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President's Message on European war and Ame- proceedings under such acts or laws, and any rican shipping

person or persons taking or making such oath, To the Senate and House of Representatives : affirmation, or affidavit, shall knowingly swear

Your attention is respectfully called to the or afirmi falsely, the same shall be deemed and
necessity of passing an Indian appropriation bill taken to be perjury, and the person or persons
before the members of Congress separate. With- guilty thereof shall upon conviction thereof be
out such appropriation Indian hostilities are sure sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceed-
to ensue, and with them sufferings, loss of life, ing five years and not less than one year, and to
and expenditures, vast as compared with the a fine not exceeding $1,000.
amount asked for.

SEC. 2. That if any person applying to be adThe latest intelligence from Europe indicates mitted a citizen, or appearing as a witness for the imminence of a war between France and any such person, shall knowingly personate any North Germany. In view of this a sound policy other person than himself, or falsely appear in indicates the importance of some legislation tend: the name of a deceased person, or in an assumed ing to enlarge the commercial marine of this or fictitious name, or if any person shall falsely country

make, forge, or counterfeit any oath, affirmation, The vessels of this country at the present time notice, atsidavit, certificate, order, record, signaare insufficient to meet the demand which the ture, or other instrument, paper, or proceeding reexistence of a war in Europe will impose upon quired or authorized by any law or act relating the commerce of the United States, and I submit to or providing for the naturalization of aliens; to the consideration of Congress that the inter- or shall alter, sell, dispose of, or use as true or ests of the country will be advanced by the op- genuine, or for any unlawlul purpose, any false, portunity to our citizens to purchase vessels of forged, ante-dated, or counterfeit oath, affirmaforeign construction for the foreign trade of the tion, notice, certificate, order, record, signature, country. An act to this effect may be limited in instrument, paper, or proceeding as aforesaid; or its duration to meet the immediate exigency. sell or dispose of, to any person other than the

The foreign mail service of the United States person for whom it was originally issued, any is in a large degree dependent upon the Bremen certificate of citizenship or certificate showing and Hamburg line of steamers. "The Post Office any person to be admitted a citizen; or if any Department has entered into contracts in writ. person shall in any manner use, for the purpose ing with the two companies above named, and of registering as a voter, or as evidence of a right with the Williams and Guion lines respectively to vote, or otherwise, unlawfully, any order, cerfor a regular and continuous service of two years. tificato of citizenship, or certiücate, judgment, or

The only arrangement that could be made with exemplifications showing such person to be adthe Inman and Cunard lines is temporary, and mitted to be a citizen, whether heretofore or may be broken off at any time. The North Ger- hereafter issued or made, knowing that such man lines are first-class in point of speed and order or certificate, judgment, or exemplifica. equipment, their steamers usually making the tion has been unlawfully issued or made; or trip across the Atlantic in from tiventy-four to if any person shall unlawfully use, or attempt thirty-six hours in advance of the Williams and to use, any such order or certificate, issued to or Guion line. Should the North German steamers in the name of any other person, or in a fictibe blockaded or impeded by France, our postal, tions name, or the name of a deceased person ; intercourse with foreign nations will be greatly or use, or attempt to use, or aid, or assist or embarrassed, unless Congress shall interpose for participate in the use of any certificate of citiits relief.

zenship, knowing the same to be forged, or counI suggest to Congress the propriety of further terfeit, or ante-dated, or knowing the same to postponing the time for adjournment, with the have been procured by fraud, or otherwise unview of considering the questions herein commu- lawfully obtained; or if any person, and without nicated.

