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are now of lunatics and idiots about one in “ Can history cut my hay, or get my corn in, a thousand in England, about one in eight | And can geometry vent it in the market.” hundred in Wales; in Scotland, one lunatic

Ibid. in five hundred and seventy-four persons." The lunatics in England are more nu

“ To be of no religion merous than the idiots by about one-sixth. Argues a subtle moral understanding, In Wales the idiots are more numerous in And it is often cherished." Ibid. p. 160. nearly the same proportion (if there be no mistake in the newspaper paragraph which

“ From the black guard is my authority).

To the grim sir in office, there are few
Hold other tenets."

Ibid. “ In the course of twenty-five years, out of more than three thousand six hundred

“ Now my eyes are open, Company's officers sent to Bengal, not more And I behold a strong necessity than five per cent. have returned home,

That keeps me knave and coward." after twenty-two years actual service, on

Ibid. p. 160. pensions."— Times.

Wugs, Whig clergy, &c. ARGUMENT upon which“ a poor belief | “ You are struck blind as moles, that unBEAUMONT and FLETCHER,

dermine King and no King, p. 235.

The sumptuous building that allowed you shelter."

Ibid. p. 161. I KNOW not in what latitude to look for his meaning

CERTAIN virtues--whose DISCRETION is sometimes as much the

“ Seeds grow not in shades and concealed better part of oratory as of valour.

Set 'em in the heat of all, then they rise “ He that ploweth should plow in hope.”

glorious." -1 Cor. ix. 10.

Ibid. Spanish Curate, p. 201.

may follow."

places :

p. 258.

“SIMPLICITY and patience dwell with fools, “ EVERY man that striveth for the mas

And let them bear those burthens which tery is temperate in all things.”—Ibid. 25.

wise men This is said with relation to athletæ and such persons,

Boldly shake off.”


This is the language of those who seek “ He that observeth the wind shall not

to raise a tempest. sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall

Gross untruths ? not reap."--Ecclesiastes xi. 4.

Aye, and it is a favourable language, “ Vox et præterea nihil

They had been in a mean man lies, and foul

ones." - I love the sound on't, It thundering

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, Beggar's as it conjured devils. do you understand ?

Bush, p. 358. I tell thee no ; that's not material, the sound is

" A BEGGARLY clergy," says FULLER, "is Sufficient to confirm an honest man."

the forerunner of a bankrupt religion."FLETCHER, Elder Brother, p. 116. Pisgah Sight, p. 274.

goes so


I HAVE known many men who made the “ The infection" of such a wife, he calls most, and in that sense the best use of their it. abilities; but did I ever know one who made the best use of his riches ?

CERTAIN subjects, which, as Fuller says

of the devil's riddling oracles, (Ibid. p. 128) “Oh, if order were observed for every

“ like changeable taffeta, wherein the woof one to mend his own heart or house, how and warp are of different colours, seems of would personal amendment by degrees several hues, as the looker-on takes his staquickly produce family, city, country, king

tion," so these “ appear to every one's apdom reformation! How soon are those prehension as he stands effected in his destreets made clean, where every one sweeps

sires." against his own door !" — FULLER, Pisgah

"Infra-annuated."-Ibid. p. 140. Sight, p. 327.

“ In the mixture of all liquors of conWhat FULLER says of the Libertines

trary kinds, the best liquor (which may be may be said of our liberals ; “such as used

said to lose by the bargain) incorporates their liberty for an occasion to the a cloak of maliciousness."

“A numerous

always with a reluctancy."-Ibid. p. 137. society, wherof Satan's subtilty and man's

“ Eyes dry for their sins, are vainly wet corruption the founders, the negligence and connivance of magistrates the daily bene spring is not to be repaired by a deluge in

after their sufferings, and a drought in the factors. A

the autumn.”—Ibid. p. 180. of hell, stand always open, having no other statutes than the student's pleasure; where

“Few drops seasonably showered would the diet is so dear, that their commons cost the souls of such as feed on them, without preserve the green blade from withering,

when much rain cannot revive the roots their final repentance.”—Ibid. p. 340.

once withered."-Ibid. “Wanton children by breaking their

MR. FISHER of Seatoller, said upon ocparents' old rod, give them only the occa- casion of Wells Fisher's bankruptcysion to make a better and bigger in the “ double religion always requires double room thereof."-Ibid. p. 385.

looking after." “ Indeed in all fickle times (such as we live in) it is folly to fix on any durable de- No instrument so often out of tune as sign, as inconsistent with the uncertainty of the human voice! And then all is discord. our age; and safest to pitch up tent projects, whose alteration may with less loss and a

