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Burnt cotton (not repicked).

Inf. S. Burnt fibers (see: "Fibers, burnt").

Inf. S.. Bursters (explosive) (see: "Boosters”).

Expl. A. Butadiene, inhibited.

Inf. G. Butane (see: "Liquefied petroleum gas"). *Butyl acetate.

Inf. L. *Butyl acetate.

Comb. L. *Butyl alcohol (see: Alcohol, N. 0. S.).

Comb. L. *Butyl alcohol (see: Alcohol, N.O.S.).

Inf. L. Butyl ether....

Comb. L.. Butyl mercaptan (see: "Mercaptans”).

Inf. L. Butyl trichlorosilane.

Cor. L. Butyraldehyde...

Inf. L. Cacodylic acid, solid (dimethylarsenic).

Pois. B. Calcium arsenate, solid.

Pois. B. Calcium arsenite, solid.

Pois. B. Calcium carbide..

Haz. Calcium chlorate (see: “Chlorateg").

Oxy. M. Calcium chlorite...

Oxy. M. Calcium cyanamide, not bydrated..

Haz.. Calcium cyanide (see: "Cyanides, etc.")..

Pois. B.. Calcium hypochlorite (see: "Bleaching powder" or "Calcium hypo

chlorite compounds, dry"). Calcium hypochlorite compounds, dry, containing more than 39 per

Oxy. M. cent available chlorine. Calcium, metallic...

Inf. S.. Calcium, metallic, crystalline..

Inf. s. Calcium nitrate (see: “Nitrates").

Oxy. M. Calcium permanganate (see: “Permanganates")

Oxy. M. Calcium peroxide.

Oxy. M. Calcium phosphide..

Inf. s. Calcium resinate.

Inf. S. Calcium resinate, fused.

Inf. S.. Camphene.

Camphor oil

Comb. L.
Cannon powder (see: “Black powder").
Cannon primers (see: “Primer8").

Expl. c.
Caprylyl peroxide solution..

Oxy. M.
Caps, blasting (see: “Blasting caps").
Caps, toy (see: "Toy caps").
Carbolic acid (phenol), liquid

Pois. B
Carbolic acid, fused, solid

Pois. B. Carbolic acid (phenol), solid.

Pois. B. Carbon bisulfide (disulfide).

Inf. L. Carbon dioxide gas, liquefied (mining device).

Noninf. G. Carbon dioxide, liquefied..

Noninf. G. Carbon dioxide-nitrous oxide mixture.

Noninf. G. Carbon dioxide-oxygen mixture.

Noninf. G.
Carbon dioxide, solid.

Carbon disulfide (see: “Carbon bisulfide”).
Carbon monoxide.

Inf. G.
*Carbon remover, liquid (see: “Compounds, cleaning, liquid"). Comb. L.
*Carbon remover, liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, liquid"). Inf. L..
Carbonyl chloride (see: "Phosgene").
*Carboys, empty.

Cartridge bags, empty, with black powder igniters (see: “Igniters") - Expl. C.
Cartridge cases, empty, primed (see: “Primers"),

Expl. C.
*Case oil (see: "Benzene, Benzine, Gasoline, etc.").
Casinghead gasoline (see: “Gasoline").
Castor beans.

Castor pomace (see: "Castor beans”')
Caustic potash, liquid..

Cor. L..
Caustic potash, solid.

Haz. Caustic soda, liquid.

Cor. L. Caustic soda, solid.

Haz.. "Cellosolve" (see: "Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether"). Cellosolve" acetate (see:"Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate"). *Cement, container, liquid..

Comb. L... *Cement, container, liquid..

Inf. L.. *Cement, leather.

Comb. L. *Cement, leather.

Inf. L.. *Cement, linoleum.

Comb. L.. *Cement, linoleum.

Inf. L. *Cement, liquid, N. 0. S.

Comb. L. *Cement, liquid, N.O.S.

Inf. L... *Cement, pyroxylin.

Comb. L. *Cement, pyroxylin..

Inf. L. *Cement, roofing, liquid..

