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BOARD OF CORRECTIONS (continued)— *aw

to appropriate $100 from visitors' fees to library fund '. *JS9

may maintain a school at the prison 269

to maintain prison library .. 2fi9

may remove prisoners In case of contagious disease, fire, etc 26»

may direct repairs or rebuilding after fire 269


to appoint judges of election . .. 197

See County Comkihhionebh; County; Election.

clerk of, to certify bonds, warrants, etc 97

lb. 180

officer of, proceedings against for removal 108

declaration of, protection of officer certifying Indebtedness of

nomination to normal scholarships by, State superintendent In appoint when 274

apportionment of State school funds to 470

not to admit beginners to school except during first two weeks after opening 493

president, clerk and treasurer of, to sign bonds 495

cities of first and second class, school system In, under control of 497

election and qualifications of 497

lb. 498

may fill vacancy till election 498

organization and officers of 498

appointment and removal of officers by 498

lb. 499

election of superintendent by 499

annual reports to, school year 499

to receive no compensation for services 499

to appoint census enumerators 49y

contents of lists; filing with clerk of 499

clerk of, to report to State superintendent 499

State superintendent to certify apportionment to 499

duties of president and vice-president of 5iO

lb. 495

lb. 601

lb. 504

lb. 511

lb. 615

warrants ordered by 600

Tb. 6*1

duties of clerk of 501

lb. 603

lb. 5f)4

lb. 511

record of, and clerk's annual statement to 500

publication of statement by 500

duties of treasurer of 601

report of treasurer to, and place for keeping records of treasurer of 501

powers and duties of, as to conducting schools 501

lb. 502

sale of sites and buildings by 502

school property in city to be conveyed to 502

may maintain actions and enforce contracts 503

to elect associate examiners; duties of board of examiners 503

examiners to hold teachers1 examinations and report to 503

lb. 504

to grant certificates to teachers examined 504

to renew certificates on recommendation of examiners 604

to revoke certificates on recommendation of examiners 604

requirements for certificates by, to teachers; limitations 5i>5

primary, grammar and high school certificates by 50f»

certificates by, to holders of normal diplomas and to teachers of special studies 506

BOARD OF EDUCATION, CITY (continued)— Pagk

adoption of text books by 606

lb. 607

property held by, exempt from taxation 507

to receive for district pro rata of State tax 507

to make annual estimate of expenses 607

lb. 613

tax levy and collection for 508

may call special election for tax for buildings, sites, etc 608

may call bond election; notice and conduct of 509

ballots to be furnished by 509

canvass of ballots and returns by 510

Issue and redemption of bonds; limitation 610

lb. 611

bonds issued by, to be certified by county clerk 511

president and clerk of, to sign bonds 511

negotiation and sale of bonds by •>•• fill

cancellation of bonds by 512

bonds previously Issued by, may be refunded 512

to advertise for construction of school buildings 512

sureties required from contractors by 612

lb. 613

to publicly open and read bids 612

to award contract to lowest responsible bidder 512

may advertise anew for buildings, when SIS

may construct buildings, when 613

may raise sinking fund and Invest 518

bonds issued by, a lien on taxable property 613

president of, to ascertain and report offenders 615

president of, to report incorrigible children to county attorney 615

term of office of, continued, how 616

validity of bonds issued by, secured 616

See Schools.


clerk of, to certify bonds, warrants, etc 97

ib. ia»

officer of, proceedings against, for removal 108

how constituted •

empowered to grant diplomas of two grades and State certificate 467

qualifications for diplomas Issued by *67

period of validity of diplomas Issued by 468

Ib. ,

subjects of examination for diplomas issued by 488

normal certificates from university and two years experience entitle holder to diploma

from 468

may exempt from examination holders of high school and territorial first grade certlfi

cates 468

life diplomas of other states, recognition to be given 469

may appoint assistants as examiners *89

may revoke, for cause, State diplomas and certificates 469

defraying traveling expenses of 489

to serve without compensation. *89

State superintendent chairman of 4<

majority of, necessary to validity of act 489

meetings of 469

See Schools.


