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1730, 1774, 1828.
In 1730, there were left in the colony of Rhode Island not more than 985

Forty-four years after, their number was . . . . . 1482 Callender's Century Discourse, and Note on Gookin's Historical Collections of the Indians in New England, in Coll. Mass. Hist. Society, i. 210. “There seems here to be an increase. But it should be remembered, that in the year 1740, Attleborough Gore, and the towns of Bristol, Tiverton, and Little Compton, and a great part of Swanzey and Barrington, which probably contained a large proportion of Indians in the colony,-had been taken from Massachusetts, and annexed to Rhode Island."The present number is estimated at about 400. Letter from the Clerk of the Council of that tribe of Indians, dated “ Charlestown (R. I.) August 26th, A. D. 1828.” T. Ross, the aboriginal writer of the letter, says: “We find it is out of our power to give the correct number of our tribe at present, but have endeavoured to ascertain as near as we possibly could ; and I find the number to be something like four hundred in this town and the adjacent towns.--As to our reservations of land, we have about three thousand acres. : ... Signed in behalf of the Naraganset tribe of Indians.

Tobias Ross, C. Clerk.”

1813. Indian tribes east of the Mississippi, and north of the Ohio to the Lakes. Wyandots, Chippewas, Ottaways, &c. in all, 19 tribes, 5204 warriors, 19,220 souls.

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Indians south of the Missouri and Platte rivers, and north of the Arkansas ; or,

between the Arkansaw and Missouri rivers :

10,152 warriors; 37,839 souls.

Indians north of the Missouri and Lakes, and west of the Mississippi, in the United

States, including Louisiana :

4100 warriors; 15,900 souls.

Report of Messrs. John F. Schermerhorn and Samuel J. Mills, to The Society for propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America, in 2 Coll. Mass. Hist. Society, ii. 1-45. In that Report the names of all the enumerated tribes

are given, and the number in each tribe. Mr. Mills wrote to the Secretary of the Society : “ We could not ascertain satisfactorily, the situation of any tribe north of the Ohio, on account of the disturbances occasioned by the war.” The commission to obtain information concerning the remote Indian tribes was given to him and his col. league missionary in 1812.

1825. The number of Indians eastward of the Missssippi, according to a Report made by the Secretary of War, was about 80,000..

Memoirs of Hist. Society of Pennsylvania, i. 45. For Indian Antiquities, and various notices of the Aborigines of America, see Arche ologia Americana, of the American Antiquarian Society.


1810. Slaves.

31,687 1,159,677


Whole number 1,191,364 186,446 1,377,810

Historical View of Slavery in the United States, and Walsh's Appeal. In 1787, the British exportation of slaves from Africa was 36,000, of whom 15,862 were retained for the service of the British plantations, and 20,138 were supplied to foreign settlements. The total number of the ships employed in the importation of Negroes from Africa to the West Indies, in 1787, was 85, their total burden, 12,183 tons. The total white population of the West India Islands, in 1787, was 49,762 souls; the total negro population, 465,276.--In 1802, the slaves imported by British traders from Africa were 36,621 ; of whom 15,973 were retained for service in the British plantations; the rest, being 20,658, were re-exported to foreign settlements. In 1803, the importation was 28,355; of whom 5212 were re-exported, and 23,137 retained.-In May, 1806, an act of parliament was passed, by which the trade in African slaves was, by a resolution of the two houses, declared to be " contrary to the principles of justice, humanity, and sound policy.” Young's West India Common Place Book. Səe 180s.

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N. B. The numeral letters refer to the volume, the figuros, to the page. From 1492 to 1607 the refer-

ence is to the year only; the European discoveries and settlements are thus distinguished in the Index
from the English colonies and United States.

African treaty; foundation of a settlement
Abercrombie, general, ii. 69. repulsed at for free Africans at a place called Liberia;
Ticonderoga, 83.

new town built, called Monrovia, ii. 497.
Aborigines of America, origin of, i. 557, Agamenticus named York, i. 296.
Note III.