U, S, GRANT. lawful excuse, shall knowingly have or be posWASHINGTON, D. C., July 15, 1870.

sessed of any false, forged, ante-dated, or counThis message was sent to Congress too late for terfeit certificate of citizenship, purporting to insertion in the chapter of President Grant's have been issued under the provisions of any messages.

law of the United States relating to naturaliza

tion, knowing such certificate to be false, forged, AN ACT to amend the naturalization laws and ante-dated, or counterfeit, with intent unlaw

to punish crimes against the same. fully to use the same; or if any person shall Be it enacted, &c, That in all cases where any obtain, accept, or receive any certificate of citioath, affirmation, or affidavit shall be made or zenship known to such person to have been protaken under or by virtue of any act or law re- cured by fraud or by the use of any false name, lating to the naturalization of aliens, or in any or by means of any false statement made with




intent to procure, or to aid in procuring, the said elections, and to challenge any name proissue of such certificate, or known to such per- posed to be registered and any vote offered, and son to be fraudulently altered or ante-dated; or to be present and witness throughout the countif any person who has been or may be admitted ing of all votes, and to remain where the ballotto be a citizen shall, on oath or affirmation or boxes are kept at all times after the polls are by affidavit, knowingiy deny that he has been open until the votes are finally counted; and 60 admitted, with intent to evade or avoid any said persons, and either of them, shall have the duty or liability imposed or required by law, right to affix their signature or his signature to every person so offending shall be deemed and said register for purposes of identification, and adjudged guilty of felony, and, on conviction to attach thereto, or to the certificate of the numthereof, shall be sentenced to be imprisoned and ber of votes cast, and statement touching the kept at hard labor for a period not less than one truth or fairness thereof which they or he may year nor more than five years, or be fined in a | ask to attach; and any one who shall prevent sum not less than $300 nor more than $1,000, or any person so designated from doing any of the both such punishments may be imposed, in the acts authorized as aforesaid, or who shall hinder discretion of the court. And every person who or molest any such person in doing any of the said shall knowingly and intentionally aid or abet acts, or shall aid or abet in preventing, hinderany person in the commission of any such fel- ing, or molesting any such person in respect of ony, or attempt to do any act hereby made any such acts, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, felony, or counsel, advise, or procure, or attempt and on conviction shall be punished by impristo procure, the commission thereof, shall be liable onment not less than one year. to indictment and punishment in the same man- Sec. 6. That in any city having upward of ner and to the same extent as the principal party twenty thousand inhabitants, it shall be lawful guilty of such felony, and such person may be for the marshal of the United States for the distried and convicted thereof without the previous trict wherein said city shall be to appoint as conviction of such principal.

many special deputies as may be necessary to SEC. 3. That any person who shall knowingly preserve order at any election at which repreuse any certificate of naturalization heretofore sentatives in Congress are to be chosen; and granted by any court, or which shall hereafter said deputies are hereby authorized to preserve be granted, which has been or shall be procured order at such elections, and to arrest for any ofthrough fraud, or by false evidence, or has been fense or breach of the peace committed in their or shall be issued by the clerk, or any other offi- view. cer of the court, without any appearance and

Sec. 7. That the naturalization laws are herehearing of the applicant in court, and without by extended to aliens of African nativity and to lawful authority, and any person who shall persons of African descent. falsely represent himself to be a citizen of the Approved July 14, 1870. United States, without having been duly admit- [Portions of this act and of the act to enforce ted to citizenship, for any fraudulent purpose the XIVth and XVth amendments are taken whatever, shall be deemed guilty of a misde substantially from the report of the Committee meanor, and, upon conviction thereof in due on Alleged New York Election Frauds, 3d sess. course of law, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of 40th Cong., report 31, which treated of these not exceeding $1,000, or be imprisoned not ex- questions.] ceeding two years, either or both, in the discretion of the court taking cognizance of the same.

Final Votes. SEC. 4. That the provisions of this act shall apply to all proceedings had or taken, or attempt

IN SENATE, July 4, 1870. ed to be had or taken, before any court in which YEAS — Messrs. Anthony, Chandler, Conkling, Corany proceeding for naturalization shall be coin-bett, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Fenton, Gilbert, 'Ham

lin, Harlan, McDonald, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, menced, had, or taken, or attempted to be com- Nye, Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Rice, Robmenced; and the courts of the United States shall ertson, Sawyer, Scott, Spencer, Stewart, Sumner, Thay have jurisdiction of all offenses under the pro-er, Tipton. Trumbull, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilvisions of this act, in or before whatsoever court

