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Sent, post free, upon application.

A Complete Catalogue of Works published by Large post 8vo, cloth 7s. 6d.; half bound, gs.


Containing the following Standard Works, which they Frey. With an Index arranged by True Names.

think will be found peculiarly suitable to Authors as * The first work that has been devoted to the explanation and derivation of the numberless witty and sometimes abusive appellations

Works of Reference. deserves the heartiest praise."-Glasgow Herald.

"More than five thousand subjects are given, and the information Bibliotheca Classica. 26 vols. (Only few sets left). supplied is trustworthy and often extensive; a close scrutiny of the book shows the work to be thoroughly done."-Notes and Queries.

Bohn's Dictionary of Poetical Quotations. "Offers an ample fund of information and amusement--deserves a place Fourth Edition. in every well-chosen library."— Morning Post.

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and A Dictionary of Parisisms and French Slang. Large Post 8vo, 1os. 6d. Engravers. 2 volumes. New Edition, Revised. By ARGOT AND SLANG. A New French and English Walter Armstrong and others.

Dictionary of the Cant Words, Quaint Expressions, Slang Terms, Cooper's Biographical Dictionary. 2 volumes. and Flash Phrases used in the High and Low Life of Old and New Paris. By A. BARRERE, Officier de l'Instruction Publique, Professor

Denton's England in the Fifteenth Century. R. M. Academy, Woolwich.

Dodd's Epigrammatists. The most complete The work treats of the cant of thieves; the jargon of Parisian

work on Epigrams yet issued. roughs; the military, naval, parliamentary, academical, legal, and freemasons' slang, of that of the workshop, the studio, the stage, the

Gasc's Concise Dictionary of the French boulevards, the demimonde.

and English Languages. Fourth Edition, Revised.


Guest's History of English Rhythms.

Lewin's Life and Epistles of St. Paul. Just published, large post 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d., or half bound 8s. 6d.

Illustrated. 2 volumes. A DICTIONARY OF LOWLAND SCOTCH, with an Introductory chapter on the Literary History and the Poetry

Long's Decline of the Roman Republic. and Humour of the Scottish language, and an appendix of Scottish 5 volumes. Proverbs. By CHARLES MACKAY, LL.D.

Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of Also a large paper edition, limited to 125 copies, each numbei ed and signed by the Author, of which a few are still on sale, in Vellum.

English Literature. In 11 parts or 4 volumes. at £1 58., and in Roxburgh, at £i ros.

Lupton's Life of Dean Colet.

Redgrave's Dictionary of Artists of the LONDON : WHITTAKER & Co., PATERNOSTER SQUARE.

English School.

Smith's Synonyms and Antonyms. THE SURVEY OF WESTERN Sowerby's English Botany. volumes. PALESTINE.

Cloth, Half Morocco, and Whole Morocco. Only 17 sets of this magnificent work now remain.

Stevenson's Dictionary of Roman Coins. It will

(Republican and Imperial). never be reprinted, with the exception of the two volumes Flora and Fauna and Jerusalem. The price of the

Strickland's Lives of the Queens of England. set is 25 guineas. It consists of the following in seven

8 volumes. uniform and handsomely bound volumes. 4to.

Webster's English Dictionary. In Cloth, THE MEMOIRS.

Half Calf, Calf or Half Russia, and Russia. Being the Notes taken in the Field by Major Conder, D.C.L., R.E., and Colonel Kitchener C.M.G.,

Webster's English Dictionary with AppenA.D.C.R.E., re-written and arranged after their return.

dices. Cloth, Half Calf, Calf or Half Russia, or Russia. thousands of illustrations of tombs, ruins, &c., drawn expressly for Wheeler's Noted Names of Fiction.

these volumes, and not to be found anywhere else. 3 vols. THE NAME LISTS. Transliterated from the Arabic

Wright's Dictionary of Obsolete and Prowith translation by Major Conder, R.E., and edited by Professor E.

vincial English. 2 volumes. H. Palmer. THE VOLUME OF SPECIAL PAPERS. Con.