Agawam or Ipswich settled, i. 225.
Abraham, battle on the plains of, ii. 93.. Aix la Chapelle, treaty of, ii. 36.
Academy, in Philadelphia, American, ii. 22. Alabama, state of, admitted into the Union,
incorporated, 319. Phillips (Andover), ii. 488. seat of government laid out, 489.
ib. incorporated, 438. Phillips (Exeter), Albany, i. 335. incorporated, 419. popu-
337. Dummer, 343. Connecticut, of arts lation, 509. congress with the Indians at,
and sciences, 420, Bacon, at Colchester, 529. Note XXXV, 580. fire in, ii. 395.
426. Pennsylvania, of fine arts, 431. of houses and inhabitants in, 405. trade of,
natural sciences, at Philadelphia, 485. 514.
Law, of Philadelphia, 497. United States, Albemarle in Carolina, i. 329, 344. first
military, at West Point, 250.

assembly in, 350, act concerning mar-
Acadié, destruction of French settlements riage, ib.
in, i. 143. mortgaged, 279. submits to the

earl of, commands the army
English, 300. grant of, to St. Etienne, against Havana, ii. 111.
307. given up to the French, 346—353. Alden, John, death of, i. 424.
Adams, John, his summary of Otis' plea Alexander, son and successor of Masas.
concerning writs of assistance, ii. 105. dis- soit, death of, i. 308.
sertation on the civil and feudal law, 140. Alexandria submits to articles of capitula-
denies the authority of parliament to pass tion, and is entered by the British, ii. 465.
the declaratory act, 147, N. observation Algerine frigate and brig of war captured,
on the treatment of Indians, 150, N. ap- i. 476.
pointed minister to Holland, 339. his let. Algiers, instructions to the consul at, ii.
ter to congress, 346. introduced to the 419. dey of, conduct towards the consul
king of Great Britain as ambassador from offensive, 438. hostile acts of; war de-
the United States, 357. inaugurated presi. clared against ; peace with ; treaty with
dent of the United States ; speech of, at the dey of, 474-476.
his inauguration, 407-409. gives land and Allen, John, death of, i. 360.
bis library to the town of Quincy, 499. - Thomas, death of, i. 365.
dies at Quincy, 519.

- -, Ethan, death of, ii. 379.
- John Quincy, first professor of rhe -, Ira, death of, ii. 472.
toric and oratory in Harvard College, ii. Allison, Francis, death of, ü. 305.
438. inaugurated president of the United Almagro, one of the conquerors of Peru,
States ; speech of, at inauguration, 509. 1525, 1531. invades Chili, 1535. behead-
-, Samuel, death of, ii. 426.

ed, 1538.
Addington, Isaac, death of, i. 515.

Alsop, Richard, death of, ii. 477.
Adirondack Indians, i. 141.

Alvarado attacks the Mexicans, 1520. ex.
Admiralty, court of, i. 403, 450.

pedition of, to Quito, 1533. death of, 1541.
Amadas and Barlow, voyage of, to North Argal, Samuel, destroys the French colo-
America, 1584.

nies in Acadiè, i. 144. governor of Vir-
Amazon river discovered, 1500.

ginia, 153. tyranny of, 155.
Amelia island taken possession of by un- Årgus, u. s. sloop of war, captured in
authorized persons; taken by authority of St. George's channel, ii. 454.
the United States, ii. 433. president's Arkansaw erected into a territorial govern-
message about, 487.

ment, ii. 488. seat of, laid out, 493.
America, islands of, discovered, 1492. con- Armory, national, ii. 412.
tinent of, discovered, 1498. origin of name Armstrong, colonel, destroys the Indians
of, 1499. ecclesiastical government in, at Kittaning, ii. 73.
1506. board of trade for, ib. attempt to Army, American, assembled after the battle
settle the continent of, fails, 1509. council of Lexington in the environs of Boston,
of Indies for government of, 1511. origin ii. 207. British and American, disposition
of the inhabitants of, 557, Note II 1. of, 218. American, state of, 239, 240.
American. See Societies.

standing army, of 88 battalions, to be
Americans declared to be out of the royal raised in the colonies, 240. Washington's
protection, ii, 237.

farewell orders to; eulogy upon; dis-
Amerigo Vespucci, 1499. sails from Por- banded, 350, 351.
tugal, 1501, 1502. dies, 1512. Note VII, provisional, ii. 411.

