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er, D. D.

EXPEDITION to South AMERICA — The Times, Weber received but forty louis d'ors for his undirst in's liat an exp dition, which prow.ises score the most imp rant results b th tr suvenc- am: comm. rce, is at this ir oment fi tiig oil for thi purpo-c of navigating sim of the most imp'ta..t Uwexplored in suh Ainrica. It is to

SELECT LIST OF RECENT PUBLICATIONS. undir lhe command of Lord R: nelagh. Several nubilernrn and gentlem. n have already volunteer

Gieat Britain. ed to accompany his lordship; :nd the enterp

The Prometheus Chained of Æschylus. sing and scientific band, it is said, will stil as so n as the necessary arrangements shali be completed. Translated into English verse by the Rev.

G. S. Swayne, M. A. CHARLES Buck, Esq., the au'hor of" The Beau A new edition of Bagster's English ties, llarm.nies, and Sublimite: of Nature," a Hexapla. work of gr-at m rit and excelluitf eling, i ublish

History of the Revolt of the Netherlands ed s me tw.nt-five yours ag", and less kuwi than it ought to be, did this werk at Isljigion.- to the Confederacy of the Gueux.

By He lung laburid undor bad he Ith, a'd wys, we Frederick Schiller. Translated from the lament to say, one of th se whu found that litera German by the Rev. A. J. W. Morrison. ture was a very bad wursing mother, even to th

Botany of the Voyage of H. M. S. “Sulgifted and in st devoted of lier children. Misfurtune and sıruugle w re his lot.

phur,” under the command of Sir Edward

Belcher, R. N., &c. VITAL STATISTICS

METROPOLIS.- Memoirs of the Life and CorrespondThe number of deaths registered during the week ence of the late Rev. Joseph Fletcher, D. ending on Saturday, August 22, was 902, of D. Edited by Joseph Fletcher, Jun. which 422 were those of females. This is above the average of the corresponding weeks during

Posthumous Sermons and Valedictory the last five summers by no more than four, Lecture. By the late Rev. Joseph Fletchwbilst it is below the weekly average of deaths for the same number of years by 66. The births

The Water-Cure in Chronic Diseases. during the week were of exactly the same number of each sex, namely, 639, making a increase in By James M. Gully, M. D. the population of 1278.

Journals of Sieges carried on by the

Army under the Duke of Wellington, in The Daupuin of France.-The Count de Spain, during the Years 1811 to 1814. By Paris yesterday entered on his ninth year. cording to the law of succession to the throne, Major General Sir John T. Jones. hie Royal Highness will at ain his majority on the

The Use of the Body in Relation to the 24th August, 1856. The young Prince enjoys Mind. By G. Moore, M. D. good healidi, is tall for his age, quid resembles in

Thoughts on some Important Points refeatures bis lamented father. His education has lating to the System of the World. been most carefully attended 10, and to expresses P. Nicholl, LL. D. himself with facility in Gerinan, Italian, and French.

German University Education; or, the

Professors and Students of Germany. By A Kiss For A Blow.-A visitor once went W. C. Perry. into a school in this city, says the Boston Sun, where he saw a boy and girl on one seat, who

The Rainbow of the Mind, exemplified were brother and sisier. Io a momentof thought in a Dialogue between the Materialist and less passion the little boy struck his sister. The the Author, with the Five Senses in Counlittle girl was provoked, and raisrd her hand 10 cil Assembled, proving the immortality of return the blow. Her face showed that rage was the Soul by the Evidence of Sight. By working within, and his clenched fist was aimed

Addressed to at her brother, when her teacher cauglit lier eye. Capt. H. Rowe, R. N. "Stop, my dear,' said he, you had better kiss every Materialist on the Face of the Globe. your brother than strike bim. The look and the The Sailor's Hope for Himself and the word reached her heart. Her hand dropped Nation; or, Plea for Religion : addressed She threw her arms around his neck and kissed bin. The boy was moved. He could have to all Persons engaged in the Maritime Serstood against the blow, but he could not with vice of the Country, especially that Protecstand a sister's kiss.

live Arm of the Force, the Royal Navy.

By a Naval Officer. DER FREISCHUTZ AGAIN.-Der Freischutz bas

Ninth volume of the Lives of the Queens been performed at Berlin, in celebration of the of England. By Agnes Sir'ckland, anniversary of its first representation five and St. Petersburgh and Moscow: a visit to twenty years ·go. Since its first appearancr, the the Court of the Czar, by R. Southwell opera has been performed at Berlin 239 times. Bourke, 2 vols. has yirlded the treasury of the theatre one hun. dred thousand francs; the same suin bas been

Musings of a Musician, by Henry C. paid to the editor-while poor Carl Maria von


By J.

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