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there be a use in the trustees, or not, must depend upon lifetime; and the fact, that, in reaching them, the estate the intention of the devisor, which is to be collected necessarily comprehended the objects of the intervening from the will. This provision, it appears, was made in limitations, with regard to whom no purpose was to be order to secure to the several femes coverte a separate answered requiring that the trustees should take an allowance, free from the control of their husbands, to estate, might seem to be no reason for extending that effectuate which it is essentially necessary that the trus- estate to the limitations subsequent to the gifts to the tees should take the estate with the use executed, other- several femes coverte.” vise the husband of each taker would be entitled to re- From these observations, Mr. Jarman would seem to ceive the profits, and so defeat the very object that the imply, that the trustees must, at least, take the legal devisor had in view."

estate, until the last estate requiring the legal estate to The allusion of Lawrence, J., to the case of Lord Say be in thein is exhausted. But the real question seems and Ble, (1 Eq. Abr. 383), and the observation of to be, as suggested by the arguments in Brown v.WhiteLord Kenyon, that that was a case by itself, may, in- way, whether the supposed necessity for the legal estate deed, lead to the inference, that those learned judges being altogether in or altogether out of the trustees, is had in view the question, whether the necessity of the not a purely imaginary necessity, uncalled for either by legal estate being in the trustees, for the support of a any rule of law, or by any real ground of convenience on particular equitable interest, required it to be in them which to found an implied intention in a devisee. When throughout; but it is by no means clear that that a devise is made to trustees and their heirs, of course question was fully brought under their consideration. they take by force of that gift, unqualified by any subIf it was, their view of the matter labours, at least, sequent devise, a legal fee. Suppose such devise to be under the disadvantage of the implied disapprobation followed by a limitation to the use of A., a person sui of a judge, whose very doubts have long been, and juris, for life. Is it doubted that the legal estate for still are, treated with great respect.

the life of A. shifts out of the trustees into A., or is it In Hawkins v. Luscombe, (2 Swans. 375), before doubted that the legal remainder in fee is in the trusLord Eldon, the devise was to trustees and their heirs, tees? Suppose the next limitation is to the use of the upon trust to permit Mrs. Manning and others to first and other sons of A. in tail. The legal estate, comtake the rents and profits in recompense of the main-mensurate in quantity with the estate tail, of course, tenance of J. L. Manning, son of Mrs. Manning, till upon the coming into esse of a tenant in tail, is executed he attained twenty-one, or died; and, subject thereto, in such tenant in tail, having still the legal remainder to the use of the trustees and their heirs, upon trusts in fee in the trustees. for accumulation for J. L. Manning until he should There is no legal difficulty in conceiving a succession attain twenty-one, or die; and, after he should attain of partial legal estates, executed in successive cestuis twenty-one, to the use of him and his assigns for his que use, leaving still the legal fee in remainder in the life, he taking the name of Luscombe; remainder to trustees. What more of legal difficulty is there in subthe use of the trustees to support contingent re- stituting the trustees for some of the cestuis que use of mainders; remainder to his first and other sons in partial estates, and holding them to be seised to the use, tail male, taking the name of Luscombe, with several for example, of A. for life, remainder to the use of other remainders; and then a remainder to the use themselves for the life of B., a married woman, in trust of the trustees and their heirs, for the separate use for B., remainder to the use of C. in tail, and so on? of Mrs. Manning during her life; and then other re- the legal estate of inheritance, subject to the partial mainders over; and a proviso for forfeiture, in the event interests, whether legal or equitable, carved out of it, of any person required to take the name of Luscombe | remaining in them all the while. The execution of not doing so, and within a specified time obtaining an the use does not necessarily require in the cestui que act of Parliament for changing his name. Upon a use any beneficial interest; nor is there any legal rule or question as to the effect of this clause of forfeiture, reasoning that we are aware of, that makes it more imSir S. Romilly said that the plaintiffs were not in a proper for a partial estate to be executed in the trustees position to try the question at law, because the whole themselves, either before or after a partial legal estate legal estate was in the trustees. “It is true," he said, executed in another cestui que use, being also the bene"the express trust is only till the defendant attains ficiary, than for a succession of partial estates to be exetwenty-one; but, the whole legal fee having been con cuted as legal estates in several successive cestuis que veyed to them, (the trustees), to the use of them and use, being all beneficiaries. The true view of the case is, their heirs, subsequent words, denoting an intention to as we conceive, that, accurately speaking, there would Test the legal fee in other persons, cannot have that not be, in such a series of limitations as that of Harton v. effect.” But Lord Eldon doubted 'whether the whole Harton, (if the legal estate were held not to vest throughlegal estate was in the trustees, unless the condition out in the trustees), a shifting backwards and forwards was broken. The precise effect of his Lordship’s doubt of the legal estate, although it has that appearance, and is not very measurable; but it is enough, at any rate, although that mode of expression has been used both in to shew, that, even where the language of the limita the arguments in Brown v. Whiteway, and in these obtion was, to the use of the trustees and their heirs, lan- servations; but that the legal inheritance remains in the guage which, Lord Eldon said, was very important, trustees, so far and so often as the particular partial esthat was not enough to make it clear that there might tate does not vest as a legal estate; and, therefore, when not be an execution of the use in J. L. Manning, (the after a use executed, say for life, the life estate of a marfirst beneficial owner to whom a use was limited in ried woman arises, it is not that the legal estate, having terms), assuming his estate not to be removed by for shifted out of the trustees, shifts back again, but that, feiture, although there were subsequent estates, which, the particular legal estate executed in the tenant for life being for the separate use of married women, would re having (speaking of it in point of limitation, and not of quire the legal estate to be in the trustees.