Comb. L.. *Cement, roofing, liquid..

Inf. L. *Cement, rubber.

Comb. L. *Cement, rubber

Inf. L. *Cement, tile..

Comb. L. *Cement, tile

Inf. L. 1 Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.


*Cement, wallboard

Comb. L... *Cement, wallboard.

Inf. L..

Red. Cesium 137 (see: "Radioactive materials, groups I and II").

Pois. D... Poison radioactive

materials (red). Charcoal, Activated.

Inf. s. Charcoal briquets...

Inf. S. Charcoal screenings made frona'pinon" wood.

Inf. S.. Charcoal screenings, wet.

Not permitted. Charcoal, shell.

Inf. S.

Gotolog Charcoal, wet.

Not permitted.

o rozho Charcoal, wood, crushed, granulated, ground or pulverized.

Inf. s.

Yellow.otboll Charcoal, wood, lump

Inf. 8. Charcoal, wood screenings, other than "pinon" wood screenings.. Inf. S.

Yellow. Charged oil well jet perforating guns.

Not permitted.

Britto Chemical ammunition (containing class A poisonous gases or liquids). Pois. A.

Poison gas. dulo Chemical ammunition (containing class B poisons, liquids or gases). Pois. B..

Poison. on doo Chemical ammunition (containing class C poisons, liquids or solids). Pois. CRAS

Tear gas. Chemical ammunition, explosive (see: "Ammunition, chemical, ecplo

De Santa sive").

sinis *Chemical kits..


LOL * Chemicals, N.O.S. (see: "Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics,

DES N. 0. 9.”).

hittil A DO Chloracetophenone, gas, liquid or solid.

Pois. C

Tear gas Chloracetyl chloride...

... Cor. L.


White. O *Chlorate and borate mixtures.

Oxy. M.

Yellow.) 19 *Chlorate and magnesium chloride mixtures.

Oxy. M.

Yellow. bamboo Chlorate explosives, dry (see: "High explosives").

மாம் பாபமா Chlorate of potash (see: "Chlorates")

Oxy. M.

Yellow. Ono Chlorate of soda (see: Chlorates").

Oxy. M.

Yellow.debian Chlorate powders (see: "High explosives"). Chlorates..

Oxy. M..

Yellow. Chlorates, N. 0. S. (see: "Chlorates")

Oxy. M.

Yellow. But Chlorates, N. 0. S., wet (see: “Chlorates, wet").

Oxy. M.


Yellow Chlorates, wet

Oxy. M.

Yellow Chlorbenzene (see: “Chlorobenzol").

Comb. L.

one be Chlorbenzol (see: "Chlorobenzol").

Comb. L. 20

BUCO Chloride of lime (see: “Bleaching powder"). Chloride of phosphorus (see: "Phosphorus trichloride").

Cor. L..

White. Chloride of sulfur (see: "Sulfur chloride").

Cor. L..

White. Chlorinated lime (see: "Bleaching powder").


10.32 Chlorine...

Noninf. G.

Green gas.
Chlorine, liquid, in bulk (see: $ 146.24-80).
Chlorine dioxide hydrate, frozen..

Not permitted
Chlorine trifluoride.

Cor. L...

White. Chlorobenzene (see: “Chlorobenzol").

Comb. L.. Chlorobenzol.

Comb. L. Chlorobenzoyl peroxide (para), dry.

Oxy. M. Chlorobenzoyl peroxide (para), wet

Oxy. M.

Yellow. uso Chlorodinitrobenzol (see: "Dinitrochlorbenzol, solid”). Chlorosulfonic acid.

Cor. L.

White. Chlorosulfonic acid-sulfur trioxide mixture..

Cor. L.

White. 4 Chloro-o-toluidine hydrochloride..

Pois. B

Poison. hp Chlorpicrin, absorbed...

Pois. B

Poison. Chlorpicrin and methyl chloride, mixtures..

Pois. A. .... Poison gas. Chlorpicrin and noninflammable, nonliquefied compressed gas mix- Pois, A.

Poison gas. tures (see: "Chlorpicrin and methyl chloride, mixtures”).

