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Sails, for boats and launches, when imported therewith.
Salt, common.
Samples of merchandise, in small pieces, not exceeding 25 pounds in weight.
Sewing machines.
Seeds for planting.
Silver, unmanufactured, and also lawful money.
Springs for coaches, cars, and carts.
Staves for barrels, pipes, and logsheads, imported separately.
Steam motors of every sort, with all their accessories.
Stone, of all kinds, in the rough.

Stone, such as marble, alabaster, jasper, and granite, cut or polished in any form, not elsewhere specified.

Stones for filtering.
Stones of all kinds and in any shape, for grinding or sharpening.
Stones, refractory, for foundry furnaces.
Tiles, for roofs, of clay or slate.
Tires, for coaches, cars, and carts.
Type, printers'.
Utensils intended exclusively for railways.
Wheels for coaches, cars, and carts.
Wire, iron, of any shape, for fences.
Wood, for burning.
Wood, ordinary, for building.
Wood intended for building vessels.


Merchandise from foreign countries which is introduced into the custom houses of the Republic is divided into twelve classes, as follows:

1. Free of duty. 2. Paying 2 cents a pound. 3. Paying 4 cents a pound. 4. Paying 8 cents a poud. 5. Paying 12 cents a pound. 6. Paving 18 cents ir pound. 7. Paying 24 cents a pound. 8. Payiny 30 cents a pound. 9. Paying 50 cents a pound. 10. Paying 80 cents pound. 11. Paying $1.50 a pound. 12. Paying 2 pesos a pound.


[From Consular Reports for August, 1897, No 203.)

(Decree No. 119.-Translation.]


The National Congress decrees:

ARTICLE 1. There is established for the appraisement of merchandise which inay be importeil into the State a twelfth class, with appraisement of 2 pesos per pound, gross weight.

ART. 2. In the appraisements established the following modifications are made:

(1) Bottled wine and beer of every quality is taken from the second class and transferred to the third class.

(2) Wine and beer of every class in barrels, demijohns, or any other kind of vessel, except bottles, is taken from the second class and transferrel to the fourth

? These changes have been incorporated into the tariff schedules.

(3) Liquors, strong or sweet, such as alcohol, brandy, whisky, wormwood, rum, gin, mistela, chartreuse, bitters, etc., and champagne, when it comes in bottles and does not exceed 220 Carthier, are taken from the fourth class and transferred to the sixth. Champagne above the grade mentioned shall be appraised in proportion.

(4) Liquors, strong or sweet, such as alcohol, brandy, whisky, wormwood, rum, gin, etc., when they come in barrels, demijohns, or other vessels than bottles, and do not exceed 22° Carthier, are taken from the fourth class and transferred to the eiglith. Exceeding this grade, they shall be appraised in proportion.

(5) Pantaloons, vests, jackets, coats (frock, sack, and cutaway), cloaks, and whatsoever other similar piece of clothing made for the exterior dress of men, of wool or linen, are taken from the eighth class and transferred to the ninth.

(6) Saddles, halters, saddle pockets, pistol holsters, bridle reins, girths, martingales, cruppers, and other fixtures are taken from the ninth class and transferred to the eighth.

(7) ivory balls for billiard tables, when they come without tables ; jewelry, ornaments, precious stones and jewels, articles of gold and silver and those which contain something of these metals, watches of whatsoever material, empty boxes of plush, satin, or leather, prepared for placing watches or jewels; silk, crude or mixed with other material, manufactured in whatsoever form, when the principal part is silk, are taken from the eleventh class and transferred to the twelfth.

(8) Cigarettes of every class, including also cigars, are taken from the tenth class and transferred to the ninth.

ART. 3. The importation of aguardiente (rum, such as that made in the country), rum, whisky, brandy, gin, and ordinary anisic liquor is prohibited, the Government alone remaining empowered to import and sell them.

ART. 4. All merchandise that may be imported shall pay 100 per cent in addition to the appraisement and warehouse dues established.

