the force of fervent prayer. 3 O may we love the house of God, Of

peace and joy the blest abode ! O may no angry strife destroy

That sacred peace, that holy joy!
4. The world without may rage, but we

Will only cling more close to Thee,
With hearts to Thee more wholly given,

More weaned from earth. more fixed on heaven. 5 Lord, shower upon us from above

The sacred gift of mutual love ;
May we each other's wants supply,
And reign together in the sky. Amen.

7. Chandler. (tr.)



Lo! God is here ! let us adore,

And own how dreadful is this place ;
Let all within us feel His power,

And silent bow before His face !
Who know His


His grace who prove, Serve Him with awe, with reverence love.


Lo! God is here! Him day and night

Th’united quires of angels sing :
To Him, enthroned above all height,

Heaven's hosts their noblest praises bring :
Disdain not, Lord, our meaner song,
Who praise Thee with a stammering tongue.

3 Gladly the toys of earth we leave,

Wealth, pleasure, fame, for Thee alone :
To Thee our will, soul, flesh, we give ;

O take, O seal them for Thine own!
Thou art the God! Thou art the Lord !
Be Thou by all Thy works adored !

4 Being of beings, may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill ;
Still may we stand before Thy face,

Still hear and do Thy sovereign will:
To Thee may all our thoughts arise,
Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice! Amen.

G. Tersteegen. C. Wesley. (tr.)

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