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100 pounds. Manufactured.

Pound Alcohol, arrack, brandy, cordials, gin, peppermint water, Gallon

slirul), whisky, and rum. Wine of all kinds 20 per cent. Malt liquor.

Hogshead. Cider and perry, in bottles commonly called quart bottles. Dozen Cigars (the thousand or the pound at the option of the im. (Thousand porter).

Pound Cigarettes.. Tobacco (other than cigars and cigarettes) and snuff. Cows, calves, heifers, and oxen

Head Bicycles (with wheels of not less than 18 inches in diameter). Each Bananas, from 1st June to 1st December

Bunch llorses


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And in all cases where such duties are imposed according to any specific quantity the same shall be deemed to apply in the same proportion to any greater or less quantity.

Irrespective of the foregoing duty on spirits there shall be levied and paid into the public treasury, on each and every cask or other package landed within these islands containing alcohol, arrack, brandy, cordial, gin, peppermint water, rum, shrub, or whisky, in bulk, on the landing thereof in these islands, the sum of 3 pence (6.08 cents), and on the spirits herein enumerated no drawback of the tax hereby imposed on the package shall be allowed.

On all goods imported except articles subject to specific duties and those enmerated in the following table of exemptions, and such books as under the act entitled "An act to regulate the importation of books and to protect the British author," are subject to an import duty of 15 per cent-5 per cent ad valorem.


Animals and goods imported on account of the public of these islands by any public officer or committee being the property of the public or purchased at the public expense; baggage consisting of apparel and professional apparatus of passengers; books not reprints of British publications, bullion, coals, coin, electric cable, and electric-cable machinery and apparatus imported in these islands (by any company or person or persons under contract with ller Majesty's Government) with the view of establishing and maintaining telegraphic communications with places beyond the sea; horses and other beasts, and provisions and stores of every description imported for the use of Her Majesty's land and sea forces, being the property of Her Majesty, on satisfactory proof of their being the property of Her Majesty, and horses of military officers brought into these islands as a necessary part of their military equip ment, subject to all conditions, provisions, and regulations contained in any act passed or to be passed by the legislature of these islands, provided that no military ollicer during the whole term of his service in these islands shall be allowed to import free of import duty more horses than shall be shown by the certificate of the ofticer commanding Her Majesty's troops or other proper officer to be required by snch officer importing such horses under Her Majesty's military regulations as a necessary part of his military equipment; ice; official supplies imported for the use of the consulates of any foreign countries which admit similar supplies for the use of Her Majesty's consulates free of duty; paintings; engravings; photographs and sculpture (whether monumental or otherwise); personal effects of inhabitants of these islands dying abroad and not intended for sale; specimens of natural history; trees; plants; bulbs and shrubs for planting (not subject to specific duty under the supply act or any other act).

Uniforms, navaland military; that is to say, the special dress of naval and military officers, indicating their rank and profession and by which they are distinguished from civilians, including the necessary arms, badges, decorations, and ornaments proper thereto, and imported by naval and military officers for their own personal


1 Transmitted by Consul Heyl, of Hamilton. Money reluctions made in the Bureau of Foreign Commerce.

Import tarijof BermudaContinued. Vessels, dredgers, boats, machinery, tools, plant, and materials imported into these islands by any contractor or other person for survoying or improving any of the ship chanels under any contract or agreement with the government of these islands.

One-fifth or 20 per cent of all import duties payable at one and the same time, by one and the samo importer or consignee, on any goods arriving by one and the same vessel, or payable by any person on any goods taken out of any bonded warehouse at one and the same time, shall be paid in lawful gold coin, provided that such duties amount to £5 or any multiple of that sum; but such gold payments shall not be required except on amounts of £5 or multiples thereof.

Personal property sold by auction (property sold under process of any court or under the order of any judge as such, or belonging to estates of deceased persons, or farin products of this colony only excepted) is subject to a duty of 2; per cent, less 21 per cent on such duty to auctioneers for collecting and paying the same.

Persons exporting goods aro entitled on certain conditions to the whole of the duty paid on the importation thereof when the duty on the said goods amounts to £2.

Drawbacks of duties are allowed for goods sold to and becoming the property of Her Majesty's Government.


(a) On every vessel carrying Her Majesty's mails under any contract with the Imperial or colonial governments, 3 farthings per ton net register measurement (3.04 cents).

