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come again and tell me, so that I, also, may go and worship him.” But Herod did not mean what he said. In his heart he knew he would kill the child, if it could be found. Herod was afraid that some day when the child grew up he would take the kingdom for himself.

This was

an old story well known to the people.


21. The wise men left the city, and went in haste toward Bethlehem. The bright star again led the way before them. Again it stopped over the lowly house where Mary was resting with her child as it had done for the faithful shepherds. Then the travelers ceased from their journey.

22. The wise men went where the baby was with its mother. They knew he was the one they came to find. They fell upon their knees, and placed their rich gifts at the mother's feet.

23. When they were ready to leave, an an

gel came to them in a dream. The angel told the wise men not to go back to the city to King Herod. Then they knew that the King

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wanted to find the child to kill him. So they went back into their own country by another way.


24. The King was very angry when the wise men did not return to him. He made up his mind to do a most wicked and most dreadful thing

25. He sent word that all the boy babies

in that village must be killed. None should live. In this way King Herod thought to get rid of the child he feared.

26. But God would not let this be so. He told the Christ-Child's mother and father to take their baby and go into another country. They fled to Egypt, and the child's life was saved.

27. After some time the cruel King died. Then the father and mother and Holy Child came back to their own country. The child grew up to be the man you learn about in the Bible. He was the Christ, and is the Savior of the world.

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grăndmoth-ēr dĩmpling nēar'ēr

prēs'ents fēe'ble

any-one (ěný wŭn)



1. In a little village far away, there lived a little girl. She was a sweet, pretty child, with dimpling cheeks and laughing eyes, and was beloved by all who knew her.

2. She had a grandmother who lived in a cottage on the other side of the wood. Grandmother was very fond of the little girl and gave her many

nice presents. 3. Among these gifts was a red riding hood. The little girl liked the hood so well, and wore it so much, that she came to be called “ Little Red Riding Hood.”

4. One day her mother called her. “My dear,” said the mother, “your grandmother is sick and I wish you to take her something to eat. I have baked a cake and made some

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