The following Works are offered at Reduced Prices. sisting mostly of reprints of important papers from the “Quarterly Archer's British Army. Statement," by Col. Sir Charles Wilson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., K.E.; Col. Sir Charles Warren, G.C.M.G., K.C.B.,

Bloxam's Ecclesiastical Architecture. 3 vols. F.R.S., R.E.: Major Conder, D.C.L., R.E.; M. Clermont- Burn's Rome and the Campagna. Ganneau, Mr. Greville Chester, &c.

I vol.


With many Illustrations (hand-painted). By Canon Tristram, Castle's Schools and Masters of Fence. LL.D., F.R.S. 1 vol.

Davies's Supplementary English Glossary. THE JERUSALEM VOLUME. With a Portfolio | Dyer's Ancient Athens.

of so Plates. By Col. Sir Charles Warren, G.C.M.G., and Major Conder, D.C.L., R.E. 1 vol.

Palmer's Desert of the Exodus. 2 Volumes. THE MAPS.

(Only 12 Copies left). An Illustrated Circular, giving all information about the above, will be

Palmer's Folk Etymology. (Only 8o copies left.) gent, post free, on application.

| Scrivener's Codex Bezae.

Smith's Synonyms Discriminated.
Published for the Palestine Exploration Fund by

London : GEORGE BELL & SONS, York St., Covent Garden.

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I vol,

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OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY, 1. The maintenance, definition, and defence of literary property. 2. The consolidation and amendment of the laws of Domestic Copyright. 3. The promotion of International Copyright. The first of these objects requires explanation. In order to defend Literary Property, the Society acts as follows:

a. It aims at defining and establishing the principles which should rule the methods of publishing. B. It examines agreements submitted to authors, and points out to them the clauses which are

injurious to their interests. ry. It advises authors as to the best publishers for their purpose, and keeps them out of the hands

of unscrupulous traders. ô. It publishes from time to time, books, papers, &c., on the subjects which fall within its province. €. In every other way possible the Society protects, warns, and informs its members as to the pecuniary interest of their works.

WARNINGS. Authors are most earnestly warned(1) Not to sign any agreement of which the alleged cost of production forms an integral part,

unless an opportunity of proving the correctness of the figures is given them. (2) Not to enter into any correspondence with publishers, who are not recommended by experienced

friends, or by this Society. (3) Never, on any account whatever, to bind themselves down to any one firm of publishers. (4) Not to accept any proposal of royalty without consultation with the Society. (5) Not to accept any offer of money for MSS., without previously taking advice of the Society. (6) Not to accept any pecuniary risk or responsibility without advice. (7) Not, under ordinary circumstances, when a MS. has been refused by the well-known houses,

to pay small houses for the production of the work.

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The writing of the BAR-LOCK TYPE-WRITER is equal to a printed proof, and can be used as such for corrections, thus saving large printer's charges which are sufficient in many books to defray the cost of a Bar-Lock.

Supplied for Cash, or on our Hire Purchase System.


W. J. RICHARDSON & Co., 12 & 14, Queen Victoria St.,

E.C. 40, North John Street, Liverpool; 22, Renfield Street, Glasgow; Guardian Building,

Manchester; Exchange Building, Cardiff; 385, Little Collins Street, Melbourne.



I. The Annual Report. That for January, 1890, can be had on application to the Secretary. 2. The Author. A Monthly Journal devoted especially to the protection and maintenance of

Literary Property. 3. The Grievances of Authors. (Field & Tuer). The Report of three Meetings on the

general subject of Literature and its defence, held at Willis's Rooms, March, 1887. 4. Literature and the Pension List. By W. MORRIS COLLES, Barrister-at-Law. (Henry

Glaisher, 95, Strand, W.C.) 45. 6d. 5. The History of the Société des Gens de Lettres. By S. SQUIRE SPRIGCE, Secretary to the

Society. is. 6. The Cost of Production. In this work specimens are given of the most important forms of

type, size of page, &c., with estimates showing what it costs to produce the more common kinds

of books. The work is printed for members of the Society only. 25. 6d. 7. The Various Methods of Publication. By S. SQUIRE SPRIGGE. In this work, compiled

from the papers in the Society's offices, the various kinds of agreements proposed by Publishers to Authors are examined, and their meaning carefully explained, with an account of the various kinds of fraud which have been made possible by the different clauses in their agreements. The book is nearly ready, and will be issued as soon as possible.