Arnold, Benedict, governor of R. Island,
Ames, Fisher, death of, ii. 440.

death of, i. 393.
Amherst, general, commander in chief in - colonel Benedict, leads a detach-
America in 1758, ii. 80. takes Ticonde- ment of American troops to Canada ; ar-
roga and Crown Point, 89. successful rives near Quebec; is joined by general
campaign of, in 1760, 99, 100. death of, Montgomery ; assault on Quebec, ii. 221

-223. treachery of, 315. expeditions
- Mass. charity institution in, ii. against Virginia and New London, 335.

dies in London, 421.
Anabaptists, law against, i. 275. prosecu- Artillery company, ancient and honours-
tion of, 341.

able, origin of, i. 248.
Andover founded, i. 258. attacked by In- Asbury, Francis, death of, ii. 481.
dians, 379. See Theological.

Ash, general, surprised and defeated at
André, major, taken, and executed as a Briar Creek, ii. 294.
spy, ii. 316.

Ashley river in Carolina, settlements on, i.
Andrews, John, death of, ii. 460.

354, 356.
Andros, Edmund, governor of New York, Ashurst, Sir Henry, Massachusetts agent,
i. 367. demands Connecticut territory, death of, i. 504.
368. commission of, for government of Asia, trade with, ii. 446.
New England, 419. arbitrary conduct of Western, first missionaries to, embark
420, 425. opposition to, 425. expedition at Boston, ü. 490.
of, against the eastern Indians, 426. seized Asuncion built, 1535.
and imprisoned, 427. made governor of Asylum for deaf and dumb, ii. 503.
Virginia, 444. removed, 468. death of, Atahualpa, inca of Peru, 1532. put to

death, 1533.
Anguilla settled, i. 293.

Atheneum, Boston, incorporated, ii. 437.
Annapolis made a port town, i. 452. capi- Allleborough incorporated, i. 452.
tal of Maryland, 473. printing at, ii. 16. Aubert sails up the St. Lawrence, 1508.

-, in Nova Scotia, formerly Port Augusta, fort at, taken by the Americans,
Royal, i. 502.

ii, 326.
Antigua settled, i. 216. grant of, and tak- Augustine, St. castle of, in Florida, built
en by the French, 345.

by Melendes, 1565. churches in, Note IV.
Apalaches Indians discovered, 1539. Aurora Borealis, in 1719, i. 523.
Apalachian mountains, i, 512.
Appleton, major, commands the Massa-

chusetts troops in Philip's war, i. 375. Backus, Isaac, death of, ii. 434.
, Jesse, death of, ii. 492.

Bacon, Nathaniel, rebellion of, in Virginia,
Apprentices library at Philadelphia incor- i. 385. death of, ib.
porated, ii. 497.

Baffin's voyage and discoveries, i. 152.
Apthorp and Mayhew, controversy of, ii. Bagota, Santa Fe de, 1538.

Bahama islands granted to the proprietors
- East, dies in London, ii. 481. of Carolina, i. 345. settlement of, 349.
Archdale, governor of Carolina, i. 453. English expelled from, 499. taken by
the Spaniards, retaken by the English, of Williamsburg, ib. of Chippewa, 463.
ii. 342.

of Bridgewater, 464. of New Orleans,
Balboa establishes a colony at Darien, 466.
1510. discovers the South Sea, 1513. is Bayler, colonel, his regiment of American
beheaded, 1514.

cavalry surprised, ii. 288.
Baltimore, lord, grant to, i. 176. visits Bayonne decree, ii. 439.
Virginia, 208. liberal policy of, 221. gov. Beaufort, S. Carolina, i.516. N. Carolina,
ernment of Maryland taken from, 297. 532.
government reverts to, 325.

