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In the pronunciation of the modern Greek, | been supposed to be produced by enchantAlfieri says the most melodious language ment. For which vide the great Bombast. in the world becomes a continual iotacism, like the neighing of a horse.

“ Je crois que les François descendent

des Centaures qui étoient moitié hommes et C'Amets have been taught to dance exact moitié chevaux de bât; ces deux moitiés-là measures, which is no more strange, says se sont séparées ; il est resté des hommes LANCELOT ADDISON, than the Balletto di comme vous, par exemple, et quelques auCavalli, that not long since graced the nup- tres, et il est resté des chevaux qui ont tials of a Duke of Florence.

acheté des charges de conseiller, ou qui se

sont fait docteurs en Sorbonne."-VOL"Someone mentioned to Pope the opinion TAIRE to HelvetiUS. that animals have reasoning. He replied,

Caligula's horse. "So they have, to be sure. All our disputes about that are only a dispute about Brama first made man with one leg and words, Man has reason enough only to one eye; seeing that did not do, he unmade: know what it is necessary for him to know, him and tried another with three legs. At and dogs have just that too. But then,' it last he hit upon the present form.-Mewas rejoined, they must have souls too, as morias, vol. 1, p. 2. imperintable in their nature as ours.' *And what burm,' suid l'ope, would that be to A PERSONAGE was very desirous of beun," SILNCE'N Anecdotes, p. 60.

lieving in Kreeshna, and yet doubted of his

divinity. At length it was put to a pretty I.p.281. Ilxthought that the metemp- good test, “ Topou com outro, que havia sychosis wa# # very rational scheme, and doze annos não tinha comido, e estava em would give the best account for some phe- jejum, o qual lhe disse, se he verdade que nomena in the moral world.

Cusna he Deos, hei de eu puder comer doze

candius de arroz, e ficar sempre em jejum." " On the 6 Germinal will be performed The rice was brought, ready boiled,—he eat a Miaulio concert, in which twenty-six cats it all, and remained fasting still !—Ibid. p. will execute the air of Ran tamplan tire 16. Tire, and of the Epoux assortis. The concert will conclude with a grand chorus by The Bramins opine that a man has a all the twenty-six cats in perfect concord right to live one hundred years, and dying and excellent time."

before that term, returns to earth to make The English Gruntetto was produced by it up in another body.-Ibid. P.

125. it piy-piano-forte, every note of which corresponded to a nail or other sharp point. CARDINAL ASCANIUS had a parrot who

could say the Creed. Aldobrandus has imKING of the Maldives. “ Il s'estonnoit mortalized him. MARQUIS DE SORITO, fort quand je luy disois que la teinture d'es- Exam. Apol. p. 16. carlate rouge ne faisoit avec de l'urine d'homme qui ne beuvoit que du vin ; de The pride of old Cole's dog, who took the sorte qu'il se list oster un bonnet d'escar- wall of a dungcart, and got his guts squeezed latte qu'il portoit, et il ne s'en voulut plus out. servir a cause de cela."--Pyrand, p. 168.

Without a daily supply as well from PAGUYUM, the Purnelnian Being who celestials as terrestrials, the Archeius, the presides over unknown discases, which have Red Man, the servant of Nature, could not

have any matter to work upon. W. Yworth, as witches, because that either of them kept Medicinæ Professor, Ingenuarum Artium a monstrous toad. One of them was orStudens, et per Ignem Philosophus.

