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Protestant Church, oppress the poor, the abolition of church-rates would
profess liberty, and attempt centralisa- have on the Scotch church been duly
tion, by establishing a gendarmerie, and weighed ? 689_similarity of rates and
grasping at the administration of the

assessment ought to influence the con-
turnpike roads, 76, et seq.-it was the duct of dissenters similarly towards both,
same in former revolutions, 77-cause ib. Scotch dissenters can have no
of revolution deeply seated in the ori. other motive to interfere in the ques-
ginal corruption of the human heart, 78 tion of English church-rates than the
-shown by depraved acts in the United desire for the overthrow of the Scotch
States, 80 — by the delusive acts of church, 690- for the establishment of
South America, 82- by the distracted the voluntary principle, ib.- Protest of
state of Spain, ib.-republicanism not some town councillors against the in-
opposed to, but can only be supported terference of the Edinburgh town coun-
by the virtues of Christianity, 83--be- cil in the question of English church.
fore it can be established the bonds of rates, given, in a note, 691-juggling
society must be loosened, 84

nature of the proposition to abolish
publicans, aware of this, but their pana- church rates, exposed, 692.
cea for all evils is education, ib.-mere Eumenides, the, translated from Æschylus,
intellectual cultivation incompetent for by Mr Chapman, 386.
the purpose, 85—-why aristocratic go.
vernment is preferable, demonstrated, Factor System and the ten hours bill, con-
88_controlling power in good govern. sidered, 836.

ment is number over property, 90. Fearn, Mr John, his letter expressive of
Despatches of the Duke of Wellington, coincidence of sentiment with the anthor

No. I. Campaigns in India, 1-storming of the Metaphysician, 265.
of Seringapatam, 7-services in the

Fictitious Votes, on, 375–Object of the
Mysore, 16 --- No. II. Armament at Reform Bill to found the elective fran-
Trincomolee, 200--No. III. War in the chise on property, ib.-Clamour against
Deccan, 445- Battle of Assye, 454– fictitious votes, arisen on account of the
No. IV, 706- armament at Cork for triumphs of Conservatism, ib. no just
Spain, 710---command bestowed on Sir grounds for asserting the Scottish con-
Hugh Dalrymple, and Sir llarry Bur- stituency to have obtained the elective
rard, 714- Vellington's noble reply on franchise on other rights than the Re-
being supersede:), ib.

form Bill, 377-all votes founded on
Domeit, Alfred, his songs, portrait of the property, liferent, and tenancy, in ac-

Duke of Wellington, and Christmas cordance with the Reform Bill, 378-
Hymn, quoted, 413, 414--his transla-

What does the Whig clamour on this
tions from Beranger, quoted, 703.

subject mean? 385-are they prepared
Dubourg, George, his account of the rio-

to meet the question of l’niversal Suf-
lin, reviewed, 91.

frage ? ib.
Dyer's specimen of British Poetesses, no- Foreign Policy, 276-French non-inter-
ticed, 404.

vention contrasts favourably with Bri.
Echoes of antiquity, second series, by tish intervention, ib.-relief of Bilboa,

Delta, I. the complaint of Harald the not the pacification of Spain, 280-
Valiant, 701-II, The Death Song of Christinos have weakened, the Carlists
I'Krimah, 702-111. Ben Ephraim's improved, their prospects, 281--ulti-
deathbed, ib.

mate triumph of the Christinos would
English Church Rates, and the Scotch

not preserve Spain from republicanism,
Church Establishment, 682_abolition- 282--Intrigue of Thiers for direct inter-
ists of church-rates anxious to discon- ference thwarted by Louis Philippe,
nect them from the question of a national 284-Levies of men raised by Napoleon
church, ib.— There are only two ima- from llay 180+, to April 1814, chiefly
ginable grounds of distinction between

to support the war in Spain, 285–loss
church-rates and tithes, law and hard- of war materiel sustained by him in
ship, both of which proved untenable, 1812, 1813, and 1814, ib.-Britain,
683—principle of abolition of church- though more rash than France, unable
rates, if applied, would accomplish the to prevent the establishment of demo.
destruction of the Scotch church, 685 cratic constitutions in Spain and Portu-
--English church-rates, if a voluntary gal, 286--consequences of intervention
tax, so must be Scotch assessment for policy reprobated, 288.
churches and manses, 686—and paro- French Classics, Modern, No. I. Madame
chial schools, 688,-church-rates if op- de Staël and Chateaubriand, 715.
pressive to dissenters in England, much
more the assessment to Episcopalians Grabbe, Christian, his dramatic tale of
in Scotland, ib. --has the effect which Cinderella reviewed, 668.

