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Kingston -upon-Hull, mercer, March 5 at 11, District Court Middlesex, attorney at law, No. 57,900 T.; James Gibbons, of Bankruptcy, Leeds, div.-Wm. Ibbotson, Sheffield, York assignee.-- John Thorburn, Stamford-street, Blackfriars-road, shire, merchant, March 5 at 11, District Court of Bank. Surrey, bookbinder, No. 57.907 T.; Alexander Hart Eadie, ruptcy, Leeds, div.

assignee.-John Drucquer, Strand, Middlesex, assistant to a CERTIFICATES.

tobacconist, No. 57,908 T.; Thomas Clark, assignee.-Thos. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn lo lhe contrary on or Rabett, Little Pulteney-street, Golden-square, Middlesex, fur. before the Day of Meeting.

niture broker, No. 57.917 T.; Godfrey Bingley Wadsworth, Benj. Jones, City-road, Middlesex, draper, March 3 at half. assignee.-Wm. Hubby, Lyonshall, Herefordshire, farmer, past 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- John Elliott, Pave. No. 66,947 C.; John Ruell, assignee.--Henry Lacey, Liverineet, Finsbury, London, surgeon, March 5 at 1, Court of pool, stationer, No. 67,170 C.; W. F. Roch, James Reeves, Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Rob. Edwards, London-road, and William Furness, assignees. Surrey, linen draper, March 3 at half-past 11, Court of Bank

Saturday, Feb. 7. optcy, London. -Wm. Faryon, Farringdon-street, London, Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee licensed victualler, March 5 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, the Estates and Effects of the following Persons :London.-Im. Henry Blackmore, Dean-st., Soho-square,

(On their own Petitions). Middlesex, plomber, March 4 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, Thos. William Pretty, Chapel-street, Somers'-town, MidLondon.-J. Evans, High-st., Shoreditch, Middlesex, cheese- dlesex, assistant to a grocer: in the Debtors Prison for Lonmonger, March 4 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon don and Middlesex.-Wm. Rode Saunders, Marlborough. don.-Ed. Speller, Berners-st., Oxford-st., Middlesex, tea place, Kennington-cross, Surrey, professor of music : in the dealer, March 3 at half.past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon.

Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Henry Nathaniel don.-Chas. Wynn Daries, Holborn, Middlesex, upholsterer,

Chapman, Grove-cottage, Kentish-town, Middlesex, out of March 3 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-

business : in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex. Sarah Caroline Fry, widow, Margate, Kent, stationer, March M. N. Chapman, Elizabeth-street, Walworth-common, Sur. 3 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.--Jas. Meek, rey, out of employ: in the Queen's Prison.-Alex. Carroll Ruardean, Gloucestershire, coal proprietor, March 5 at 11, the younger, Stamford-street, Blackfriars-road, Surrey, genDistrict Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol. -Edwd. Wookey and tleman: in the Queen's Prison.-- Joseph Nocera the younger, Francis Hares, Bristol, drapers, March 12 at 11, District Portland-place, Middlesex, out of business : in the Debtors Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.

Prison for London and Middlesex.—Daniel Robert Law, Up. To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankruptcy, unless per John-street, White Horse-lane, Mile-end Old-town, Mid

Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before March 3. dlesex, out of business : in the Debtors Prison for London and Geo. Alkins, Liverpool, brewer.-Thos. Rollings, Ingram - Middlesex.--James Woodford, Rose and Crown-yard, Kingcourt, Fenchurch-st., London, wine merchant. - John Gadd, street, St. James's, Middlesex, carpenter : in the Debtors Pri. High-st., Camden-town, Middlesex, baker.

son for London and Middlsex.-James Bristow, Wardour-st., PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.

Soho, Middlesex, cowkeeper : in the Debtors Prison for LonHewitt Galloway and Ed. Cleathing Bell, Kingston-upon- don and Middlesex.-C. G. Dore, Southgate, Middlesex, out Hall, attornies at law.-John Richards the younger and Thos. of business : in the Debtors Prison for London and MiddleRogers the younger, Reading, Berke, attornies and solicitors.

sex.-Wm. Owen Ryall, East-street, Lamb's Conduit-street, SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.

Middlesex, tailor : in the Queen's Prison.-Thos. Bentley, Peter Primrose, Glasgow, flour merchant.-Alex. Hastings

Leeds, Yorkshire, out of business : in the Gaol of York.-S. and John Howie Paterson, Glasgow, corn merchant.

Alcock, Manchester, shoemaker : in the Gaol of Lancaster.

Elizabeth Standfield, Manchester, butcher : in the Gaol of DECLARATION OF INSOLVENCY.