dered to resort to the minister every SunThis man's notion is, that the wild and day and holyday to testify her faith.unruly gass is the grand enemy and fatal Panorama, vol. 9, p. 544. destroyer of the life of man,-" the wild When Vaninus the Atheist (?)?was seized gass the sword of mankind.” Scurvy, stone, at Thoulouse, there was found in his lodgand gout proceed from it, “ for the gass is ings a great toad enclosed in a phial. mineral and excrementitious, and hath in it Ibid. such wrathful qualities as stagmatize the The male toad acts as accoucheur to the vital functions, for it is endued with a female, who, it is said, could not lay her coagulative and forming quality, and will eggs without his help. And the number of make stones or excrements, and sometimes females is believed to be very inferior to taken in the bodily form of arsenic or poison, the males. John Hunter, at Belleish, disit must be doing, although evil.”—P. 31. sected some hundreds, and found not a

single female among them. BEAUCAIRE, Bishop of Metz, wrote a Lord Hungerford, who was hanged and Treatise Contra Calvinianorum dogma de degraded, had a toad put into his coat of Sanctificatione Infantium in uteris matrum, arms.—Defoe's Tour, vol. 1, p. 301. -it was to oppose “ l'opinion qu'ils ont que Toads near Salerno eight inches long les enfans des fidèles sont sanctifiés dès le and five broad, and so tough as to be almost ventre de leur mère; et qu'ainsi quoiqu'ils unstoneable.—GALIFFE's Italy, vol. 2, p. 246. meurent sans recevoir le baptême, ils ne laissoient pas d'être sauvés.” — BAYLE, vol.

“ I KNEW him for a rogueish boy, 3, p. 219.

When he would poison dogs, and keep tame toads."

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, Cupid's Concerning Toads.

Revenge, act iv. sc. 1. Had the Greeks thought this animal as odious and as deformed as we do, they would have given another name to Phryne. “ In time of common contagion they use

“ 'Tis an ordinary remedy, though a nasty to carry about them the powder of a toad, one, that they who have ill breaths hold their and sometimes a living toad or spider shut mouths open at the mouth of a privy, as long up in a box; or else they carry arsenic, or as they can; and by the reiteration of this some other venomous substance, which remedy, they find themselves cured at last, draws unto it the contagious air, which

the greater stink of the privy drawing unto otherwise would infect the party; and the

it and carrying away the less, which is that same powder of toad draws unto it the poi- of the mouth."—Sir K. Digby, Powder of son of a pestilential cold. The scurf or Symp. p. 76. farcy is a venomous and contagious humour An old gallant taking this remedy would within the body of a horse; hang a toad

be a good caricature; and it would be in the about the neck of the horse in a little bag, spirit of old comedy to mark an invincible and he will be cured infallibly; the toad, breath by saying that he had gone to the which is the stronger poison, drawing to it jakes to cure it, and brought away the whole the venom which was within the horse."- stink of the privy. Sır K. DigBy, Powder of Sympathy, p. 77.

Mosheim says the charge of Atheism is not Boun-Dehesch. The great toad. P. 384. made out against Vanini, which is probably the 1585. Three women at Deptford reputed intent of the ?.-J. W.W.

• Tuy bodies bolstered out with bumbast

and with bags, Thy rowles, thy ruffs, thy cauls, thy coifs,

thy jerkins, and thy jaggs, Thy curling and thy cost, thy friesling

and thy fareTo court, to court, with all those toyes, and there set forth such ware."


great service in chronic cases. It consisted in a person's walking on tip-toe, and stretching his hands as high above his head as he could, keeping the whole body also as much upon the stretch as might be. In this condition the patient was to walk as far as he was well able, all the while moving about both hands as much as he could in all directions.

“With sweet enticing bait I fisht for many

BELLARMINE at his death bequeathed onea dame,

half of his soul to the Virgin Mary, and the And warmed me by many a fire, yet felt I other half to Christ! It is said that he would not the flame.

not allow his own vermin to be molested, But when at last I spied that face that saying that they had no other paradise than pleased me most,

the present existence, and that it was cruel The coals were quick, the wood was dry, to deprive them of it. and I began to tost.”


