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NEARLY 6000 tons of lead are produced appeared. A number of persons got into yearly by the Greenwich Hospital mines; boats and barges on the Thames, thinkabout 34,000 in the British dominions; not ing the water the safest place. South Sea more than 50,000 in the world, and of this and India stock fell. A captain of a not less than 5000 is manufactured here into Dutch ship threw all his powder into the small shot! 10,000 used in pigments and in river, that the ship might not be endanglazing. — Greenwich Report of Mines and gered. At noon after the comet had apRoads, 1823.

peared, it is said that more than one hundred

clergymen were ferried over to Lambeth, to 1811. A Flight of birds, supposed to be request that proper prayers might be preflamingos, seen at Banberg at midsummer. pared, there being none in the church serSome flamingos had lately been seen near vice. People believed that the day of judg. Strasburgh.

ment was at hand, and acted some on this

belief, more as if some temporary evil was BEFORE the marriage act, husbands as

to be expected. On the Thursday, more well as clergymen were always in waiting at

than 7000 kept mistresses were publicly and the frequented chapels, for such ladies as wished to become femmes couvertes. They legally married. There was a prodigious

run on the bank, and Sir Gilbert Heathcote, regularly changed their names at each mar

at that time the head director, issued orders riage, and so were married fifty or one hun

to all the fire offices in London, requiring dred times over. The lady received a cer

them to keep a good look out, and have a tificate of marriage, which was her object, and the parties never saw each other after particular eye upon the Bank of England.

- Panorama, vol. x. p. 1095. wards. Yet the removal of these abominations was inveighed against as a violent | Hadley's calculation, within sixty semi-dia

The comet of 1680 passed, according to infringement of liberty !

meters of the earth's orbit, November 11th; A BEGGAR in Moorfields used daily to have and if at that time the earth had been at

that part of her orbit, what the consequences a penny given him by a merchant on his

way to the Exchange. The penny was withheld, might have been none can tell.

It is now supposed that comets are of suband the appearance of the merchant manifested his embarrassment and distress. The tile substance, their nucleus being nothing

more than a conglomeration of vapours of beggar at length spoke to him, offered him a loan of £500, and another of the same sum very

little density, so little, perhaps, as to

be transparent. The first comet of 1770 if it were required. It re-established his affairs.

passed and repassed through the very midA shoeblack who employed six or eight

dle of the satellites of Jupiter, without ocpair of hands in his cellar, had £2000 stock.

casioning among them the slightest disorder A milkman from a cellar in Holborn pur

(i.e. apparent disorder). Such a body might chased a landed estate, on which he retired

very possibly be an incipient world, just to live like a squire. And a Billingsgate

passed its gaseous state, and which is to defishwoman gave her daughter £10,000.

rive solidity from the precipitation and con

densation of the matter surrounding it. Panorama, vol. x. p. 881.

That of 1811 was 32 millions of geograA. D. 1712. Wuiston predicted that the phical miles from the earth in its nearest comet would appear on Wednesday 14th approach. Its nucleus in diameter 860 October, at five minutes after five in the miles, its tail 800,000 in length.—Ibid. morning, and that the world would be destroyed by fire on the Friday following.

The resident members at Oxford, May His reputation was high, and the comet 27th, 1811, were 1015.

Since the year 1782, no person hanged | (called St. Catharine's wheel) in their mouths from Appleby assizes; a good proof of the from their nativity, do cure divers diseases general morals of the country, but also of with their breath or spittle, without any its scanty population. And also to be re- medicine or charm, and their practice is almembered that it has become a point of lowed by the inquisition as void of witchhonour to keep up this character ; and when craft or superstition, and approved also by a man was beyond all shadow of doubt guilty Navarre and other Spanish canonists as a of having fired at his neighbour, with intent supernatural gift of God.”—FITZHERBERT, to kill him, an Appleby jury returned a ver- Concerning Policy and Religion, p. 180. dict of not guilty ; because they said in private, as the murder had not been committed, GREIG or Gleig, one of the agriculturists, it was a pity to hang the man.

was describing Holkham to me at Woburn.