“ T'ZIJN de valsche begrippen omtrent clear conscience comply with a change of the de Geschiedinis, waar uit walsche begrippen times.”—Ibid. p. 386.

van Staats-Vorsten-en Volksrecht ontsprui

ten; daar valsch of verkeerd en gebrekkig Danger from a king's wife or mistress begrepen gebeurtenissen en daden valsche of a different religion.—“Yea, grant at first gronden opleveren, waar men hersenschimhis constancy in the truth as hard as stone, mige wetten en rechten op vest, of uit yet in continuance of time it might be hol- afleidt, die daarne Thronen en Natien lowed with that which Solomon called a schudden an omkeeren.”—IIET TREURSPEL, continual dropping, and restless importunity, p. 162. advantaged with bosom opportunity, may achieve a seeming impossibility."— Ibid. p. " LESLEY is said to have come to this 127.

conclusion at the latter end of his life, that p. 202.

it was scarce worth while to make a convert strong water, but by a skilful company of a from either of the religions (Popish or Pro- number of ingredients, and those by just testant) to the other."-SPENCE's Anecdotes, weight and proportion, and that if some

simples, which perhaps of themselves, or in This can only have been meant as to the over-great quantity, were little better than improvement of the individual, and even poisons, but mixed and broken and in just so confined is not maintainable.

quantity, are full of virtue."- Bacon, vol.

12, p. 285. Βλέπου, πως όνος ών, ανέστη. There are men in place and power always, to whom “On Sunday, the 28th March, 1830, the this may be applied. — Zuinger, vol. 2, p. New Baptist Chapel at Highgate, will be 1496.

opened, when a sermon will be preached in

the morning by the Rev. and in the Ir is lavish expenditure that, more than evening by the plenty of the circulating medium, raises

“N.B. A Prayer Meeting will be held prices, -as in markets, lodgings, &c.

every Tuesday and Friday, at seven o'clock A country may be rich, and yet prices

in the morning. continue low, if the habit of frugality be

“It is hoped that the Friends of the Re

deemer will avail themselves of this opporretained.

tunity to worship the Lord Jesus in spirit

and in truth." “BEHOLD I will bring evil upon this

With these handbills the walls were people, even the fruit of their thoughts ; posted about the environs of London. because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it."JER. vi. 19.

Many who think they are proceeding at quick time in the straight forward march

of an upright mind, are owing to a squint “ What a blockhead,” says Nelson, “ to

in the intellect, making all speed in a wrong believe any body is so active as myself !”


“If it be ill, I will not urge the acquaint- Church rents,-being saved from rackance."

rent, have become almost the only benefiBEAUMONT and FLETCHER. Hum. cial tenure. Lieutenant, p. 61.

“I am one of those,” says Sir Eg. B. “That man yet never knew who feel no particle of doubt in the conThe way to health, that durst not show his viction, that whenever we give up what nasore."-Faithful Shepherdess, p. 130. tural sagacity and plain reason suggest to

us, we are sure to go wrong, and repent of “ They make time old to tend them, and

it.”—Gnomica, p. 194. experience An ass, they alter so."

“THERE is no glaring fact (as indispuIbid. Mad Lover, p. 228. table as that two and two made four) which

will not be disputed, if it be less to a man's OUR recovery must be by the medi- conscience and sense of shame, whether he cines of the Galenists and Arabians, and not

will dispute it, or not.”—Ibid. p. 197. See of the chemists or Paracelsians. For it will also p. 211-13. not be wrought by any one fine extract, or

DISSENTERS ministerial and Roman Catholic also—just so long as they were glad of toleration.—Ibid. p. 1427.

“ 'Tis rather wish'd, For such whose reason doth direct their

thoughts Without self-flattery, dare not hope it.” BEAUMONT and FLETCHER. Bloody

Brother, p. 83.

Some singularly applicable remarks upon liberal principles.-Ibid. p. 1429.

The Rake in the Wild Goose Chase, p. CLAMOUR against legislative precautions 197, says of vows and oaths,

when the plague was feared, then raging at “I have made a thousand of 'em, Marseilles, and the act repealed in conseThey are things indifferent whether kept quence.—Ibid. vol. 15, p. 101 ; vol. 7,

p. or broken,

929. Mere venial slips, that grow not near the conscience."

One ill effect of the Marriage Act. Be

fore it passed, the man who seduced a READY for adventure to any land. woman under promise of marriage was _" I care not how far it be,

compelled to perform that promise by the

Ecclesiastical Courts, or excommunication Nor under what pestiferous star it lies.”