State, to raise eight mills on the dollar of taxable property, or so much thereof as is necessary , 869

State, salary of • r 864

See Compensation.

liOAKD Of EQUALIZATION (continued)— Paoi

SUite, to furnish blanks to assessor 430

county commissioners as county, must not reduce double as*< anient m concealed

property 435

State, to furnish assessment books to county 435

lb. 443

State, assessor to list all property for, how 436

lb. 437

county commissioners a county 43S

lb. 444

assessor to make returns to county 438

assessor to furnish information asked by State 438

penalty for assessor's failure to transmit statement to State 436'

State, to furnish list of patents of mining and co il lands to county 438

State, officer of railway, telegraph, telephone or depot company to make statement to 439

State, penalty for said officer to make statement. 439

State, meeting of, to muke assessments 439

State, to give notice of assessments 440

county, cot to change assessment made by State 440

county, to declare State assessment as made 440

order of State, to be transmitted to city or town council, scho il trustees, etc 440

State, application to, to correct or change assessment 441

change of assessment by State, county to be notified 441

lb. 449

State, to make record of assessment of railroad or other companies 441

State, assessment of, and of assessor, the only basis for taxation 411

See Revenue.

State, to furnish assessment book for mining property 442

Stite and county, procedure of in assessing mining property same as other property 443

State and county, penalty for refusal of mine owner, etc., to make statement to 443

county, meeting of, to examine and equalize assessment. 444

county, may increase or lower assessment, but only on application 444

county, may prosecute Inquiry Into application for reduction 444

county, may call witnesses 444

county, assessor may testify or examine witnesses before 445

State, assessor to transmit Information ralatlng to mortgages 44fi

SUite, to fix apportionment of value of mortgages, etc., in counties 445

county, equalizing or adding new property to assessment by 445

county, may dlroct assessor to assess property omitted or to correH assessments 446

