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shail be attached together, and shall, on the following day, be filed in the town clerk's office of the town in which said district shall be, and in case the district is in a city, in the city clerk's office of said city, to be used by the inspectors in making the list of voters at the next general election. $ 9, ch. 570, 1872.


Clerk of registry.

Sec. 168. The said board may, if necessary, on the day Clerk of or days of making such lists, and the correction of the " saine, appoint a clerk to assist them in the discharge of the duties required by this act; and the same oath shall be taken by such clerk as is required by law of clerks of the polls and of elections. $ 10, same ch.

Registers to be public.

Sec. 169. The registers shall at all times be open to Registers public inspection at the office of the authorities, in which lic. they shall be deposited, without charge. $ 11, same ch.


Compensation of registrars and clerks.
Sec. 170. The members of the board of registration Compensa-

tion of reg. and their clerks shall each receive the same compensa - istrars and tion as is now allowed by law for inspectors of election for each day actually employed in the making and the completion of the registry, to be paid to them at the time and in the manner in which they are paid their other fees. The necessary blanks and instructions, and other incidental expenses incurred in executing the provisions of this act, shall be provided and paid for in the manner now provided for the payment of incidental expenses of election of the like character. § 12, same ch.

order at

Preserving order at registry.

SEC. 111. The said board shall have and exercise the Preserving same powers in preserving order at their meetings under registry. this act as are given to inspectors of election for preserving order on election days. $ 13, same ch.

False registry or voting, how punished.

Sec. 172. Any person who shall cause his name to be False regregistered in more than one election district, or who shall voting,

how pun- cause his name to be registered, knowing that he is not

a qualified voter in the ward or district where said registry is made, or who shall falsely personate any registered voter, and any person causing any such act, or aiding, abeting, inducing or procuring any person to be fraudulently registered as a voter, in any election district in which such person is not at the time a legally qualified voter, or who shall cause or procure or be in any manner instrumental in procuring any person to vote or to offer to vote in any election district in which such person is not at the time a legally qualified voter therein, or who shall advise or in any manner incite any person to vote or offer to vote at any such election in an assumed or fictitious name, shall be adjudged guilty of a felony, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be imprisoned in the State prison for a term of not less than one nor more than three years. Any person who shall swear falsely before said board of registration shall be deemed guilty of willful and corrupt perjury, and, on conviction, punished as such. If any member or officer of said board shall, knowingly permit any person to register his name as a voter, or willfully violate any of the provisions of this act, or be guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, he shall be punished, upon conviction thereof, for each and every offense, by imprisonment in the State prison for a term of not less than two nor more than five years. § 14, ch. 570, 1872.

Registry for charter elections.

Registry for charter elections. ter SEC. 173. The same list required to be made and per

fected at general elections shall, in the same manner, be made and perfected by the inspectors at all elections for charter officers in the several cities of this State, and at such elections for charter officers the said board shall hold the first meeting provided for in this act, three weeks prior to such charter election. $ 15, same ch.


Spirituous liquors not to be sold at polling places. Spirituous Sec. 174. In cities and incorporated villages no buildto be sold ing or part of a building shall be designated as a registry


or polling place in which or any part of which spirituous at polling or intoxicating liquors are sold. $ 16, ch: 570, 1872. Distribution of act.

SEC. 175. The secretary of State shall cause this law to Distribu-. be printed, and a sufficient number of copies thereof to be sent to the county clerks of the several counties to supply each of the officers named in this act with a copy; and it shall be the duty of said county clerks, immediately, to transmit a copy of the same to each of the inspectors of election in each city and town of such county. $ 17, same ch. Repeal of chapter 572 of 1871.

SEC. 176. Chapter five hundred and seventy-two of Repeal of the laws of this State, passed April nineteen, eighteen 1871. hundred and seventy-one, entitled “ An act to amend an act entitled “An act in relation to elections in the city and county of New York,'”' passed April five, eighteen hundred and seventy, be and the same is hereby repealed. $ 18, same ch. Act, where and how applicable.