S180 Chlorpicrin, liquid.

Pois. B

Poison. To no

Pois. B


borgo o o EVO 7509 Chromic acid..

Oxy. M.

Yellow Chromic acid solution.

Cor. L..

White. Chromic anhydride (see: "Chromic acid").

10 Chromium trioxide (see "Chromic acid”). Chromyl chloride...

Cor. L.

White. Cigar and cigarette lighter fluid.

Inf. L..

Cigarette lighters charged with fuel (see: $ 146.05–3 (d)).
Cigarette loads (see: "Explosive auto alarms, etc.").

Expl. C. *Cleaning fluid or liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning liquid”). Comb. L........ *Cleaning fluid or liquid (see: Compounds, cleaning liquid"). Inf. L........... Red. den Cloud gas cylinders (see:“ Chemical ammunition"). Coal briquets, hot.

Not permitted... Coal facings.

Inf. S..

Coal gas (see: "Hydrocarbon gas, nonliquefied").
Coal oil (export shipment only-see "Kerosene").

Comb. L. *Coal tar distillate.

Inf. L.

Red. *Coal tar distillate, N. 0. S.

Comb. L. *Coal tar light oil.

Comb. L..

One *Coal tar light oil (see: "Benzine")

Inf. L.

Red. TO *Coal tar naphtha.

Comb. L.

0910 Boy *Coal tar naphtha.

Inf. L...

Red. *Coal tar oil

Comb. L..

London *Coal tar oil

Inf. L...

Red. bio *Coating solution (see: "Cement, leather").

Comb. L. · Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.



*Coating solution (see: "Cement, leather").

Inf. L..

Rea Cobalt resinate, fused..

No restrictions. Cobalt, resinate, precipitated (see: "Calcium resinate").

Inf. S.

Yellow Cobalt 60 (see: "Radioactive materials, groups I and II").

Pois. D.

Poison radioactive

materias (red). Cocculus, solid (fishberry)....

Pois. B.

Coir (see: "Fibers").
Coke, hot..

Not permitted.

Inf. L.

Collodion cotton, wet (see: "Wet nitrocellulose").
Collodion cotton, wet with water (export shipments only) (see: "Wet Oxy. M.

Cologne spirits (alcohol) (see: "Alcohol or alcohol, N. 0. 8.”).-.-.-.-.Inf. L...

Colored fire (see: "Fireworks, common").
Columbian spirits (wood alcohol) (see: "Alcohol or alcohol, N.O.S.”). Inf. L..

Combination fuzes (see: “Fuzes")

Expl. C. Combination primers (see: “Primers").

Expl. C..
Combustible liquid, N. 0. S....

Comb. L...
Commercial shaped charges (see: “High explosives").
Common fireworks (see: "Fireworks, common").

Expl. C. *Compounds, cleaning, liquid.

Comb. L. *Compounds, cleaning, liquid.

Cor. L...

White *Compounds, cleaning, liquid..

Inf. L.

Compounds, cleaning, liquid (containing hydrochloric (muriatic) Cor. L.

acid) (see: "Hydrochloric (muriatic) acid").
Compounds, cleaning, liquid containing hydrofluoric acid).... Cor. L.

White. *Compounds, enamel (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Comb. L... *Compounds, enamel (see: "Compounds, lacquer, etc., removing, Inf. L....

Red. reducing or thinning, liquid"). *Compounds, iron or steel rust preventing or removing...

Cor. L.

White. *Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish, etc., removing, reducing, or Comb. L..

*Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish, etc., removing, reducing, or Int. L......

thinning, liquid.
"Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish removing, liquid..

Comb. L.... *Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish removing, liquid.

Cor. L.

White. *Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish thinning, liquid..

Comb. L. *Compounds, polishing, liquid (see: "Polishes, metal, etc.").

Comb. L.. *Compounds, polishing, liquid (see: "Polishes, metal, etc."').

Inf. L...

Red. * Compounds, tree or weed killing, liquid.

Comb. L. *Compounds, tree or weed killing, liquid.