NAys-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Hamilton of Maryor tribunal the same shall have been committed. land, McCreery, Svulsbury, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers-& Sec. 5. That in any city having upward of

In House, June 11, 1870. twenty thousand inhabitants, it shall be the Yeas-Messrs. Alison, Ambler, Ames, Armstrong, duty of the judge of the circuit court of the Asper, Atwood, Ayer. Bailey, Banks, Beatty, i enjamin, United States for the circuit wherein said city Buck, Buckley, Buffinton, Burchard, Burdett, Benja

Benton, Bingham, Blair, Boles, Boyd, George M. Brooks, shall be, upon the application of two citizens, to min F. Butler, Roderick R. Butler, Cake. Churchill, appoint in writing, for each election district or William T. Clar Sidney Clarke, Amasa Cobb, Coburn, voting precinct in said city, and to change or Canger, Cook, Covode, Cowles, Collom, Darrall, Davis renew said appointment as occasion may require, worth, Ferriss, Ferry, Finkelnburg, Fisher, Fito

Dawes, Degener, Dickey, onley, Duval, Ela, Farns. from time to time, two citizens resident of the Garfield, Gilfillan, hamilton, Harris, Hawley, Hefti district or precinct, one from each political party, Kelsey, Ketcham, Knapp, Laflin, Lash, Lawrence, L.

Hill, Hoar, IIooper, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Judd, Kelle who, when so designated, shall be, and are gan, Loughridge, Maynard, McCarthy, McGrew, Mchereby, authorized to attend at all times and Kenzie, Mercur, Jesse 11. Moore, William Moore,' Morplaces fixed for the registration of voters, who phis, Daniel J. Morrell, Myers, Negley, O'Neill, Orth,

Packard, Packer, Paine, Palmer, Peck, Peters. Phelps, being registered would be entitled to vote for Platt, Poland, Porter, Prosser, Roots, Sargent, Sawyer, representative in Congress, and at all times and Schenck, Shanks, Lionel A. Sheldon, Porter Shelårn, places for holding elections of representatives Sohn A. Smith, William J, Smith,' Worthington c.

Smith, William Smyth, Starkweather, Stevens, Stevenin Congress, and for counting the votes cast atson, Stokes, Stoughton, Strickland, Taffe, Tanner, Tay


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lor, Tillman, Townsend, Twichell, Tyner, Upson, Van Sec. - That all acts of Congress relating to
Horn, Van lyck, Ward, Cadwalader C. Washburn, Wil-
liam B. Washburn, Welker, Wheeler, Whitmore, wilka naturalization be, and the same are hereby,
inson, Willard, Williams, John T. Wilson, Witcher–132. amended by striking out the word " white

Nays-Messrs. Axtell, Barnum, beck, Bennett, Biggs, wherever it occurs, so that in naturalization
Bird, Booker, James Brools, Burr, Calkin, Conner, log: there shall be no distinction of race or color.
Crebs, Dickinson. Fox, Getz, Griswold, Haight, ay,
man, Johnson, Thomas L. Jones, Kerr, Knott, Lewis, Mar- Which was disagreed to--yeas 22, nays 23, as
shal, Muyham, McCormick, McNeely, Milnes, Morgan, Mun- follow:
gen, Niblack, Potter, Randall, Reeves, Rice, Rogers, Schu-
maker, Sherrod, Slocum, Joseph's. Smith, Stiles, Stone, Swann,

Yeas-Messrs. Anthony, Carpenter, Fowler, Hamlin,
Sweeney, Trimble, Vun Auken, Van Trump, Eugene M. Harris. Kellogg, Lewis, McDonald, Morrill of Vermont,
Wilson, Winchester, Wood, Woodward-53.

Pomeroy, Pratt, Ramsey, Revels, Rice, Robertson,
Ross, Sawyer, Schurz, Scott, Sprague, Sumner, Trum-

Previous Votes.