I should like to see the tales which Jean Gregoria Garcia. Origen de los Indios. Pierre Camus, Bishop of Bellay, wrote to The mariner's compass was known to Adam, inspire horror and disgust for love. the angelic doctor St. Thomas, and with him toda la Escuela de los Teologos, teach- CHAMBERLAYNE, who wrote the Angliæ ing that he knew all things which God has Notitia, had notice given upon his monumade, and all arts, crafts, and sciences, - ment, that he had caused some of these books, and better than any one else. Vide p. 13. wrapt in cere-cloth, to be buried with him, This Glorioso Doctor he calls him presently, as they might possibly be of use to a remote where he proves that Noah knew everything age. also. They twain were the great encyclopædists of the old world, and Ephraim Cham- John ZEPHANIAH HOLWELL (of the Black bers and Dr. Abraham Rees of the new.

Hole) published Dissertations on the Origin,

Nature, and Pursuits of intelligent Beings, Pierre d'automne. Dr. Dove made some, &c. 1788; wherein he argues that men are and when making it, as it blackened and fallen angels, condemned to suffer in human thickened said, “ Verily this must be the bodies for the sins committed in their fortrue pissasphaltum."

mer state.

PiG-CASE,--for making brawn,-to keep HORTENSIUS the orator used to irrigate the pig in.

his fine plane trees with wine, of which he

left at his death 10,000 casks ! The pigtail of the field, a small strip in grass.


taux, a French poet, and preceptor to Louis Pitylisma,' a name of one of the exercises XIII. retired to a handsome house in the described by the ancient physicians as of Fauxbourg St. Germaine, where, fancying flocks along the walks in his garden, singing a great deal of beauty."-RICHARDSON'S pastoral songs to his paramour's harp.-See Anecdotes of the Russian Empire, p. 53. ArMORERI.

that happiness was to be found in a pasto1 On turning to Fæs. Æcou, Hippocrut. in v.

ral life, he habited himself as a shepherd, TITÚAOıç, I find these words: “Inter corporis gymnasia recenset Galenus, lib. de San. tuenda

and his mistress, who was a player on the 2.” I have not Galen at hand.-J. W. W. harp, as a shepherdess, and led imaginary 2 Δηξ γάρ έστιν είδος σκώληκος έγγινομένου | This is a domestic scene, and the names will ένδον ξύλου. Schol. in Ηes. 'Ερν. και Ημερ. ν. be familiar to many readers.-J. W.W. 418.-J. W. W.

rows of frost. Arrows of love in the snail.

So peradventure disease has its arrows, John Aventine, the Bavarian historian, thought the doctor. published in 1532 (Ratisbon) a work upon the art of conversing and counting by the

“ Two Russian peasants saluting one anfingers.

other, have by the suddenness and intense

ness of the frost, had their beards unexAr Littleburne, in Kent, aged 86, the wife of S. Maple, who had a single lock of pectedly frozen together.” — Ibid. hair growing from her head measuring 7

“Behold the world, how it is whirled round, feet 9 inches.- M. Magazine, July, 1814.

And for it is so whirled is named so."

Sir J. Davis's Poem on Dancing. Squasties and pumpkins certainly degenerate if grown near gourds; the latter even communicate an emetic quality to their

THE Greeks called those persons Δευτεneighbours. In like manner melons will pórotuoi, who had been thought dead, and degenerate if planted near squashes and had recovered after the celebration of the

funeral rites. pumpkins. An action was brought against

Such persons were not ada gardener in Charles II.'s time for selling mitted to the holy rites

, or allowed to enter cabbage-seed instead of cauliflower-seed. the temple of the Eumenides, till they had On trial it appeared that both had been been purified by being let through the lap planted near each other by the purchaser, of a woman's gown, that they might seem and to this error, the gardener contended,

to be born again. was owing the degeneracy of the true seed which he had sold. Ile was cast, but later The Greeks used pieces of wood eroded discoveries show that he was right. by a worm for seals. Dex? they called the

worm, which is the larva of a beetle. Potatoes. Cycl. chapter of names. A list also from the Old Testament.