ART. 5. The present law shall begin to rule the 1st of August of the present year, but that provided in article 4 shall only have effect from that date in case of there not having been deposited on the 25th of May the guaranty stipulated in the contract with the Honduras Syndicate in regard to arrangement of debt, bank, and railroad. In case the guaranty is deposited, the said article 4 shall only have etfect from the 1st of October in advance, in case of the failure of fulfillment of that stipulated in the contract.

[Decree No. 114.-Translation.]


The National Congress decrees :

ARTICLE 1. The monopoly of tobacco in the State is abolished; in consequence it is permitted, without any limitation, to plant, cultivate, reap the profits of, prepare, and export said plant.

Art. 2. From the day this law begins to rule the executive power is authorized to sell the existing supply of tobacco and cigars at a feasible price.

ART. 3. This law shall begin to rule, in regard to the planting and exportation, the 1st of next August, and in regard to the abolition of the monopoly, the 1st of Decem ber of the current year.

NICARAGUA. Minister Merry, under date of San Jose, December 18, 1898, advised the Department that the Government of Nicaragua had, on the 22d ultimo, annulled the tariff of September, 1898, and substituted therefor the previous tariff. The previous tariff was that of July 25, 1888, amended by decree of December 25, 1891, increasing the same by 100 per cent. The following tariff schedules cover this increase.

The monetary unit of Nicaragua is the silver peso, which fluctuates so much in value as to render its reduction into United States currency of no permanent value.

Import tarif' rates of Nicaragua.

[Per pound gross weight.]



Rate of duty.


[blocks in formation]


.26 .30 .36 .36 1.00

1 Trimmings for clothing..
2 Table linen, figured, dainask, tablecloths, napkins, and all other damasked tissue
3 Carpets, with a raised pile surface.

Cotton :
4 Raw, not ginned
5 Ginned
6 Antimacassars, and all kinds of crochet or knitted work, not elsewhere mentioned.

Barege, cotton tissue for dresses, imitation wool, plain, or with stripes, checks, or

Of cotton
8 Of wool..
9 Of silk...
10 Bandana, plain or figured, of any color.
11 Bogotina, estribilla, Irish linen, coquillo, matapolam, satinets, imperial, and

all other similar bleached tissues under whatever name known. 12 Cambric and cambrasine, printed, tigured, or worked 13 Cambric, gauze, or muslin, and other similar tissues, with stripes, checks, or

flowers of wool ......

Sbirts : 14 Night shirts, shirt fronts, collars, cuffs, trousers, coats, jackets. (ruwers, anel

all other similar articles, white or colored, plain or worked, for men or

wonen... 13 With linen fronts, cutis, and collars 16 Undershirts aud drawers, kuiited 17 Canvas

Table covers (carpetas) 19 Corduroys, cotton velvet, for men's clothing 20 Tapes and webbing for boottags, plain, faney, white, or colored. 21 Velveteen ribbons and all other similar ribbons 22 Counterpanes, plain or damasked, printed or worked, with or without fringes,

and any other quilted tissue... 23 Cords, tagsels, and fringes, for curtains or other similar use. 24 Corsets, tinished or cut out..

Curtains and bedcovers: 25 Knitted, or ot lace tissue. 26 Of damask or other similar tissue. 27 Cretonne, white, or sheetings, for sheets, and Chinese corerlets. 28 Cretonne, or enaguillas 29 Moleskins, fancy drills, light velveteens (panilla), imitation kerseymere, etc., for

men's clothing...

Skirts or petticoats, embroidered. 31 32 Socks for men and children.. 33 Socks with stripes or ornaments of wool or silk, for men and chilaren. 34 Belts, braces, and garters. 35 Fringes for trimming dresses 36 Blankets, horse rugs, and ponchos.. 37 Gamboon, Italian cloth, and stuff (paño) for women.

Gauzes and inunius: 38 For bed and other curtains, and any other similar tissue 39 Printed, figured, or worked 40 Gauzes, plain or figured, white.. 41 Ganze called zaraza, plain or figured. 42 Fancy stuffs not elsewhere mentioned, plain or figured, with stripes, checks, or

flowers of wool, for ladies' clothing 43 | Fancy stuffs, with stripes, checks, or tlowers of silk Hoods and bonnets for children:

Not trimmed, or with trimmings of cotton.... 45 With trimmings of wool or silk.