Inf. L.

Red. *Compounds, tree or weed killing, liquid.

Pois. B.

Poison. Compounds, tree or weed killing, solid.

Oxy. M..

Yellow. *Compounds. type cleaning, liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Comb. L.

*Compounds, type cleaning, iquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Inf. L..

*Compounds, vulcanizing. liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Comb. L..

liquid"). *Compounds. vulcanizing, liquid.

Cor. L.

White. *Compounds, vulcanizing, liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Inf. L.

Red. liquid"). Compressed gases, N. 0. S..--

Inf. G. or Noninf. G. Red or green gas. Containers, empty (see: “Bottles, empty", "Carboys, empty", or

“Drums, empty"). Copper acetoarsenite, solid..

Pois. B.

Copper arsenite, solid (Scheele's green, cupric green, copper orthoarsenite, Pois. B.

Swedish green).
Copper cyanide (see: "Cyanide of copper").

No restrictions.

Haz. Cordeau detonant fuse.

Expl. C. Corrosive battery fluid (see: "Electrolyte acid or alkaline battery Cor. L..

White. fluid"). Corrosive liquid, N. 0. S.

Cor. L.

White. Cotton..

Haz.. Cotton batting

Haz. Cotton batting dross.

Haz. Cotton, burnt (not repicked) (see: "Burnt cotton (not repicked"). Inf. s. Cotton seed hull fiber or shavings, pulp or cut linters..

Haz. Cotton sweepings (see: "Cotton waste").

Haz. Cotton wadding

Haz. Cotton waste.

Haz. Cotton waste, oily with more than 5 percent animal or vegetable oil. Inf. S.

Yellow. *Creosote, coal tar.

Comb. L..
Creosote oil (see: "Creosote, coal tar”).

Inf. L. *Crude nitrogen fertilizer solution.

Noninf, G

Green gas. *Crude oil, petroleum.

Comb. L.. *Crude oil, petroleum..

Inf. L... Cumene hydroperoxide..

Oxy. M.

Yellow Cupriethylene-diamine solution.

Cor. L.

White. Cyanide of calcium, solid...

Pois B.

Poison. Cyanide of calcium mixtures, solid.

Pois. B

Poison. 1 Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.



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Cyanide of copper.

No restrictions. spil suo Cyanide of lead.

No restrictions. Ball lowlalatii Cyanide of potassium, liquid.

Pois. B..

Poison. budak Cyanide of potassium, solid.

Pois. B..

Poison.elyisega Cyanide of silver..

No restrictions

Toaleta Cyanide of sodium, liquid..

Pois. B.

Poison. On zodata Cyanide of sodium, solid.

Pois. B.

Poison. 3ointer Cyanide of zinc..

No restrictions

inlyabod Cyanides or cyanide mixtures, dry...

Pois. B.

Poison. Cyanogen bromide..

Pois, B.

Poison. Cyanogen chloride containing less than 0.9 percent water.

Pois. A

Poison gas. 2017 Cyanogen gas..

Pois. A..

Poison gas. COLT Cyclohexane.

Inf. L.

Red, Cyclohexanone peroxide not over 50% concentration

Oxy. M

Yellow." Cyclohexanone peroxide over 50% concentration but not exceeding Oxy. M.

Yellow. UI 85% concentration, dry. Cyclohexanone peroxide over 50% concentration but not exceeding Oxy. M. 85% concentration, wet. Cyclohexenyl trichlorosilane.


Cor. L... ....... White." Cyclohexyltrichlorosilane.

Cor. L..

White. Cyclopentane.

Inf. L.

Red. Cyclopentane, methyl.

In L.

Red. BOTO Cyclopropane.

Inf. G.....

Red gass
Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine,desensitized. (see: "High explosives")
Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, wet with not less than 10% of water (see:
"High explosives").

Cylinders, empty

Dead oil (see: "Creosote, coal tar")

Inj. S..

Yellow. *Decahydronaphthalene.

Comb. L.

Epiups as ! Decalin (see: "Decahydronaphthalene").