Other works bearing on the Literary Profession will follow.


Attention is called to the following important features of this Company :There is no Promotion Money to be paid. There is no Payment for Goodwill or Old and Worn-out Machinery and Plant.

There are no Founders Shares, all the Profits belonging to the Shareholders without preference or distinction


Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 40 1836.


CALLED UP AT PRESENT. ISSUE OF 100,000 SHARES, payable as follows:-2s.6d. per SHARE on APPLICATION, 2s. 6d. per SHARE on ALLOTMENT

Two months' notice will be given of subsequent Calls, which are not to exceed as. Od. each.

JUSTIN MCCARTHY, Esq., M.P., 20, Cheyne Gardens, S.W., Chairman.
JOSEPH BOULTON, Esq. (Messrs. Joseph Boulton & Co., Limited), Printers and Publishers, Worship Street, E.C.
A. MONTAGUE HAINES, ESQ. (Messrs. Haines & Co.), 155, Fenchurch Street, E.C., and Lloyd's.
CAMPBELL PRAED, Esq., 39, Norfolk Square.
HENRY P. WELCH, Esq. (Messrs. Welch, Perrin, & Co.), 7, Mark Lane, E.C.

And one or two Directors to be chosen by the Board from the first Shareholders.
Bankers.—Messrs. WILLIAMS, DEACON & Co., 20, Birchin Lane, E.C.; Messrs. PRAED & Co., 189, Fleet Street, E.C.
SOLICITORS.-Messrs. SAUNDERS, HAWKSFORD, BENNETT, & Co., 68, Coleman Street, London, E.C.

BROKER.- JAMES GILLISPIE, Esq., 11, Copthall Court, E.C., and Stock Exchange.
AUDITORS.--Messrs. PIXLEY & Co., Chartered Accountants, 24, Moorgate Street, E.C.

ARCHITECT.-WILLIAM DAWES, Esq., Manchester and London.
SECRETARY (pro tem.).-A. G. SYMONDS, Esq., M.A. Oxon. REGISTERED Uffices (pro tem.).-68, Coleman Street, London, E.C.

those of the Companies mentioned above, and that there is every The Company is formed for the purpose of engaging in the business of probability of substantial dividends. cheap printing and publishing on a large scale. The demand for cheaper In the selection of the printing plant the Directors have taken into books, magazines, and newspapers, is rapidly on the increase owing to consideration the fact that, whereas in all but one of the branches the spread of education and the growth of population. Hundreds of the connected with the printing of books and newspapers enormous best serial publications and standard works are beyond the reach of the economies have in the past fifty years been effected, mainly through the masses by reason of their virtually prohibitive prices; whilst the works of increased productive power of various machines, in the one central and specialists in the various scientific and learned professions find but a essential branch, viz., the composing room, not only have the expenses limited field amongst those for whom they are intended, because the increased, but the modus operandi is almost as primitive as in the days purchasing of books, varying in price from six shillings to thirty shilings of Guthenberg and Caxton. a volume, constitutes a severe tax on the fixed incomes of many pro- The Directors believe that the machine known as the Linotype Com. fessional men.

posing Machine is capable of effecting the largest nett economies over Recent developments in printing machinery prove that cheap and the present cost of type-setting by hand, and that by adopting it they good books, magazines, and general literature is certainly attainable, save a large capital outlay for type. especially if modern plant and appliances be combined under one They have accordingly contracted for a supply of Linotype Machines administration and under one roof.

under special conditions, of which the following are among the most A Printing Establishment combining all the aforesaid requisites in one important : set of hands, with abundance of the newest plant, and placed in the The rate of wages paid to ordinary compositors in London varies position of a ready cash purchaser of paper, will be enabled to produce in piece work from 8d. to rod. per 1,000 ens of type set up, corrected, printed literature-the greatest necessity of the age-cheaply and on a

and distributed; but the Linotype Company (Limited), agrees to large scale, and in a quarter of the time it would otherwise take to turn hire to the Economic Printing and Publishing Company Linotype out work.