.30 .60 .76

1. CO

26 .36





[blocks in formation]

Import tariff duties of Nicaragua-Continued.



Kate of duty.


1. 00

.36 .30

. 28 32 20 54


.069 . 08135


. 20

. 18 1.00 . 36 .50 .60 1.00 .40


1. 10 .30

COTTON AND MANUFACTURES OF COTTON-continued. 46 Gloves and caps, plain or embroidered. 47 Ginghams 48 Hammocks 49 Sewing thread for hand or machine, white or colored, on wooden or metal spools. 50 Sewing, embroidering, or knitting thread, in balls or skeins. 51

Druggets and floor coverings of all kinds.. 52 Lawn, or transparent Holland. plain or figured. 53

Sailcloth, cloth for folding beds, and other uses.

Cotton yarn : 54 In skeins, raw or bleached 53

Dyed Domestics: 56 Plain, unbleached, of all kinds and widths 57 With colored stripes or checks 58 Ticking (mauta-ciril), unbleached or bleached; figured cloth (cotin); ticking,

blue, coffee-colored, or with colorid stripes.. 59 Mantillas, shawls, and similar articles, kniited.. 60 | Wicks for smokers and lamps 61 Stockings for men, women, and children. 62 Stockings with stripes or ornaments of wool or silk. 63 Trimmings, not elsewhere mentioned... 64 Bishop's lawn, or other similar tissues, plain or figured 65 Candle wicks 66

Cotton velvets and plushes, plain or figured, and other similar tissues. 67 Towels of all kinds 68 Handkerchiefs and scarfs, of muslin, calico with flowers, satinet, lawn, chintz,

and of any other tissne, plain, twilled, or embroidered.. 69 Percale-, plain or figured, and piqué, for women. 70 Piqué for waistcoats.. 71

Poplin or any other similar tissue, with stripes, checks, or flowers of wool. 72 Poplin with stripes, checks, or flowers of silk 73 Guipure for curtains and beds, and lace pets

Guipure, tulle, crape, and similar tissues: 74 Plain or figured.. 75 Combined with gold or silver threads. 76 Satin, satinette, or other similar tissnes, for women 77 “ Rebozos” (scarfs).. 78 "Rebozog" mixed with silk 79

Silesia (sandalo), lustring, nankeen, or any other similar cloth, for lining clothes. 80 Sacks and bags.. 81 Valises, hand bags, knapsacks, and similar articles 82 Cloths or tissues for hammocks, carriage curtains, wattresses, and other uses. 83 Royal cloth, printed, for women 84 Bands, edgings, and insertions, embroidered Clothing:

Ready-made or cut out85

of lawn, muslin, tulle, cambric, guipure, or similar tissnes, embroidereil.. 86

Of cambric, muslin, percale, satinette, or similar tissues, trimmed... 87 Cut out, plain and without ornaments (according to tissue). 88 Laces of all kinds 89 Children's baptismal dresses 90 / Prints or chintzes, plain or worked..

[blocks in formation]

WOOL AND MANUFACTURES OF WOOL. 91 Wraps and cloaks, for ladies 92 Wraps and cloaks, trimmed with silk.. 93 Carpets, druggets, and other similar articles... 94 Alpacas and other similar tissues, plain or worked. 95 Antimacassars... 96 Mats for lamps and other uses. 97 Sasheg.. 98 Barege or balsarina, plain or figured, for women's dresses 99 Barege, with stripes, checks, or flowers of silk. 100 Baize, tiannel, and similar tissues.. 101 Comforters and similar articles... 102 Bro ades.. 103 Stockings and socks, undershirts, drawers, and other knitted articles 104 Shirts of all kinds of woolen tissues, plain, fancy or embroidered 105 Table covers. 106 Cassimeres, broadcloths, satins, and similar tissues. 107 Capes, shawls, scarfs, and similar articles. 108 Capes, shawls, embroidered with silk, trimmed with silk blonde or fringes 109 Vests, plaids, cloaks, and ponchos 110 Ribbons and fringes. 111 Cords, tassels, tapes, and blonde for window and door curtains, and other simi.

lar uses.. 112 Slippers, simply cut out, printed, or embroidered. 113 Satin of wool, lastings, and similar tissues, plain or worked. 114 Damask 115 With silk flowers.