NAYS-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Casserly, Corbett, 1870, June 13—Mr. Davis introduced the bill, Cragin, Davis: Drake, Edmunds, Gilbert, Harlan,

Howe, Howell, Johnston, McCreery, Morton, Stewart, as finally passed, with the exception of the last Stockton, Thurman, Tipton, Vickers, Warner, Williams, three sections, which, under a suspension of the Wilson–23. rules, was passed-yeas 130, nays 47, as follow:

The substitute of the committee was then disYeas—Messrs. Allison, Ambler, Ames, Armstrong, agreed to-yeas 17, nays 33, as follow: Arnell, Asper, Atwood, Bailey, Banks, Barry, Beaman, Beatty, Benjamin, Bennett, Benton, Bingham, Blair, YEAS—Messrs. Anthony, Carpenter, Conkling, Cragin, Booker, Bowen, Boyd, George M. Brooks, Buck, Buck-Edmunds, Fenton, Hamlin, Morrill of Vermont, Pat ley, Buffinton, Burchard, Burdett, Benjamin F. Butler, terson. Pomeroy, Rice, Sawyer, Scott, Stewart, SumRoderick R. Birtler, Cessna, Churchill, William T. i ner, Trumbull. Wilson 17. Clark, Sidney Clarke, Amasa Cobb, Clinton L. Cobb, NAys-Messrs. Bayard, loreman, Casserly, Chandler, Coburn, Cook, Conger, Cullom, Davis, Dawes, Dickey, Corbett, Davis, Drake, Gilbert, Jarlan, Larris, Howe, Dixon, Dockery, Donley, Duval, Ela, Farnsworth, Fer- lowell, Johnston, Kellogg, Lewis, McCreery, McDonald, riss, Ferry, Finkelnburg, Fisher, Fitch, Garfield, Gil- Morton, Pratt, Ramsey, Revels, Robertson, Ross, fillan, Hale, Hamilton. Harris, Hawley, Hay, lleflin, Shurz, Sprague, Stockton, Thayer, Thurman, Tipton, Hill, Hour, Hooper, Hotchkiss, Ingersoll, Alexander Vickers, Warner, Willey, Williams-33. H. Jones, Thomas L. Jones, Judd, Julian, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelsey, Ketcham, Knapp, Laflin, Lash, Law

The question then recurring on the House bill, rence, Logan. Maynard, McCarthy, MeCrary, McGrew, i the Senate being in committee of the whole, Mr. dicKee, Nereur, Eliakim H. Moore, Jesse H. Moore, Conkling moved to amend by the addition of the Myers, Newsham, O'Neill, Orth, Packard, Paine, Palm following sections, which were the last two secer, Peck, Perce, Pheips, Platt, Poland, Pomeroy, Porter. tions of the committee's substitute: Roots, Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, Lionel A. Sheldon, SEC. - That in any city having upward of John A. Smith. William Smyth, Stevenson, Stokes, Stoughton, Strickland, Taffe, Tanner, Tillman, Twich twenty thousand inhabitants it shall be the duty ell

, Tyner, Upson, Van Horn, Ward, Cadwalader c. of the judge of the circuit court of the United Washburn, William B. Washburn, Wheeler, Whitmore, States for the circuit wherein said city shall be, Wilkinson. Willard, Wingns, Witcher-130.

Nurs-Messrs Adıms, Axtell, Berk, James Brooks. Burr, upon the application of two citizens, to appoint Calkin, Coner. Cox. Crebs, Dor, Eldridge, Fox, Getz, Gib in writing for each election district or voting preson. Griswold, Hamill

, Holman, Johnson, Kerr, Knott, Lewis, cinct in said city, and to change or renew said Mungen, Nilluck, Randall Reeves, Rice, Ridgway, Sherrod, appointment as occasion may require, from time Shover. Js-pe S. Smith, Stradler, Swann, Sweeney, Trimble

, to time, two citizens resident of the district or Van Auken Van Trump, Wells, Eugene M. Wilson, Win- precinct, one from each political party, who, when chester, Wood, Woodward47.

so designated, shall be, and are hereby, authorIN SENATE.