Ibid. p. 249.

followed.-Ibid. vol. 15, p. 58. CONSTITUTION—what is meant by the cry

ABROJOS. The expression is found in for it.-Parliamentary History, vol. 9, p.410. Columbus's journal.-"Hay muchas bagas

in aquella comarca, y conviene abrir el ojo FREQUENT Parliaments not the same

hasta entrar en el puerte."-NAVARRETE. thing as frequent Elections. Ibid.

Collect. vol. 1, p. 100. Sir R. WALPOLE on the Test Act.-Ibid.

YOULARSIZ arslan, — unmuzzled lions. The Turkish epithet for the sultans.-F0

reign Review, Vol. 1, p. 276. King William.-Ibid. vol. 28, p. 18.

LORD CAMDEN's rant about representaPitt.-Ibid. pp. 410-12.

tion. — Parliamentary History, vol. 16, pp.

178-9. MORTMAIN.-Ibid.


LORD CHATHAM's about the Lord Mayor Bill for limiting the Peerage thrown out and Livery.— Ibid. p. 968. in the Commons. George I.-Ibid. vol. 7,

REPUBLICS more turbulent than monar

chies.—AB. S. PIERRE, vol. 1, p. 251. New Nobles.-BURTON's Journal, vol. 3,

MORE stable.-Ibid. p. 275.

p. 1054.

pp. 592-606.

p. 362.

ARGUMENTS against Population Returns, ROGER CLIFFORD.-PALGRAVE's Volume, when proposed by Potter in 1753.—Parlia- , p. 6. mentary History, vol. 14, pp. 1318-31-47.

Fox against the voice of the people. The Registry Bill exceedingly popular Parliamentary History, vol. 17, pp. 146-9. when it was thrown out.-Ibid.


1361. And against the cry of ruin.

Jews' Naturalization.—Ibid. p. 1366.

A GOOD speech of Lord North, showing

p. 383.

p. 640.

- Ibid. PP.

why articles of faith were introduced and Schools require superintendance.-Ibid. necessary.-Ibid. p. 274.

DOWDESWILL's scheme for the poor. To NECESSITY of restraining religious zeal. invest their savings in the funds, and re- - Horsley.-Ibid. p. 372. ceive annuities from the age of fifty.-Ibid.

Plans of assassination among the Re

formers here.—Ibid. pp. 1300-7. BURKE upon the growth of atheism-a very fine passage.-Ibid. p. 779. See his IRISH.—Ibid. p. 1317. Works, vol. 10, p. 22.

TAMPERING with fanatics. ST. HELENA.—LT. ED. THOMPSON's Sail- 1309-11. ors' Letters, vol. 1, p. 116.

NOBILITY, physical degradation of the Fabulous History of Port.-Hist. de le lower ranks in barbarous times.-Philip's Reoja, p. 160.

Africa, vol. 2, p. 128. The Abbé S. Pierre agrees with Sir Wil

ADMIRATION of the Greeks and Romans liam Petty concerning colonies, and con- an ill lesson to impress upon youth.-Gadensing a people !-Vol. 1, p. 357-8. LIFFE's Italy, vol. 1, p. 75. INTERNAL and external legislation—for

MARRIAGE with religious ceremonies not colonies. Fox's distinction.— Parliamentary allowed the plebeians, till they extorted a History, vol. 23, p. 21.

law for it.-Ibid. p. 320. All Alva's cruelties committed with a NUMBERS who died of famine in Italy, good conscience - by Luiz de Granada's at Rome, Naples, &c.—Ibid. vol. 2, p. 244. account of his death.Foreign Review, No.

LOTTERY at Salerno in which provisions are the prizes.—Ibid. p.

259. REPRESENTATION not the principle of our constitution. How it grew up.-LORD

PRIDE of ancestry justified.-Ibid. p. 227. HAWKESBURY. Parliamentary History, vol. 35, p. 103.

Old families respected by the Hindoos. -HEBER, vol. 1, P.

294. Men of birth or wealth will always be chosen.-Galiffe's Italy, vol. 1, p. 306. A BEAUTIFUL picture of the golden age

of governments.—LORD BROOKE's Monarchy Pirt on removing the casual poor.— Ibid. and Religion, pp. 1-2. pp. 199-201.

He seems always to have spoken humane- MOURNING ale,-perhaps from the Jews. ly concerning the poor.

Jeremiah xvi. 7.—"Neither shall men give

them the cup of consolation to drink for WINDHAM sees no danger in Popery,– their father, or for their mother." and no provocation to unbelief that it gives. -Ibid. p. 347.

CARDINAL XIMENES cured of a hectic

fever by outward applications—by an old EMIGRANT religioners. Sir W. Scott.— Moorish woman.-Alvas GOMEZ, p. 40.Ibid. p. 360.

Wadding, vol. 15, p. 249.

2, p. 628.

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