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" Cuckoo time and hot weather. When LAWYERS. mad brains are most busy."

“ These are small devils,

They care not who has mischief, so they M. LE Cat was of opinion that taste is

make it ; not confined to the mouth, but that mouth, They live upon the mere scent of dissention." esophagus, and stomach are one continued FLETCHER. Elder Brother, act iii. sc. I. organ, and taste, hunger, and thirst only modifications of the same sensation. “ You give good fees, and those beget good


DR. Short says that punch is a notable cooler in hot weather, and a preservative Live full of money, and supply the lawyer, in an infectious air.

And take your choice of what man's lands “The prawn or shrimp was (and perhaps What pleasures, or what profits, what re

you please, Sir. is) believed in some unknown way to be

venges, necessary to the production of soles,--act- They are all your own." ing as a sort of nurse or foster-parent to

Beaumont and FLETCHER, the spawn.”—Monthly Review, vol. 9, p. 369.

Spanish Curate, act iii. sc. 1.

STEPHEN WESPREMI, a Hungarian, wrote to advise inoculating for the plague.

“We surgeons of the law do desperate cures,




Evans's Analysis of the Middle British

“She plays and sings too, dances and disColonies. REDEMPTION for animals.—Bishop Revo Begins to piddle with philosophy.”

Comes very near essays,-a pretty poet,NOLDS, vol. 1, pp. 21, 297-8.


without Money, act i. sc. 2. When any great and noble qualities are observed in a woman, the poet says it

“THERE be three kind of fools :“ drives into a stound The amazed shepherd, that such virtue can

An innocent, a knave fool, a fool politic." 3e resident in lesser than a man."

Ibid. act i. sc. 2. Faithful Shepherdess, act ii. sc. 2.

" You've a tongue, 1775. “Tell Mrs. Damer,” says HORACE A dish of meat in your mouth, which, if WALPOLE, “that the fashion now is, to erect 'twere minced, the toupée into a high detached tuft of hair, Would do a great deal better." like a cockatoo's crest ; and this toupée they

Ibid. act ii. sc. l. call la physiognomie, I don't guess why." -Letter IV. p. 32.

“ Physicians at Damascus are paid no

fee unless the patient recover." — Piegah An absurd respect to the direct line of Sight, p. 9 (2nd paging). descent is shown by St. Jerome, when he supposes that God delayed the flood till after

“For sure sometimes, an oath Methusalem's death, because there was then Being sworn, thereafteris like cordial broth." an end of Seth's generation, so that none of BEAUmont and FLETCHER, Knight of the it suffered in the vengeance.-VAN SCRI

B. Pestle, act ii. sc. 1.

ECK, 2.

“About sixteen years ago, I met, on the Nash, of Bath, to the ringers of the abbey banks of the Danube, with a work in four there, is contained in a codicil to his will, volumes, entitled, “ L'Art de la Guerre," proved in Doctors' Commons :-*I do hereby a Colonel Faesch, a Saxon officer. The by give and bequeath to the mayor, the seauthor like every other German collector, nior alderman, and town clerk of Bath for had culled his treatise from all the books the time being, the sum of £50 per annum, that had been written upon the subject; in trust, payable out of the Bank Long Anand he had the honesty to name them. I nuities, standing in my name at the Bank was forcibly struck with one passage, in which of England, for the use, benefit, and enjoyhe sums up the qualities of a good officer, ment of the set of ringers belonging to the and which the present subject has recalled Abbey Church, Bath, on condition of their to my recollection. He says that an able ringing, on the whole peal of bells, with officer ought to be a sound mathematician, clappers muffled, various solemn and doleful a good lawyer, an acute surgeon, an excel- changes (allowing proper intervals for rest lent historian, a good judge of beef, pork, and refreshment), from eight o'clock in the and mutton, and a sound divine! Although morning until eight o'clock in the evening, his ingredients of an officer combine much on the 14th day of May in every year, betaste with science, I will not go so far as ing the anniversary of my wedding day; to assert that all these qualifications are ne- and also the anniversary of my decease, to cessary to a British, however proper they ring a grand bob major and merry mirthful may be to a German officer. But I will ven- peals unmuffled, during the same space of ture to affirm, that an uninstructed lad of time, and allowing the same intervals as sixteen years of age, whose mind is inca- above mentioned, in joyful commemoration pable of commanding himself, is not fit to of my happy release from domestic tyranny command others."

and wretchedness, and for the full, strict,

and due performance of such conditions, “M. Antonius, Triumvir, corporis ex- they, the said ringers, are to receive the sum crementa non nisi vasis aureis excipiebat.” of £50 per annum, in two payments of £25 -TEXTOR. Pref. ad Cornucopiam. each, on those respective days of my marHe loved Erasmus, because Erasmus, riage and my decease. And now that dear

divine man (to use Mrs. Nash's own words) writing to Daniel Benedictus of Milan, says

the Rev.

of to him, “Dictus est Daniel vir desideriorum,

, may resume his quid itaque mirum si desiderius Deside- amatory labours, without enveloping him

self in a sedan chair for fear of detection. rium desideras ?”Ep. p. 908.