time) become exhausted, the legal remainder which Mr. Jarman has observed, upon Harton v. Harton, never was out of the trustees takes effect, to support the (Wills, vol. 2, p. 222), “ that, perhaps, it is not strictly equitable life estate of the married woman. accurate to say, that in that case a fee in the trustees On the whole, we conclude, that the doctrine of Harwas necessary to secure the beneficial interest to the ton v. Harton is open to much observation; and, as the femes coverte; for, though the trusts in favour of the case of Brown v. Whiteway was decided without any second and third women could not arise until the failure expression of approbation of Harton v. Harton, and of the objects of the intervening limitations in tail, yet solely upon the ground that the court did not think, still they must inevitably take effect, if at all, in their that, on a demurrer in equity, it ought to overrule a case at law on a purely legal question, the decision in It may, perhaps, be inferred, from the circumstance Brown v. Whiteway seems rather to invite, than to repel, of this order having been made after conference with criticism on the decision in Harton v. Harton.

the Barons of the Court of Exchequer, that that court will not adhere to their decision in Rennie v. Beresford

and Higgins v. Ede. The opinion, however, of Mr. Correspondence.

Justice Patteson is distinctly ascertained, that a bill of

particulars in such a case should state how the charge TO THE EDITOR OF THE JURIST.

is made.

Yours, faithfully, SIR,– What is a sufficient bill of particulars in actions by engineers and surveyors against the projectors of

G. J. PHILIP SMITH. railways or the directors of railway companies, is a question which is frequently arising in practice, but does not seem at present well settled. The only cảses

ORDER OF COURT. in which it has as yet been discussed in court are Higgins v. Ede and Rennie v. Beresford, in the Exchequer, reported in the present volume of The JURIST, p. 76,

March 4th, 1846. Part I. In Higgins v. Ede, the bill of particulars stated

Whereas hy an act of Parliament made and passed the number of miles over which the survey extended. I in the session of Parliament held in the eighth and and the branches on which it was made; but did not

ninth years of the reign of her present Majesty, intistate how much time was expended on it, or what per

tled “ An Act to alter and amend an Act passed in the sons were employed about it, or at what rate per mile third and fourth Year of the Reign of her present Majesty the charge was made. A judge at chambers having Quee refused to make an order for better particulars, the court

settled Estates to defray the Expenses of draining the concurred. In Rennie v. Beresford the bill of particu

same by way of Mortgage,” it was, amongst other lars contained an item of one gross sum for surveying,

things, enacted, that, for simplifying the proceedings travelling charges, and assistance, without specifying