Lancaster.- Lawrence Fitzsimmons, Manchester, stonemason: G. Bickley, Norwood-villa, Croydon, Surrey, attorney at law. in the Gaol of Lancaster.-G. W. Archbold, Liverpool, masINSOLVENT DEBTORS

ter mariner : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Sidney Hellewell, Who hare filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,

Hulme, Manchester, dyer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Ralph and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Pearson, Chorley, Lancashire, grocer: in the Gaol of LanProcess.

caster.- George Brooke, Plumbley, Eckington, near ChesterWm. Sims, Upper Basildon, Berkshire, shopkeeper, Feb.

cooner. Peh field, Derbyshire, farmer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Wm. 16 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.—John Allensby,

Hall, Primrose-hill, and Waterhead-mill, near Oldham, LanEly, Cambridgeshire, wheelwright, Feb. 16 at 12, Court of

cashire, wheelwright: in the Gaol of Lancaster.-R. MoorBankruptcy, London.- Robert Hall, Queen street, Chelsea,

house, Height-side, near Padiham, Lancashire, cattle dealer : Middlesex, brewer, Feb. 16 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon

in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Wm. L. Lowe, Salford, Lancadon. Sam. Jas. Townsend, Kirby-st., Hatton-garden, Middle

shire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-T. Hale, sex, working jeweller, Feh. 16 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

Standish, near Wigan, Lancashire, collier : in the Gaol of London.-John Sly, Bawdeswell, near Reepham, Norfolk,

Lancaster.- Septimus Dobson, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manconfectioner, Feb. 16 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

chester, out of business: in the Gaol of Lancaster. - William Wr. Nelson Blackman Harman, Virginia-terrace, Dover-rd.,

Barlow, Coldhurst, Oldham, Lancashire, out of business : in Surrey, general dealer in jewellery, Feb. 16 at 11, Court of

of the Gaol of Lancaster.-Humphrey Dyson, Manchester, proBankruptcy, London.-Lion Ben, Pembroke Dock, Pem.

vision shopkeeper : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-John James, brokeshire. silversmith. March 6 at u. District Court of St. Agnes, Cornwall, tailor : in the Gaol of Bodmin.-David Bankruptcy, Bristol.- John Lewis, Newport, Monmouth

Jones, Abergele, Denbighshire, joiner : in the Gaol of Ruthin. shire, butcher, March 2 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy,

-J. Harris, Manchester, brick maker: in the Gaol of Lancaster. Bristol.--Henry Davenport, Liverpool, tailor, Feb. 17 at ii, The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.-Wm. Wapshaw, the Court, in Portugal-st., on Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 9. Liverpool, plasterer, Feb. 20 at 11, District Court of Bank · John Bennett, Cuthbert-street, Hall-park, Paddington, ruptcy, Liverpool.-Thos. Lowthian, Liverpool, butcher, Feb. Middlesex, potman.- Joseph Herring, Peter-street, Clerken20 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool.Thomas well, Middlesex, gingerbread baker.-A. A. Harrison, St. Buggins, Aldridge, Staffordshire, farmer, Feb. 18 at half-past Mark's-row, Camberwell New-road, Surrey, carpenter.-J. 19, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.--J. Bullows, 1. Combes, Buttersland-street, Pitfield-street, Hoxton, Mid. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, gardener, Feb. 17 at 11, District dlesex, clerk.-John Regan, Westminster-bridge-road, Sur. Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.-Jos. Pye the younger, rey, tobacconist. Preston, Lancashire, slater, Feb. 21 at 12, District Court of Court-house, WORCESTER, (County), Feb. 21, at 10. Bankruptcy, Manchester.

Rob, Gardner, Great Malvern, boot maker.-Noah Bough, Saturday, Feb. 7.

Bosbury, Herefordshire, out of business.-Henry Deakins, The following Assignees have been appointed. Further Par. Earl's Croome, near Upton-upon-Severn, farmer.- William

ticulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal-st., Lin. Green, Mathon, out of business.- Thomas Howse, Worcester, coln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the Case. out of business.

Wm. Davies, Land of Promise, Hoxton Old-town, Middle. Court-house, IPSWICH, Suffolk, Feb. 23, at 10. sex, house agent, No. 57,805 T.; William Henry Smith, as- Robert Taylor, Norwich, out of employment.-Wm. Cook, signce.- James Phineas Davis, Chiswick-lodge, Chiswick, Edwardstone, near Boxford, out of employment.--Th. Trew, Ipswich, out of employment.--Samuel Collis, Walton, near CHARLES JAMES BAKER and EDWARD JAMES Felixstow, out of business.

EASTWOOD, London, warehousemen, dealers and chap. Court-house, DurgaM, (County), Feb. 23, at 10. men, Feb. 20 at half-past 1, and March 27 at 12, Court John Stout, Durham, confectioner. Robert H. M'George, of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sols. Sale Durham, tea dealer.-Dav. Burnett, Northgate, Hartlepool, & Co., Manchester ; Reed & Langford, Friday-street, publican.—Abraham Emmott, Gateshead, assistant to a straw Cheapside.-- Fiat dated Feb. 7. bonnet manufacturer.-Geo. L. Fox, Sunderland near the Sea,

ROBERT LAMBERT, Liverpool, manufacturing chemist, grocer.Hen. Henley, Durham, out of business.

dealer and chapman, Feb. 27 and March 24 at 11, District Court-house, NewCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Northumberland,

Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Turner ; Sols. Feb. 25 at 10.

Fletcher & Hull, Liverpool ; Cotterill, Throgmorton-street, Philip Solomon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, general hardware

London.-Fiat dated Feb. 6.

| JOHN ROSS and ENOCH BURTON, Newcastle-uponman.-Jos. Richardson, Whickham, near Gateshead, agent, -Wm. Joyce, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, warehouseman.- Jas.

