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Section 16.—Water or water with a wetting agent added to it should be applied to the cutter bars of mining machines and to the loading heads of loading machines. Machine cuttings, unless they are damp, should either be loaded out before blasting or they should be wetted with water.

Section 2a and 26.–Rock dust should be applied to within 80 feet of the faces in all open, unsealed rooms, haulage entries, and parallel entries connected thereto by open crosscuts. Back entries should be rock-dusted for at least 1,000 feet outby the junction with the first active entry.

Section 2c.-Where rock dust is applied it should be distributed upon the top, floor, and sides of all open places and maintained in such quantity that the incombustible content of the mine dust will not be less than 65 percent.


Section 5a.-All workmen and other persons underground should use only permissible electric cap lamps for portable illumination.

Section 56.-Each workman should be provided with an identification check which he should be required to carry on his person at all times while underground. An accurate record of the men in the mine should be kept on the surface and said record should bear a number identical to the identification check carried by the person underground.

Section 6a.-Smoking or the carrying of matches or other flame-making de vices into the mine should be prohibited. SUPPLEMENTAL RECOMMENDATION Not SPECIFICALLY COVERED BY THE FEDERAL MINE


Rock dust should be applied up to and including the last open crosscuts in rooms and entries. The face area from the end of the rock-dusted zone to the face should be kept damp with water or a wetting solution.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT The writers acknowledge the courtesies extended and the help given by officials of the Centralia Coal Co., members of the United Mine Workers of America, and representatives of the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals, who gave, without reservation, all information requested in connection with this investigation. Respectfully submitted.


Coal-Mine Inspector. W. A. GALLAGHER,

Coal-Asine Inspector. F. J. SMITH,

Coal-Mine Inspector. FRANK PERZ,

Coal-Mine Inspector.


Mining-Explosives Engineer. Approved :

Supervising Engineer, District E.

Chief, Coal-Mine Inspection Division.

Chief, Health and Safety Branch.


DETAIL OF EVIDENCE. (SEE REFERENCE NUMBERS ON MAP) 1. Troughs Alled with rock dust-not tripped. 2. Door forced open in opposite direction. Telephone knocked off post. 3. Door blown out. 4. Door forced open in opposite direction. Repairman's truck blown off track. 5. Empty car blown off track. 6. Nine empty cars derailed on sidetrack, 7. Body of repairman.

8. Cable-reel locomotive. Controller cover damaged. Debris in cab. 9. Body of motorman who acted as examiner for night shift in car next to loco

motive. Another body on floor just in by car. 10. Two bodies. 11. Seven bodies. 12. Explosives-storage box for section. One part box of explosives burned and

several rolls of burned and charred fuse. Some undamaged explosives in

box. 13. "Cable-reel shuttle car. 14. One body. 15. Body of section boss. 16. Body of shot firer. 17. Face of No. 39 room shot down. Four shots in crosscut, three bottom holes

· and top hole along right rib not fired. Ends of fuses charred. Center top

hole and top hole along left rib fired, apparently lit by flame of explosion. 18. Loading machine in crosscut to left. Nips disconnected from power wires. 19. Drill truck turned over, wheel broken off. Drill and other tools scattered

about truck. Nips disconnected from power wires. 20. Mining machine sumped in and more than half way across face. Nips dis

connected from power wires 21. Sixteen bodies in or at man-trip cars on 1 west. Man-trip consisted of loco

motive and two cars. Six empty cars in cross-over inby man-trip. Five

cars were off track. Two empty cars off track on 2 west inby cross-over. 22. Loading machine at face. Nips disconnected from power wires. 23. Place cut. Mining machine loaded on truck and moved back from face. Nips

disconnected from power wires. 24. Loading machine. 25. Locomotive on 20 north on track. Controller in off position. Two bodies at

locomotive, 26. Man-trip consisting of locomotive and two cars. Locomotive and cars off

track. Fourteen bodies in and around man-trip. 27. Loading machine on entry. Nips disconnected from power wires. 28. Trackman's truck blown off track. 29. Drill truck 70 feet from face of room. Nips disconnected from power wires. 30. Mining machine blown off track. 31. Explosives container destroyed and loose explosives strewn about floor. 32. Door blown open, but not destroyed. 33. Locomotive-controller cover blown off. 34. Man-trip consisting of locomotive and two cars. Ten bodies in and alongside

man-trip. 35. Five empty cars twisted and overturned. 36. Three empty cars twisted and overturned. Axle broken on one car. 37. Loading machine. Nips disconnected from power wires. 38. One body found at face rolled up in ball along left rib. 39. Four bodies near face of room. 40. One body along rib rib in crosscut. 41. Body of mining machine operator. 42. One body. Sand box on entry destroyed. 43. Mining machine controller at neutral. Nips disconnected from power wires.

Drill truck outby mining machine. Drill, tools, and loose explosives

scattered outby truck. 44. Limit of rock dust on entries. 45. Limit of rock dust on 1 west entry. 46. Concrete block seals blown in. 47. Approximate extent of rock dusting on 20, 21, and 22 north entries off 4 west. 48. Approximate extent of rock dusting on 23 and 24 south entries off 4 west. 49. Bodies of 16 workmen from 13 and 14 north section found grouped near 1 west

junction. 50. Four men from face walked out to junction with 1 west where they were

rescued along with pumper from along 1 west. Pumper died later on

surface. 51. Fourteen bodies huddled at face, most of whom left notes. Latest time dated

in notes was 7 p. m. 52. Thirteen bodies grouped along entry. 53. Body of substation attendant. 54. Body of motorman found along 4 west haulage road.

APPENDIX “C.”—Sketch showing details of explosion evidence at and near face of

1 west

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