Sec. 177. This act (secs. 158–177) shall apply in all the Act, where incorporated cities in this State, except New York and applicable. Brooklyn, and all incorporated villages of over seven thousand inhabitants as determined by the last census; but this act shall not affect any law in reference to the registration of voters in towns or villages abutting against cities. $ 19, ch. 570, 1872, as amended by ch. 824, 1873, and by ch. 508, 1889. Passed May 28, 1880; three-fifths being present.

and how

d May 28 by ch. 824, against cities

Of the manner of ascertaining the citizens who shall be

entitled to the right of suffrage in the cities of sixteen
thousand inhabitants and upwards, and the towns and
villages abutting against the boundary of any such

cities. (See post, § 196.) Board of registry, who eligible. Duties, when and

where to meet. SEC. 178. The inspectors of election in each of the Board of

where to meet.

registry, cities of the State, whose population exceed sixteen thouwho eligible. sand, and in each of the towns whose boundary line shall Duties, when and abut against any such city, shall meet annually on the

Tuesday three weeks preceding the general election, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, at the place designated for holding the poll of said election, and organize themselves as a board for the purpose of registering the names of the legal voters of such district, and for this purpose they shall appoint one of their number chairman of the board, who shall administer to the other inspectors the oath or affirmation as prescribed by the constitution, and the same oath shall then be administered to the chairman by one of the other inspectors. The said board shall then proceed to make a list of all persons qualified and entitled to vote at the ensuing election, in the election district of which they are inspectors. Said list when completed shall constitute and be known as the register of electors of said district. The said inspectors, at their first meeting on Tuesday, three weeks preceding the general election, shall have the power, if necessary, to sit two days for the purpose of making said list, provided that at the annual election next prior to said meeting, the number of voters in the district of which they are inspectors exceeded four hundred. No person shall be eligible as such inspector, unless he shall be a qualified voter within such election district, nor unless he can read, write and speak the English language understandingly. No building or part of a building shall be designated or used as a place of registry or polling place in which, or any part of which, spirituous or intoxicating liquor is or has been sold within sixty days preceding the time of using the same. The said inspectors of election and registry shall also form a board of inspectors of election for the purpose of holding an election, by appointing one of their number as chairman ; but it shall not be necessary for them to take


other or further oath of office than is herein provided for. The several officers of inspectors of registry and elections herein named are, and shall be in all courts and proceedings deemed and held respectively to be election district

officers. It shall be the duty of the said inspectors, respectively, to be in constant attendance during the hours allotted for the discharge of their several duties, and any inspector who shall willfully absent himself from his duties shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars or more than one hundred dollars. § 1, ch. 576, 1880, entitled An act to ascertain by proper proofs the citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage in cities of sixteen thousand inhabitants or upwards, and the towns and villages abutting against the boundary of any such cities.Passed June 22, 1880 ; three-fifths being present. (See $ 196, post, which prescribes the only way to make said chapter apply to towns.)

what to

Registry, what to contain.

SEC. 179. Said registers shall each contain a list of the Registry, persons qualified and entitled to vote in said election contain district, alphabetically arranged according to their respective surnames, so as to show in one column the names at full length, and in another column, in incorporated villages, the residence by the number of dwelling, if there be a number, and the name of the street or other location of dwelling place of each person. It shall be the duty of said inspectors to enter in said list the naines of all persons residing in their election district where names appear on the poll-list kept in said district at the last preceding general election ; and in all villages which come under the provisions of this act, to enter the number of the dwelling and name of street or other location, if the same shall be known to or can be ascertained by such inspectors, and for such purpose said inspectors are authorized to take from the office in which they are filed the poll-list made and filed by the inspectors of such district at the general election held next prior to the making of such register. In case a new election district shall be formed, the said inspectors shall enter in the list the names of such persons entitled to vote in the new election district whose names appear upon the poll-list of the

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