“The person who built it had been in Italy, Meux has one porter tun which holds and planned it so that there should be in 4,500 barrels, 4 hogsheads, 24 tuns, con- that house every thing that was necessary, taining in all 35,000 barrels.

and voluptuous, and right.” I wrote down

the happy sentence immediately in my The old Joe Millar of the nobleman and

tables. his tailor- Made your breeches, Sir, Major Brydges"—may be instanced to shew

The art of Megalantropogenesié — the the difficulty and looseness of the English French have a treatise upon it. pronunciation. David Sands, the Quaker preacher, was

Howell Davies, who was Whitefield's exercising his functions in a family at New

Welsh coadjutor, walking one Sunday morncastle, as the spirit moved, when at the close ing to preach, was accosted by a clergyman of his discourse he turned to the lady of the

on horseback, who was on the same errand, house, and said, “The mistress of this family drudgery of his profession, saying he could

and who complained of the unprofitable will do well to set her affairs in order, for before twelve months are past, the eldest

never get more than half-a-guinea for daughter will be called upon to perform the preaching. The Welshman replied that he part of a mother to her sisters." The lady

for his part was content to preach for a was in perfect health, and though this greatly that he upbraided him for disgracing his

crown. This so offended the mounted priest distressed and disquieted her through the year, is living still after seven or eight have

cloth. Perhaps, said Davies, you will hold elapsed, -and the daughter retains so strong

me still cheaper when I inform you that I and just an abhorrence of this presumptuous only seven pence in my pocket to bear my

am going nine miles to preach, and have and mischievous fanatic, that she has turned

expenses out and in. But the crown for back from the meeting house when she saw that David Sands was there.

which I preach is a crown of glory. The Quakers hate priests, and exclaim against a priesthood ; yet never were any sionary collections £1.3s. 6d. the produce of

A PERSON in Cheshire gave to the Mispeople more completely priest-ridden.

two cherry trees; and promised their an“I AM assured that in Spain there are a

nual profit from that time forth. kind of men called Saludadores,' who having for the most part a mark or sign of a wheel,

What Hobbes says of invocations in poe

try applicable to Quaker preaching. “I Saludador is the Spanish name for a quack. can imagine no cause, but a reasonless imi

J. W. W. tation of custom, -of a foolish custom, by

which a man enabled to speak wisely from A.D. 1805. Miss Mudie, eight years old, and the principles of nature and his own medi- little for that age, played the Country Girl tation, loves rather to be thought to speak at Covent Garden : and when she was talked by inspiration, like a bagpipe.”—Preface to of as “ a wife and mistress, and an object of Gondibert.

love and jealousy," the thing was too mon

strous, and the audience would not suffer False ornaments in poetry-the public her to finish the part. are taken by them as larks are caught by doring :'-a net and a looking glass.

Some time before the revolution, Bonner

was going to engage the theatre in the AARON Hill, vol. 1, p. 41, describes the Thuilleries for English plays, under the paraptures of a rural walk from Buckingham tronage of the Court. Our best actors would Gate to Tothill Fields.

have been of the party. It was Harris's Aaron Hill sought to reform the dresses scheme, in 1784, and it was put a stop to of the theatre, vol. 1, pp. 141-2-3.

probably by the cloudy politics of that day, His scheme for an academical theatre. and the Court's embarrassment. Ibid.