under the said act, and rendering the same inexpensive, either the number of days or the number of assistants

it should be lawful for the Lord High Chancellor, with employed, and without distinguishing how much of the the assistance of the Master of the Rolls, from time charge was in respect of the plaintiff's own time and to time to make such orders and provisions as he might labour, and how much for the time and labour of sur- | think proper for the facilitating the mode of applicaveyors and levellers found by him. The court refused / tion to the court, and of the proceedings before the a rule by which it was sought to compel the plaintiff | Master, or otherwise: And whereas the Right Honourto reform this item. The Lord Chief Baron. indeed. | able John Singleton, Lord Lyndhurst, Lord High seems to have intimated his opinion, that the bill of Chancellor of Great Britain, has, with the assistance ! particulars would have been more satisfactory if it had the Right Honourable Henry Lord Langdale, Masters stated how much per mile the plaintiff charged for his

the Rolls, and for the purposes in the said act mensurvey; but the counsel for the defendant contended,

tioned, thought proper to make the following orders further, that the plaintiff should separate his personal

and provisions. Now, therefore, it is ordered by his charges as engineer from the other charges.

Lordship the Lord High Chancellor, with the assistance In a subsequent case, of Galloway v. Bass, Mr. Justice

of his Lordship the Master of the Rolls, that all appliPatteson, at chambers, made an order at variance with

cations made to this court pursuant to the said act, and the above decisions, after notice of Rennie v. Beresford. | all proceedings to be had thereunder, shall be made and after conferring with the learned Barons on their

| and conducted in the manner directed by the several decision in that case.

orders and provisions hereinafter set forth, viz. The following bill of particulars of the plaintiff's de

I. Any person entitled to land within the meaning mand had been delivered :

of the said act may present to the Lord Chancellor, or “To examining the counties of Nottingham, Leicester,

to the Master of the Rolls, a petition in the form here: Derby, and Warwick, to ascertain the most eligible line

inafter set forth, with such variations as the nature and for a railway from Nottingham to Coventry; examining

circumstances of the case may require. the country for various proposed branches to, and devia

Form of Petition. tions from, the main line; making various trials and cross sections; setting out the line, making and direct

In the Matter of ing levels and surveys to be made; making new exa

and mination and surveys, in consequence of alterations In the Matter of the Act 8 & 9 Vict. c. 56, &c. made from time to time by the suggestions of the con To the Right Honourable the Lord Chancellor [or, sulting engineer; various instructions to Messrs. Demp “the Right Honourable the Master of the Rolls"]. sey, the surveyors of the company, and general super The humble petition of A. B. intendance of plans, sections, and performing all the

Sheweth, other duties of civil engineer to the Nottingham, Birmingham, and Coventry Junction Railway . £2000."

That the lands hereinafter mentioned, viz. [8c.] are A summons was taken out for further and better par

now vested in your petitioner as tepant for life (or other. ticulars, which was attended on the 7th February. The

I wise in some other character described in the act], and that application was opposed, on the authority of Rennie v.

| your petitioner claims to be entitled to make permaBeresford. The learned judge took time for the purpose

nent improvements in the said lands, by such means as

are in the said act mentioned, and to cause the expense of seeing the learned Barons, and on the 9th made an order for the delivery of “ a further and better account

of making the same to be made a charge on the inheritin writing of the particulars of plaintiff's demand, for

ance of the said lands, under the provisions of the said

act. which this action is brought, and stating whether the charge of 20001. is calculated by the day or mile, or

That the said lands are in the actual occupation of

C. D., who hath consented, in writing, to this applihow," &c.

cation. * This case has been communicated by Mr. George Rochfort Your petitioner therefore prays, that your petiClarke, who attended before Mr. Justice Patteson on behalf of tioner may be at liberty to make permanent inthe plaintiff, and was also special pleader for the defendant in

provements in the said lands, by the means in Rennie v. Beresford.