ized to attend at all times and places fixed for 1870, June 18—Mr. Conkling, from the Com- the registration of voters, who being registered mittee on the Judiciary, reported a bill with would be entitled to vote for representative in the recommendation that it be substituted for Congress, and at all times and places for holding the House bill. It provided that all jurisdiction elections of representatives in Congress, and for over naturalization should be in the United counting the votes cast at said elections, and to States courts; that the applicant must have re-challenge any name proposed to be registered sided in the United States four years and six and any vote offered, and to be present and witmonths, and in the State one year prior to the ness throughout the counting of all votes, and application; that every certificate of naturaliza- to remain where the ballot-boxes are kept at all tion issued since July 4, 1868, in any city of times after the polls are open until the votes are over 100,000 inhabitants, shall not be evidence finally counted; and said persons and either of of naturalization unless presented to the United them shall have the right to affix their signature States court, and by it approved; that the niinor or his signature to said register for purposes of children of naturalized persons shall be citizens identification, and to attach thereto, or to the of the United States on attaining their majority ; certificate of the number of votes cast, and statethat in all cities of upward of 20,000 inhabit- ment touching the truth or fairness thereof which ants the court sball select two persons from each they or he may ask to attach; and any one who precinct to act as judges of election and registra- shall prevent any person so designaied from dotion, and the marshal shall also appoint as many ing any of the acts authorized as afiresaid, or deputies as he shall deem necessary to keep the who sliall hinder or molest any such person in peace; provided for the punishment of the false doing any of the said acts, or shall aid or abet in and fraudulent issuing or using certificates of preventing, hindering, or molesting any such pernaturalization, or the disturbance of the court son in respect of any such acts, shall be guilty of while sitting to grant certificates of naturaliza- a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be


ished by imprisonment not less than one year. July 2–Mr. Sumner moved to amend the SEC. That in any city having upward of proposed substitute by adding the following new twenty thousand inhabitants, it shall be lawful

for the marshal of the United States for the dis


trict wherein said city shall be to appoint as Mr. Warner moved to add the following secmany special deputies as may be necessary to tion: preserve order at any election at which repre- SEC. - That the naturalization laws are heresentatives in Congress are to be chosen; and said by extended to aliens of African nativity and to deputies are hereby authorized to preserve order persons of African descent. at such elections, and to arrest for any offense or Which was agreed to-yeas 21, nays 20, as breach of the peace committed in their view. follow:

Which was agreed to-yeas 37, nays 9, as YEAS-Messrs. Chandler, Drake, Gilbert, Ilarris, Kelfollow:

logg, McDonald, Morton, Osborn, Pomeroy, Rice, Rob

ertson, Ross, Scott, Spencer, Sprague, Sumner, Thayer, YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Carpenter, Chandler, Conk-Tipton, Trumbull, Warner, Tilley-21. ling, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Fenton, Gil- Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Conkling, Corbett, bert, Ilamlin, Ilarris, lIowe, Ilowell, Kellogg, Lewis, Cragin, Duvis, Edmunds. Hamilto of Maryland, llam McDonald, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Patterson, lin, Howe, McCreery, Nye, Ramsey, Saulsbury, Stewart, Pomeroy, Pratt, Ramsey, Rice, Robertson, Sawyer, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers, Williams, Wilson-20. Scott. Sprague, Stewart, Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Trumbull, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson--37.

The bill was then reported to the Senate, and Nays-Messrs. Bayard, 'Boreman, Casserly, Davis, the question being taken on Mr. Warner's amendJohnston, McCreery, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers--9. ment, it was agreed to-yeas 20, nays 17, as fol.

Mr. Sumner moved to amend by adding the low: following section:

YEAS--Messrs. Chandler, Drake, Fenton, Marlan, Mc

Donald, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Osborn, Pomeroy, Sec.—'That all acts of Congress relating to Rice, Robertson, Scott, Spencer, Sprague, Sumner, naturalization be, and the same are hereby, Thayer, Tipton, Trumbull, Warner. Willey--20. amended by striking out the word "white"

Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Corbett, Cragin, Edwherever it occurs; so that in naturalization Ramsey, Suulsbury, Stewart, Stuckton, Thurman, Vickers,

munds, Hamilton of Maryland, Ilowe, McCreery, Nye, there shall be no distinction of race or color. Williams, Wilson-17.