I further will and direct that the aforesaid TAMERLANE used to boast that he was ringers do enter upon office (for the first descended from the tribe of Dan.”—R. B.

time only) the very next day following after Mem. Remarks concerning the Jews, p. 29. my interment, and to receive £25, one balf

year's dividend, for so doing. Written with “ BA-BA, black sheep, have you any wool ?”

my hand, this 14th May, 1813.—THOMAS Applied to a wicked book, from which some

Naşu.'' good may be extracted. The report of an Irish society tells us

Lud. “ARE his wits safe? is he not light of

brain ?" that Lord Chesterfield's Letters are often met with among the books used in the low Iago. “He is, that he is : Irish schools. Munster is the part spoken of.

What he might be,-if what he might, he


:-The I would to Heaven he were !" following singular bequest, made by Thomas

Othello, act iv. sc. I.

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IMITATIVE talent is, I believe, as com“ Here is my journey's end, here is my butt, mon, as creative genius is rare. When And very sea-mark of my utmost sail.”

Columbus had once broken the egg, there Ibid. act iv. sc. 2. were plenty of gentlemen who could all do

it. ANECDOTES relating to some of the books

The imitative poems, good in their kind, in my possession, would supply matter

which are continually produced by persons enough for an amusing paper.

incapable of producing any thing good of Annals of G. Hall. The great little

their own, prove this.

Thus too we have mimics, who can perevents that have occurred there :Bursting the oven.

sonify the best actors, but would be utterly Night attack on the windows.

incapable of acting any one of their parts.

Avellaneda's Don Quixote is perhaps the The great wet.

best example of a good imitative work ;-as The blowing open the door in the night. Putting up the roof.

to conception I mean, for what the style Invasion of the pig.

may be, I have no means of judging, never Invasion of the cows.

having seen the original. It shows also Invasion of the sheep.

what not unfrequently accompanies this ta

lent, a base mind, a low vile envious desire Invasion of the asses.

of depreciating his original ; having beyond Falling in of the trap door.

all doubt its root in a consciousness of inFiring out of the window. Carrying away the seat of the “

feriority, and an ambition with no worth to dité."

support it. Lord Byron is another instance

of this. Misfortunes among the maids.

It is very much to the credit of the SpaCatching the foremost.

niards that Avellaneda's talents have not in Catching eleven rats. Mice in my cupboard.

any degree saved him from the disgraceful

fame that he deserves.
Derwent swallowing the money.
The great snow.

TOMFOOLITES, or Noodelitarians.
The great rime.
Owl in the church.

The new press gang.
Wedding in service time.

A black fellow, who had been in the Mr. Fisher's cow. And my opinion of the guards. man who kept his cow.

An old waterman. The bums.

Smearing them with printer's ink, and Crazy woman at Musgrave's.

tossing them in wet sheets. Northern lights.

Old Cob, sometimes called the sergeant, Hartley splashing his hat.

and sometimes the bone-stealer, having once Harry's shoe. Shirt island.

been engaged in the resurrection trade, is Holly bush and beak.

now, in consequence, employed as bully in Buonaparte's cuirasse.

the house of an infamous old woman, well

known by the name of Mother Scarlet. Dancing bears. My reputed prophecies.

Tue Jerry Bedlamites. These fellows The strange fish.

have the same sort of dislike to black that The Irish clergyman.'

bulls have to scarlet. | A portion of this list has appeared before, COLBURNE's


go about with belThis is an amended one.-J. W. W.



And Jeremy B., with his riff-raff.

MR. Cut-and-come-again, the surgeon. And there is the mill, that grinds nothing Dr. Drastic, and his apothecary, Mr. but chaff.

Doseum. There is Jamie the great, and Jeffrey the small.

GENERAL civilization missionary society, And there is Lord the nothing at in which all religious denominations and all all.

parties may join.


“But I am proof against their flashy stuff;

“Do you say rash or tisha when you And for their scornings, I have scorn

sneeze ?” said Isabel just now.
enough."—WITHER, To the King. B.

“A GENTLEMAN now resides near Exeter, “ And I am willing to be thought

who has not washed his face or hands for A fool, that they more wisdom may be forty years, and speaks of the circumstance taught.”—Ibid.

with pleasure. Ile is about four-score years

of age, strong, and in good health. Though “I am no statesman ;

he does not apply water in cleansing his But being set on such a middling height,

skin, he is, however, in the daily habit of When I (by God's permission) have the

dry rubbing himself." sight Of many things, which they shall never

“ Quod ad omnes res veniat dicta est

Venus." She was worshipped also as the Who far above, or far below me be.

eldest of the Parcæ, and goddess of death, What I observe, I ponder and compare; by the name of Libitina. And what I think may profit, I declare."