the said act mentioned, or some of such means,


and to cause the expense of making such im- V. The Master, if he shall think it necessary for the provements to be made a charge on the inherit- due prosecution of the reference, may direct the petitioner ance of the said lands, under the provisions of to serve any other person, interested in the land, with the said act, or that your Lordship will make notice of the proceedings; and such person, so served, such other order in the premises, as to your may afterwards attend such proceedings as a party Lordship shall seem meet.

thereto; but, if such person, being so served, shall deAnd your petitioner, &c. (Signed) A. B.

cline or neglect to attend pursuant to such notice, the

Master may proceed in his absence, and he is to state I hereby consent to this petition.

the same in his report. (Signed) C.D., occupying tenant of the VI. The Master is, during the reference, to be at

lands sought to be improved. liberty to apply, by note in writing to the judge by II. The petitioner, in any such petition presented to whom the order was made, for any special directions, or the Lord Chancellor, is to mark the same at or near for leave to state any special circumstances, touching the top or upper part thereof with the name of one of the matters referred to him; and, if he shall receive the Vice-Chancellors.

any such special directions, or such leave, he is to state III. The Master of the Rolls, in the case of any the same, and his proceeding thereon, in his report. such petition presented to him, and the Vice-Chancellor VII. The proceedings upon the reference are to be with whose name any such petition presented to the conducted according to the General Rules and Orders of Lord Chancellor shall be marked, may, upon considera

the Court of Chancery, so far as they are consistent tion of such petition, and without any attendance of with these Orders. counsel, solicitor, or petitioner thereon, if he shall so VIII. The Master's report is to be filed in the Rethink fit, make an order on such petition to the effect port Office. following, or to such other like effect, with such varia | IX. Any person interested in the land is, within tions as the nature and circumstances of the case may fourteen days after the filing of the report, to be at require.

liberty to petition the Lord Chancellor in case the reForm of Order.

ference was made by him or any Vice-Chancellor, or

the Master of the Rolls in case the reference was made Date

by him, that such report may be reviewed. In the Matter of &c.

X. If such petition shall be presented, the judge by

whom the reference was made is to take the same into In the Matter of the Act 8 & 9 Vict. c. 56, &c.

his consideration; and, if he shall so think fit, he may Upon consideration, &c. of the petition, &c., it is or- dispose thereof, either by dismissing the same, or by dered, that it be referred to the Master in rotation to referring the matter back to the Master with or withinquire, and state to the court, whether the petitioner out special directions. is entitled in possession to the lands in the petition XI. The judge considering such petition that the mentioned, or any and which of them, within the Master's report may not be confirmed, may direct any meaning of the said act of Parliament, and whether the person interested to attend, and may, if he shall think said lands are in the actual occupation of C. D., in the lit necessary, but not otherwise, direct the same to be said petition named; and, if so, under what title, and argued by counsel in open court or otherwise. whether the said C. D. has consented, in writing, to XII. If a reference back to the Master is made, the the said petition, and to the improvements proposed to proceedings are to be as on the original reference. be made under the provisions of the said act? And if XIII. If no petition that the report may be reviewed the Master shall find that the petitioner is so entitled, is presented, the person who has obtained the report and that the said C. D. is in such occupation, and has may, after the expiration of fourteen days from the so consented, let the Master further inquire and state filing of the report, present a petition for its confirmato the court what, if any, other persons or person are tion, and for leave to make the proposed improvements or is entitled to, or interested in, the said lands, or any under the provisions of the act; and such petition may of them, in remainder or reversion, or by way of mort be in the form hereinafter set forth, with such variagage, charge, or otherwise; and the petitioner is to be at tions as the nature and circumstances of the case may liberty to lay before the Master proposals for making require. permanent improvements in the said lands, by any such

Form of Petition. means as are in the said act mentioned, and to set forth in such proposals the nature and extent of such improve

In the Matter of &c. ments, and the estimated expense thereof, and the esti

and . mated value of the permanent improvements proposed to

In the Matter of the Act 8 & 9 Vict. c. 56, &c. be made. And the Master is to inquire and state whether To the Right Honourable the Lord Chancellor for, such proposed improvements are permanent improve

“the Right Honourable the Master of the Rolls”]. ments, within the meaning of the said act; and, if so,