Which was agreed to-yeas 27, nays 22, as Mr. Sumner again moved the following amendfollow:

ment: YEAS Messrs. Anthony, Carpenter, Conkling. Fen

SEC. — That all acts of Congress relating to ton, Fonger, Gilbert, Hamlin, Harris, Ilowe. Kellogg, naturalization be, and the same are hereby, Lewis, McDonald. Morrill of Vermont, Patterson, amended by striking out the word "white" wheryer, Schurz, Scott, Sprague, Sumner, Thayer, Trum- ever it occurs; so that in naturalization there bull—27.

shall be no distinction of race or color. Nays–Jessrs. Bayard, Boreman, Casserly, Corbett. Which was disagreed to-yeas 12, nays 26, as Cragin, Davis, Drake, Edmunds, Ilarlan, Howell, Johnston, McCreery, Morton, Stewart. Stockton, Thurman,

follow: Tipton, Vickers, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson-22. Yeas-Messrs. Fenton, Fowler, Howe, McDonald, July 4-Mr. Williams moved to add to the Morrill of Vermont, Osborn, Porneroy, Rice, Robert

son, Sprague, Sumner, Trumbull-12. bill the following:

Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Chindler, ConkProvided, That nothing in this act shall be ling, Cornett, Cragin, Drake, I7amilton of Maryland, construed to authorize the naturalization of per-Saulsbury, Scott,' Stewart, Stockton, Thayer, Thurman, sons born in the Chinese empire.

Tipton, l'ickers, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson—26. Mr. Hamlin moved to reconsider the vote by Mr. Trumbull moved to amend the amendment which Mr. Sumner's amendment was adopted; of Mr. Warner, which was adopted, by adding which was agreed to-yeas 27, nays 14, as fol- thereto the words or persons born in the Chilow :

nese empire; which was disagreed to-yeas 9, YEAS—Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Chandler, Conk- nays 31, as follow: ling, Corbett, Cragin, Davis. Drake, Edmunds, IIamil- Yeas-Messrs. Fenton, Fowler, McDonald, Pomeroy, ton of Maryland, llamlin, Harlan, NicCreery, Morton, Ricc, Robertson, Sprague, Sumner, Trambull-9. Nye, Ramsey, Saulsbury, Scott, Stewart, Sinckton, Thur- Nars-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Chindler, Conkman, Tipton, Vickers, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wil-ling, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Gilbert, Ilamilton of Ma

ryland, Ilamlin. Harlan, Howe, McCreery, Morrill of Nays-Messrs. Brownlow, Fenton, Harris, Kellogg, Vermont, Morton, Nye, Osborn, Ramsey, Saulsbury, McDonald, Morrill of Maine, Pomeroy, Revels, Rob. Sawyer, Scott, Stewart, Stockton, Thaver, Thurman ertson, Ross, Spencer, Sprague, Sumner, Trum- Tipton, Vichers, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson-31 bull-14.

The bill as amended was then passed, and the Mr. Howe moved to amend Mr. Sumner's Senate amendments were agreed to as above. amendment by adding as follows: Provided, That nothing in this or any other

The Cuban Question. act of Congress shall be so construed as to authorize the naturalization of any person born in

IN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. a pagan country, unless with his oath of alle

1870, June 14~Mr. Banks, from the Commitgiance the applicant shall take and file an oath tee on Foreign Affairs, submitted the following: abjuring his belief in all forms of paganism. Which was disagreed to.