[blocks in formation]

Import tariff rates of Vicaragua--Continued.



Rate of duty.

[blocks in formation]


Lace 117 Belt, braces, and garters 118 Fringes and trimmings, for clothing. 119 Ganzes, inuslins, and all other tissues, plain or worked, for women's dresses 120 Fapey stuffs, with checks, stripes, or tlowers of silk. 121 Gloves and caps, plain or embroidered. 122 Sowing and embroidering wool 123 Woolen yarn for looms (ina lejon). 124 Frieze and similar tiniles 125 Common coarse floor cloths, of all kinds

Wool: 126

In the grease 1271

Iskeins, twisted or not, for sewing and embroidering 128 Saddlecloths (mantillones) 129 Merinos, cashmeres, and similar tissues, plain or worked. 130 Trimmings.... 131 Trousers, sack coats, frock coats, and all kinds of ready-made clothing, for men.. 132 Sheepskin rugs... 133 Guipure, tulle.crape, and similar tissues, in the piece, or in made-up articles. 134 Serges and similar tissues 135 Bed covers...

Women's clothing, ready-mado or cut out, or any made-up part of same: 136 Plain or trimmed 137 Trimmed with silk. 138 · Laces of all kinds.

NOTE. - Articles of wool inixed with cotton or linen shall be dutiable as wool. Articles not specially enumerated, of wool mixed with silk, shall pay as articles of silk.

HEMP AND MANUFACTURES OF HEMP. 139 Twine of all kinds. 140 Cables or cordage.

Hemp, common, in the masa, in skeins, or twisted, for sewiny 142 Canvas 143 Drill , unbleached or bleached 144 Tow or hemp, raw. 143 Towels.... 146 Russia duck, osuaburgs, and tissues for lining (crehuela). 117 | Sacks and bags 148 Tissues of hemp, such as sailcloth.

1.50 1.00 1.50

2.00 2. 40 1. 00

.06 . 10 20 26

04 30 .30 04

. 21


. 40

. 70


1.04 1. 20

1. 10 1.50


1. 10

1.10 1.50 .56

149 Damask and similar tissues
150 Brittany cloth, Irish linen, cambrasine, royal, white cretonne (crea), and similar

151 Drawers, for men

Shirts and shirt fronts: 152 Plaiu 153 Embroidered..

Chemists, drawers, bodices, and other clothing for women: 1341

Plain or fancy 155 Embroidered.. 156

| Courtrai, osnaburgs, Holland, and similar tissues, unbleached or colored.

Collars and cuts: 157

For mon

For women 158

Plain. 159

Embroidered. 160 Drill for military clothing, plain or worked.

Skirts and pettic sats: 161 Plain or worked 162 Embroidered... 163 Lace, blonde, and trimmings of all kinds, for women 164 Thread, on wooden or metal spools. 105 Thread in skeius, hanks, or any other form, for sewing or embroidering 166

Linen yarn for weaving 167

Sailcloth. 168 Tablecloths and napkins.. 160 Trimmings not specially mentioned. 170 Lawn 171 Trousers, coats, drawers, and other articles of wearing apparel for men, not spe.

cially mentioned 172 Handkerchiefs, scarfs, and showls, embroidered. 173 Handkerchiefs, scarf's, aliawls, and similar articles, plain 174 | Sheeting 175 Bands, edginys, and insertions, embroidered

Dresses, made up or cut 0nt, and all other articles: 176 Trimmed, for women's clothing. 177 Embroidered, not specially mentioned.

NOTE. -Articles of liven with an admixture of cotton shall be dutiable as linen.

[blocks in formation]
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