(6) On every vessel exclusively employed under any contract with Her Majesty's Government in laying, repairing, or maintaining any electric cable or on any service connected therewith, 3 farthinys per ton net register measurement (3.04 cents).

(c) On every vessel calling at the islands for orders only or for coals and provisions for the ship's use only, and not taking on board or disharging any cargo, or landing or taking on board any passenger except when compelled to do so under any quaran. tine act, or the imperial merchant shipping act, or by reason of sickness on board, one half ponny per ton net register measurement (1.01 cents).

(d) On every steamer calling at these islands periodically and not less often than once a month, or belonging to lines of steamers calling here periodically and not less often than once a month, to land or take on board passengers and freight, twopence per ton net register measurement (4.05 cents).

(e) On all other vessels not exempted by law, 3 pence per ton net register measurement (6.08 cents).

The light tolls on any one vessel shall not on any arrival in these islands exceeil £25 ($121.76).

Transports and storeships actually and wholly employed both on the voyage inward and on the voyage outward, without interruption, in Her Majesty's service, are exempted from this duty.

Ships and vessels under commission from any foreign government, state, or power recognized by the Queen's Government.

Ships and vessels exclusively employed on voyages of scientific research.

Private pleasure yachts and vessels exclusively employed on voyages of pleasure, and not being in any way concerned in trade or passenger traffic, are exempt from this duty on certain conditions.


Receiver-General. RECEIVER-GENERAL'S OFFICE, June 30, 1897.


Import tarill. An additional duty of 10 per cent of the duties set forth in the following list is assessed:

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Import tariff of GrenadaContinued.



Rate of duty.

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Dried or preserved
Salmon, pickled..

Mackerel, other fish


Other kinds Grain:

Wheat, oats, maize, beans, peas

Live stock:

Cows, bulls, and oxen

Malt, cider, and perry:

In wood

In bottles Matches:

Large boxes

Small boxes
Meal (corn, oil, and oat)
Meat, dried or preserved

Olive, sperm, lard, and all other cooking oils.
Kerosene and paraffin.

All other kinds
Salt, coarse.
Spirits :

Gin or rum, per proof gallon, according to Sykes's hydrometer, and

so on in proportion for each degree of strength greater or less

than the strength of proof.
Brandy or whisky, or any other kind of imported spirits or strong

waters, except perfumed or methylated spirits, per proof gallon
according to Sykes's hydrometer, and so on in proportion for each

degree of strength greater or less than the strength of proof.

Sweetened bitters, liqueurs, and cordials... Sugar:

Refined and crystals .


Cigars, long.
Cigars, other

Wines, except medicated wines.

litch pine, white, yellow, spruce, and all other descriptions of lum.

ber, except spars.

All other articles which are not exempt from duty

do .do

..... do

100 pounds.
100 pounds.

2133 0506 . 1825 2. 433

1866 . 0405 • 4866

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Coin, bullion, diamonds, fresh fruit and vegetables, manures, straw, ico, fresh fishi, coal, printed books, newspapers, etc., plants, works of art not imported for sale, tombstones and grave railings, old furniture not intended for sale, personal baggage and apparel, professional apparatus, tools or implements of trade of passengers arriving, articles for Her Majesty's service or for the colonial service, articles for the use of places of Worship, articles for official use of foreign consuls, fire extinguishing apparatiis, machinery and implements for waterworks, and all machinery or appliances considered by the governor in council to be useful for the development of local manufactures or products, packages in which goods are importel, race horses and horses and other animals and appliances imported by circus companies, if exported within six montlis, patterns and samples of no intrinsic value, surgical instruments and appliances, poultry and eggs, raw cotton and cotton seed.

IMPORTS INTO GRENADA PROHIBITED. Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings, or other indecent or obscene articles.


[Tariff Law, 1898.) Be it enacted by the governor and legislative council of Jamaica as follows:

1. On and after the coming into operation of this law, there shall be raised, levied, collected, and paid unto Her Majesty, her heirs and successors, for the use of the government of this island, upon the several articles imported into this island and enumerated in the first ani second schedules to this law, the several duties therein set forth in lien of the duties now payable on the said articles respectively, or in lieu of exemption from duty, as the case may be.