A MS. note in a copy of the Coll. of CANNIBALS who have tried both, assure Verses on the Cotswold games, in the posus that white men are finer flavoured than session of Mr. Octavius Gilchrist, says, “Dr. negroes, and Englishmen than Frenchmen. John Dover was born in the sixty-second -LANGSDORFF, vol. 1, p. 141.

year of his mother's age, as his own daugh

ter now living (1747) attests, who is wife to BADDELEY, the comedian, left to the thea- Mr. Cordwell the city carpenter." trical fund his cottage at Hampton, in trust, that they should elect to reside in it, four WHEN Woodward the Comedian was in such of the fund pensioners as might not Dublin, and lodged opposite the Parliament object to living sociably under the same House, a mob who were making the memroof. The house has two parlours and four bers swear to oppose an unpopular bill, bedchambers, and that they might not ap- | called out to his family to throw them a pear in the neighbourhood like dependents, Bible out of the window. Mrs. W. was he left a certain sum to be by them distri- frightened, for they had no such book in the buted in charity. There was to be a little house, but he threw out a volume of Shakessmoking summer house built for them of pere, telling the mob they were welcome to wood from old Drury, bought for the pur- it. They gave him three cheers, swore the pose, and so situated as to command a view members upon this book, and afterwards of the Temple of Shakespeare erected by returned it without discovering its conGarrick. He also left the interest of £100 tents. 3 per cents, for an annual twelfth-cake with wine and punch in the great green room, to

INOCULATION opposed in America by make the future sons and daughters of Thes- Dr. Douglas, a Scotchman. See Boylston, pis remember an old friend and member of Allen's American Biography. the profession.

London is annually supplied with about To dor certainly means to outwit or impose 4000 dozen larks from the country about upon ; and to dor the dotterel is an old saying, Dunstable. used by BEN JONSON, Bart. Fair, Act iv, sc. 1. But I cannot help suspecting that the word here

At Leipsic the excise on larks is said to should be daring, which has been explained be produce 6000 dollars yearly! about £900. fore.-J. W. W.


CARDINAL ALEANDER's epitaph, written kindness. He lived to be replaced, and died by himself

at 80, at the house of his eldest son, at HamΚάτθανον ουκ άέκων, ότι παύσομαι ων επι- mersmith, much respected.!

μάρτυς Πολλών, ώνπερ ιδείν άλγιον ήν θανάτου. VINCENT ALSOP, the Nonconformist, es

caped persecution, because the informers

I RICHARD ALLEINE, the Somersetshire could not find out his Christian name. Nonconformist, who was ejected from the remember a man escaping death for forgery living of Batcomb, in that county, wrote a

because his Christian name was written in book called Vindiciæ Pietatis, or a Vindica- the indictment Bart., instead of Bartholotion of Godliness, which was published in 1665 without a license, and therefore the copies were seized, and sent to the King's

ANNOTTO. Odd that what some Indians kitchen for waste paper. This was done used to paint themselves with, should be upon an information of the king's booksel- used in Europe for purposes as silly,—by ler (his name?), and this fellow then bought the English to dye their cheese, and by the them up at a cheap rate, and sold them him. Dutch as well as English to dye their butter! self! For this he was brought on his knees to the council-table, and the book again sent

Courier, February 2, 1815. Curious Into the kitchen and bisked,—inked so as to

dia shawl. The admirers of Oriental gebe illegible.

nius are invited to an inspection of the most

perfect specimen of Indian workmanship ALLELOPHAGI, so those flies are called ever produced; which, from its elegant inwhich eat each other,—and under this term tricacy of design, and beautiful combination are many of our authors to be classed. of colours, is justly esteemed as the chef

d'æuvre of Eastern ingenuity. Price, 500 ALERION,'an invention in heraldry of the guineas, at Everington's India and British French to insult the empire,-a spread eaglet

Shawl warehouse. without beak or feet.

There is at Vicenza a benefit of art, anaMIKEPHER ALPHERY. Toward the close logous to our benefit of clergy. A criminal of the sixteenth century, this prince, with

himself the best workman in two brothers, being of the imperial line of any useful art, has his life spared for the Russia, were sent to England to save their first offence.