Tyne, flour dealers and bacon merchants, dealers in patent Glendinning the younger, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, attorney's

medicines, and commission agents, dealers and chapmen, clerk.- Thomas Doubleday, Rye-hill, out of business.

Feb. 23 at 11, and April 7 at 1, District Court of Bank. Court-house, DOVER, Kent, Feb. 26 at 10.

ruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Off, Ass. Wakley; Sols. Benjamin Norris, Ramsgate, tailor.- John Casper Mais,

Story, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Plumptre, Temple, London. Dover, out of business.--Henry Thomas Prebble, Ramsgate,

--Fiat dated Feb. 7.

| HENRY MOORE NAYLOR, Birmingham, haberdasher, tea agent.Richard Marsh the younger, Dover, out of busi. ness.-- John Norwood, Dover, licensed victualler.

dealer and chapman, Feb. 26 and March 18 at 11, District

Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Bittleston; Court-house, NORWICH, Norfolk, Feb. 26 at 10.

Sols. Heywood & Webb, Birmingham; Mayhew & Son, Robert Stringer, Great Yarmouth, ale merchant.-Fred.

Carey-st., Lincoln's Inn, London.-Fiat dated Feb. 5. Tillett, Harleston, cabinet maker.—Stephen Gant, East Rud. | GILBERT BROWN, Shiff nall, Shropshire, banker, money ham, out of business.-John Hague, St. Michael at Thorn,

scrivener, share broker, dealer and chapman, Feb. 26 and gig maker.

March 21 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birming· Court-house, YARMOUTH, Norfolk, Feb. 25 at 10.

ham: Off, Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Hodgson, Birmingham; J. B. Ransome, Rollesby, out of business.

Vincent & Co., Temple, London.-Fiat dated Feb. 9. INSOLVENT DEBTOR'S DIVIDEND.

RICHARD LEWIS, Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, Charles Hibble, Bridges-street, Strand, at Groves's, jun., 25,

woollen manufacturer, dealer and chapman, March 5 and 30 Charlotte-street, Bedford-square : 28. 3d. in the pound.

at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. MEETINGS.

Hutton; Sols. Timbrell & Merrick, Bradford, Wiltshire; William Bassett, Darran y Pistill, Lanwonno, Glamorgan Jones & Blaxland, Crosby-sq., London.-Fiat dated Feb. 4. shire, husbandman, Feb. 25 at 12, New Inn, Newbridge, sp. WILLIAM BRADLEY, Leeds, Yorkshire, flax spinner, affairs.--Henay Morgan, Gosport, Hampshire, pork butcher, Feb. 24 and March 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Feb. 25 at 12, India Arms Inn, Gosport, sp. affairs.

Leeds: Off. Ass. Kynaston; Sols. Ward & Son, Leeds;

Robinson & Co., Essex-st., London.--Fiat dated Feb. 6. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13.

WILLIAM HOLDSWORTH, Adwalton, Birstal, Yorkshire, BANKRUPTS.

corn millers, dealers and chapmen, Feb. 24 and March 17 JAMES YOUNG, Salcott, Essex, ship owner and coal mer at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass.

chant, Feb. 20 at half-past 12, and March 27 at half-past Freeman ; Sols. Foster, Bradford ; Cariss, Leeds; Nether1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Alsager ; Sol. sole, New Inn, London.-Fiat dated Feb. 7. Marriott, New Inn. -Fiat dated Feb. 11.

MEETINGS. WILLIAM CHESSOR, Commercial-road, Stepney, Mid Jacob Montefiore and Joseph Barrow Montefiore, Nicholas

dlesex, cooper, dealer and chapman, Feb. 20 at 2, and lane, London, merchants, Feb. 26 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, March 27 at 1, Court of Bankuptcy, London : Off. Ass. London, pr. d. Jos. Montefiore.-Sam. Churchill, Dodding. Whitmore; Sols. Brown & Co., 35, Commercial Sale-rooms, ton, Oxfordshire, scrivener, Feb. 26 at half-past 12, Court of Mincing-lane.-- Fiat dated Feb. 10.

Bankruptcy, London, pr. d.-Wilson Wood and J. Holmes, WILLIAM SIBSON ALDERTON, Chancery-lane, Lon. Maidstone, Kent, tea dealers, Feb. 26 at half-past 12, Court of

don, steel pen manufacturer, percussion cap maker, and Bankruptcy, London, pr. d.-Francis Jackson, Mary-le-bone. fancy stationer, dealer and chapman, Feb. 24 at half-past st., Golden-square, Middlesex, licensed victualler, March 9 at ll, and March 24 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-Joha Off. Ass. Belcher; Sols. Haywood & Co., Birmingham; Peters, Haggerstone, Middlesex, fancy trimming manufac. Mayhew & Son, 26, Carey-st.--Fiat dated Feb. 11.

turer, March 5 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud: ROBERT KENT, Elstree, Aldenham, Hertfordshire, licensed ac.-- Sam. Hurd, Rochester, Kent, dealer in china, March

victualler, dealer and chapman, Feb. 24 at 2, and March 24 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. Joseph at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards ; | Lankshear, Seymour-row, Little Chelsea, Middlesex, surgeon,

Sol, Lloyd, Milk-st., Cheapside.- Fiat dated Feb. 9. March 11 at half-past 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. GEORGE PRENTICE, Tollesbury, Essex, fishmonger, dealer ac.-Felix Herpent, Sherrard-st., Golden-square, Middlesex,

and chapman, Feb. 24 at half-past 2, and March 24 at 12, Warehouseman, March 11 at half past 1, Court of Bankrupt. Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Groom; Sol. cy, London, aud. ac.- Wm. Ward, Belton, Rutland, farmer, Compigne, 24, Bucklersbury.--Fiat dated Feb. 5.