Joint resolution in relation to the contest beMr. Sumner's amendment was then disagreed

tween the people of Cuba and the Government

of Spain. to-yeas 14, nays 30, as follow:

Resolved, &c., That the President of the United YEAS-Messrs. Fenton, Fowler, Harris, Howe, Mc- States be, and hereby is, authorized and instructed Donald, Morrill of Vermont, Pomeroy, Rice, Robertson, to declare and maintain a strictly impartial neu

Nais-Messrs. Bajurd'. Boreman, Chandler, Conkling, trality, on the part of the Government of the Corbett, Cragin, Davis, Drake. Edmunds, Gilbert, Ham- United States in the contest_now existing beilton of Maryland, Hamlin, Llarlan, McCreery, Morton: tween the people of Cuba and the Government ton, Thayer, Thurman, Tipton, Vickers, Warner, Willey, of the kingdom of Spain. Williams, Wilson-30.

Sec. 2. That all provisions of the statute ap


ter, Vood, Woodward--82.

proved 20th of April, 1818, entitled “ An act in The previous question haTongress relating to audition to the act for the punishment of certain was by unanimous consent agme are hereby, crines against the United States, and to repeal lowing day should be devoted to word "white' the acts tierein mentioned,” shall be construed main question should be considercuralization to apply equally to each of the parties in the ex- been ordered. On the following day-lor. isting contest between the people of Cuba and the --after debate, Mr. Dingham moved to reco23, as Government of Spain.

the vote by which the main question was orderen. SEÇ. 3. That the President is hereby author- Mr. Eldridge moved that the motion lie on iz d and requested to remonstrate against the the table; which latter motion was disagreed to barbarous manner in which the war in Cuba has -yeas 82, nays 94, as follow : been conducted, and, if he shall deem it expe: Banks, Beatty, Deck, Bird, Looker, Bowen, Boyd, Jamics

YEAS—Messrs. Adams, Archer, Arnell, Axtell, Bailey, dient, to solicit the co-operation of other govern- Brooks, Burr, Culkin, Sidnay Clarke, Cleveland, Clinton ments in such measures as he may deem neces

L. Cobb, Conner, Cox, Creus, Degener, Dox, Eldridge, sary to secure from both contending parties an Ferriss, Fitch, fox, Getz, Griswold, Laight, Tumllc:on, observance of the laws of war recognized by all Hamill, Hamilton, Ilawkins, llay, Ilolmun, Ilotchkiss, civilized nations.

Ingersoll, Johnson, Julian, Knott, Lewis, Logan, Marshall,

Mayhum, McKenzie, McNeely, Milnes, Morphis, Dorrissey, The minority of the committee submitted as Mungen, Newsham, Niblack Paine, Porter, 1 otter, Rana substitute the following:

dall, Reeves, Rice, Roots, Saniord, Schumaker, Shanks,

Porter Sheldon, Sherrod, Shober, Jos ph S. Smith, Stiles, A joint resolution making it a misdemeanor to Strader, Swann, Sweeney, 1 aylor, Trim le, Van Auken, Van

fit out or equip ships of war, with intent that Horn, Van Trump, Van Wyck, Wells, Wilkinson, Winchesthey shall be employed in the service of any

NAYS-Messrs. Allison, Ambler, Ames, Armstrong, European prince or State for the purpose of Asper, Atwood, Beaman, Bennett, Benton, Bingłam, subduing American colonists claiming inde- Blair, George M. Brooks, Buckley, Buflinton, burchpendence, and providing for the forfeiture of ard, Burdett, Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick R. Butler,

Cessna, Churchill, Amasa Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Conger, such ship or vessel.

Dawes, Dickey, Dockery, Donley, Duval, Dyer, Ela, Be it resolved, &c., That if any person shall, Farnsworth, Ferry, Finkelnburg, Fisher, Garfield, within the limits of the United States, fit out, arm, Judd, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelsey, Ketenam, Knapp,