county, notice from to persons interested in new or changed assessment 445

SUite, appointment and term of 446

State, general powers and duties of 447

lb. 448

lb. 449

State, to report to Legislature 448

State, obtaining statement of county assessment by 449

Suite, county to be notified of changes iu assessment by 449

failure to obey subpcena issued by 449

SUite, to Inform county attorney of fraud by assessor or deputy 449

secretory or member of, may administer oaths 450

entitled to actual expenses 450

county, to fix rate of county taxation 45U

SUite, action of, stands, when county commissioners full 450

SUite, copy of statement of property valuation In comity to be made to 451

State, entry of changes by, to made by county auditor 451

county, auditor to disregard changes forbidden on part of 452

State, auditor to make computation as corrected by Jfil

county, to direct publication of delinquent tax list 455

county, redemption of taxes under terms prescribed by 456

lb. ... 461

county, illegally collected taxes may be returned by order of 458

county, to cause assessor to enter uncollected taxes upon books next year 458


county school, report of neglect of teachers to be made to 475

county, qualification and duties of 476

city, qualification and duties of 508

lb. M)4

lb. 506

lb. 506


Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, constitute 114

to examine claims ugaln-rt State, except salaries, etc 114

no claim to be passed by the Legislature without action by 115

meetings and officers of 115

to keep record of proceedings 115

to make abstract of claims* 115

may make rules 115

lb: 118

may compel attendance of witnesses 115

may allow witness* fees, when 115

members of, may take depositions 115

claims presented to, in form of petition 115

must consider claims in order 115

may postpone action on claim one month 116

endorsement upon approval of claim by 116

disapproval of claim by, procedure 116

disposal of claims by, when no funds to pay it 116

when claims presented to, must be verified 116

must meet in November to examine verified claims 116

must publish list and abstract of claims, when 116

must examine and adjust advertised claims 116

must make report to Legislature 116

lb. 117

to advertise claims rejected 117

no member of, to act on claim in which he Is Interested 117

must not entertain claim third time, except 117

appeals from decision of, must be reported by board to Legislature 117

auditor not to draw warrants till claim Is approved by 117

may prohibit treasurer from paying warrant when 117

to examine books of auditor and treasurer 117

auditor and treasurer must furnish Information to 117

to publish financial statement semi-annually 118

auditor and treasurer to permit examination and counting of money by 118

a supply and furnishing board 118

to contract for all supplies, etc 118

to furnish State offices, furniture, etc 118

to deposit supplies with Secretary of State, and issue requisitions therefor, etc 118

to make inventories of supplies and examine vouchers 118

may make rules respecting contracts . 118

must advertise for bids for supplies; exception 119

what advertisement of, for supplies mnst specify 119

opening bids and awarding of contracts by 119

to require bonds for fulfillment of contract* 119

may classify supplies to be furnished, etc., and may reject bids and roadvertlse 119

must prepare for session of Legislature and report 119

lb. 12U

may hire rooms without advertising 120

no contract for supplies, etc., to be made with any State officer 120

may employ clerical help for State officers 120

no clerk to be employed by State officer except by authority of, or by board when unnecessary 120

to direct purchases oi property on judgments for State 123

to order payment for release of certain liens, etc 123 BOARD OF EXAMINERS (continued)— Pa«

to pay costs of prosecutions to set aside fraudulent conveyances for State IB

books of State Treasurer open to Inspection of 142

to certify negligence, etc., of State Treasurer to Governor 143

to have expert examine State Treasurer's books 143

order of drawing warrants for claims approved by 103

to direct superintendent of State capltol 172

custody and drawing of supplies furnished by 172

to audit certain accounts of Secretary of State 178

In coanty schools, nomination to normal scholarships by, State superintendent of public

Instruction to appoint 874

to supervise printing of, and approve payments to, code commission 296

State, to perform duties of capltol grounds commission 310

to order payment of expenses of semi-centennial commission 334

may engage expert accountants to audit books of State institutions and officers and cer-
tify to State Auditor 385

to fir compensation when assessor, treasurer or prosecuting attorney is combined with

other office 868

allowance by, to State messenger for missing election returns. 376

appropriations for expenses to be paid by *1S

consent of, to be obtained to exceed appropriation 423

may employ counsel to prosecute State officer for fraud 403

to audit, etc., expenses of State board of education 469

to audit, etc., expenses of State superintendent of public Instruction 471

lb. 473

county school, neglect of teacher to be reported to 475

county school, qualifications and duties of 476

city school, qualifications and duties of 503

lb. 504

lb. 5«

lb. 000

See Schools.


Governor to appoint president of State 350

county commissioners to appoint county members of State, who shall be county tree in-
spectors 354

compensation, powers and duties of 0*0

upon recommendation of members of, deputy inspectors to be appointed 355

president of, to call convention of inspectors *00

disinfecting of vines, trees, etc, required by law relating to.. 355

law relating to, duties of fruit tree inspectors under 356

annual Inspection of trees to be made and reported to president of State 305

persons engaged in spraying to be under control of county member of State 356

penalty for Interference with, or failure by county members of, to perform duty 356

salary of president of 364

See Compensation.


how constituted; powers and duties of 390

to have government and control of the State Insane asylum 390

to moke rules and keep records of meetings 391

to examine asylum quarterly; report to Legislature 391

has supervision of all insane persons In the State 391

to furnish district judges blanks for osytum business 391

may remove officer or employe of asylum 391

may return harmless patient to county whence he came 391

may return non-resident Insane person to friends 391

not to permit non-resident insane person at asylum exept temporarily 392

to award contracts for supplies to lowest responsible bidders 392

approval by, of quarterly estimate of expenses 392'

to certify number and class of asylum patients to State Auditor 392

may sell asylum stock, farm produce, etc 392

to expend money from bequests, etc., and report to Legislature 893

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