March 6 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.--". THOMAS REYNOLDS, Cow Cross-street, Sepulchre, Mid Welsh and Geo. Welsh, Liverpool, brokers, March 6 at 11,

dlesex, cheesemonger, dealer and chapman, Feb. 24 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac. - Willi and March 24 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Haskayne, Liverpool, ship chandler, March 6 at 11, District Ass. Turquand; Sol. Turner, Mount-place, Whitechapel. Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, and, ac. ; March 10 at libero road.- Fiat dated Feb. 10.

div.-Rich. Greenhow, Wrexham, Denbighshire, iron master; RICHARD WIDEN CRONK, Seal, Kent, grocer and dra March 6 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, and.

per, Feb. 20 at 11, and March 21 at half-past ll, Court ac.--Hen. Lacey, Liverpool, bookseller, March 10 at, of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Green ; Sols. Carnell, | District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac. ; March Sevenoaks; Waterman & Co., Essex-street, Strand. Fiat at 11, div.-Hugh Panton, Thos. Wm. Panton, Geo. Forster dated Feb. 6.

and J. Wilberforce Morley, Sunderland, Durham, iron manu. FREDERICK JONES, Canterbury, Kent, wine and spirit facturers, March 10 at 12, District Court of Bankrupcy;

merchant, Feb. 26 at 1, and March 28 at 11, Court of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. joint est. and sep. est. Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Follett; Sols. Lawrance & Panton; March 13 at 11, div. joint est.-Wm. Barrelt Plews, Bucklersbury.--Fiat dated Feb. 9.

dick, Durham, dealer in iron, March 10 at 1l, District Cou CHARLES OSWALD ROBSON,, Finsbury. of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. -- Geo.

square, Middlesex, plasterer and builder, Feb. 20 at 11, Gitton, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, printer, March 7 at 1 and March 28 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. / trict Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, and. ac. Ass. Green; Sols. Reed & Langford, Friday-st., Cheapside. Soffe, Strand, Middlesex, printseller, March 7 at 12, Fiat dated Nov. 20.

