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Tell all you can about hayingwhen compare the farming scenes in other parts of the hay is cut, how it is cut, cured, and this book with those of our own, page 51. stored. Also tell how it is sold; its Some farmers keep many cows, from value. It is put up in bales for carrying whose milk butter and cheese are made. by train or boat, as it would be too This is called a Dairy. The occupabulky and there would be too much tion is Dairying. waste if it were moved with:

Butter, milk, and cheese are sold. out baling. The farmers

How are they sold ? About

how much are they worth? often take it to the

What are other cattle prodnearest village or

ucts? (See page 37.) city in wagon

In some loloads.

calities large What is the

droves of catautumn work?

tle are raised Tell all you

for their cattle can about the STOCK YARDS, CHICAGO

products. autumn work

Many of of harvesting,

these cattle separating,

are taken to digging, pull.

large cities, ing, gathering,

where there and storing

are slaughter We cut or

and packing harvest grass,

houses. Here grain, corn,

they are consugar-cane, to

verted into CATTLE RAISING IN THE WES bacco; sepa

beef and other rate the kernel of grain from the chaff products, and packed for the markets of and straw; dig the potatoes, pull the the world. The hides are sent to a roots, which we call vegetables, and tannery to be made into leather. This gather the fruits. We store these prod- leather is made into boots and shoes. ucts in different ways. The hay and On the next page are pictures of the inside of a straw are either stored in barns or shoe-shop in one of the largest shoe-manufacturing stacked; the grains are stored in gran

• the grains are stored in gran. cities in the world. Find it. eries; the vegetables are stored in cellars. Sheep-raising is also largely carried or buried in the ground below freezing. on by farmers in some localities. Some

kinds of sheep are raised especially for How are the salable articles prepared for

their wool, other kinds for their meat. market? Find out about what they bring in the market.

When the warm days of spring come the sheep


are too warm, with their heavy winter clothing. or exchange them for such articles as The men who care for them shear off their heavy they do not raise. These farm products fleeces. The wool is then sold by the pound, to be sent to the factories to be cleansed, dyed, and spun

are sold in the markets of the village or into yarn. This yarn is of many different quali- city, or they are shipped by cars or ties. The yarn is then woven into all

steamers to other cities or seckinds of woolen materials. What is the meat of a sheep

tions of country. All of called? What is its value

these villages and per pound?

cities are trade-cenMany farmer's of

ters. the United States and

The farmers in Europe are engaged

temperate countries in sheep-raising, but

once did nearly all, Australia is espe.

of the farm-work cially noted for this

with their hands, usindustry. Describe

ing only the simplest the scenes on page 56.

implements. Now Some farmers are

those of our country engaged in bee-keep

use all kinds of agriing, that they may

cultural machines have honey for the

and implements, market.

which make their About how much is

work much easier honey worth per pound?

than formerly.

STITCHING ROOM. If you know anything of

The farmers of honey-bees, tell us about them and their work. Tell

Asia, Africa, and the how the honey is gathered.

greater portions of In some sections

Europe and of South the producing of ma

America do not use ple sugar for use and

much machinery. for market largely

They still work their engages the farmer FINISHING & STOCK-ROOM.

farms in a primitive for a short time in

manner. the spring. (See page 31.) Cane and beet Make a list of all the products of a farm; of sugar are produced in other sections. what the farmer may have for sale; of what he Most farmers raise more of erery

must buy. Make a list of agricultural machines

and implements. product than can be used on the farm.

Visit some farm. Tell how you went, and what They send or carry the products which

you saw from the time you left home until you they do not need to the nearest village returned. Perhaps your school or class can take or city. Here they sell them for money, an excursion to some farm.

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This is a picture of the works of the Deering Manufacturing Company, Chicago, U. S. A. Here all kinds of agricultural

implements are made. Several thousand men are employed. Describe the picture.

farming in importance among the occupations.

BY MANUFACTURING we mean the making of some.
thing by hand or by machinery.

Farmers depend
upon manufacturing
for their farm imple.
ments and for many
other things.

People of this coun
try once made a great
number of things by
hand. Machinery is
more and more doing the
work which was former:

ly done by the hands.

The power which drives the machinery for many.
facturing is either water, steam, or electricity.

In many countries of the world most of the
manufacturing is still done by water- or foot-power.
There is no manufacturing in the cold countries

except the making by hand of

the boats and rude
implements used in
procuring animals for

There are few or no
manufactures in the
hot countries. Those
that have been estab.
lished are owned and
directed by the white
men of temperate coun.

In temperate countries there are many manu-
factures of all kinds.

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These works occupy sixteen acres of land, and employ over seven thousand men. About fifteen thousand locomotives have been constructed here. The greater number are used on railroads in the United States, the smaller number are in use in other sections of the world. Describe the different views represented here.

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