Composing Machines, and to charge a Royalty equal to only ad. per Good printing or publishing houses, even in the worst times, are 1,000 ens of matter set up, corrected, and automatically distributed. hardly ever idle; and the continuous high dividends declared by them When machines are unemployed, a small sum only is charged for attest the solid and profitable nature of the printing and publishing each working hour. industry generally.

The Linotype Company also gives to this Company a monopoly The following are the only firms whose Shares are quoted in the Stock as regards the use of their machines for London and ten miles round, Exchange Official List, &c. :

subject only to certain exceptions. Ord. Share Nom. value

To make the Company's operations partake as largely as possible of a Capital. Cassell & Co., Limited...

co-operative character, a percentage rebate off the ordinary printing £363,890

9 18 Waterlow Bros. & Layton,

tariff will be allowed to all authors who are shareholders in the Company, Limited

and all employés will, as far as possible, be chosen first from amongst £100,000

the shareholders. The Shares in these and other similar Companies are held in high It is intended to apply to the Stock Exchange for a quotation. repute, and are difficult to obtain, the concerns being in some cases little The following contract has been entered into : more than private family partnerships, from participation in the profits Contract dated the 3rd day of June, 1890, made between the Linotype of which both authors, customers, and the general public are shut out. Company (Limited) of the one part, and A. G. Symonds, as trustee for

Paid up.


of Shares.



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Accordingly, the Company will erect entirely new workshops on an the Company, of the other part, being the contract referred to above. eligible site near London which the Directors have in view. Some of The above is the only contract to which the Company is a party, but the best modern printing works are now situated at Guildford, Aylesbury, arrangements have been made with other persons relating to the preRedhill, Kingston, and other places outside London.

liminary expenses of formation of the Company, and The Company's workshops will have good railway and cartage facilities. which may constituite contracts within the meaning of section 38 of the They will be erected from the designs of Mr. William Dawes, Architect, Companies Act, 1867; but applicants for shares shall be deemed to of Manchester and London. Their estimated cost is moderate, and the waive their rights to specification of any particulars of such arrange. buildings are designed on such a scale as will admit of gradual expansion ments or contracts, and to accept the above statements as sufficient in sections as business grows. The

first section can be open for business, compliance with Section 38 of the Companies Acts, 1867. already promised, within a few months of the allotment of shares.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Contract men. They will be fitted throughout with the electric light, a great boon in tioned above can be inspected by applicants for Shares at the Offices of itself to compositors. As they will be new, great expenses for repairs the Company's Solicitors. will be avoided; and, being practically fireproof, their insurance will be Applications for Shares may be made by letter or on the prescribed at low rates.

form, and forwarded, with a remittance for the amount of the deposit No payments have been or will be made for 'goodwill’or promotion payable on application, to the Bankers of the Company, or to the money, or, in fact, initiatory charges of any kind other than the pre- Secretary, at the Office of the Company. If the whole amount applied Jiminary expenses incident to the formation and successful establishment for by any applicant is not allotted, the surplus paid on deposits will be of the Company,

credited to the sum due on allotment, and where no allotment is made The Directors believe that the value of the shares will at least equal the deposit will be returned in full, PROSPECTUSES AND FORMS OF APPLICATION MAY BE OBTAINED AT THE OFFICES OF THE COMPANY, OR OF EITHER OF THE


Printed for the Society, by HARRISON & SONS, 45, 46, and 47, St. Martin's Lane, in the Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, in the City

of Westminster.

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published for the Society by


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