| Bankruptcy, London, div. -Hen. Kohne, Laurence Poun


lane, London, and Dorchester-place, New North-road, Mid-2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Angelo Bauchini, Shoedlesex, wholesale stay manufacturer, March 7 at 11, Court of lane, London, dealer in coals, Feb. 16 at 1, Court of BankBankruptcy, London, div.-Mich. Wrake the younger, Can ruptcy, London.- Wm. Walton, Grove-cottage, Clarenceterbury, bricklayer, March 7 at half-past 11, Court of Bank road, Clapton, Middlesex, bricklayer, Feb. 16 at 1, Court of ruptcy, London, div.-Jos. Glass, White Hart-st., Drury. Bankruptcy, London.--Charles Lister, Piccadilly, Middlelane, Middlesex, victualler, March 6 at half-past 1, Court of sex, out of business, Feb. 16 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, LonBankruptcy, London, div.-Chas. Allen, Tadley, Southamp-don.-Joseph Corbyn, Greenwich, Kent, commander in the ton, maltster, Feb. 27 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, royal navy, March 6 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.London, div.-Allen Hurrell, Park-place, St. John's-wood, Wm. Addison, Storey-street, Sidney-street, Commercial-road Middlesex, wine merchant, March 7 at 11, Court of Bank: East, Middlesex, out of business, March 6 at 11, Court of rupty, London, div.-J. Harrison Curtis, Soho-square, Bankruptcy, London.- Edward Johnson, Great Queen-st., Middlesex, bookseller, March 6 at half-past 11, Court of Lincoln's-inn-fields, Middlesex, vocalist, Feb. 26 at 11, Court Bankruptcy, London, div.-Lewis J. Nicolay, St. George's. of Bankruptcy, London.- Jeremiah Catton, Vine-street, felds, Woolwich, Kent, draper, March 6 at 1, Court of Hatton-garden, Middlesex, patten maker, Feb. 26 at 11, Bankruptcy, London, div.-Christ. Wakefield, Hampton Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Edward Parker, Gillingsick, Middlesex, licensed victualler, March 6 at 2, Court of ham, Kent, out of business, Feb. 27 at 12, Court of BankBankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. Alex. Christian, Newcastle | ruptcy, London.-James Lewis, Grove-terrace, Queen's-rd., st., Strand, Middlesex, innkeeper, March 6 at 11, Court of Bayswater, Middlesex, milkman, Feb. 27 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Hen. Decimus Walker, Eaton | Bankruptcy, London.-Fred. Barnard, Lower Serle's-place, Socon, Bedfordshire, innkeeper, March 6 at half-past 12, St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, law writer, Feb. 27 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Chas. Samuel Evans, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Jos. S. Moody, St. James'sCornbill, London, and Westcroft-place, Hammersmith, Mid-square, Middlesex, porter, Feb. 21 at 3, Court of Bankruptcy, dlesex, master mariner, March 6 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Rev. Henry John Hopkins, Winchester, HampLondon, div.- Isaac Blackburn, Minories, and Northumber shire, clerk, Feb. 25 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London. — land-alley , Fenchurch-st., London, engineer, March 10 at 11, Charles Scott, Kingsland-road, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Coart of Bankruptcy, London, div.-T. Harvey Forrester, Middlesex, cheesemcnger, Feb. 25 at half-past 11, Court of Threadneedle-street, London, Russia broker, March 6 at 2, Bankruptcy, London.-Charles Wm. Dexter, Duke-street, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-- Benj. Jones, City-road, West Smithfield, London, brace maker, Feb. 23 at 11, Court Middlesex, draper, March 10 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, of Bankruptcy, London.- Wm. H. Winmill, Stratford, Es. London, div.-William Henry Alexander and Chas. Bolton sex, corn dealer, Feb. 23 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Richards, Upper Clifton-street, Finsbury, Middlesex, hard. | - Thomas Wilkinson Tisdell, Eastcheap, City, licensed vicFaremen, March 6 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. tualler, Feb. 23 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-E. Ede, div. sep. est. Wm. Hen. Alexander.-Hugh Cunningham, Brighton, Sussex, stay maker, Feb. 23 at half-past 11, Court Strand, Middlesex, bookseller, March 11 at i, Court of Bank of Bankruptcy, London.- Peter Nellist, Bishop Middleham, ruptcy, London, div.-Hen. Hickman, Dudley, Worcester. Durham, publican, March 13 at 1, District Court of Bankshire, druggist, March 7 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, ruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. -Robert Williams, Liverpool, Birmingham, fin. div.-Wm. Cox, Wombourn, Staffordshire, clerk to a glass merchant, Feb. 20 at 11, District Court of Bankmiller, March 6 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bir- ruptcy, Liverpool.- Charles Woodhouse, Adwick-le-street, mingham, aud. ac.

Yorkshire, tailor, Feb. 17 at 11, District Court of Bank

ruptcy, Leeds.- Daniel Rogers, Leeds, Yorkshire, woollen To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on the printer, Feb. 17 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds. Day of Meeting.

-Wm. Corbett, Halesowen, Worcestershire, shingler, Feb. Thos. Nelson Deaton Howard, Adelaide Hotel, London-26 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.-Geo. bridge, London, merchant, March 6 at half-past 11, Court of Harris, Halesowen, Worcestershire, carpenter, Feb. 26 at Bankruptcy, London.--Jas. Rayner, Rougham, Norfolk, li- half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.censed victualler, March 6 at half-past 1, Court of Bankrupt. Wm. Pardoe, Halesowen, Worcestershire, nail warehouseman, cy, London.-Eliz. Rolph and Thos. Rolph, Sheperd's-court, Feb. 26 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.Upper Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, Middlesex, builders, Heber Franklin, Halesowen, Worcestershire, nailer, Feb. 26 March 6 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Ward, at half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham. Belton, Rutland, farmer, March 6 at 11, Court of Bankrupt- -Wm. Elias Brearley, Nottingham, butcher, Feb. 24 at 11, cy, London.--Wm. Senior, Sheffield, Yorkshire, hosier, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham. March 9 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-Esther

Wednesday, Feb. 11. Smith, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, innkeeper, March 6 at

at Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee half-past 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.- Ch. Barber, Denham Springs, Brindle, near Chorley, Lancashire,

the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:calico printer, March 10 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy,

Con their own Petitions). Manchester.

George Thos. Elgie, Astey's-row, Lower-road, Islington, To be allowed by the Court of Review in Bankruptcy, unless

| Middlesex, and Bucklersbury, London, attorney: in the Debtors Cause be shewn to the contrary on or before March 6.

Prison for London and Middlesex.-Edward Simons, North

street, Edgeware-road, Middlesex, not in any trade : in the Jas. Filbey, Egham, Surrey, licensed victualler.-William

Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Wm. Spencer, Ockleston, Liverpool, hide merchant. - Michael S. Keyworth,

Compton-street, Brunswick-square, Middlesex, corn chandler: Manchester, common brewer. - James Hulme, Manchester,

| in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.— Thomas paper dealer.--George Howes, Milton next Gravesend, Kent,

Higgins, High-street, Battersea, Surrey, out of business : in tavern keeper.- Mark Cooke, Denton, Manchester, joiner.

the Queen's Prison.-John Keating, Warwick-street, GoldenG. Payne, King-st., Covent-gdn., Middlesex, tailor. --Sophia

square, Middlesex, tailor: in the Debtors Prison for London Barton and John Burton, Kingston-upon-Hull, chemists.

and Middlesex.-- James Williams, St. Mary-street, WoolScotch SEQUESTRATIONS.

