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This index is composed of the following parts:

1. Subject index to all bills introduced in the Senate. II. Subject index to all bills received from the House of Representatives. III. History of Senate bills. IV. Senate history of bills received from the House of Representatives.

V. History of resolutions offered in the Senate. VI. Senate history of resolutions received from the House of Representatives. VII. General index to Senate Journal.



(The references are to bill numbers.)


Accidental injuries, to provide compensation for, 102, 172.
Accident insurance policies, what to contain, 165.

to enable minors to contract for, 351.
Accidents in dangerous occupations, compensation for, 69.
Accounts, to create office of public, 3.
Actions, limitations of real, to amend, 251.

to amend revised statutes relative to limitations of, 331. Adjustment and payment of claims against counties, 160. Admission of attorneys to the bar, 147, 169.

to benefits of soldiers' home, conditions of, 348.

to the bar may not be claimed when not true, 354. Adoption of minors, to amend law for, 167. Adulteration of candies, to prevent, 313.

of foods and drink, to amend act to prevent, 312.

of illuminating oils, 231, 232. Advertising to secure employees, to prohibit false inducements, 126.

of counties, levy of special tax to pay for, 245.
purposes, State coat of arms not to be used for, 400.

to prohibit immoral, 139. Agencies, to prohibit joint express, 371. "Agent," defined, 289. Agents to secure information needed for enforcement of laws, 297. Agricultural college, appropriation for buildings at, 123.

fair grounds, liquors forbidden on, 55.
industrial and trade courses in the public schools, 136.

seeds, to regulate sale of, 427.
Agriculture, publication of reports of State board of, 384.
Aldermen, to fix compensation of in cities, 443.
Alienation by deed and proof and record of conveyances, 194.
Allen, Thomas, to settle the claim of, 431.

Alpena, to locate a normal school at, 357.
Alphabetical index of individual military records, publication of, 341.
Amendment of city charters, to provide for, 268.
Ammunition, to regulate the sale of "fixed,” 319.
Analyses of sugar beets, inspection of, 306.
Ancient documents and records, evidence in certain cases, 195.
Animals, to amend act for prevention of cruelty to, 128.

to prohibit removal of fur bearing from their houses, 264.
Anticipation of highway repair tax by overseer, 380.
Appeal in criminal cases, payment of costs in, 302.
Appeals from probate court, to amend law for, 353.
Apportionment of primary school money, to amend constitution, 163.
Appropriation for addition to State capitol, 241.

Agricultural college, 123.
Board of fish commissioners, 144.
deficiency at State sanatorium, 47.
disbursements at the insane asylums, 39.
disbursements at the prisons, 46.
Eastern Michigan State fair, 179.
expense of Durand riot, 159.
fish hatchery on Saginaw bay, 213.
governor's residence, 140, 356.
Industrial school for boys, 52.
Michigan Dairymen's association, 293.
Michigan reformatory, 20.

school for the blind, 54.

school for the deaf, 61, 122.
military department, 158.
normal school at Alpena, 357.
Northern asylum for insane, 115, 170.
psychopathic hospital, 124.
Public domain commission, 50.
State asylum, 14.

board of health, 432.
highway department, 349.
library, 48.
normal college, 106.
prison, 239, 240.
tuberculosis sanatorium, 75.
teaching embalming at the University, 300.
University, 133.
U. P., hospital for insane, 71.

U. P., normal school, 74.
widow of William T. Densmore, 430.
Army nurses, expense of burial to be borne by counties, 388.

payment of burial expenses of, 299. Articles of association, filing of by certain corporations, 418. Art, to amend act for cultivation of, 308.

to amend act for the formation of corporations for the cultivation of, 308. Assessment of flowage rights on real estate, 332.

of mineral reserved rights, 53.
of personal property, to provide for better, 246, 247.
of property, etc., 35, 41.

of property, to amend schedule for, 127. Assessments, to amend act for the making of special, in certain villages in Wayne

county, 438.
Assistant corporation clerk in office of secretary of state, 358.

State librarian, to fix salary of, 80.
Asylum, appropriation for Northern Michigan, 36, 115.
Asylums for insane, to amend general law for organization of, 178.

to amend act to revise laws relative to, 333.

tax to meet disbursements for the several, 39. Associations not for pecuniary profit, to amend act for incorporation of, 265.,

regulation of rate making, 288.