They have a good fashion in Valencia of Nis. Ay, concerning his being sent I making the chairs of unequal heights, so as

to accommodate persons of different statures. know not whither. Dor. Why then he will come home I

Never trust the heart of any man who know not when.

wears it on the outside of his waistcoat ; for You shall pardon me, I will talk no more

what he has within his sternum or its stead, of

is sure to be either as hard as a pippin, or This subject, but say the gods be with him

as hollow as a pumpkin. Where'er he is, and send him well home again.

The morality and duty of merriment. For why he is gone, or when he will return,

Th. Jackson's Works, vol. 3, p. 125.
Let them know that directed him.”

RABBA saith a man is bound to make
Revenge, act ii. sc. 3.

himself so mellow on the feast of Purim,

that he shall not be able to distinguish beThey say that we tailors are

tween “Cursed be Haman," and "Blessed Things that lay one another, and our geese

be Mordecai." Hatch us."—Ibid. act iv. sc. 3.

The Rabbis say “ they were sweetened," Effect of diet.—SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE, for they got drunk. — LIGHTFOOT, vol. 8, vol. 1, p. 52.

They say a demon called Cordicus posVinum Theologicum.-HOLINSHED, vol.1, sesses them, who are drunk with new wine.

-Ibid. p. 377.

p. 376.

p. 281.


p. 365.

3, p. 445.

An odd thought concerning Lord Byron “ Not a letter but what is fair: in techcame into Bertha's head, “ that there was nical language no pick, blot, bur, friar or in him two pounds of devil to one pound of monk is to be seen in the work."— ISAIAH man."

THOMAS, vol 1, p. 54. AKBAR's seal, “ I never saw any one lost “CONJECTURE is all that one can go upon on a straight road.” But a man may be here ; and it is better to conjecture at Sa lost there if he travel on snow, or in the

tan's mind, in such a thing as this, than to dark.

be acquainted in it."-LIGHTFOOT, vol. 9, “NONUMQUE prematur in annum.”

“() thou vinegar, the son of good wine!" HORACE, A.P. v. 388.

a Rabbinical expression for “ Othou wicked

son of a good father.”—Ibid. vol. 12, p. 407. DEKKER uses to wihy, for neigh.— Wonder of a Kingdom, p. 15.

“ Who would marry a woman, though of

a comely and well-proportioned body, who It may, perhaps, not be known to the

had the head of an ugly dragon? Certainly, generality of readers, that the following although she had a great dowry, none would twenty-two occupations are engaged to pro

covet such a bedfellow." —J. TAYLOR, vol. duce a single book :-“The author, the designer, the rag-merchant, the paper-maker, the stationer, the type-founder, the press

“APOLLINIS simulachrum quatuor olim maker, the ink-maker, the roller-maker, the

auribus Lacedæmonii donarunt, ut sapienchase-maker, the reader, the compositor, tiam ostenderent, cujus imaginem Apollo the pressman, the gatherer, the folder

, the referebat, multarum auditione rerum enustitcher, the leather-seller, the binder, the

triri.” —Orationes, Jo. Aloysii CERCHIARII, coppersmith, the engraver, the copper-plate


76. printer, and the bookseller!”

“Quin ipsi physiognomones, qui indolem There are more than these :—the smel

animi ex notis corporis, cum quâdam veritate ter, the tanner, the gold-beater, the book

conjectant, ex auribus pressis, et simiarum binder's toolmaker, the miner,—and then

ad instar adherentibus, stuporis et imperiit supports reviews and small critics, brings tiæ signum eliciunt; quæ si paulisper promoney to newspapers, and contributes by mineant et extent, mentem ad omnia comits duty on advertisements to the revenue.

positam arguunt, et in studiis mirificè profuturam.”—Ibid.


71. “ It is enough for me that I do know What they commend, and what they dis

“The circle is ooyoria, a totangle: it allow. And let it be enough to them, that I

is also ισογώνιος ισόπλευρος, as well as Am pleased to make such faults for them

ólót levpos.”—Jackson, vol. 2, pp. 103-4. to spy."

ONE in merriment proposed this question WITHER, Remembrancer, p. 137.

in the schools, “An Chimera, calcitrans in “ The chiefest cause why I wrote this,

vacuo terat calceos ?"- Ibid. was on set purpose to please myself.”—TayLOR, the W. P., Preface.

ALPHABET de l'imperfection et malice des femmes"


J.OLIVIER, Rouen, 1635. Taylor's Revenge, or William Fenner firked, ferreted, and finally called over the Why he would have liked a deaf and coals.

dumb wife, not meaning any reflection upon

p. 152.

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