wich, Kent, carpenter : in the Queen's Prison.-Jas. Cobb, Robert Park & Co., Glasgow, spirit dealers.-David Auld,

Sidney-street, Alfred-place, Whitechapel-road, Middlesex, Port Glasgow, merchant.-John Christie, Glasgow, builder.

dealer in horses : in the Debtors Prison for London and MidAler. Wilson & Sons, Edinburgh, letter founders.--James dlesex.-R. Sewell, Buckland, near Dover, Kent, plumber : Dow, Edinburgh, boot maker.

in the Gaol of Maidstone.- Wm. F. Scudamore, Brighton, INSOLVENT DEBTORS

Sussex, out of business : in the Gaol of Lewes.-C. Savage Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, the younger, Fratton, Portsea, Hampshire, carpenter : in the and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

Gaol of Winchester.- Wm. H. Dale, Bridlington, Yorkshire, Process.

out of business : in the Gaol of York.-E. Johnson, Bilston, George Hunter, Hans-place, Chelsea, Middlesex, clerk, Staffordshire, miner : in the Gaol of Stafford. March 6 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.--William

INSOLVENT DEBTOR'S DIVIDEND. M Millan, Lambeth-road, Southwark, Surrey, carpenter, Feb. S. Hood, inspector of canvas for the navy, at Elworthy's, 16 at balf-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Richard Plymouth, and Court-house, Portugal-street, Lincoln's-innGeorge Ward, Uxbridge, Middlesex, hair dresser, Feb. 16 at I fields, London : 18. 8fd. (in addition to former diys. of ls. 3d.)

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SOCIETY. tending SUITS in EQUITY between the Shareholders of Joint

57, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON. stock Companies; with Suggestions for Improvement in the Forms of Proceeding. By FREDERIC CALVERT, Esq., Barrister at Law, Fel

(Registered provisionally).
low of Merton College, Oxford. Second Edition.
William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.

This day is published, in 12mo., price 10s. boards,

In 20,000 Shares of 501. each.
LU Appendix, containing the Standing Orders of both Houses of Par-

Deposit, (in compliance with the provisions of the Statute 7 & 8 Vict. c. Jiament relating to Railways, and the Resolutions agreed to by both

110), 5s. per Share. Houses on the Report of their respective Committees appointed to consider the Mode of transacting Railway Business during the present Session, &c. To which is added, A Treatise on the Right of Parties to oppose the Preambles and Clauses of a Railway Bill, and to the

Directors. insertion therein of Protective and Compensatory Clauses. By H.

BOWSTEAD, JOSEPH, Esq., Temple. RIDDELL, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister at Law.

COX, EDWARD WILLIAM, Esq., Temple. William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.

DONNE, SAMUEL EDWARD, Esq., New Broad-street. This day is published, price 28. 6d. sewed,

FONBLANQUE, JOHN S. M., Esq., St. John's-wood.

JONES, WILLIAM, Esq., Crosby-square. RAILWAY LIABILITIES, as they affect Subscribers,

MAYNARD, JONAS ALLEYNE, Esq., Temple. 10 Committee-men, Shareholders, and Scripholders, inter se, and to

MORRIS, JOHN MICHAEL, Esq., Moorgate-street. the World. By JELINGER C. SYMONS, Esq., Barrister at Law.

MOURILYAN, JOSEPH NOAKES, Esq., Gray's Inn. Author of " Parish Settlements," &c.

MURRAY, WILLIAM, Esq., London-street. William Benning & Co., Law Booksellers, 43, Fleet-street.


TORR, JOHN SMALE, Esq., Chancery-lane.

WITHALL, WILLIAM, Esq., Parliament-street.
Just published, in 12mo., price 3s. 6d. boards,


This Edition of the Chancery Orders is now complete, and the Series

Auditors. is thus brought down to the present Time. The Purchasers of the

CHURCH, JOHN THOMAS, Esq., Bedford-row. former Part may, by this Arrangement, obtain the subsequent Orders,

HAND, ROBERT WILLIAM, Esq., Stafford. printed uniformly, with a continuous Paging, and a New Index and

JONES, JOSEPH, Esq., Welshpool.
Title-page, so as to bind up with the former Part.
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DAVID LEWIS, M.D., Finsbury-place West.
In 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. 188. boards,

L STATE, practically arranged and digested in all its branches; in BRANSBY B. COOPER, Esq., F.R.S., New-street, Spring-gardens,
cluding the very latest decisions of the Courts. By GEORGE CRABB,
Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Bankers. • This Work, which has employed the Author's leisure time for upwards of ten years, is distinguished from every otherin several particulars.

LONDON AND WESTMINSTER BANK. (Bloomsbury Branch). In the first place, it is confined to the Law in its Present State. Whatever is mere matter of history has been excluded; and that which has

Solicitors. been abolished by statute, but remains in force in respect of past transac

Messrs. JOHN & WILLIAM GALSWORTHY, Ely-place. tions, has been briefly touched upon. · In the next place, it is confined to the Law as settled by the Decisions of the Courts, so far as anything in Law can be considered as settled.