Attorney at law, the claim to be one when not admitted to the bar, made a punish

able offense, 354. Attorneys, admission of to the bar, 147, 169.

to prohibit from working up damage cases, 266.
Auditors, Board of State, directed to label a tree in Yosemite park, 334.

board of State, to consider case of Alphonso Button, 180.
to amend act for board of, for Kent county, 257.

to provide for the appointment of officers by county, 446.
Au Sable river, protection of trout in, 441.
Authority of county road commissioners, to amend, 141.
Automobile testing on the highways, 396.

insurance, organization of companies for, 161. Automobiles, insurance of, 142.

to amend act for registration of, 151, 174.


Ballot, to secure the purity of, 242.
Bankers, brokers and exchange dealers, 49.
Banking department, to amend act to establish, 340.

law, to amend general, 17, 152, 209, 238, 315, 340. Banks, capital necessary for commercial and savings, 152.

conditions for establishment of branches, 152.
designation of as county depositories, to amend act for, 287.
examination and authorization of, 209.
to provide for security of depositors in, 114.

qualifications of directors of, 210.
Bank stock, to amend banking laws relative to, 315.
Bar, admission of attorneys. to, 147.

may not be located nearer than 400 feet from church or schoolhouse, 445. Baskets, boxes, etc., less than legal measure not to be used in selling fruits,

vegetables, etc., 217. Bass, to amend act regulating the taking of, 344. Battle flags, care of those in military museum, 407. Bay county, to amend act for bridge district in, 64. Beaver, to license the killing of, and closed seasons therefor, 290. Beneficiary societies may not include in contracts any exclusion of determination

of liability by courts, 135. Benevolent organizations, reorganization of, 24.

purposes, gifts for, 259.

etc., uses, to regulate grants, bequests, etc., to, 447. Bequests, etc., to religious or benevolent uses, etc., to regulate, 447.

of real estate may be accepted by townships, 423. Billboards for the posting of official notices of townships, 309. Billiard and pool rooms outside of incorporated cities and villages, regulation of,

382. Bills of lading, to amend act defining, 275. Birds and animals, proper treatment of to be taught, 57.

and game, the protection of, 226, 227.

to amend act for protection of game, 107, 234. Black bass, license for fishing for, 433. Blind, appropriation for Michigan school for, 54.

transfer of certain funds of the employment institution for, 77.

appropriation for, 78.
Board of equalization, to create a State, 181.

of fish commissioners, appropriation for, 144.
of geological survey to take up mineral statistics, 31.
of health, to increase the annual appropriation for the State, 432.
of mediation for industrial disputes, 378.
of pardons, to amend act establishing, 421.
of state auditors to consider claim of Alphonso Button, 180.
of state tax commissioners, to inventory mining properties, 184.

Boards of health, to amend act defining powers of local, 361.

of supervisors allowed to borrow money to buy land for fair grounds, 244.
of supervisors permitted to levy special tax for advertising their county, 245.
of supervisors to determine height and level of waters in certain lakes, etc.,

to make public finances of their township, 216.
Bonded indebtedness of school districts, to amend provisions, 146.
Bonds, cure of defects in, issued for filtration plants, etc., 28.

for water works purposes, to validate, 267.

for water works or municipal lighting plants, legalized, 249.
Bonds issued by boards of supervisors under act 41 of 1909, legalized, 120.
Borrowing power of boards of supervisors, 119.
Boundaries of cities, to amend act for changing, 10.
Boys, appropriation for industrial school for, 52.
Breweries in local option counties, to permit operation of, 223.
Bridge district in Bay county, to amend act for, 64.
Brokers and exchange dealers, bankers, 49.
Buildings at agricultural college, appropriation for, 123.
Burial expenses of army nurses, discharged soldiers, payment of, 299.
Butter and cream, to regulate the sale of, 338.
Button, relief of Alphonso, 180.