IIale, larris, Hawley, Hays, Jleflin, Iloar, Hooper, or equip, or attempt to fit out, arm, or equip, or Laflin, Lawrence. Maynard, McCormicli, McCrary, Mcprocure to be fitted out, armed, or equipped, or Grew, McKee, Mercur, Eliakim 11. Moore, Jesse H. shall knowingly be concerned in the fitting out, ard, Packer, Palmer, Peck, Perce, Phelps, Platt, por arming, or equipping, of any ship or vessel, with land, Pomeroy, Sawyer, Schenck, John A. Smith, Wilintent that such ship or vessel shall be employed liam Smyth, Starkweather, Stoughton, Strickland, in the service of any European prince or State, Strong, Tatré, Tanner, Tillman, Twichell, Tyner. Up for the purpose of subduing American colonists burn, Welker, Wheeler, Willard, John T. Wilson, Wiclaiming independence, or shall issue or deliver nans, Witcher-94. a commission within the territory of the United The motion to reconsider was then agreed toStates for any ship or vessel, with the intent that

yeas 88, nays 70. she may be employed as aforesaid, every person June 16 -Mr. Logan moved to amend the 2d so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, section of the majority resolution by striking out and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in the words "shall be construed to apply equally any sum not exceeding $5,000, and be imprisoned to each of the parties in the existing contest befor a period not exceeding two years nor less tween the people of Cuba and the Government than six months; and every such ship or vessel, of Spain," and inserting in lieu thereof the fol. with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together lowing: "Shall be so construed as to give to both with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores, contending parties the same advantages of interwhich may have been procured for the building course and trade with the United States, consistand equipment thereot, shall be forfeited, one- ent with the law of nations, which have been or half to the use of the informer and the other half may be accorded to the Government of Spain to the United States.

Which was disagreed to-yeas 77, nays 101, Sec. 2. That in every case where a ship or ves- as follow: sel shall be fitted out, armed, or equipped, or

YEAS—Messrs. Adams, Archer, Axtell, Ayer, Banks, attempted to be fitted out, armed, or equipped, Beatty, Beck, Bird, Pooker, Boyd, James Brooks, Durr, contrary to the provisions of this joint resolution, Culkin, William T. Clark, Sidney Clarke, Cleveland, Clinit shall be lawful for the President of the United ton L. Cobb, Conner, Cox, Degener, Dickinson, Dox, Eld

ridge, Ferriss, Fitch, Fox, Getz, Gibson, Griswold, Haight, States, or such person as he shall have empow- Hambleton, Ilamill, llamilton, Hay, Holman, Ingersoll, ered for that purpose, to employ the lani or naval Johnson, Julian, Knott, Lash, Lewis, Logan, Murshall forces or the militia of the United States, or any Morrissey, Mungen, Newsham, Niblack. Prosser, Randall, part thereof, for the purpose of taking possession Reeves, Rice, Roots, Schumaker, Lionel A. Sheldon, Sher? of and detaining any such ship or vessel. rol, Shober, Josaph S. Smith, Stiles, Stokes, Strader, Swann,

SEC. 3. That the provisions of the act approved Sweeney Man lcorn, Fan, Trump, Ward, Il'c!ls, Whitmore, April 20, 1818, entitled “An act in addition to Eugene M. Wilson, WinchesterWood. Wooiward17.

NAYS-Messrs. Allison, Ambler, Ames, Arnell. Asper, the act for the punishment of certain crimes Atwood, Bailey, Beaman, Benjamin, Bennett, Benton, against the United States,' and to repeal the acts Bingham, Blair, George M. Brooks, Buekley, Huffinton, therein mentioned,” shall be held to apply and Butler, Cake, Cessna, Churchill, Amasa Cobb, Cook, be in force, as to all attempts of American colo-Conger, Cowles, Dawes, Dickey, Dixon, Dockery, Donnies, or parts thereof, to assert their independence; Fisher. Garfield, Gilfillan, Hale, Harris, Hawkins, llilt and the words “colonies, districts, or peoples" in Iloar, Hooper, II otchkiss, Judd, Kelley, Kellogg: Kelsuch act shall be held to apply to and include all sey, Ketcham, Knapp. Laflin, Lawrence, Maynard, Mcsuch american colonists claiming independence, as Carthy, MeCrary, McGrew, Mereur. Eliakim 11. Moore, described in the 1st section of this joint resolution. Packard, Packer, Paine, Perce, Phelps, Platt, Poland,

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