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court of record as to the fact of the said judge, etc., being daly commissioned and acting in his official capacity at the time of the execution of the foregoing papers.

BOUNTY.—No discharged soldier can, under any circumstan. ces, receive the bounty provided by the act of July 22, 186.. unless " he shall have served for a period of two years, or during the war, if sooner ended;" but, “the widow, if there be one, and if not, the legal heirs of such as die, or may be killed in the gervice, in addition to all arrears of pay and allowances, shall receive the sum of one hundred dollars."

MODE OF PRESENTING CLAIMS.—All claims for arrears of pay and bounty money may be sent directly to this office. When received they are entered upon the register; as soon as practicable they will be examined, and if found correct in form, they are placed upon the files for settlement, and their receipt acknowledged. If incorrect, the party sending it is immediately notified. No “special cases ” will be made at the solicitation of attorneys, but when evidence can be obtained, cases will be audited in the order in which they are received. The only exception to this rule is when in settling a case in its order, evidence is found upon the same rolls by which to settle other claims of soldiers deceased in the same company. Letters of inquiry in relation to a claim should specify the name of the deceasod, and the company, regiment, and State to which he be. longed, and in all cases, to secure an answer, the name, postoffice and State of the writer should be distinctly written.

FORMS.—The form accompanying this circular is intended only as a guide, and must be varied to suit special cases. NC claim is rejected on account of the form in which it is pre. cented, if it substantially complies with the instructions.

To CORRESPONDENTS.--Letters of inquiry relating to the pay of soldiers in hospital or on furlough, should be addressed to the Paymaster-General Inquiries relating to the pay of deceased teamsters or other employees of the quartermaster's department, or for the pay of horses killed or lost in the service, o the Third Auditor; and relating to the pay and bounty of per sons in the marine or naval service, to) the Fourth Auditor.

POSTAGE.—The Government pays all postages on such busi

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ness communications, whether received or transmitted by this office,

Form of Application for Arrears of Pay and Bounty. 1, - of

in the county of —, and State of on oath, say that my age is years, and that I am the of late of in the State of

who was a in company of the regiment of

and died in the service of the United States at

day of 18–. [If the soldier died unmarried, leaving no child. it should be here stated. If the application is by the mother, she shoula also state the name of the father of the deceased, his death or abandonment of the support of his family, giving the date and all facts necessary to a proper understanding of the case. If the application is ly the willow of the deceased, she should here state her maiden name, when, where, and by whom she was married to him, and whether or not there is record evidence of such marriage.] I make this application to recover all arrears of pay or other allowances due to the deceased from the United States, and the bounty provided by the sixth section of the act of July 22, 1861.

[Signature of Claimant.) STATE OF County of

Personally appeared the above-named to me well known, and subscribed and made oath to the foregoing statement, on this

18—, before me.

[Name and Official Title.]

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· day of

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Form of Affidavit. Tve and


-, in the county of and State of on oath, say that we are and have been for years well acquainted with the applicant, and with the said deceased, who was a

in company

of the regiment and know to be the of the said deceased (if he died unmarried, leaving no child, it should be here stated; and if the appiicatior. is by the mother, the fact of her widowhood, or the abandonmert of her husband, should be stated as in the application); and that we have no interest whatever in this applicaticn.


Certificate of the magistrate as above, also that of the clerks of the court under seal, in the usual form.

This application must be accompanied by the following proof:


1. Her marriage with the deceased. This proof must be made in the same manner as in applications for pensions.

2. Widowhood and identity. These may be proved by the affidavit of the witnesses abuve given. IN THE CASE OF CHILDREN:

1. The marriage of the parents. This must be proved in like manner as in applications by widows.

2. Death of widow.

3. That they are the children, and all the children, of the doreased.

Items two and three may be proved by the affidavit of two witnesses, according to the form furnished by the Second Auditor.

