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stantly recognize and embrace her. As I find her however, or find a strong and bright resemblance of her in my own country, I feel that I am not summoned to propitiate duty with the sacrifice of prudence, and that, conscious of speaking honestly, I can enjoy the satisfaction of speaking safely. Without acknowledging any thing in common, but a name, with that malignant and selfish faction which, surrendering principles to passion, inflicted, in the earlier periods of the last century, some fatal wounds on the constitution; or with those men who in later times, abandoning their party and its spirit, have struggled to retain its honourable appellation,-1 glory as I profess myself to be a WHIG, to be of the school of Somers and of Locke, to arrange myself in the same political class with those enlightened and virtuous statesmen who framed the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement, and who, presenting a crown, which they had wrested from a pernicious bigot and

his family, to the HOUSE OF HANOVER, gare that most honourable and legitimate of titles, the FREE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE, to the Sovereign who now wields the imperial sceptre of Britain.

AUG. 4. 1804.

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