Secretary and Assistant actuary. That which is confessedly not settled has been noticed, so as to shew the

CHARLES JOHN GILL, Esq. state of the Law, without entering into discussions on doubtful points, which may be found treated of at large in other Treatises.

By thus confining the Work to what is wanted in ordinary practice, the Author has been enabled, without swelling it to an immoderate size,

Prospectus. to embrace the whole of the Law of Real Property, of which particular parts only are considered in other Works.

Several Assurance Offices belong exclusively to Lawyers, and the acThe Statutes on the Transfer of Property, though passed late in the vantages of their connexion are acknowledged, but those advantages Session, have been noticed in their proper places, as also the latest De

have hitherto been confined to the Shareholders. cisions, including those of the present year until the closing of the Courts. It is one of the objects of this Institution to place A. Maxwell & Son, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's Inn.

from this connexion within the reach of every Member of the Profession SHELFORD ON THE LAW OF RAILWAYS.-SECOND EDITION.

in the United Kingdom, whether he be a Shareholder or not. . This day is published, in One thick Vol. 12mo., price 21s. boards,

Another and paramount object is to give the Assured perfect security THE LAW of RAILWAYS; including the THREE GE

at the most moderate cost, and to afford them the Advantages, without 1 NERAL CONSOLIDATION ACTS, 1845, and the other General

the risks, of Mutual Assurance. Acts for regulating Railways in England and Ireland, with copious Notes

The Public will have the option of assuring either upon a scale en of decided Cases: also the PROCEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT respect. | titling them to participate in the Profits, or upon a lower scale, with ing RAILWAY BILLS, with Forms, &c. Second Edition, considerably enlarged. By LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Four fifths of the Profits from Assurances upon the higher scale will be . Barrister at Law.

divided periodically among the Assured; and one fifth will be carne , Henry Butterworth, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 7, Fleet-street. a Fund, comprising all the profits accruing to the Society from outs RAILWAY BILLS THROUGH PARLIAMENT.

sources. THE LAW and PRACTICE of RAILWAY and other

The first charge upon this Fund will be the payment of Interest, at the I PRIVATE BILLS; including the Preliminary Arrangements,

rate of 41, per cent. per annum to the Shareholders, upon the and

the Capital paid up; then a portion of the surplus (not exceed the Order of Procedure in both Houses, with plain and full Directions,

tenth) will be applied in aid of a Widows' and Orphans'Fund, or Nom the Formula, and the most useful and successful Modes of conducting

Society, for the benefit of the Widows and Families of Members on or opposing Railway Bills in Parliament; with the Standing Orders.

Profession: and of the residue one moiety will be divided amongs Special Acts of Parliament, Precedents, Cases, and Notes. By JAMES J. SCOTT, Esq., of the Middle Temple Barrister at Law..

Shareholders, and the other moiety between the Solicitors through w Owen Richards, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 194, Fleet-street.

means Assurances are effected.

The attention of the Profession is earnestly invited to the princ PETERSDORFF'S ABRIDGMENT, 15 vols., 5 guineas ; ) this Society, which combine perfect security to the Assured, 1 Viner's Abridgment, 30 vols., from 5 to 6 guineus ; Chitty's, Dow. vantages to the Profession superior to those afforded by the existing Jing's, and Dowling & Lowndes' Practice Cases, 15 vols. calf, 231.; Ba Assurance Offices. con's Abridgment, 8 vols., 41.8s.; Preston on Estates, 2 vols., 10s.; Per The Society will transact every species of business usually kins' Profitable Book, by Greening, 15th edit., 65.; Sir W. Blackstone's | by Life Assurance Companies; and the utmost care wi Reports, 2 vols. bds., 11. 68.; East's Reports, 16 vols., 4 gns.; Maddock's render the arrangement of this Office satisfactory to the Protes Chancery, 2 vols., 358.-R. T. Davis, Law Bookseller, 57, Carey-street. the Public. LAW BOOKS.

A Table of Premiums is in course of preparation, and will show Mr. HODGSON will SELL by AUCTION, at his Great Room, 192, published.

Fleet-street, (Corner of Chancery-lane), on THURSDAY next, Feb. Some Shares remain to be allotted, for which application, in the 19, and FRIDAY, Feb. 20, at half-past 12,

form, may be made to the Secretary. THE LAW LIBRARY of a BARRISTER, and THE

ceased. Including Ruff head's Statutes at Large, with continuation to 6 Pemberton Row, Gough Square, in the Parish of St. Bride,
& 7 Victoria; Law Journal Reports to 1845; Bacon's Abridgment; of London, at his Printing Office, situate No. 5, Pemberton
Howell's State Trials, Hansard's Parliamentary History; Series of the said; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the
Modern and Old Reports in Law and Equity: Treatises, and Books of | Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY
Practice; also an extensive Collection of Works on the Law and Prac BOOKSELLER and PUBLISHER, residing at No. 11, Jon
tice of the Scotch Courts. To be viewed, and Catalogues had.

Row, in the County of Middlesex. Saturday, February *

Acts for regulating RailwayROCEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT respest: profits.

ond Edition SNT respect. I titline Public will

es of business usually undertaken e utmost care will be taken to

ctory to the Profession and

eparation, and will shortly be

nich application, in the usual

R, residing at No. 4, rish of St. Bride, in the City No. 5, Pemberton Row afore

Y LANE, in the Parish of St. London, by HENRY SWEET, LAW osiding at No. II. John Street, Bedford

y, February 14, 1846.