The humble petition of &c. what will be the expense of making the same, and what will be the value of such permanent improvements ? Sheweth, and whether it will be beneficial to all persons interested That, in pursuance of an order made in this matter. in the said lands, that such permanent improvements bearing date the day of — , Mr. - the Masshould be made under the provisions of the said act? ter to whom the said matter was referred, has made his and the Master is to require such evidence to be pro- report, bearing date the day of —-, and for the duced before him, and, if he shall think proper, is to reasons therein stated has found here state the Master's cause such surveys of the said lands to be made, as shall finding]. appear to him to be necessary to enable him to make a That the said report has been filed in the Report satisfactory report on the matters hereby referred to Office of this court, and that no special application has him.

been made to review the same. IV. The Master to whom the said reference may be Your petitioner, therefore, humbly prays your Lordmade is to require proof of the deed, will, or other in

ship, that the said report may be confirmed abstrument under which the petitioner claims to be enti

solutely, and that your petitioner may be autled to the land, and of the manner in which the peti thorised to make such permanent improvements tioner claims title under the same, but he is not other as are certified in the said report, under the prowise to require proof of the title to the land.

visions of the said act.

XIV. On the presentation of such last-mentioned ditions provided by the said act, and before the same petition the judge by whom the reference was made is can become effective the amount of money expended as to consider the same, and is to dispose thereof by con- aforesaid is to be stated by me by way of endorsement firming the report and giving the permission asked, or on this certificate. by referring the matter back to the Master, or by dis- | XVIII. Such certificate is to be made in duplicate. missing the petition, or otherwise, as the justice of the and one copy thereof is to be filed in the Report Office. case may require.

and the other copy thereof is to be delivered to the XV. On the consideration of such last-mentioned party. petition the judge may require the attendance of the XIX. Upon the application of any party to whom persons interested; and, if he shall think it necessary, such certificate may have been granted, the Master may but not otherwise, may direct the matter to be argued inquire what sums of money have been bona fide and by counsel in open court or otherwise.

truly expended in making such permanent improveXVI. The order confirming the report may be in the ments in the said land as are mentioned and certified to form following, with such, if any, variations, as the be proper in his said report, and in defraying such exnature and circumstances of the case may require. penses as are in the said act mentioned, and upon what

terms as to interest and repayment by instalments the Form of Order.

money was advanced; and the Master, having duly inDate

quired into the matter, and being satisfied by proper In the Matter of

evidence, inay make an indorsement on the said certifi. and

cate to the effect and in the form hereinafter set forth, In the Matter of the Act 8 & 9 Vict, c. 56, &c. with such variations as the nature and circumstances of Whereas — did on the day of prefer his

each case may require. petition to the Right Honourable , thereby setting

Form of Indorsement. forth, and praying, that he might be at liberty to make

Whereas it has been alleged before me that the sum permanent improvements in the lands therein mentioned, under the provisions of the said act; and thereupon

of £— , being the whole [or, “part”] of the sum of his Lordship, on consideration of the matter of the said

£- mentioned in my report recited in the within

certificate, has been expended in making such improvepetition, did, by his order, dated the day of

ments and paying such expenses as are therein menrefer it to the Master to make the inquiries therein

tioned. I have, pursuant to the liberty given to me by mentioned; and, in pursuance of the said Order, the

the said act, inquired what expenses have been incurred said Master has made his report, dated the day of

in and about the application to the court, and making - , and the said report was duly filed in the Report

the necessary surveys, valuations, and estimates, and Office, on the day of — , and no application has

also what sums of money have been actually expended been made that the same may not be confirmed: And

in such improvements, and evidence as to such exthe said A, B. doth now, by his petition, pray that the

penses hath been laid before me, and I have duly consame may be confirmed, and that he may be at liberty

sidered the same; and I do hereby state and certify to make such permanent improvements as are specified

that it hath been made to appear to me that the sum of in the said report, under the provisions of the said act:

£- hath been fully expended in manner aforesaid in His Lordship on consideration of the matter of the said

| such expenses as aforesaid, and the sum of £— for petition and of the said Master's report, doth hereby order that the said report be confirmed, and that the

| improvements by drainage, warping, irrigation, or em

bankment, and the sum of £- for improvements by said petitioner be at liberty to make such permanent improvements in the said lands as are in the said report tifu

the erection of buildings: And I do hereby further cer

tify that the said several sums amount in the whole to mentioned, under the provisions of the said act.

the sum of £- , and that the same was [or, “ were"] XVII. The Master by whom the report was made advanced on &c., [or, “at such several times and in the may, upon production to him of the order confirming several sums hereinafter set forth, viz.” &c.]; and that the same and giving leave to make the improvements, de such several sums are to be repaid, with interest after liver to the party who has obtained such order a certi- the rate of £— per centum per annum, by such equal ficate to the effect and in the form hereinafter stated, annual instalments as are hereinafter mentioned, viz. with such variations as the nature and circumstances of &c. each case may require.

XX. The indorsement is to be made in duplicate, and Form of Certificate.

one copy thereof is to be written on the party's certificate, and delivered to him; the other is to be filed and

annexed to the copy of the certificate filed in the ReIn the Matter of

port Office. and

XXI. All orders made by the Master of the Rolls or In the Matter of the Act 8 & 9 Vict. c. 56, &c. any Vice-Chancellor are subject to be discharged or Whereas [Recite, 1st, the Order of Reference;

varied by the Lord Chancellor on petition to him for 2nd, the Report;

that purpose. 3rd, the Order confirming the report,

LYNDHURST, C. and authorising the improve

LANGDALE, M, R. ments to be made;]! Now, therefore, I the said Master, in pursuance of the said act, do hereby certify, that any person advancing

Imperial Parliament. money for making the said permanent improvements specified in my said report will, upon its being made to appear to me that such money, to the amount specified

HOUSE OF COMMONS. in my said report, has been fully expended in making the said improvements, or in paying the expense of

Wednesday, March 4, obtaining the authority of this court, become and be Lord John Manners' bill relating to bequests for pious and entitled to a charge on the inheritance of the land for charitable uses, in effect, to repeal the 9 Geo. 2, c. 36, was the repayment of the money advanced, with interest; thrown out on the second reading. The numbers were, 24 for, but such charge is to be subject to the terms and con- / and 60 against, the second reading.


CIRCUITS OF THE COMMISSIONERS FOR Glamorganshire, at Cardiff, Thursday, July 2.

Monmouthshire, at Monmouth, Saturday, July 4.
Gloucestershire, at Gloucester, Friday, July 10.

Bristol, (City and County), Monday, July 13.

Somersetshire, at Bath, Tuesday, July 14.

Somersetshire, at Taunton, Thursday, July 16.

Cornwall, at Bodmin, Tuesday, July 21.
H. R. REYNOLDS, Esq., Chief Commissioner. Devonshire, at Plymouth, Wednesday, July 22.
Kent, at Dover, Friday, July 3.

Devonshire, at Exeter and City, Friday, July 24.
Canterbury, (City and County), Monday, July 6.

Dorsetshire, at Dorchester, Monday, July 27. Kend, at Maidstone, Tuesday, July 7.

Wiltshire, at Salisbury, Wednesday, July 29. Susses, at Lewes, Friday, July 24,

Southampton, (Town and County), Friday, July 31, Hertfordshire, at Hertford, Friday, July 31.

Southampton, at Winchester, Monday, August 3.


London Gazettes.
John GREATHED HARRIS, Esq., Commissioner.
Besex, at Chelmsford, Tuesday, June 23.

Essex, at Colchester, Wednesday, June 24,
Suffolk, at Ipswich, Thursday, June 25.

Nerfolk, at Yarmouth, Saturday, June 27.

JAMES WILSON, Woolwich, Kent, and Bury-street, ChelNorfolk, (Norwich and City), Monday, June 29.

sea, Middlesex, cabinet maker and upholsterer, dealer and Norfolk, at Lynn, Wednesday, July 1.

chapman, March 11 at half past 12, and April 21 at 2, Suffolk, at Bury St. Edmund's, Thursday, July 2.

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols: Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge, Friday, July 3.