2. The articles and things enumerated in the third schedule to this law shall, after the coming into operation of this law, be admitted into the island free of duty in lien of the articles and things heretofore admitted free of duty under the provisions of law 11 of 1867, “A law for laying a duty on imports, exports, and the tonnage of vessels,” and law 26 of 1890, law 1 of 1892, and law 34 of 1896, amending the same, which last-mentioned articles or things shall no longer be admitted free of duty.

3. The following shall be exempt from duty, viz:

Provisions and stores imported by the local government for the public service, and stores, tools, and materials for the Kingston general commissioners, the Spanish Town waterworks commissioners, or for any parochial board, on the certificate of the revenue commissioner.

4. Whenever any local merchant or trader shall have supplied any goods, wares, or merchandise to the local government for the public service, or to the Kingston general commissioners, the Spanish Town waterworks commissioners, or to any parochial board for any public or parochial service, the purchaser, on production of a certificate from the revenue commissioner, shall be entitled to a refund of the duty proved to have been paid on the first importation of such goods: Provided, They have been imported within the limit of time specified in section 6 of law 11 of 1867 and section 107 of law 18 of 1877, as the limit within which drawbacks may be claimed on goods exported.

5. After the passing of this law drawbacks of duty shall be allowed, under regu. lations approved by the governor in privy council, and subject to the provisions of the several acts or laws for the time being in force with reference to drawbacks, on the exportation of the following, namely:

Any materials or things which are not grown or produced in this island, and have been imported in and duly paid import duty in this island, and used in the construction, manufacture, or equipment of any vehicle, machine, or appliances, or for putting up and exporting any of the produce of this island in a manufactured or partly manufactured or preserved form, or in the course of making any tins, boxes, packages, or cases for such purpose.

No application for a drawback under this law shall be made or entertained wher the original value of the materials or things used for the manufacture or equipment or the putting up of any such vehicle, machinery, appliance, or produce shall be less than £2.

6. This law shall come into operation as from and after the date of the governor's assent thereto, and shall continue in operation until the 30th day of April, 1899.

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Per pound

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Bread and biscuit

Per pound Butter and butter substitutes.

.do Calavances ...

Per bushel..
Candles :

Wax or spermaceti.. Tallow

.do Cheese Chicory

do Cider and perry

Per gallon Cocoa.

Per 100 pounds Coffee, British colonial.

do Corn, Indian..

Per bushel.

P'er 1,000..
Dried or salted.

Per 100 pounds
Smoked, not otherwise enumerated or described

Per pound. Herrings, smoked

.do Salmon, smoked

.do Salmon, wet or salted

Per barrel of 200

Alewives, herring, mackerel, and unenumerated, pickled. .do

Per barrel of 196

pounds. Wheat

.do Gunpowder, dynamite, and other explosives.

Per pound Hans

do Indigo Lard

do Substitutes, including cottolene.

.do Matches, lucifers and others, per gross of 12 dozen boxes,

each box to contain 100 sticks, and boxes containing any greater or lesser quantity to be charged in proportion. Meal, not wheat meal

Per barrel of 196

pounds. Meats, salted or cured...

Per barrel of 200

pounds. Molasses

Por 100 gallons. Oats

Per bushel Oils.

Per gallon Pease (not being split pease).

Per bushel Petroleum and its products, crude or refined

Per gallon Pork, wet saltod or cured

Per barrel of 200

pounds. Rice

Per 100 pounds.. Undressed

Per bushel

Per 100 pounds Sausages, dry or pickled.

Per pound. Soap

Per 100 pounds Spirits, brandy, whisky, gin, and other distilled spirits, per gallon of proof spirit as ascertained by Sykes's (or Sikes) hydrometer. Provided, That in no case shall the duty be less than 12s. 6d. per liquid gallon. Spirits, cordials, liqueurs, and similar spirituous compounds, Per gallon, irre. not being perfumes.

spective of

strength. Spirits, methylated, 121 per cent advalorem. Sigar, refined or unretined.

Per pound. Tea

do Tobacco: Manufactured, including cavendish Leat. Cigars.

.do Tongues, salted or cured

Per barrel of 200

pounds, Wheat

Per bushel.. Wines, in bulk and in bottle, per gallon containing not more

than 42 per cent proof spirit (liquid containing a greater proportion of proof spirit to be deemed a spirituous com. pound).

And an additional duty on all wines of a value of 12 shil. Per gallon... lings per gallon and upward.

3. 640

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