Det Delay electric igniters (see: "Igniter8"').

Expl C.....

2) Denatured alcohol (see: Alcohol, N. 0. S.).

Inf. L.----

Red. Depth bombs (see: "Explosive bombs")

Detonating fuze parts containing an explosive (see: "Initiating of Expl. A.

priming explosides").
Detonating fuzes, class A explosives (see: "Initiating or priming ex- Expl A.

Detonating fuzes, class A explosives, with or without radioactive Expl. A....

components (see: “Initiating or priming explosives"). Detonating fuzes, class C explosives...

Expl. c.
Detonating primers (see: "Initiating or priming explosives").

Expl. A
Diazodinitrophenol (see: "Initiating or priming explosives").
Dichlorethylene (see: "Ethylene dichloride").

Inf. L.

Red. Dichlorodifluoromethane.

Noninf. G

Green gas. Dichlorodifluoromethane and difluoroethane mixture (constant boiling Noninf. G..

Green mirture). Dichlorodifluoromethane-dichlorotetrafluoroethane mixture.

Noninf. G

Green Dichlorodifluoromethane-monochlorodifluoromethane mixture.. Noninf. G.

Green gas. Dichlorodifluoromethane-monofluorotrichloromethane mixture. Noninf. G.

Green gas. LES Dichlorodifluoromethane - trichloromonofluoromethane - monochloro- Noninf. G.

difluoromethane mixture. Dichlorodifluoromethane-trichlorotrifluoroethane mixture..

Noninf. G. Dichloropentane.

Comb. L. Dicumyl peroxide, solid (see: oxydizing materials, N.O.S.).

Oxy. M.

Yellow. Dicumyl peroxide, 50 percent solution (see: "Cumene hydroperox- Oxy. M..

Yellow. ide"). Diethyl aluminum chloride (see: Aluminum trlethyl)..

Inf. L...

Diethyl Cellosolve” (see: "Ethylene glycol diethyl ether").
Diethyl dichlorosilane

Cor. L..

White. Diethylamine..

Inf. L.

Red. Diethylene glycol dinitrate.

Prohibited. Difluoroethane (ethylene fluoride).

Iní. G.

Red gas. Difluromonochloroethane..

Inf. G.

Red gas. Difluorophosphoric acid, anhydrous.

Cor. L..

Dlisobutyl ketone

Comb. L..
Di iso octyl acid phosphate.-

Cor. L..

Dimethoxy strychnine (see: "Brucine, solid”).
Dimethyl dichlorosilane (see: "Ethyl trichlorosilane").

Inf. L.

Red. Dimethyl ether.

Inf. G.

Red gas. Dimethyl sulfate.

Cor. L..

White. Dimethyl sulfide.

Inf. L.

Red. Dimethylamine, anhydrous.

Inf. G.

Red gas.the Dimethylamine, aqueous solution......

Inf. L.

Dimethylarsenic acid, solid (see: "Cacodylic acid, solid").
Dimethylhexane dihydroperoxide, dry.

Inf. s.

Yellow, Dimethylhexane dihydroperoxide, wet (wet with at least 50 percent of Inf. S..

Yellow, el 13 Dimethylhydrazine unsymmetrical (see: “Methylhydrazine"). Inf. L.

Red. Dinitrobenzol, liquid.

Pois. B Dinitrobenzol, solid.

Pois. B.

Poison. Dinitrochlorbenzol, solid (dinitrochlorbenzene, chlorodinitrobenzol). Pois. B.

Poison. mala Dinitrophenol solutions...

Pois. B.

Poison. 99 1 Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.


Dinitrotoluene, liquid (dinitrotoluol, liquid).

Comb. L.
Dinitrotoluol, liquid (see: "Dinitrotoluene, liquid").
Diphenyl dichlorosilane..

Cor. L.
Diphenylaminechlorarsine gas, liquid or solid.

Pois. C Diphenylchlorarsine, solid.

Pois. C. Diphosgene (see: "Phosgene").

Pois. A. *Disinfectant liquid..

Comb. L. Dodecyltrichlorosilane.