This would have saved poor lives, in consequence of the state of things, Ryland,” and the man who made the selfand consigned to Joseph Bidell, a Russia moving carriage. merchant. He sent them to Oxford, where the two brothers died of the small-pox. The Some old empirics persuaded certain

раsurvivor took orders in the English Church, tients of more rank than intellect, that gold, and had the rectory of Wooley, in Hunting being a royal metal, was peculiarly well caldonshire. From thence he was invited to put himself at the head of his friends, and recover the throne of his ancestors, but he ferings of the Clergy, part ii. p. 183. It is stated

! The reader should refer to Walker's Suf. preferred his own humbler, happier, and in the Biog. Brit. that “Mrs. Alphery, the last holier life. The Puritans used him ill

, and descendant of this family, married one Johnson, ejected him; but the Presbyterian who was

a sadler at Huntingdon, and was living in 1764,

when she confirmed these facts to the late Lord put in his place, treated him with much Sandwich.” in v.

William Wynne Ryland, the engraver, ex. i See MENAGE in v. Alerions.-J. W.W. ecuted for forgery in 1783.–J. W.W.

who can prove

culated to cure the diseases of royal and bell-ringing, one man learning only one noble personages.

note. Baboons have an antipathy to men. * The changes on seven bells are 5040;

on twelve, 479,001,600, which it would take JUDGE Jenkins,' a Welshman, expected 91 years to ring at the rate of two strokes to be hung by the Parliament for his zeal in a second. The changes on fourteen bells in Charles's cause. He had a great desire could not be rung through at the same rate for this political martyrdom, and had re- in less than 16,575 years; and upon foursolved to go to the gallows with Bracton on and-twenty, they would require more than his left shoulder, the statutes at large on his 117,000 billions of years. right, and the Bible round his neck, that these books, as having been his counsellors, TALFORD knew a cat and dog who, when should hang with him. “And first,” said the family removed house, travelled back he, “ I will eat much liquorice and ginger- in company to the old habitation, thirty bread, thereby to strengthen my lungs, that miles distant,—the cat under convoy. I may

be heard far and near." EARL OF ARUNDEL, in Charles I.'s time,

Cattle. brought over the new way of building with brick in the city, greatly to the safety of * The most important point for feeders is, the city, and preservation of the wood of that they should die well. This is Lord this nation.

Somerville's phrase.

Some bulls of the middle-horned breed HARRY CAREY. See Cyclopædia for an are reproached with being throaty, the skin account of the procession of booksellers, too profuse and pendulous. The neck perauthors, printers, and musicians to his be- haps thick and goary in the estimation of nefit.

strangers,—but with this property the oxen

are not to be reproached, or they would UNDER our Danish king, the Carnifex not labour as they do. was an officer of great dignity, being ranked The flesh must be mellow in handling. with the Archbishop of York, Earl Gordon, The coarse square Dutch beefy breed is and the Lord Steward. — Flor - Wigorn. the basis of the short-horned breed. An. 1040.2

The common Lincolnshire are coarse in

head and horn, large boned, and high upon ROYAL Ark Mariners and Sons of Noah: the leg. Those that never fatten are called some hyper-foolish Freemasons. Magazine, vol. vi. p. 426.

Never was a more fortunate cross than

between the Alderney and the Northern CEPHALONOMANTIA, — divination by an short horns. They are unrivalled for great ass's head.

milking, and famous for carrying a vast

depth of natural flesh, and tallowing within CHACE. Under this head in Rees's Cy. in the first degree. But in fineness of flesh clopædia

an account of the horns in Russia, they can never compete with certain other which the men learn to blow as men learn breeds without the entire overthrow of their ! See Second Series, p. 194, and Souther's

Dutch basis by a repeated use of some other opinion that “his works ought to be collected.” : This same passage is quoted in Du Cange,

The Holderness are too often the worstand in SPELMAN's Gloss. in v.-J. W.W. shaped cattle in the island, and perhaps the

See M. lyery.


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