Calumet, to amend local act relative to township treasurer of, 273.
Cancelling of mortgages, to amend act relative to, 194.
Candidates election expenses, to limit, 242.

to amend law for nomination of party, 286.
Candies, to prevent adulteration of, 313.
Capitol, addition to State, 241.
Carp, red horse, suckers, mullet, etc., to permit catching of in Lake St. Clair, 448.
Cartridges, to regulate the sale of loaded, 319.
Cashier in State treasury, to fix salary of, 191.
Cemeteries, owners of private, to keep them fenced, 208, 390.
Certified milk, to regulate production and sale of, 154.
Chandler, Zachariah, statue of, for national capitol, 27.
Change of boundaries of cities, 10.
Charges for long distance telephone service, to regulate, 335.

for telegraph service, to regulate, 336.
Charitable purposes, gifts for, 259, 391.
Charter commissions of cities, pay and compensation of, 387.

of city of Detroit, to amend, 442.
Child labor, restrictions of, 291.
Children of indigent parents, to provide means for their attendance at school, 116.

to amend act for compulsory education of, 162.

training school for crippled, 4.
Cholera, to amend act for spread of, 233.
Circuit court stenographers, to amend law for appointment of, 108.

stenographers, to amend salary act of, 84.
judges in Ingham county, to repeal act for two, 97.
in Saginaw county, to repeal act for two, 98.

primary election for nomination of, 110.
Circuits, to amend act defining judicial, 32, 96.
Cisco fish in Corey lake, to repeal act for taking of, 320.
Cities, condemnation of private property by, 42.

conditions necessary to incorporation of, 301.
of the fourth class, to amend act for incorporation of, 325.
of 300,000 population, to fix pay of aldermen of, 443.
to amend general law for incorporation of, 10, 255, 269, 301.
and villages, control and abatement of smoke nuisance in, 444.

and villages, to amend general incorporation act, 387.
City bonds, exemption from taxation, 25.

charters, to provide for the amendment of, 268.
incorporation act, to amend, 301.
officers, primary election for nomination of, 110.

Civil actions, review of by supreme court, 385.

service, State commission for, 5, 38.
Claims against counties, adjustment and payment of, 160.
Clear lake, to repeal act relative to fishing in, 321.
Closed seasons for beaver, and license for killing, 290.
Coat of arms, to prescribe design for State, 400.
Coal, Michigan mined bituminous to be used by State institutions, 403.

oils, inspection of illuminating oils made from, 229, 230.
Cold storage plant for Northern Michigan asylum, 36.
College, appropriation for State normal, 106.

of mines, appropriation for, 76.
Colleges, the incorporation of, 411.
Combinations of capital, to amend act to prevent, 15.
Commercial feeding stuffs, inspection of, 316.
Commission, appropriation for public domain, 50.

a non-partisan fish and game, 228.
for securing encampment grounds for the M. N. G., 99.
State civil service, 5.
to amend act relative to public domain, 222.
to create a fish and game, 393.
to inquire into system of taxation in this State, 203.
to investigate the subject of farm colonies, 317.

to prepare bills for revision of laws on certain subjects, 370. Commissioner of insurance to examine companies in process of organization, 143.

of mineral statistics, to abolish office of, 31.

of schools, to amend act for election of county, 83. Commissioners of county roads, authority of, 141. Common carrier defined, 389.

carriers, relief of from liability in certain cases, 145.

to amend act for regulation of, 176, 276, 282. Communicable diseases, State board of health to determine which are, 372. ·

diseases, to amend act relative to, 233. Compensation for injuries incurred in dangerous occupations, 44, 45, 69.

for accidental injuries, to provide for, 102.

of aldermen in cities of 300,000, 443.
Compilation of the laws of the State, 171.
Compulsory education of children, to amend act for, 162.
Concealed weapons, to repeal act relative to carrying, 100.
Condemnation of private property by cities and villages, 42.

of private property by the State, proceedings for, 342. Constitutional convention debates, to provide for sale of, 326. Constitution of U. S., to ratify amendment to, 2.

to amend by means of “initiative," 263.
to amend relative to juries in civil cases, 294.
to amend relative to apportionment of primary school money, 163.
amendment to sec. 1, art. 3, 37.

to allow women to vote, 37.

to sec. 10, art. 6, 40.
to amend sec. 30, art. 5, local acts, 58.
to amend sec. 7 of art. 12, 254.
to amend by inserting the “recall,” 261.

to insert therein the “initiative and referendum," 262. Contagious diseases affecting trees, etc., 392. Contracts for sale of real estate, vendors to have right to terminate interest of

vendees, 201. Conveyances, to amend law relative to fraudulent, 129.

proof and record of, to amend act for, 194. Convict labor, the disposition of the products of, 410. Convicts, to amend law for the paroling of, 271.

to amend act for the payment for overtime of, 305.

to regulate employment of, 410.
Corey lake, to repeal act relative to fishing in, 320, 321.
Coroner's fees, to amend revised statutes relative to, 219.
Corporation clerk for secretary of state, assistant to, 358.

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