Cor. L. *Dressing, leather (see: “Leather dressing").

Comb. L. *Dressing, leather (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Inf. L. *Driers, paint, varnish, enamel, etc. (see: "Paint, enamel, etc."). Comb. L...... *Driers, paint, varnish, enamel, etc. (see: "Paint, enamel, etc."). Inf. L. Drill cartridges (see: “Ammunition for cannon, nonexplosive"). *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. 0.8

Comb. L. *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. 0. S. (limited quan- Comb. L..

tity). *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. 0. S...

Cor. L... *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N.O.S.

Inf. L. * Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. 0. S. (limited quan- Inf. L.

tity). Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. O.S.

Inf. S. or Oxy. M.. *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. 0. S. (liquid).

Pois. B *Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics, N. O. S. (solid).

Pois. B. *Drums, empty.

Dummy cartridges (see: "Ammunition for cannon, nonexplosive").
Dynamite (see: “High explosives").
Electric blasting caps-more than 1,000 (see: "Initiating or priming Expl. A..

Electric blasting caps-1,000 or less (see: "Blasting caps").
Electric squibs (see: "Igniters").-

Expl. C..
Electric storage batteries, wet (see:“Batteries, electric storage, wet").
Electrolyte (acid) or corrosive battery fluid.

Cor. L.
Electrolyte (acid) or alkaline corrosive battery fluid packed with Cor. L..

battery charger, radiocurrent supply device, or electronic equipment and actuating devices. Electrolyte (acid) or alkaline corrosive battery fluid packed with Cor. L.---storage batteries. Empty cartridge bags-black powder igniters (see: Igniters”). Expl. C. Empty cartridge cases, primed (see: "Primer8")

Expl. C. *Enamel (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Comb. L. *Enamel (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

In. L.. Engine starting fluid..

Inf. G.
Engines, internal combustion (see: “Automobiles, motorcycles, trac-

tors, or other self-propelled vehicles, etc.").
*Eradicators, paint or grease, liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Comb. L...

*Eradicators, paint or grease, liquid (see: "Compounds, cleaning, Inf. L.

liquid"). Essence (export only) (see: “Gasoline").

Inf. L. Ethane.

Inf. G Ether.

Inf. L. Ether, ethyl (sulphuric) (see: "Ether").

Inf. L Ethyl acetate

Inf. L.
Ethyl alcohol (see: Alcohol, N. 0. S.).

Inf. L.
Ethyl aldehyde (see: "Acetaldehyde”).
Ethyl aluminum dichloride (see: Aluminum triethyl)

Inf. L.
Ethyl aluminum sesquichloride (see: Aluminum triethyl).

Inf. L. Ethyl benzene.

Comb. L. Ethyl butyl acetate.

Comb. L. Ethyl butyrate.

Comb. L. Ethyl chloride..

Inf. L...
Ethyl chloroacetate.

Comb. L..
Ethyl chlorocarbonate (see: "Ethyl chloroformate").
Ethyl chloroformate (Ethyl chlorocarbonate).

Cor. L.
Ethyl dichlorosilane.

Inf. L. Ethyl formate..

Inf. L. Ethyl lactate

Comb. L.. Ethyl mercaptan (see "Mercaptans")

Inf. L.-Ethyl methyl ether.

Inf. L. Ethyl methyl ketone.

Inf. L. Ethyl nitrate (nitric ether).

Inf. L. Ethyl nitrite (nitrous ether).

Inf. L.. Ethyl phenyl dichlorosilane.

Cor. L.. Ethyl Silicate...

Comb. L. Ethyl trichlorosilane.

Inf. L.. Ethyldichloroarsine

Pois. A. Ethylene.

Inf. G. Ethylene chlorhydrin.

Comb. L.. Ethylene dichloride.

Inf. L... Ethylene glycol diethyl ether (diethyl Cellosolve").

Comb. L. Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether (Cellosolve").

Comb. L... Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate (Cellosolve" acetate)

Comb. L. Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether (methyl Cellosolve")...

Comb. L... 1 Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detalled regulations.

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