Surr & Gribble, Lombard-street.-- Fiat dated Feb. 25. Huntingdonshire, at Huntingdon, Saturday, July 4.

WILLIAM JOHN HADDAN, Tottenham, Middlesex, Bedfordshire, at Bedford, Monday, July 6.

brewer, March 10 at 2, and April 17 at 12, Court of Bank: Buckinghamshire, at Aylesbury, Tuesday, July 7.

ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Belcher; Sol. Peachey, SalisNorthamptonshire, at Northampton, Thursday, July 9.

bury-square. --Fiat dated Feb. 28. Northamptonshire, at Peterborough, Saturday, July 11. ABRAHAM STEVENS SYER, Sudbury, Suffolk, grocer, Rutlandshire, at Oakham, Monday, July 13.

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at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Bell; Sols. Nottinghamshire, (Town and County), Friday, July 17. Fry & Co., Cheapside.-Fiat dated Feb. 26. Derbyshire, at Derby, Monday, July 20.

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Sols. Goodman & Watts, 8, Coleman-street, London.

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in linen cloths, dealer and chapman, March 17 and April 6 Yorkshire, at Richmond, Saturday, Jun. 20.

at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass. Durham, at Durham, Monday, June 22.

Freeman; Sols. Cariss, Leeds; Williamson & Co., VeruNorthumberland, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Town, Wed. lam-buildings, London.-Fiat dated Feb, 27. nesday, June 24.

| GEORGE GILLARD, Plymouth, Devonshire, grocer, March Cumberland, at Carlisle, Friday, June 26.

18 and April 15 at ii, District Court of Bankruptcy, Westmoreland, at Appleby, Monday, June 29,

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Broad-street-buildings, London.-Fiat dated Feb. 21. Lancashire, at Lancaster, Wednesday, July 1.

JOHN AUDLEY HORACE JEE, Liverpool, insurance Lancashire, at Liverpool, Wednesday, July 8.

broker, (carrying on business under the name of Horace Cheshire, at Chester and City, Saturday, July 11.

Jee), March 20 and April 17 at 11, District Court of BankFlintshire, at Mold, Monday, July 13.

ruptcy, Liverpool : Off. Ass. Bird; Sols. Greatley, LiverDenbighshire, at Ruthin, Tuesday, July 14.

pool; Smith & Co., Bedford-row, London.- Fiat dated Merionethshire, at Dolgelly, Thursday, July 16.

Feb. 24. Anglesey, at Beaumaris, Tuesday, July 21.

GEORGE DARDIER, Liverpool, merchant and factor, Carnarvonshire, at Carnarvon, Wednesday, July 22.

March 20 and April 17 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Montgomeryshire, at Welsh Pool, Saturday, July 25.

Liverpool : Off. Ass. Cazenove; Sols. Neal, Liverpool;
Hall & Co., 2, Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn, London,

Fiat dated Feb. 24.

D. POLLOCK, Esq., Commissioner.

Wm. Walter Yeld and Wm. Bower. Dawes, Rugeley, Staf-. Berkshire, at Reading, Saturday, June 13.

fordshire, brewers, March 17 at 1, District Court of BankOxfordshire, at Oxford, Monday, June 15.

ruptcy, Birmingham, ch. ass.-Charles Harrington, KidderWorcestershire, at Worcester, Wednesday, June 17.

minster, Worcestershire, plumber, March 18 at 12, District Herefordshire, at Hereford, Thursday, June 18.

Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, ch. ass.-Thos. Heppell, Radnorshire, at Presteigne, Saturday, June 20.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, timber merchant, March 13 at halfBrecknockshire, at Brecon, Monday, June 22.

past 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Carmarthenshire, at Carmarthen, Wednesday, June 24. | last ex.—John Wright, Brinscall-hall, within Wheelton, LanCardiganshire, at Cardigan, Thursday, June 25.

cashire, calico printer, March 16 at 12, District Court of Pembrokeshire, at Haverfordwest, Saturday, June 27. Bankruptcy, Manchester, last ex.-Alfred Bunnett, BridgeGlamorganshire, at Swansea, Tuesday, June 30.

house-place, Newington-causeway, Surrey, window blind

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