Griselda, the Clerke's tale, remade from Metyphysician, the, No. VIII, reasoning,
Chaucer, 655.


Ministry and the people, the workhouse
Hall, Basil, his remarks on Mr Crans- system, the factory system, and the ten

toun's letter, containing Strictures on hours' bill, 836.
Hall's Schloss Hainfeld, 31-his trans- Modern French classics, No. I. - Madame
lation of Pelet's Napoleon in Council, de Staël and Chauteaubriand, 715– The
reviewed, 529.

two great eras of French Prose Litera.
Hallam's Introduction to the Literature of ture, 716- Ancient and Modern French

Europe during the 15th, 16th, and 17th Writers compared, 717- Madame de
centuries, reviewed, 614.

Staël and Chateaubriand compared,
Hay, William, his translations from the 717 and 719_Corinne, character of
Greek Anthology, 238, 622.

that work given, 718 --- Dix Années
Hero and Leander, a poem, translated from d'Exil, character of it given, ib. - Finest

the Greek of Musæus. By F. T. Price, passages of Chauteaubriand quoted,
Hereford, 267.

719 - Finest passages of Madame de
Historical Painting, report from the select Staël quoted, 721- Finest passages of

committee on arts, and their connexion Sir Walter quoted, 724-Sir Walter

with manufactures, considered, 183, 343. compared with Madame de Staël and
History, the secrets of it, No. I. The Chateaubriand, 726.

Spanish Conspiracy against Venice, con- Mont Blanc, lines addressed to it, 274.
sidered, 643.

Mountain Deca on, the tragical pas.
Hymn concerning 'Venus, translated from sion of Marmaduke Paull, 118-High-

the Greek of Homer, by F. T. Price, lands of Scotland reviewed by the Eng-
Hereford, 828.

lish, through the writings of Scott, ib.

-prose and poetry, 120.
Trish Corporation Bill, a speech which

would have been spoken in the House Napoleon in Council, Review of Pelet's
of Lords on it, had not circumstances book of that name, 529.

prevented, 813.
John Bull, Fragments from the History of, Obelisk of Luxor, the, 354.

Part II. Chap. I. of the fight about the Our two Vases, an article containing nu-
arm chair in the servant's hall, 544— merous Translations from the Greek,
Chap. II. How Bobby gave up his place and Modern minor poems, 429.
when Patrick's bill was protested, 546
-Chap III. How Tipperary insisted on l'age, the, a Story of one in the reign
having his choice of his own livery ; of Charles IX., from the German, 218.
and how they proposed to pay Martin Painting, Historical, 183-343.
out of his right hand pocket for what Pagsworth : a Pressroom Sketch, by an
they took out of his left, 548.

old Contributor, 523,

Pericles and Aspasia, No. I., 289, No.
Landor, Mr, his imaginary conversations, II., 493.
criticised, 291, 493.

Picture Gallery, 795.
Legends and Superstitions, sources of Poor, Parochial Sketches among them,
Mediæval, 74).

No. I., 18.
Leila, a story, 312.

Price, F. T., his translations of Hero and
Letter to Lord Brougham and Vaux, dis- Leander, from the Greek of Musæus,

proving Malthus' fundamental proposi- 267-_ of the Epigrams of. Theocritus,
tion on population, 363.

443 - from Bion and Moschus, 436--
Lieutenant Jack Ricketts and the Widow, of Homer's hymn concerning Venus,
a tale, 510.

Literary Criticisms by a Lawyer, 788. Prospects of the session, 301-condition
Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, and of the Cabinet, ib- the Conservatives,

Frederick Von Raumer, professor of ib., 302—the Radicals, 303- the Ra-
history and political science at Berlin,

dicals would establish a Democracy,
their characters considered, 2).

by Annual Parliaments, ib.--Universal

Suffrage, 304- Vote hy Ballot, ib. –
Vaenaughten, Sir Francis, his observa- The Popish priesthood depicted, 305

tions on the present state of Ireland, --character of the National Associa-
noticed, 306.

tion of Ireland, by Sir - Francis Mac-
Malthus, Mr, his fundamental propositions naughten, given, 306_His Opinion of
on population, disproved, 363.