If the application is made by the guardian of minors, a cer. tifică copy of his letters of guardianship must be sent, and a certificate from the proper court that he is still acting as guar. dian. LN THE CASE OF FATHER:

1. That he is the father of deceased.
2. That the deceased left ueither widow nor child.

These facts may be proved by the affidavit of witnesses ao cording to the form. LN THE CASE OF A MOTHER:

1. The death of her husband, the father of the deceased.
2. That she was the mother of the deceased.
3. That he left neither widow nor child.

4. In the case of abandonment by her husband, he being stiu living, that fact musi also be proved.

These items of testimony may all be proved by the affidavit of two witnesses as above.


1. The marriage and death of their parents. This must be proved as in the case of widows.

2 That they are the brothers and sisters of the deceased.

3. That he left neither widow nor child. These latter items may be proved by the affidavits of wit


In the case of children, fathers, and brothers and sisters, posi tive proof of relationship to the deceased will not be required. General reputation and undisputed relationship will suffice.


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Widow's Declaration for Bounty Money and Arrears. STATE OF County of

On this day of -, 18—, before me, a - ; in and for the county and State above named, personally appeared who, after being duly sworn according to law, declares and says; that she is aged years; that she is a resident of county of

and State of that she is the widow of who was a in company

commanded by Captain of the

regiment of volunteers, commanded by Colonel and who was killed or died) at on or about the day of

18–, while in the service of the United States. That she was married to the said

on the

day of in the year 18–, at by one

-; that her name before her marriage was and that she has remained a widow since the death of her said husband. And she further states that she believes there is public record of her said marriage [should there be neither public nor private record, nor any witness of said marriage living or accessible, the facts should be stated.]

She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty money, arrears of pay, and ali other arrearages or sums of money due her by reason of the service of the soldier above named, under and by virtue of an act of Congress, passed July 22, A. D. 1861, also of all other acts now in force upon this subject. And she hereby constitutes and appoints her attorney in fact, to prosecute this claim, and authorizes him to receive and receipt for a draft or certificate for the amount that may be allowed her.

Claimant's Signature.] Attest: [Two Witnesses.]

Sworn to, subscribed and acknowledged before me, the day and year first above written; and on the same day personally

and residents of - in the county ofState aforesaid, who, being duly sworn according to law, declart that they are personally acquainted with Mrs. — widow of



. ---, who has made and subscribed the foregoirg declaration, ond were acquainted with her and her said husband, before ho entered the service, and know that they lived together as man and wife, and were so reported; that she is the widow of the identical -, who performed the military service mentioned in the declaration, and has remained a widow since his death ; that !heir knowledge of the identity of her husband with the soldier is derived from

And they further testify that they reside as above stated, and are disinterested in this claim.

[Witnesses' Signatures] Sworn to and subscribed before me, and I certify that I am pot interested in this claim, nor concerned in its prosecution; that I believe the affiants to be credible persons, and the declarant to be the person she represents herself to be.

[Magistrate's Signature.] BTATE OF County of

I, clerk of the court in and for the county and State above named, do hereby certify that - Esq., before whom the foregoing declaration and affidavitó were made, and who has thereunto signed his name, was at the time of so doing an acting in and for said county, duly commissioned and sworn ; that all of his official acts, as such, are entitled to full faith and credit, and that his signature thereunto is genuine.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court, at ---, in said county, this -, A. D. 18—

[Clerk.] Claim of Heirs for Arrears, Bounty Money, etc., of De

ceased Officer or Soldier. STATE OF

} County of

On this day of — 18—, before me, a in and for the county and State above named, personally appeared aged years, a resident of

- county of - State of who, being duly sworn according to law, declare that they are the children and heirs of who was a

of company - commanded by Captain in the regiment of volunteers; that the said volunteered at on or about the day of —, 18—, for and (died or was killed) at on or about the

184, while in said service, that the said ieft surviving him no widow, nor child or children, other than these claimants.

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