JAMES Bowdown, Governor of Massachu

setts, a philosopher and statesman, wrote Willy Calvert, lying fat on his face, treatises to “prove by phenomena and and Isabel and Kate, one on each side, try- Scripture the existence of an orb which ing to kiss him. John Ponsonby exhibited surrounds the whole material system, and a similar scene here upstairs. An infant St. which may be necessary to preserve it from Anthony in point of persecution, though that ruin to which, without such a counternot of temptation.

balance, it seems liable, by that universal

principle in matter, gravitation.” He supPETERSBURGH. In the coldest and bright- poses that the blue expanse of the sky is a est weather, you see an infinite multitude real concave body encompassing all visible of little shining darts or spiculæ flying in all nature, that the milky way and the lucid directions through the sky. They seem to spots in the heavens are gaps in this orb, be about a quarter of an inch in length; through which the light of exterior orbs they have not more thickness than the finest reaches us, and that thus an intimation may bair, and their golden colour, glancing as be given of orbs on orbs, and systems on they shoot through the deep azure sky, has

systems innumerable, and inconceivably Agyei, posts or obelisks, sacred to Apollo, grand.

or Bacchus, or Mercury, with sometimes a

head of one of them, placed in the vestibule F. MARTENE says that some abbesses for- of houses for their security, and as Steph. merly confessed their nuns, but their exces. Byz. says, serving like our directing posts, sive curiosity carried them such lengths that —which is most likely. there arose a necessity for checking it.

Allumée, a term in heraldry, when the Mr. Jamieson tells us that among the eyes of a beast are drawn red or sparkling. ancient Scandinavians the manner of extolling a person was to call him or her, not the TheGuernsey lily(Amaryllis Sarniensis), flower of the family, but the leek of the fa- a native of Japan, became naturalized in mily.

Guernsey by the shipwreck of a vessel re

turning from Japan. Some bulbs being cast In Rees's Cyclopædia it is very gravely on shore, took root in the sand, and Mr. said, under the word Abbé, that the abbés Hatton, the governor, observing the beauty are a numerous and useful body, -persons of the flower, propagated it.” of universal talents and learning,-held in esteem and respect by people of various WORTHY is this book to be written with descriptions, and particularly by the female indelible ink upon incombustible paper of sex, to whom they are devoted !


Sir EDMUNDBERRY GODFREY, “ I find 'Avanía, a purple bag filled with earth or sand, and borne by the Greek emperors

murdered by rogues,” or “By Rome's rude and princes in the left hand, to remind them

finger die.” of mortality.

Pilate's question, “Quid est veritas,"

makes the best answer, “ Est vir qui adest." ACIDALits edited a treatise entitled, Mulieres non esse Homines, — to appease the ANASTATICA,-Resurrection plant. The ladies, he said; the author was right, for Rose of Jericho, or Rosa Mariæ, is one. The women certainly more resembled angels. dry woody plant being set for some time in

water, will dilate and open, so as to disclose The number of adepts is believed to be the seed vessels and seed. never more or less then twelve.

PalumBULA, a Latin term of endearment, Elurus, the Egyptian God of the Cats, but so was Anaticula. Odd that in vulgar -a man with a cat's head. Sir Thomas? | life this last should so long have been premight have sat for him.

served. AGLA.-Cycl. the initials of “thou art The mite was anciently thought the limit strong in the eternal God." This word the of littleness, but we are not now surprised Jews applied to the Deity, and wrote it in to be told of animals twenty-seven millions the three angles, and the middle of two tri

of times smaller than a mite! A mite! how angles laid one above the other, which they vastly swifter does it run than a race-horse! called the shield of David, saying it was a

Cyclopædia. security against wounds, would extinguish

Animalculæ have been discovered equal fire, and do other wonders.

in size only to twenty-seven ten thousand

billion parts of a cubic inch! And Leeu· A splendid cat belonging to the cat’s Eden of Greta Hall.-J. W. W.

? See Third Series, p. 628.-J. W. W.

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