Beausejoure fort taken, ii. 60.
, in Maryland, first settlement Bedford, and vicinity, spoliations at, by
of, ii. 28, 44. state of, 367. imports to; the British, ii. 288.
navigation, 403, mob at, 448. battle near, Beers, captain, with his soldiers waylaid
with the British, 465. first independent and killed by Indians, i. 373.
church in, corner stone laid, 486.

Belcher, Jonathan, governor of Massachu-
Balloting, method of, i. 271.

setts, i. 548. death of, ii. 78.
Bank of North America established, ii. 320. Belknap, Jeremy, death of, ii. 413.
of the United States, 390. of South Caro. Bell foundery erected at Stoughton, ii.
lina; of Pennsylvania ; of New Hamp 173.
shire; Union, in Boston, 392. of Balti- Bellamy, Samuel, the pirate, 517.
more; Union, in South Carolina, 405. Bellingham, Richard, governor of Massa-
national, 480."

chusetts, death of, 363.
- bills issued in Carolina, i. 507. Bellomont, earl of, death of, i. 481.
Bankruptcy, law for a uniform system of, Benezet, Anthony, death of, ii. 356.
ii. 416.

Bennington, grant of, ii. 39.
Baptism, council of ministers concerning, Berkeley, Sir W. governor of Virginia, i.

i. 309. differences concerning, 316. 293, 311. recalled, 389.
Baptists, church of, in Boston, i. 341. ex - dean, in America, i. 554. death
empted from taxes, i. 545. churches and of, ii. 53.
ministers of, from Maryland to Carolina, Berlin decree, French, revoked, ii. 448.
ii. 179. number of, in U. States, 395. Bermudas discovered by Bermudez, 1522.
Barbadoes, non-conformist church at, i. See 1572, 1593. sold, colonized, and

named Somer islands, i. 142, 146. notices
Barlow, Joel, appointed minister to France; of, 151, 179.
death of, ii. 451.

Bernard, Francis, governor of Massachu-
Barnard, John, death of, ii. 175.

setts, ii. 102. recalled, 162.
Barnstable settled, i. 255.

Bernardston granted to the soldiers in the
Barre, M. de la, expedition against the Fall fight, i. 386.
Five Nations, i. 413.

Berwick destroyed by Indians, i. 533.
- colonel, his speech against the Bethabara, settlement of, ii. 52.
stamp act, ii. 132.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, built by the
Barrell's sound, first visited, ii. 378.

Moravians, ii. 17.
Barrington incorporated, i. 530.

Beverly incorporated, i. 349.
Barry, commodore John, death of, ii. Beyroot, mission at, ii. 504.

Bible, German, printed, ii. 22; and news-
Barton, lieut. colonel, takes major general

paper, ib.
Prescot by surprise at his quarters in - Indian, i. 331.
R. Island, ii. 280.

-, printed by Aitken, and recommend-
Bartram, John, death of, ii. 280.

ed by congress, ii. 313.
Baskerville, Sir Thomas, expedition of, to - societies, ii. 441. See Societies.
West Indies, 1595.

Bibles, taken in a prize, ii. 470.
Bastidas, voyages of, 1502. voyage of, to Bienville, expedition of, against the Chick-
Codego, 1504.

asaws, ii. 16.
Battle of Lexington, ii. 204. of Bunker Billerica settled, i. 267. incorporated, 305.
Hill, 209. of Long Island, 248. of White Bishoprick of Paraguay, 1547; of Brazil,
Plains, 250. of Trenton, 253. of Prince 1552.
ton, 261. of Brandywine, 265. of Ger- Bishops, plan of sending, to the colonies,
mantown, 267. of Red Bank, 268. of ii. 38. consecrated in England for Penn-
Stillwater, 272, 273. of Monmouth court sylvania, New York, and Nova Scotia,
house, 283. of Camden, 310. of the Cow- 366. one for Maryland, the first conse-
pens, 321. of Guilford, 323. of Eutaw, crated in this country, 392.
327. at Tippecanoe, 445. of Fort George, Blackstone, William, i. 204. death of, 377.
454. of the Thames, 456. See Thames. Bladensburg, action'at, ii. 464.

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