FEBRUARY 21, 1846. .Price 1s., with Supplement, 28.

No. 476—Vol. X. ** The following are the Names of the Gentlemen who favour The Jurist with Reports of Cases argued and

decided in the several Courts of Law and Equity :

(E. T. Hood, Esq. of the Inner House of Lords ......

Court of Queen's Bench

SG.J. P.SMITH, Esq. of the Inner 1 Temple, Barrister at Law.

Temple; and
SH. W. CRIPPs, Esq. of the Mid-
Privy Council ........

PICSA. V. KIRWAN, Esq. of Gray's

Queen's Bench Bail Court: dle Temple, Barrister at Law.

1 Inn, Barrister at Law. The Lord Chancellor's SE. T. Hoop, Esq. of the Inner | Court of Common Pleas, Court .............. 7 Temple, Barrister at Law.


D. POWER, Esq. of Lincoln's

Appeals under Registra- 1
Court SG. Y. Robson, Esq. of the Inner

Inn, Barrister at Law.
Master of the Rolls Court

. 2 Temple, Barrister at Law.

tion of Voters Act.... J Vice-Chancellor of Eng- TENISON EDWARDS, Esq. of the

SW.M. Best, Esq. of Gray's Inn, Court of Exchequer ...

Court of Exchequer.... land's Court ........1 Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Barrister at Law. Vice-Chancellor Knight w.w. Cooper, Esq.of the Inner Ecclesiastical and Admi. J. P. DEANE, D.C.L. of Doctors' Bruce's Court......... Temple, Barrister at Law.

ralty Courts ......... Commons. Vice-Chancellor Wigram's SF. FISHER, Esq. of Lincoln's

SW.W. Cooper, Esq. of the Inner

Court of Review ...... Court ..............1 Inn, Barrister at Law.

"Z Temple, Barrister at Law.


proaching very nearly to others which have been pro

hibited, until some statute has declared it to be a crime, The criminal law of this country is so much the sub- and assigned a punishment. With us the maxim is ject of legislative enactment, is so fenced about with directly the reverse; our supreme court have an inherent positive rules and statutes, and has in it comparatively power as such competently to punish every act which is so little of what we are accustomed to call judge-made- obviously of a criminal nature, though it be such which, in, law, that the following statement respecting the cri- time past, has never been the subject of prosecution.(In-, minal law of our neighbours north of the Tweed pre- trod.) “This," observes the reviewer, “he gives as the sents to our minds a striking contrast. In an able general principle; and then, in the body of his work, article in the Edinburgh Review on Scottish Criminal he illustrates it by examples. Speaking of the compeJurisprudence and Procedure, the writer remarks, tency of transporting for sedition, he says, 'Even where: "Suppose a person were to ask this question, 'What a crime is entirely new, and has never been the subject of part of Europe is it where a court of law claims, and, in trial, still our judges have the undoubted power, and virtue of its own decision, actually exercises the power are in the use, of applying such a remedy to it, not of declaring any action that it thinks proper to be a excepting transportation, as the nature and degree of crime; and of applying whatever punishment it deems the evil seem to require. (Vol. 1, p. 358, edit. 1819). expedient to the new offences thus judicially intro- Again, speaking of the English statutes against threatduced??: Would he not be considered a conceited fel-ening letters, he observes, 'The truth is, that we have low, who was stating a conundrum, to which he knew little reason to regret the want of these statutes, because that, in the plain meaning of the words, there was no our common law has native vigour to punish these enoranswer? But, unfortunately, there is an answer. The mities in a manner which the common law of England place is Scotland; and the court is the supreme criminal would not have authorised, and which is fully equal to court of this wise old country.” The court of justi- what the urgency of the evil, in this country, has at clary in Scotland exercises the function of introducing, any time required.' (Vol. 1, p. 436). Lastly, after for the first time, totally new offences; that is, of de- mentioning that mere combination by workmen to raise claring acts never existing, or never objected to before, wages was declared a crime by the court, for the first as criminal, to be new crimes. And the court claims time, in 1813, he says, “This new point of dittay seems, this power not in virtue of any statute, but solely therefore, now to be thoroughly established, and it furunder what has been termed “its own inherent author- nishes another illustration of the character of our comity." In evidence of this the reviewer quotes the fol- mon law, and of its power to chastise, of its own native lowing passage from Hume's Commentaries on the Law vigour, all wrongs and disorders, as the state of society of Scotland respecting Crimes :—“Another point, in brings them forth, which are found to be materially danwhich the custom of the two countries remarkably gerous to the public welfare.' (Vol. 1, p. 491).”,. differs, is, with respect to the punishment of new crimes, « These passages,” the reviewer continues, "'eave or modes of transgression. It seems to be held in Eng- doubt as to the learned author's exact meanin Every land, that no court has power to take cognisance of wrong or disorder materially dangerous mey b. Khighany new offence, although highly pernicious, and ap. 'ed as society brings them forth, without judió al Trece

Vol. X.

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