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principles and nourish our best affections and how desirable is it in a rising family that both the heads of the house should be agreed, not merely in training their children, but their servants : it produces harmony of plan and simplicity of principle, and I own that I have been surprised at the effect produced even where there did not appear to be a radical change in the character, a sort of awe upon the mind, in thus referring to a perfect standard. • I being in the way, the Lord met me,” was the answer of Abraham's servant; and those who are thus found in the way of waiting for the blessing, depending firmly on his word and promise shall find that he withholds no good thing from those that walk uprightly.

There was one custom not uncommon in many parishes, a sort of feast day, some relic of celebration of the patron saint, and it required much firmness on the part of these young people to keep their servants from sharing in these festivities; and the more, because there they were to meet their relations, whom they could not see at another time. How to break through it, and not seem unkind, they knew not, they made it a matter of prayer for direction, and were the more determined to stand firm, because their indoor family being large, it involved late hours and many other inconveniences.

As they were talking it over with Margaret, she said in her quick way, “ Dears, could you not have a feast yourselves, for it is seven years since ye were married. And how many years is it, Mr. Kemp, since you came to the farm ? Twelve, I think, the beginning of next month. Well, dears, do ye have a feast of your own, and if the weather holds fine, let them have a treat in the hay field. You see it will come just after the saint's day, and you can make it St. Michael if ye will.” Michael started, “Oh no, oh no. However, they determined to give it thought, and to propose it; so that very evening, after family worship, Michael said, looking at them with peculiar kindness,

“ You all know I wish you happy.”

yes, master,” and there was a general murmur of assent.

“ Would you do any thing to oblige me?” • That we would, was the general reply. “ Well then, if I were to invite your friends to see you here, would you give up going to the feast ?". There was a general look, as though he had touched something very near the heart; and Mary Medway, though she was a stranger, had been invited, and thought it a good thing, and did not like to resign it.

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In short, there was a general murmur of hesitation like rising resistance, with the exception of William, Rose, and Betty Smith ;. it seemed as though none would be willing to give up this promised plea

“ What can I do?" said Michael ; “ I should be sorry to part with you, but I have many objections against this meeting; while my servants were out-doors, I had no control over them on a Sunday, but now I seem answerable that the sabbath should not be profaned.” " But we go to church,” said one; we go to church, said another. “ But as soon as you come out there is drinking and smoking, laughing and talking ; this ought not to be on a Sunday.” He waited—they looked down, they knew its truth.

Well, I am very sorry for it; I see I shall lose many that I value, but if it must be, it must be, my mind is made up. I had hoped, that by seeing all your friends here, you might have been induced to oblige me, but we must part.”; There was not a heart there, however obdurate, but sunk at these words: they saw he was hurt, more hurt than angry, and they did not know well what to do; so as in all cases when they were at a loss, they went to Betty Smith, and she gave but one advice to all, “ Humble yourself, my good maid, humble your

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self, my good man, it is the only way; you are not to expect master to change his mind, I know he will not, because he is in the right, and then he never gives up, I can tell you. If master had made a mis

a take, and found himself wrong, he would not mind owning himself in a fault, or begging your pardon either. Once, when he spoke to me about something he thought wrong, and I made it out to him clear that he was mistaken, he was quite grieved and ashamed, and humbled himself much more than any of you would do.” It was a long struggle between the pride of the heart and the desire of keeping the place where they were all so happy. How shall we speak to master? what shall we say ?” Betty hesitated whether she should undertake to manage for them, or whether she should make them conquer their pride and speak for themselves; and she was following the example Michael had so long set, looking for some scripture rule to guide conduct: “But have compassion one of another.' So she said, “ I tell you what I will do for you ; I will tell master, as it is a proof of your duty as you gives it up, because it's a pleasure you have been all used to. But now mind, if you can't make up your minds to be satisfied, I will have nothing to do with it.” They looked upon each

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other, and said they were satisfied, and William undertook to speak for the men, and Betty Smith for the women.

The weather proved propitious, and all the friends of the Brow Farm servants came up the day after the feast by particular invitation; they were entertained with hospitality, and even the little children handed about the seed cake with great good-humour and pleasantry. Some of the parents of the servants wondered what objection Mr. Kemp could have to their going out to see their friends, and why he should have them at home? Betty Smith, who heard the wonder, went among them, and said, “ I will tell you, neighbours. My master has as great a dread of breaking God's commandments as breaking the laws of the land, and more; and do you think, neighbours, when ye are met together on a Sunday, and have not seen one another for a long time, do you think you speak much about the sermon you have heard, or the Scriptures ye have been reading ?” No, they could not say they did. see master has given you a very handsome

a treat here.” They owned he had, and he was very kind, “and your mistress is a sweet lady too; and the pretty little children, why, I think it must be a pleasure to live with them,” said one; and before

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