the Repeal of the Union, quoted, 307
Menais, M. de la, his book on the affairs - the Popish Faction, the incarnation
of Rome, reviewed, 251.

of evil, 309-imbecile remarks of Lord

Melbourne, on the National Association, mended in a note, ib.-money mania
310- Conduct of Lord John Russell now differs in no essential feature from
regarding that Association, ib.- Eng- that of 1825, 151- Norfolk and Nor-
lishmen must not forget the object of wich Bank instanced as a sample of
the Popish Faction is to ruin Protes- gross improvidence, 152-list of the
tantism, 311,

apparent and real capitals of the Eng-

lish Joint Stock Banks, 153-present
Rankin, F. H., his work called the White system of banking unsound, 155 – Lon.

Man's Grave, being an account of a don and Westminster Joint Stock Bank

Visit to Sierra Leone, reviewed, 693. founded on the system of commissions,
Raumer Von, his Historical and Political attended with success, 156 _though our
works, reviewed, 22.

domestic system has been on the eve of
Scotch Church Assessment, and English a crisis, our follies do not equal those
Church-Rates compared, 862.

of the United States, 157--building-
Secrets of History, No. I., the Spanish madness existing there, 158-cause of

Conspiracy against Venice considered, the enormous exports from England,

France and America in 1834 and 1835,
Sierra Leone, 693.

accounted for, and the consequent con-
Sketcher, Sonnets by the, 274, 300, 462, traction of the metallic currency in
478, 552.

England explained, 160-Direction of
Sources of Mediæval Legends, Supersti- the Bank of England not improved for
tions, 741.

the better, 161 -- its conduct to the Nor-
Speech which would have been spoken in thern and Central Bank of Manchester,

the House of Lords upon the Irish Mu- commended, in a note, ib.-monctary
nicipal Corporation Bill, had not cir- excitement has been largely administer-
cumstances prevented, 813,

ed to, by the political agitation, foment-
Spanish Contest, account of it, 573.

ed by the Whig Radical Government,
Staël, Madame de, her character as a 162.
writer estimated, 718.

Whigs, the-the Radicals - the Middle

Classes and the People, 553-social
This Time Two Years, a story, 752.

struggle, edepicted, ib. commercial
Trevanion, a Story taken from a Picture, crisis arises to enhance the perils of the

social struggle, 554–no heavier curse

to a country than an incapable Ministry,
Victoria, Lines addressed to her Royal as exemplified in Lord Melbourne, ib.
Highness, the Princess, 834.

- Lord John Russell, 555-of the Ul-
Violin, the, 91.

tra Radicals, Joseph Hume, instanced,

557-character of the Parliamentary
Walton's History of the Spanish Revolu- majority reminds that of the rise of
tion, reviewed, 576.

the French Revolution, ib. - should
Wellington, the Duke of, his Despatches clection by ballot be adopted, voting by

reviewed, 1, 200-his portrait by Al- ballot in the House of Commons would
fred Domett, 443_his despatches re. follow, 560-nor would there be a va-
viewed, 445, 706,

lid objection to its adoption by the
Westminster Election, the constitutional House of Peers, 561-industrial convul-

declaration of Sir Francis Burdett, to sion will come to aggravate the perils of
resist the downward course of democra- the political crisis, ib.--the Factory
cy gained him his re-election, proved, System, the Workhouse System, and

the Rural Police System, will effect that
Warbler and Bridgewater Budget, convulsion, ib.—considerable portion
dedicated to John Temple Leader, Esq., of the middle classes are already in-
by Timothy Tickler, 783.

fected with republicanism, 571-con-
Whig-Radical Prosperity, 145— Report cluding advice, strengthened by events,

of the Committee of the House of Com- indicative of industrial convulsions, 572.
mons on Joint Stock Banks, commented White Man's Grave, a visit to Sierra
on, 146—many important particulars Leone, by F. H. Rankin, reviewed, 693.
not furnished to that Committee, 147 World we Live in, the, No. III., 33-
many who establish Joint Stock Banks No. IV., 163 —No. V., 325 – No. VI.,
in England, swindlers, 148 - the New- 463_No. VII., 600-No. VIII., 727.
castle Journal quoting a case is com- Workhouse System censidered, 836,

Printed by Ballantyne and Company, Paul's Work, Edinburgh.

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